Review: The Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: April 21, 2020
Review: The Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag

Let’s face it.  No matter how much we hope we will never have to evacuate the comfort of our homes, there is always a possibility that circumstances will require that we gather our emergency supplies and leave on a moment’s notice.  When that happens, you want to be ready to grab your spouse, your kids, the family pet and a well stocked bug-out-bag with enough gear to get you by for at least 72 hours.

Where do you start?  If you are like me, you started with a very basic kit using items you already owned.  From there, you advanced to a more robust pack filled with the esoteric items of survival: an emergency radio, a tactical knife, some rudimentary shelter, a first aid kit, and fire-making supplies.

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As easy as it may be to be smug in the knowledge that you now have a Bug Out Bag, over time you are going to want to refresh and renew, or even start over.

Today I am thrilled to present the Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag from Ready to Go Survival.

The Tactical Traveler – First Observations

This pack is fabulous!  Okay, I am done with my review.  Just kidding, of course.

My first observation when I took Tactical Traveler out of its box was that everything arrived, all at once, pre-packed in a military-grade Rothco Medium Transport Bag.  Now why is this important?  Because when I order a “package” of something, I want it to arrive together not piecemeal over a matter of weeks.  Plus, having everything packed inside the bag allowed me to see how to take advantage of all of the nooks and crannies of the pack and to maximize its space.

The stated weight of the Tactical Traveler is 20 pounds but just to be sure, I weighed it myself and yes, it was almost exactly 20 pounds.  Weight is important because if the pack is too heavy, at best you won’t get far and at worst you will hurt yourself while carrying it.  I took a 3 mile hike with the fully loaded pack and had no problems whatsoever.  Granted, 20 pounds is not a lot of weight but at 105 pounds, I am on the small side and was concerned about carrying even 20 pounds without straining or tiring.

Tactical Traveler Hike     Tactical Traveler gayes Lake

I need not have worried. The design of the pack is such that you can adjust the straps so it fits perfectly.  The other thing is that the pack itself is narrow, meaning you can pass though narrow openings without bumping into the sides.  The loaded pack was such a non-issue, carry-wise, that I ended up staying outdoors with the pack on, getting water out of a local pond (actually, quarry nine) and even playing ball with Tucker the dog on the green in front of my home.

The Gear

One of the problems I have with purchased kits is that often times the gear consists of cheap, no-name items being sold at a premium price  Not so with the items in the Tactical Traveler.

Tactical Traveler Items

Tactical Traveler First Aid Kit

Here is a complete list of what is included:

1       Mil-spec Rothco Medium Transport Bag
1       205 Piece First Aid Kit
20     Potassium Iodide Tablets 65 Mg
10     Ammonia Inhalants
1       Smith & Wesson Tactical Ops Knife w/ belt cutter & glass breaker
3       Wise Company Meals
9       Emergency Food Bars (3690 calories)-
20     Packets of Emergency Water
1       LifeStraw Water Filter
1       Tactical Flashlight 220 Lumen w/ strobe S.O.S.
1       Compass
1       Windstorm Emergency Whistle
1       SOL Emergency Blanket
1       Aurora Fire Starter
2       Disposable Lighters
1       Pack of Storm Proof Matches 25 pc
1       Pack of Quick Fire Tinder 10 pc
1       Roll Duct Tape 10 yards
1       Pack of Water Purification Tablets
5       6″ Glow Sticks
4       Sets of Ear Plugs
1       50′ 550 Paracord (my review kit included 100’)
10     Large Zip Ties
1       Steel Folding Trowel
1       Tube Tent
1       Mil-spec Poncho
1       Signal Mirror
1       SOL Sleeping Bivvy
6       AA & AAA Batteries
1       Pair Work Gloves
4       N95 Mask
6       Heat Packs
2       5′ Utility Straps
1       Fishing Kit
1       Uvex Goggles
1       Etón Crank Emergency Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power & Cell Phone Charger (add-on item)
1       Gerber Multiplier 400 Multi-Tool (add-on item)

I wish that Ready To Go Survival had been around with the Tactical Traveler when I was first putting my bug out bag together.  It would have been a lot easier in the long run to start with all of the gear I needed, nicely organized.

What’s Missing?

No pre-packaged emergency kit will be 100% complete.  With the Tactical Traveler I will want to add few personal items such as a flash drive with copies of important documents, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pet food, No-Rinse bath wipes and prescription meds.  And of course, my personal weapon.  Extra clothing will need to go in a secondary pack.

It is worth mentioning that Ready to Go Survival will customize a pack for you.  So, for instance, if you want 2 rain ponchos instead of 1, no problem.  Just let them know.

The Final Word

The Tactical Traveler (or any of the other packs at Ready To Go Survival) would make the perfect holiday gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Tactical Traveler gaye

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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385 Responses to “Review: The Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag”

  1. It looks like it has everything needed for short term survival, however, I would probably add an emergency sleeping bag, mylar blanket and another pauncho. Also, at least one bag of M&M’s! A knife, some instant coffee and a small mess kit to cook in. Maybe a few wire snares, just in case.

  2. I’d add a small Bible (or book). Not only because of my faith, but there will be time when you might need to just escape or wind down for a bit, and for me, reading does it every time. That or some chocolate 🙂

  3. Looks like everything I would need for survival…. I would probably put a small roll up fleece sleeping bag liner in as well to add a little more comfort to the mylar one….. Being the musician that I am, I would probablt throw in some drum sticks and a drum pad just for fun.

