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About LeAnn Edmondson

About LeAnn Edmondson

LeAnn Edmondson lives in rural Alaska, outside the city of Ketchikan with her husband and fur babies. Her journey to homesteading and preparedness has been going on for three years now and it has taken her on adventures she never imagined!

LeAnn Edmondson in her garden - Backdoor Survival

LeAnn in her garden

The ultimate goal is to buy land to homestead and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. While working to make those dreams come true, she is learning all she can about food preservation, bushcraft, gardening, and how to comfortably live off the grid.

LeAnn began her blog, Homestead Dreamer, after the following on Facebook began to rise into the thousands. Since the blog started in early 2014, she has been featured on podcasts and several sites who want to know more about her life in Alaska. She writes for PREPARE Magazine, is the author of “A Primer on Pickling: Learn How to Pickle Food in a Single Afternoon!,” and “Aftermath: A Story of Survival.”