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The Backdoor Survival Contributing Authors

The Backdoor Survival Contributing Authors

Backdoor Survival has had an outstanding collection writers and contributors step forward to share their experience with prepping, survival and essential oils.

Backdoor Survival Contributing Authors


Samantha Biggers lives on the side of a mountain in North Carolina with her husband and pack of loyal hounds in a house her husband and she built themselves. When not writing she is working in their vineyard, raising Shetland sheep, or helping her husband with whatever the farm and vineyard can throw at them.

Some of Samantha’s articles to date include:
– The Ultimate Guide To The Best Survival Water Filters
– 13 Reasons to Ferment Your Own Food: Introduction to Fermenting
– The DIY Tire Fix Kit For SHTF


Ellysa Chenery also writes for Young Domestics and Western Journalism. She loves adapting traditional skills for new situations, whether in the wilderness, garden, or homestead. Her favorite smell is carrots fresh from the dirt.

Some of Ellysa’s articles to date include:
– 6 Essential Lessons from Hurricane Harvey
– How to Protect Yourself from Flood Borne Illness: Harvey and Irma Edition
– A North Korea Primer for Preppers: How to Prepare for Conflict


Eric Raue is a nature-loving writer, experience junkie, and former Boy Scout who never forgot that time-honored Scout Motto: Be prepared. Aside from camping and survival, he loves writing about travel, history, and anything he finds strange and unique!

Some of Eric’s articles to date include:
– Top 5 Easy-to-ID Edible Backyard Weeds
– VSSL Supplies Review & First Aid Canister Kits Review: Cleverly Designed for Peace of Mind


David is an active prepper and freelance writer. He lives in rural Northern California in the shadow of an active volcano. He hunts and fishes as a means of providing. He brings a science background to his writing and discusses botany, biology, geology, and weather as they apply to living, growing your own food, and surviving. He is a master gardener and understands food production, storage, and preserving. He lives five miles down a single-lane road and he deals with power outages, wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and crazy pot growers, raiders, medical emergencies, law enforcement and the potential of that volcano.

Some of David’s articles to date include:
– How Long Does Canned Food Really Last?
– Wertz Canned Meats Review
– 13 Best Staples to Consider for a Survival Garden


Donna’s childhood was in a time when it was safe for Mom’s to say, “Just be home by dinnertime” and children were free to roam woods and fields all day. Helping neighbors, family meals, using your imagination, honesty, politeness, and doing chores was a way of life.

She went on to become an R.N. working in a busy hospital and then later doing medical research. Donna and her husband home educated their children for 23 years. She has regularly taught self-reliance workshops for the past 25 years. She leads weed walks, forages food and medicinal plants, is an avid canner of about 1000 jars a year. She’s a cub master, enjoys being a genealogy indexing arbitrator, is an amateur radio operator as part of emergency preparedness and has fun watching the quirkiness of her laying hens.  She is Grammy to (in her humble opinion) the two most fabulous kids in the world. Faith and family are first priority.

Some of Donna’s articles to date include:
– Are You Toilet Paper Prepared (TPP’d)?
– Survival Food: Backdoor Foraging for Healthy, Tasty Food Right Outside Your Door!
– DIY Elderberry Tincture: A Labor of Love

Thank You for Your Readership!
Backdoor Survival Team