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When it comes to power supply off or on grid there are a lot of options. Let backdoor survival help you find the best options to meet the electrical needs of you and your family. Over the years we have published articles that span a wide array of power generation needs and unique situations.

General Articles

If you live where you get a lot of sunlight then solar is going to be one of the major options open to you. Over the years the cost of solar power has went down substantially. Setting up your own solar system for backup or for your main power source is not as out of reach as you might think.

Will Solar Panels Survive an EMP?

Getting a Bead on Setting Up a Simple Solar Panel Kit

How to Prepare for and Stay Comfortable During a Power Outage [Short term and Long Term]

The Ultimate Primer on Propane for Prepping, Survival and Self-Sufficiency

Prepper Book Festival 13: Power From the Sun – A Practical Guide to Solar Electricity

Prepper Book Festival 12: DIY Solar Projects

Generators and Chargers

Generators come in many forms. From a basic portable folding charger for backpacking and camping to larger solar, gas, and propane generators, we have some great posts to get you started formulating the best back up power plan for you and your family.

Propane vs Gas Generators: What to Consider

A Review Of The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

DIY Power Generator Ideas

Best Portable Solar Generators for Emergencies

Best Battery Charger Set Ups For Preppers

No Power? No Problem! The Marsboy Portable Solar Charger

Gear Review: RAVPower 15W Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports

Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Review

The Amazing SunVolt Power Station

Review: Archeer Portable Folding Solar Charger

Charge Your Devices With the Choetech Portable Solar Panel

Hydro Power Options

If you have some running water nearby then Hydro is something to consider. The availability of turbines that require lower head pressures have made hydro an option for more people than ever before. You don’t need as much of a drop in elevation as you might think.

Best Hydro Power Options for the Practical Homestead

Wind Power

There is a lot of controversy over wind power for sure. We can help you sort through the pros and cons and decide if it is worth the investment where you are at. Wind power is not for everyone but if you are in the right area and circumstances, it can be a valuable resource for chargin up some battery banks.

The Pros & Cons Of Residential Wind Power

Best Home Wind Turbines To Consider

Powering Lights

Lighting is important during good times and bad. When you are out in trying conditions you need to make sure you have lights that can be recharged easily and/or have a long battery life.

The Best EDC Flashlights & What To Look For

Best Solar Lantern Options For Preppers

LuminAID Packlite Max Review – Hands-on with this Solar Lantern Charger

Review: Emergency Solar Lighting With a Goal Zero Torch 250

DIY Emergency Lights from Solar Yard Lights


Fuel and power for cooking is something it is easy to take for granted. During a grid down scenario you might find that fuel is hard to find. Our posts below can show you how to make your own rocket stove or cook with a solar cooker. Just because you are under emergency circumstances doesn’t mean you can’t cook a delicious meal.

3 Outdoor Emergency Cooking Options

Best Rocket Stoves To Make Yourself Or Purchase

Finding The Best Solar Oven System For Your Needs

Product Review: Tegology’s Tegstove

Cooking Off-Grid with the SolSource Solar Cooker

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