Get Organized with the Preparedness Planner

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Get Organized with the Preparedness Planner

Let’s take an informal poll. How many of you have tons of preps? How many of you know you have a lot of stuff, but have no clue how much you have, how much you want, and where it is located?

In the past, I have tried to keep track of my own preps both with an excel spreadsheet and using software and apps sent to me for review. With all of the time I have spent attempting to get organized, my preps are still in disarray and none of the apps made it to the website for review purposes.

Getting Organized with the Preparedness Planner

You guessed it. They took time to figure out and even after doing so, did not deliver my number one goal: ease of use plus the ability to make changes and print out the results.

Today I am happy to report that after using it for a month, I am pleased with the Family Preparedness Planner & Record Keeper. Let me rephrase that. I am thrilled with the planner and think you will be too.

So here is the deal. Jennifer has agreed to award two Backdoor Survival readers with a copy of the Family Preparedness Planner & Record Keeper plus two additional planners: the Firearms Planner and Essential Oils Planner.

But first, a little bit about the planner itself.

The Family Preparedness Planner

The Family Preparedness Planner is a comprehensive storage planner and record keeper that is 100% printable. It has forms, planning sheets, checklists, plus valuable information about food products, food storage, water, bug-out bags, documents, medical supplies, toiletries, seeds, pet supplies and of course, survival gear and tools.

The heart of the planner is its flexibility. You can pick and choose what you want to use and customize the planner to suit your own needs. Let me give you an example. I don’t care about advance meal planning when it comes to food storage. As a result, I did not use the section on planning that lets you create a plan then back into your food storage “wish list”.

On the other hand, the inventory and annual balance sheet sections are perfect for the way my brain is wired. I started by recording with what I have on hand. From there, I determined what I felt was an adequate inventory and set those up as my goals.

Now here is the deal. Since I routinely use my food storage, I now have an easy way to remove something from my inventory without losing track of what I have left. All I need to do is subtract the item from my inventory sheet. Easy peasy.

The same principle applies to my essential oils. As you can see, I have a ton of oils with some set aside for SHTF purposes. To be honest, the SHTF oils were tucked away and I had no idea what I had. Most notably, I thought I had two large bottles each of Melaleuca (tea tree), Oregano, and Shield Blend and oops, I had only one each of the first two and none of the latter. Now that I am organized, when I remove a bottle for current use, I will have someplace to note that my spare has been removed.

The Firearms edition works the same way and Shelly has begun to work through and record his inventory of ammo.

Note: The Essential Oils and Firearms planners can be ordered on their own and do not require the purchase of the more comprehensive Family Preparedness Planner.

So what is not to like? The spacing of the lines and boxes on the forms is a bit small. I solved the problem by using two lines for each item. For me, that was a lot easier than writing in small print. Since I can print out additional sheets any time I want, this was not a big deal. That’s it. There was not much not to like.

The planners come to you in a PDF format and you must print out the pages yourself. This means that you can print new blank sheets on a whim; something I found very handy. After printing your planner, you want to put the sheets in a three-ring binder as I did. That way they will stay nice and organized. I even added some tabs but of course, that is optional.

The Giveaway

Here is the part you are waiting for. I have two complete sets of planners up for grabs. Each set includes the Family Preparedness Planner plus the Essential Oils and Firearms Planner. To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article. Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

Important: If you purchase a Family Preparedness Planner and subsequently win the giveaway, your money will be refunded.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Final Word

Let us welcome in the new year with a resolution to get organized. For sure, getting organized is on my bucket list and with just a tiny bit of effort and a couple of additional hours, I know that with the Preparedness Planner I will get there.

I hope you enter the giveaway; this is really a good one!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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136 Responses to “Get Organized with the Preparedness Planner”

  1. I also rotate my food storage by using it day to day and have been looking for a way to keep better track of what I have. Other preps are even more of a problem as it is often a case of “out of sight – out of mind”

  2. I treat everything like a grocery store and put all the older items in the front to be used first

  3. Being somewhat an organizational nut I have made up spreadsheets for our food storage and EO’s but really would like to take a gander at this package because I am sure it goes into better detail than my ten minute kitchen table form.

  4. I have a couple homemade spreadsheets, however they could use some help I think. It’s all in the details.

  5. What a wonderful planner! I try to focus on one area of my prep storage with each trip to the store. For example, when I know Toilet paper is on sale, I’ll be sure to pick up extra packages on that trip to the store.

