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Food is one of the most important parts of any plan to get through short and long term survival situations. You may be thinking where do I start? Or “I want to learn how to can foods”. Well we have all that and more. Let us help you get started by figuring out how much you need and strategies to help get you there no matter what your budget is. There are a lot of things you can put back with just a few dollars a month. Over time it can really add up! That $20 a month you budget can buy a lot of flour, oats, salt, and more!

Not all situations are the same. While some of you may just want to know how to buy what you need over time, others may want to try their hand at some indoor or outdoor gardening while others are interested in what they may be able to forage off the land. No matter what your food concerns, we are sure there is something in the posts below that will help you towards a more secure food future for you and your family. The team at Backdoor Survival is so glad that you have decided to share this journey with us!

General Articles

Starting your plan is a big step. Check out these posts on how to get started and how to learn not to repeat the mistakes other preppers have made before!

How Much Emergency Food Do You Need?

Emergency Food vs Survival Food — Surprise! You Need Both

Frustration-Free Tips for Building an Emergency Food Supply

15 Common Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid

How to Build an Emergency Food Supply: 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan

Why Bargain Stockpiling is Not Emergency Food Storage


Some areas have more to forage than others but we are sure these posts will be encouraging in your quest for being aware of what you have at your disposal in the great outdoors!

Guide to Edible Bark: Using Trees for Medicine & Food

Fall Foraging: 4 Favorite Wild Edible Plants of Autumn

3 More Late Fall Foraging Plants You Don’t Want to Miss


There is nothing like the food you grow yourself. Gardening can help you build a healthy food supply and reduce your grocery bill so you have more to dedicate to other important areas of your life. Our articles provide guidance for those dealing with spaces from apartments up to big parcels. No matter what space you have, there is probably some type of gardening you can do. Check out our post on growing sprouts for an easy greens solution open to anyone that has space for a mason jar and some refrigeration.

The Prepper’s Guide to Aquaponics: Urban and Soil-less Food for When SHTF

Growing potatoes in containers and why you should do it.

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Greenhouse

Best Greenhouse Kits for Backyard Gardening

How to Grow Sprouts: How To Store 182 Servings of Raw Green Vegetables in a Quart Canning Jar

Best Cold Hardy Fruits To Grow At Home

Finding the Best Survival Seeds – What to Look for and Where to Find Them

How to Grow Herbs in Small Spaces – A Primer

13 Best Staples to Consider for a Survival Garden

Best Garden Structures That Help Extend the Growing Season

How to Store Vegetables Without a Root Cellar

Mushrooms & Fungi

Ever wanted to know how to grow your own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms? Our extensive guide will show you how and what you need every step of the way!

How to Grow Mushrooms and Preserve Them

Drying Foods

There are some definite advantages to drying your own herbs, veggies, meats, and more. The first step is finding the right dehydrator but soon after you will be amazed how much you use it and the time and money it saves you when it comes to putting back nutritionally sound survival foods!

Nesco Professional Food And Jerky Dehydrator Review

Best Herb Dehydrators for Drying Herbs at Home

Vacuum Sealing & Mylar Food Storage

Protecting your harvest and your store bought foods is a lot easier with the use of a quality vacuum sealer, oxygen, and moisture absorbers. From mylar bags to choosing the best vacuum sealer to suit your needs, you will find it right here!

The Best Practices for Using Mylar Bags

Survival Basics: Using Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

Best Vacuum Food Sealers for Preppers

Canning & Food Safety

Canning is a skill a lot of preppers seek to hone. Learning to can safely is not as hard as it might seem when you are first starting out. At Backdoor Survival we are big on safety, shelf life, and proper canning methods. From picking the right pressure canner for your needs and budget to overcoming fears about pressure canners and then getting that first batch of meat canned, we are there for you every step of the way!

Best Pressure Canners for Preppers

A Preppers Guide To Removing Arsenic From Rice

How Long Does Canned Food Really Last?

Best Vegetables For Long Term Canning

How To Can Meat Products

The Care and Feeding of Pressure Canners

How to Overcome The Fear of Pressure Canning


Fermented foods have an amazing amount of health benefits and they are so easy to make at home even in a small space. These posts are all you need besides the crock and the food to get started!

Best Books on Fermentation for 2018

How To Choose The Right Fermenting Crock: Best Fermenting Crocks

13 Reasons to Ferment Your Own Food: Introduction to Fermenting

Meat & Egg Preservation

Protein is important and raising your own meat and eggs or finding ways to value add to what you buy is a great addition to any survival food supply.

How to Make Sausage and Smoke it Too: A DIY Guide

Making Real Homemade Chicken Stock or Bone Broth

How To Cure & Preserve Your Own Corned Beef

How to Render Tallow

How to Render Lard

How To Cure Your Own Pork

Top 6 Ways To Preserve Eggs


The home dairy doesn’t have to be complicated. Making your own yogurt can save you a lot of money and allows you to customize the sugar and flavor however you want.

Powdered milk is a great thing to add to your dried food stockpile. Even if you are lactose intolerant their are dairy products that you can use to complete your diet during an emergency or survival situation.

How To Make Yogurt & Yogurt Cheese

Best Cheese Presses for Homemade Cheese Making

Prepping with Powdered Milk: The Best Powdered Milk Options

Coffee, Cooking and Recipes

Roasting your own coffee can allow you to keep green coffee beans in long term storage and it can save you a lot of money. In fact you can drink coffee for about ⅓ to ½ the price you can get it for at the grocery store.

Cooking with the types of foods that preppers put back is a bit different than the cooking you are probably used to. Check out our posts on spices and herbs you should put back and our extended article with some delicious and satisfying recipes that can be accomplished with the food you have put back.

Best Prepper Recipes Ideas: What to Do with Stockpiled Food

A Prepper’s Guide to Bread Making

Best Herbs and Spices for Preppers

How to Make Coffee Using a French Press

Roasting Coffee And Storing For Long Term Use

Cooking with Cast Iron Cookware

How to Make a Survival Casserole

Poultry and Birds

Keeping some birds around your places for meat and eggs is something a lot of people are doing both in the city and in rural areas. We can help you find the right breed and get started producing your own meat and eggs ASAP.

Best Meat Birds For The Small Producer

Best Chicken Breeds For Eggs

Backyard Chicken Alternatives: Should You Consider Raising Geese?

How to Raise Backyard Quail: An Alternative to Raising Chickens

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