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Are Your Loved Ones Prepared to Survive Without You?

All 1,711 Backdoor Survival articles (3,740 pages and +40lbs printed), in a 100m waterproof USB Drive, for when you or your family desperately need to “figure it out”.

LIMITED BONUS | EMP-Proof Faraday Case w/ Room for Cell Phone

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“If SHTF, I’ll just figure it out as I go”

“I have lots of skills, but I’m not sure what a survival situation will exactly look like… so don’t know what I don’t know”

“I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the people who just show up, and expect to be taken care of if SHTF”

The uncertainty of a SHTF situation is what we all fear as survivalists. Sure, we can be as prepared as we can be, stocked up on essential food supplies, water, defense, etc, but what if it’s different than we forecasted? Will we still be able to figure it out when the time comes? Or what happens if you get a number of extra people or family members that just show up at your bug-in location, expecting to be taken care of. The moral thing to do would be take them in and hopefully make them useful.But how do you share a lifetime of knowledge and vital skillsets with someone who is only accustomed to just “Googling it”?

What if (God forbid) you aren’t there to teach them? Is your family ready to take care of everything without you?

That’s one of the things that most survivalists aren’t fully thinking through or prepared for, and it should absolutely scare the crap out of them.

That fact keeps me up at night.

But that’s exactly why we here at Backdoor Survival want to make sure that you have the information that not only you need to “figure it out” when the time comes, but that your family or any other unprepared person has the peace of mind of having a backup.

Introducing the…

Waterproof USB Drive with every Backdoor Survival article, indexed and categorized for quick reference. Accessible from any phone, tablet or computer w/ USB adapter, this waterproof survival lifeline weighs just 4oz, but contains over 3,740 pages of content (+40lbs if printed).

LIMITED BONUS | EMP-Proof Signal-blocking Case

Ultra-Compact and Portable

If you were to print this off, it’d weigh over 40 pounds, and probably need a wheelbarrow to transport. This USB drive is only 4oz, can fit in any bug-out bag, and will be at-hand whenever you need to know anything else.

BONUS | Faraday EMP-Proof Phone Case

Each Lifeline drive is shipped in an EMP-proof, signal-blocking case to protect it from any signals (BlueTooth, WiFi, cell, Satellite, and electromagnetic). Large enough to add a cell phone, this case can protect your device from EMP attack.

1,711 Articles Covering Survival

Covering every subject imaginable, these 1,711 articles (over 3,740 printed 8×11” pages) from survival experts can teach you just about anything you’ll need to know to survive. Also the ultimate primer for those who didn’t prepare.

Over 40lbs if Printed

We get lots of requests to print it all off for access, but not only would that be hundreds of dollars in just printing costs, but it would also weigh in at over 40 pounds, and most likely require its own wheelbarrow to transport.

No Logins, Internet or Electricity

If SHTF, there’s a good chance there will be no internet access or “Googling” something to figure it out. But if you have a mobile device or laptop, and hopefully a solar charger or battery bank, you can access all of this information anytime you need.

Peace of Mind

How much is knowing you’re prepared worth? How about knowing that your loved ones have what they need to “figure it out” in case something happens to you, and you aren’t there to educate and provide for? To me, that’s invaluable.

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  • Jobs & Careers
  • Mindset & Inspiration
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  • Prepping & Survival Books
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get to me? We ship out orders directly from the US in 1-2 business days, so depending on where you are at in the country, just add about 2-4 more days of delivery time. But most of the time, it arrives within 2-3 days from your order. How much is shipping?Free! Want to know what no one likes? Shipping costs. What’s covered in the content?The better question is what is NOT covered in the content. This drive contains every article published (1711 currently) on Backdoor Survival, which all fall under the following categories: Cooking, Current Events, DIY Projects for Preppers, Essential Oils, Food Supply, Frugality, Health, Wellness and Survival Medicine, Jobs and Careers, Other Posts, Power Supply, Preparedness, Prepping & Survival Books, Prepping and Survival Basics, Survival Buzz, Survival Gear, Survival Mindset & Inspiration, and Water SupplyWill it work on my phone / tablet / computer?Yes! With a simple USB-adapter, this waterproof drive can work with any device you have. USB-adapters for your specific device can be found for under $10 on Amazon or at any electronics store. This device is a USB-A type connector (the most common one). What if I’m not happy?If you’re not happy please contact us and let us know. We offer a no-questions-asked 30 day refund on the drive. Can I download it instead?Yes! If you don’t want the physical drive, we do have an instant digital download available.