  6. I’ve been following you for a little while now and getting started has been slow. I live in California, and we just had that BIG storm, that really wasn’t so big where I live, but some people were devastated in other places. The time before the storm hit, though, there was a lot of get prepared on the news, and I looked at me and said “it would be good to have your survival stuff prepared now”, of course, I’m not. This would be great to help kick me out of my procrastinator state of mind!

  7. I have preps scattered here and there, but am working on getting better organized. I’m putting together a car kit using what I already have and adding a water filter, small stove and fuel.

  8. Make sure you use your preps. Don’t just accumulate. That is my main suggestion for preps. Happy New Year to all!

  9. Being organized saves a tremendous amount of time. And having your preps organized is essential. Knowing where everything is, qty stored, and expiration dates is critical. Its well worth the effort if forced to bug out, it could be a life saver. I always find useful information on your site.

  10. I take pictures of my long-term storage and put them with my inventory. My preps are spread out in various areas, but if I can tell my husband where something is and show him the picture, there’s a much better chance that he will be able to find it.

  11. At first glance it looks a little overwhelming/complicated. I’ve just been using steno pads to keep my “lists”. I’ve bought all of the long term storage food stock that I intend to and just figure I will replace it as/if used. I use can rotator racks for all canned goods and have just about everything else shelved for easy access. My biggest issue organizationally speaking, is I’m just flat out of space. I need a bigger house. LOL. This system might be useful, I’ll take a closer look. But the idea of having to go back and re-enter all of that information…….. Whew!

  12. I have no good organizing tip to share. I am still trying to figure one out. I did put up shelves for all my can goods, dated them and try to remember to rotate them out and replace them.

  13. We always try to rotate everything. Would love to have this help. Thanks for all the great offers. Happy and blessed New Year

  14. For some reason the raffelcopter does not work on my computer.
    as a result i have not been able to enter any of your contests for the last month or so.
    Just thought you should know.

    • I am so sorry you are having a problem. Alas, there are so many different computer configurations that it would be impossible for me to troubleshoot. Are you using a PC with Windows 7 or 8? Or something else? I know that sometimes on my iPad, it just sits there trying to load. If I turn off the iPad then back on again, it starts right up.

      I am not 100% sure but you might need to have java installed.

  15. Keeping organized is hard for me. Being a very visual person, out of sight means hard to remember. I do rotate food stuffs. I go through long term storage every few months to see what I have, but know there has got to be a better system. The camping stuff is all organized so that we can get out the door quickly. I always keep a backpack of toiletries and travel stuff packed (night light, extension cord, extra electronics cords, laundry soap, quarters, sink stopper, duct tape, etc) just so I can grab and go for overnight trips and know we should be mostly set.

  16. I like to use my laundry pedestals for extra storage things like trash bags & tissues and such. I also have a rolling tote (marketed to college kids) that I have packed full of a 48 hour emergency kit (aka tornado) along with a bucket toilet in our basement. I also have a bright orange box cutter on a ziptie that hangs on our main water shut off (its also a marker). I also used a label maker to mark all of our breakers. I also labelled all cords by the plugs (security camera, tv, printer, etc).

    • I agree whole-heartedly. I buy one of a new food to try. If I am not willing to eat it as part of my ordinary daily menu, I do not buy it to store.

  17. Have you tried “Prep and Pantry” for iOS? There is even a free “lite” version to try and see if you like it. I have used it for three years now and I love it. You can take pics of each item and it has a store database that you can scan the UPC of an item and it will auto load it in you database, you then ad a discription if you like, a location, quantity and exparation date. You can print it all out for a hard copy record. Give it a look.


  18. Boy, I wish I had a good organization tip! I’m a list maker and use spreadsheets to keep track of all prepping supplies, however, a big fail for me is the follow through. I tend to forget to update the sheet when items are removed or added. I really need an easy to use tracking system!

  19. Oh for the love of being organized! I don’t even know where to begin; but this planner sounds like it would help me move ‘mountains of stuff’ lol.

  20. I’d lke to win this contest. We built shelves in the end of our closet to store canned goods. Now I wish I could find a better way to store toilet tissue

    • I prefer to store it under beds but I read a chapter about OPSEC and it said that some people cut the top of their box spring and store it inside. I assume they wrap it in something first, but if you have a queen or king sized bed, I guess you could probably store a couple of packages in there. I also saw a dust ruffle that would also store a few large packages of TP and no one would see it hanging around the bottom of beds. That wouldn’t work with toddlers around, they would find it and throw the whole role in the toilet! They are awesome that way. Good luck!

    • Another idea is to remove the inner cardboard roll, then scrunch it down using a FoodSaver or other type of vacuum sealer. This is how I store TP in my B.O.B. – works great and saves a lot of space.

