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How Much Does It Cost to Bulletproof a Car? Ballistic Protection Levels & Cost

Avatar for Chris Thompson Chris Thompson  |  Updated: September 1, 2022
How Much Does It Cost to Bulletproof a Car? Ballistic Protection Levels & Cost

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Daylight robbery is extremely violent and often dangerous. But recent heists have established how armored vehicles can make the difference between life and death.

Criminals are normally armed with high-powered weaponry. So, what does it take to stop a bullet from penetrating your car? Hard and heavy materials along with expert engineering are used to transform your automobile into a bulletproof masterpiece.

It might seem like a far-fetched idea, but it is achievable for motorists who need this form of protection. You’ve probably asked yourself, “how much does it cost to bulletproof a car?” That’s what we want to find out.

So, stay tuned to get the facts and figures!

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How Much Does It Cost to Bulletproof a Car?

It isn’t cut-rate to transform your car into an armored vehicle. You should expect to spend approximately $16,000 to $50,000. The cost, however, may vary greatly depending on the level of protection you want.

Here is our cost breakdown for the most popular ballistic protection levels available for motorists:


There are three lower levels of ballistic protection (B1, B2, and B3), but they are rarely used with armored vehicles.

B4 is the lowest level that most motorists would prefer. This class can withstand an attack from handguns and sporting rifles. Munition includes .44 magnum, .357 magnum, 9mm, .38 Special, and 12 gauge shotgun. This class is effective for lower bullet velocity, usually shots taken at close range.

A B4 ballistic protection upgrade costs around $40,000. The B4 package includes armor protection for rear seats, doors, and windows with available extras.


This ballistic protection level protects you against rifle 5.56 x 45 TL 178 mm +/- 10 caliber and other assault weaponry. The B5 protection level requires a thickness of around 7.5 mm.

This level of protection is slightly more expensive compared to B4, which typically costs more than $40,000. It is more effective at withstanding grenades and assault rifles. The B5 ballistic protection package for cars normally includes run-flat tires, steel panels, and 3- to 5-inch glass. The run-flat tires feature will protect the car when it runs over steel spike strips.

A customized B5 package may include a loud siren system, an armored gas tank, and reinforced door handles. But the budget could be in the range of $40,000 to $100,000.


This is a high-level security ballistic protection that is designed to protect the car against armor-piercing rounds from the likes of AK47 and R5.

Expect to pay around $100,000+ for this level of protection. This armored protection usually features armored steel plates for the body and 38 mm armored glass for the windows. This upgrade adds a lot of weight to the vehicle about 2600+ pounds, which may also require brake and suspension upgrades. This clearly explains the increase in pricing between B5 and B6 ballistic protection levels.


This is the highest level of ballistic protection for cars. It can prevent armor-piercing bullets from the highest velocity rifles from penetrating, including sniper rifles. It protects against rifle 7.62×51 TL 254mm +/-10 caliber.

The thickness of BRG ranges from 72 to 78 mm and steel ranges from 9.2 to 14.2 mm. For civilian-grade armored cars, B7 is the highest feasible protection. The cost for this level of bulletproofing typically exceeds $100,000. 

The budget, however, could increase significantly depending on the kinds of upgrades that have to be done due to the added weight of more than 4,000 pounds.

Bulletproof Cost By Car Type

The cost of bulletproofing a car could vary significantly from one vehicle to another, depending on the type of car and level of ballistic protection. 

Here are the projected figures if you intend tobulletproof your car, depending on the vehicle type:

Single Cab Truck

The cost of B4 360 degrees cabin armor starts from around $24,000, B4 roof armor starts from approximately $1,500, and B4 floor armor starts from around $2,000. For B6 protection, 360-degree cabin armor costs roughly $37,000+, roof armor costs approximately $2,500+, and floor armor cost around $2,000+.

Double Cab Truck

The B4 protection package for a double cab truck can start from approximately $31,000 for 360 degrees cabin armor, $2,000 for roof armor, and $2,500 for floor armor. The B6 package for a double cab can start from around $48,000 for 360 degrees cabin armor, $3,800 for roof armor, and $3,400 for floor armor.

