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Emergency Water for Preppers: The Four Part Series

Regardless of how long you have been prepping, there is always something new to learn when it comes to Emergency Water.

Recently, a Backdoor Survival Book Festival featured the book, The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide, and an interview with author, Daisy Luther.  There was such a fantastic response that I asked Daisy if she would be willing to do a Q & A with readers.  And she did!

emergency water

What evolved was a four part series on Emergency Water for Preppers.  In this series, the first three articles represent the answers to your questions, broken down by topic.  The final article includes some of the best free resources from around the web.

Here are the articles, in order.

Emergency Water for Preppers Part 1: Acquisition
Emergency Water for Preppers Part 2: Purification
Emergency Water for Preppers Part 3: Storage
Emergency Water For Preppers: Part 4: Resources

If you are interested in reading the original interview with Daisy, go here:  Prepper Book Festival 9: Prepper’s Water Survival Guide.

I hope you enjoy the series!