    • I have an unfinished basement and some of the 12 pack rolls fit nicely between the rafters/joists. A bit of string or twine ensures that it doesn’t fall and it provides extra insulation.

  21. I collected a bunch of buckets and cleaned them out for non-food storage. While they stack well (using boards between layers)and can be easily lifted, I am considered going back to rectangular tubs for some of the larger items and grouping them by general function. I tend to try to use too much detail and then get very bogged down in keeping things current. The planner sounds like a great tool.

  22. I use a homemade spreadsheet to tracks my food storage. I used to fear that I would think I had more than what I really had so I became determined to really know how much I had at all times.
    Line 1: 2015 | January | February | March | April | etc…
    Line 2: Item | Have | Goal | + | – |qty| + | – |qty| + | – |qty| + | – |qty| etc…
    Line 3: Tuna | 42 | 144 | 12| 6 | 48| | | | | | | | | |
    This spreadsheet is printed out and kept on a clipboard where my stored stuff is so it is a no brainer to

  23. Keeping organized is hard for me – I really don’t have storage space and literally have stuff in every room

  24. I have an under bed storage system that I built myself. It’s basically a flat piece of wood with dividers measured to fit whatever can I want to store and is mounted on casters.

  25. My way of “organizing” is somewhat disorganized, but I have found that I got overwhelmed when everything was stored together (also became impossible as my stores increased). So, food storage is in one room, toiletry storage in another, canning supplies in another, freeze-dried foods under a bed, camping-type preps (ie, emergency blankets, water filters, etc.) in one closet and medical preps in another. Because it’s so spread out, it’s easier to track (but still not great).

    • Oops! Hit button too fast!
      …it keeps up with rotation naturally. Would love to get everything else organized though!

  26. I think having this planner would solve two problems-remembering everything for me, and I could also input things I wish to purchase in the future. I have inventory sheets now, but they are not dynamic, so this planner would actually solve three problems!

  27. I have the first planner. However, not the others. the first planner is invaluable. I was preparing to make a copy for my sister, Gaye, when I got your email. Would love to have the other two.

  28. Umm, well, I have no organizational tips to offer because I am terrible in that department. This drawing is a great opportunity for me to remedy that unfortunate detail! Thank you very much for the chance of winning a copy of the planner!

  29. Thank you for all your information and organizing suggestions! I could really use this planner as I am just beginning to prep.

  30. Rather than an entertainment center in the living room to hold the television, we have an old six-drawer dresser that doubles as storage for our medical, emergency lighting, kitchen storage and tools.

  31. Ok, I have water stored, camping gear, some food but no list yet, I guess I just need to get a notebook and start!

  32. I don’t have any tips! My stuff is all over, I keep finding stuff I didn’t know I bought. I need help. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. oh, I wanted to use this opportunity to pass along another tip to help keep on track.
    I use the daylight savings time change dates to remind myself to rotate out meds that I keep in GHB and BOB to make sure they are always relatively fresh.
    And, right after New Years day is a great time to update your house inventory for your insurance. Make sure that all goodies that were acquired throughout the year and at Christmas are added to your inventory.

  34. I might have a touch of Adult ADHD as I seem to have a problem with staying organized and food rotation. This would be a definite assist to trying to stay on top of what I have and what I need to replace.

  35. I can’t say that I am very organized, but I try to do some prepping every week. I hope to do better in this new year.

  36. Indian teepees have storage all around with no rhyme or reason – just kidding!
    I have “stuff” in every nook & cranny. Have this organizer would be a blessing and find what I need without pulling my hair out – just kidding! Would love to win this planner organizer. Thanks for the give away

  37. Love your ideas and sharing…Makes being prepared a whole lot easier. I have “stuff” but definitely need to get it organized and recorded.

  38. I typically try to keep all inventory in my head. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well when someone uses one of the prep’s and doesn’t tell me. A more centralized and streamlined approach is one of the things I plan on doing this year.

  39. Even if a person is not a prepper these sheets could still very helpful.Organization is always helpful. Going to buy something?-just check the sheets and see if you already have it somewhere.

  40. I have to keep a list of all the things I keep in my chest freezer or else stuff falls to the bottom and never gets used. I could really use a checklist for all my other preps so that I can see what I’ve got and make goals for what we need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Gaye: Went to their site and looked over the descriptions and photos of their forms. Quite impressive. This is definitely something I will want. I have a couple of spreadsheets for some stuff — like food, medicines, — but, like you, don’t know where a lot of the items are. If I don’t win, I’ll definitely buy. May you and yours have a happy and holy New Year. Peggy.