Medium SUV

For a medium SUV, the cost of B4 protection can start from 40,000 USD for 360-degree cabin armor, 2,400 USD for roof armor, and 2,800 USD for floor armor. The B6 ballistic protection for a medium SUV can cost approximately $4,500 for floor armor, $3,800 for roof armor, and $52,000 for 360-degree cabin armor.

Large SUV

The B4 build for a large SUV can start from around $42,000 for 360-degree cabin armor, $2,700 for roof armor, and $3,100 for floor armor. The B6 build for a large sport utility vehicle is approximately $60,000 for 360-degree cabin armor, $5,100 for roof armor, and $6,100 for floor armor.


The highest level of ballistic protection that is available for sedan cars is usually B4. The estimated cost starts from around $43,000 for 360-degree cabin armor, $2,000 for roof armor, and $2,500 for floor armor.

Bulletproof Cost By Part

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to bulletproof specific parts of your car that need to be reinforced to provide reliable ballistic protection. Here is a breakdown of the cost by parts:


Bulletproof windows for cars can cost approximately $3,000 to $20,000. The cost, however, is mainly determined by the thickness of the glass. The most affordable windows have a B4 level of protection with a thickness of approximately 22 mm. The most expensive windows have a B6 or B7 level of protection with thicknesses ranging from 38 mm to 78 mm.


Bulletproof car windows are usually not enough to provide you with surefire protection. You also need bulletproof doors. The cost of a completely fortified bulletproof door can start from approximately $8,000. The cost could vary depending on the level of protection and coverage.


Bullets can penetrate tires very easily and that’s why you need run-flat tires technology to ensure that you can flee the scene of an attack. These tires are standard equipment on some vehicle make and models. Run-flat tires provide sufficient zero-pressure durability when a round penetrates, allowing the car to be driven a reasonable distance. They enhance zero-pressure and low-pressure bead retention. The cost ranges from approximately $200 to $500 per tire.

Bull Bars and Ballistic Grill

Front protection bars also referred to as bull bars allow an armored car to push through barriers that the assailants use to block the road. Ballistic grills, on the other hand, keep the radiator protected against projectile damage. The combined cost of these two upgrades can start from around $2,000.

PA System

Although not a must-have requirement in armored vehicles, a PA system allows for easy and safe communication between a driver inside a car and an individual outside a car. With this system installed, a driver doesn’t have to open a door for a stranger. The most effective PA system can cost approximately $1,000+.


What is an armored vehicle?

Armored cars are bulletproofed vehicles that are typically reinforced with heavy-duty materials that can withstand high-velocity rounds and blasts. These vehicles, however, are inconspicuous as opposed to military armored vehicles.

Can I make any car make and model bulletproof?

Most civilian car makes and models can be bulletproofed. But some could be more expensive to bulletproof than others. This mainly depends on the coverage of protection every car design needs. For example, a sedan could be slightly cheaper to bulletproof than an SUV because the latter has a larger area to be covered and requires more expensive upgrades for brakes and suspension.

Why should I bulletproof my car?

A bulletproof car provides a mobile safe room for protecting its occupants from active shooters, terror attacks, criminals, and civil unrest. Prominent people in society, such as politicians, use armored cars to protect themselves from assassination attempts and civil unrest.

Is it cheaper to bulletproof a car or buy a bulletproof car?

A car that comes already bulletproofed from the manufacturer could be slightly more expensive than one that is upgraded with bulletproof parts. A normal Ford Raptor, for example, could cost approximately 54,000. So, to upgrade it to a bulletproof car, you would need around $40,000 to $50,000. But a bulletproof Ford Raptor could cost around $120,000.

Final Words

According to our research, the cost of bulletproofing a car could range from approximately $16,000 to $50,000+. The cost could even be higher for some car makes and models as well as the preferred protection level. We have also seen that bulletproofing a car proves to be slightly more economical than procuring an already bulletproofed vehicle from the manufacturer.

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