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New to Prepping and Backdoor Survival? Start Here.

Navigating through the many articles on Backdoor Survival is not always easy and for that, I apologize. One good place to start is our best of page.

That being said, here are some articles to get you started.

20 Steps to Becoming a Prepper | Backdoor Survival

20 Steps: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Prepper


Family Preparedness

12 Months of Prepping – The First Year
39 Fantastic Prepping Tips
Interested in Learning About Essential Oils?

Homesteading & Self Sufficiency

Mapping a Road to Self-Sufficiency
Best Places to Live Off Grid
46 Pioneer Skills for the Modern Homesteader
DIY Miracle Healing Salve: Wild Plant Edition
Best Books on Fermentation
Roast and Store Your Own Coffee for Long Term Use

How to Make Real Homemade Chicken Stock
How to Can Meat Products

Water & Food Storage

20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan
Ultimate Guide to the Best Water Filters
14 Common Food Storage Mistakes and Goofs
Survival Basics: Water and Water Storage
Emergency Water for Preppers: The Four Part Series
Survival Basics: What the Heck are Oxygen Absorbers?
Survival Basics: Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage
How Much Emergency Food Do You Need?
13 Best Survival Garden Staples

How Long Does Canned Food Really Last

5 Best Survival Food Brands
Survival Basics: Buckets, Lids and Gamma Seals

Prepping and Survival Gear

The Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items
Best Emergency Car Window Breakers
60 Emergency Supplies You Can Buy for a Buck

Motivation & Mindset

Survival Mindset: Preparedness as a Way of Life – Part I
Survival Mindset: Preparedness as a Way of Life – Part II
Survival Mindset: Preparedness as a Way of Life – Part III