  42. With regard to my in-kitchen storage, I use one area for canned foods to be used in the next 1-4 months and one shelf for canned goods to be used within the year. A separate shelf holds goods that will be edible longer. All I have to do is check the use-by date as I unpack them and occasionally glance over the foods to make certain they are still on the correct shelves. It keeps me from over-looking items that need to be used sooner than later.

  43. I borrowed a 3 hole punch from work and spent several days organizing recipes, DIY instructions, miscellaneous preparedness files etc. I filled a 4″ binder, a 3 inch binder and a 2 inch binder so far. I just made my lotion healing bars today. I had to reprint that one unfortunately, time to use the hole punch again.

  44. Since I like to have a stockpile of vitamins and supplements on hand for myself and my husband, it can get confusing deciphering what belongs to who, and which bottle should be used first. I’ve started marking the top of the lid with the owner’s initial and month/year of expiration. That way, we only use our own and know which bottle to use first.

  45. I have started my own book a few times but never finished it. If I win these I know it will happen and get done.

  46. I mark all canned goods with the month and year bought. January 2014 cans were marked with 1 14, October with 10 14.

  47. I’m somewhat new to this & really don’t have any organizational tips. In fact I’m very bad at organizing, so this planner would be ideal for me to use. It would help me so much in organizing what I do have.

  48. always add to the back of my food storage so nothing gets too old to be used. have learned to be diligent as I have lost a small amount of food.

  49. Organizing is hard for me.
    I try to keep all like items in 1 place. I have medical supplies together, water, candles, food etc in separate places. Where I lack is keeping a good list. I’ve tried spreadsheets, now I’m tying the prep and pantry app. My problem is when I’m in a rush Aand I add stuff without marking I it down

  50. We have just started so I don’t have any ideas. Would love to have the planner to help us start organized!!

  51. I built my house 38 years ago and I built a food storage room in the basement at that time and I still use it for that purpose. But now that all the children are gone, I converted one bedroom into a storage room for all the “goodies” that Gaye told me to buy. Anything that has to do with prepping, is in that one room. I think I know where everything is…

  52. Thanks for offering this! I am completely disorganized and need all the help I can get. I do things like pick up a jar of cinnamon at the store because I’m SURE I need it, only to get home and discover the other 4 I have in the cabinet! And though I “remembered” the cinnamon that I didn’t need, I did forget the mustard or pickles or something else that I *did* need!

  53. I have tried different ways to stay organized but haven’t really found what is going to work for me yet. My tip would be to make sure others know about and can follow your system. What ever it is you are using, everybody needs to be in on it.

  54. I recently created a terrific excel spreadsheet that lists all my stock, quantities and location of food. I subtract or add as needed. Now I need to create the same thing for my non-food items, which have been very neglected. 🙂

  55. What a timely post!!
    I had a few days off for the holidays and started working on my own binder.
    But starting from scratch is so much work, I would appreciate a helping hand from a pro!!

  56. Finally, an organizer. I am terrible at organizing and listing supplies. This sounds like the next most important item I need.

  57. So far I have only been able to implement the use of labels, Ball jars, and shoe box containers. I know I need much more though. Prepping with my bugdget has been a piecemeal process:/

  58. I have som many different 3 ring binders that I feel like I need and organizer for them. This sounds like the perfect solution to help em combine all of my notes in one spot!

  59. I have been using my iPad notes to organize my supplies. Notmperfect, but it works for me. Easy to update, plus the notes show up on my iPhone. Handy when I am out shopping.

  60. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gamma Seals, while they cost more than regular bucket lids, they are amazingly easy to open & close. I use them for stored items that I frequently use…bread flour, sugar, etc.

    I also use very large storage tubs in our crawlspace (we have an easy access one) that are specific to the items stored in them…so I only have to sort once, when I come home from the store. An example is one bin contains bathroom essentials…shampoo, conditioner, soaps, shower gels. One contains first aid supplies that are too large or numerous for a regular first aid kit (like boxes of gauze, extra bottles of alcohol, etc.), one specifically for beans & rice. One specifically for pasta & potatoes. One specifically for boxed baking mixes (remember to watch dates on some of these, they will go bad eventually).

    Thankfully the house is done enough to condition it, so the crawlspace won’t freeze (very well insulated) or get too hot.

  61. I buy things I need for my car kit when I see them on sale. I rotate my groceries and just bought a dehydrator to do some long term storage. I have also bought ahead on laundry supplies and lotion and cream making supplies. I belong to oil of the month club and am going to join seed of the month club. I’ve laid in real good supply of paper books and fuel for my lamps and stove.

  62. Being organized also means being safe…..we store all our propane, fuels and gasoline stores in and outdoor, ventilated, static control outbuilding under lock and key with video surveillance.

    Stay Safe

  63. One good thing about having an “empty nest” is more storage room. It would be good to have a real planner though. It could help with budgeting what I need to get throughout the coming year. I do monthly goal planning already but this could help me focus more on prepping.

  64. I just started keeping an Excel file of whats in my pantry that way I know whats there and where to find it and what I need more of. 🙂

  65. Start out with a plan and try to be organized and remove clutter. This will help you as you become more prepared. You should have less clutter and not have to go back and reorganize your supplies. Keep track of your inventory as well. Learn some kind of plan to track yourself and your supplies.

  66. As we like to go camping and practice using our “survival” gear our 2015 goal is to have it packed in easy to move containers all grouped in one area together for quick loading into the car. I’m going to make sure the camping gear includes its own things that I now grab from the house and then have to put back. Love your blog!

  67. Mark the date, year and month will suffice, on the items so you know how old they are and try to use the oldest items first. This is not a new idea but is one I try to adhere to.

  68. I don’t really have a good tip, as I am a bit challenged in that area, except maybe for Eat Your Preps (Rotate regularly).
    WOuld love a planner to help organize. Thanks.

  69. Organizing is surely not my strong suit. I can use all the help I can get. I love your blog and the references you provide. I also appreciate your link to Amazon – one of my favorites.

    Happy New Year.

  70. I organize my food (canned and package) by expiration date. I use a black felt pen to mark the month and year of the expiration date on each item. Then I put them on shelves in expiration order. And I use the FIFO method. That works for the food stuff, but the rest (like prepping items in a BOB, the car, etc.) — I do not really know what I have and where it is. I’ve tried going through them and writing them down. But the organizational steps keep changing. This system sounds like it would be a great way to go. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Hope everyone had a good and merry Christmas and that you all will have a happy and Holy New Year.

  71. Say for instant you buy Christmas tree on after Christmas clearance also buy on clearance also a tree bucket so you can stack an organizer it when you get home.

  72. Have been wanting to get organized but felt it was overwhelming 🙁 This has inspired me! Thank you for doing all the hard work.

  73. My fave organizing tool is a simple label maker. I label shelves, buckets, storage containers, binders, everything! Makes it so easy to quickly see what belongs where.

  74. I have always used the lists from the book Making the Best of Basics by James Talmadge Stevens, and lived by the motto my precious grandmother used to say: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

  75. My favorite way to organize is labels. I label shelves in clothes cabinets, I label bins, I label shelves in the linen closet. That way everyone knows what goes where!

  76. Oh do I need some help(lol) I have been trying to get organised better than I’ve done so far. Have a hubs that is not onboard, he just thinks I’m a bit looney tunes right now. Hey he hasn’t stopped me from trying to prep but the planner sounds like it could help me fine tune the preps I have and enable me to get more focused. Right now I am feeling like I am SO far behind that I’ll never be prepared for the family, we’re the go to place for the family.

  77. What a great prize! I have a large storage area but it’s not well organized. One of my goals this year is to get organized!

  78. I need to keep more info on paper. I do rotate pantry good and keep a close eye on use by dates so nothing gets too old.

  79. I try to keep everything in one room…I organize in totes and write on them by using duck tape and markers. I like to know that everything I may need is all together, so if I have to grab it and run, I can.

  80. I had the misfortune of having my house burn and losing most things but trying to stock emergency supplies while looking for a permanent place to stay. I am at the point of trying to organize and see what I actually have left. I am finding that organizing by like items is helping but could use all the help I can get.

  81. Right now I am trying to get the basics for my family. So my idea is to to get food you like to eat.

  82. I really don’t have a lot of great organizational skills. My best organizing tip is to attempt to keep track of what I buy and what I use but I am rarely successful. I believe this would be a great prize for me to win.

  83. I don’t have any good tips, I need all the help I can get! I do write the dates of expiration on all the foods that I buy and try and keep them rotated.

  84. Make a receipe book that uses the preps you have stored…then tell your family members about it….dont assume you will be in the same place as your preps when the SHTF.

  85. Great giveaway! When I am done with my list I will scan it to a pdf file and put in my dropbox. Then I have the list with me on my computer, tablet, phone and anywhere else I have access to the internet.

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