  4. If you live in the Ozarks like I do, and it’s at all warm outside, you need a full Rynoskin suit for each person.

  5. I would add a fixed blade (I have a favorite), tooth brush/paste, back-up glasses, extra socks, Handgun/ammo, and lastly some comfort food, like M&M’s or trail-mix.

  6. It looks pretty well stocked! I would add a canteen, emergency radio/solar charged flashlight combo, and my Bible.

  7. I would add paper maps for the area I was hoping to be in and probably a small book of
    state maps, in an emergency you might not get to go where you had planned to.

  8. I would add TP and personal hygiene products, prescription meds, extra pair of glasses, deck of cards and a small stove and fuel tabs. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this absolutely awesome prize. Good luck everyone.

  9. Gaye, I think the Tactical Traveler has a lot of good points,
    I see several items I would prefer to have.
    1. A small roll of small gauge wire. You’d be amazed how a little wire can come in handy in a situation and it’s small & light.

    2. Aeronautical maps of the area (or areas) I live/work in. I make it a point to make notes on the map of other useable resources. Of course I’m in Utah, so out here we have more natural resources than Massachusetts. Even then, in urban areas and cities the aero-map can help a lot.

    3. Zip Lock bags, different sizes. The sizes depend on the actual physical size of the Tactical traveler. When the contents are sealed inside the Zip Lock bags, it acts kinda like a dummy cord. Only dummies go hiking or camping without their external gear protected by dummy cords or the internal gear in bags. It keeps the gear together (lessening the chance of losing any) and keeps it dry. Even if your bag is water proof, it’s still not 100% waterproof unless it’s a backcountry expedition bag. BTDT. Redundency pays.
    You can also use them as additional canteens.

    4. Depending on how much room is in the Tactical Traveler I may add a small summer zippered wool throw. You have a bivvy bag, but when you’re in a crisis, I doubt you would have your ‘jammies with you, so you’d be sleeping in your clothes, likely. Do you want your bivvy bag to get it’s inside dirty? The wool throw/bag not only increases the thermal protection, but it is easy to clean.

    5. I would replace the compass and signalling mirror with a folding Silva or Brunton compass. They are small, light, accurate, and they have a mirror. 2 in 1 deal.

    6. Unless you are going around rescuing people, I’d have only a couple of the ammonia inhalants.

    7. I’d replace the 50′ of 550 cord with 120′, daisy chained.

    8. The poncho, if it’s anything like the one I brought back from the Army, works as a poncho and as a shelter. But keep the tube tent. Redundency pays….

    9. Spare cell phone. Get a cheap Flip Top Trac Phone, buy a Double Minutes card at least 400 minutes. Also a charge cord and spare battery. And make sure you check the batteries and keep them charged. I found that Trac Phone may not be the most economical pre-pay phone, but they have more coverage than others. Verizon phones tend to roam on towers others than Verizon, and the same for AT&T. Trac phone contracts out to those people so you get more coverage.

    10. A set of 3×5 cards with important information and notes written down on them (don’t rely on the Trac Phone or your cell phone memory for this). Names, phone numbers, any important notes, stuff like that, written in ink using a ball point pen. Then water proof the cards (laminate or use “Aqua Seal”).

    11. I’d replace the notepad with a“Write In The Rain” notebook and the pen/pencil with a pressurized “Write In The Rain” space pen. But keep the pencil (really).

    12. Moleskin. That’s a must for all survival, I think.

    There might be more stuff I’d throw in there. I dunno.

  10. I would add a roll of TP, personal meds, fixed blade knife, extra batteries, more paracord, handgun with extra ammo, prepaid credit/debit card, spare cell phone and battery, collapsible canteen, two pair of pantyhose (they work great as pre-filters or to keep bugs off you at night, plus they are great as a base layer in winter), all in large ziplock bags. And I’d add my IFAC to the outside of the pack.

  11. I’d add crank charge radio with USB charger and some stuffed animals for my girls as well as paracord, insulin, coins, paper money extra batteries and ammo

  12. I would add some toiletries, snare type wire, few maps of the area topographical and city/street, small address book with pencil/memo inside, bag of personal documents for me and my children, 3 more ponchos, more paracord, our personal medicines, more sm throws, more mre type foods.

  13. My husband has asked me to pack him a get home bag for his car. If I win, I’m giving him this. It looks great. I would add toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a map and a weapon. Thanks for the chance to win, Gaye.

  14. I would add a flash drive loaded with my important documents, toilet paper, and my tahkli spindle with some cotton to spin as a stress reliever.

  15. I would also include my Kaito radio, spare glasses, a poncho and maybe some large trash bags. Like you suggested baby wipes, hand sanitizer (good fire starter too) and a KaBar or other fixed blade knife. Thanks for another great article.

  16. I would add a few personal items such as a flash drive, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, No-Rinse bath wipes and prescription meds. And of course, my personal weapon with ammunition. Space blanket.

  17. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful emergency backpack.
    I would add a small, empty pouch on one side (if possible) for storing personal meds and flash drive/memory card, etc.
    Also, a solar charger for AA & AAA batteries.

  18. I would add my thyroid meds, tp, baby wipes, and if room, my solo stove, metal cup,some instant coffee, and freeze dried meals that cook in pouch. And the one thing I can’t seem to survive without: my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. And my very small New Testament.

  19. Add a couple of small flavored electrolyte packets to add to the water; a flash drive with vital info and docs; meds; a fixed blade knife; a few hard candies; two quart sized zip lock bags; a small head lamp; and a small multi-tool. All of this takes up very little space

  20. I would add bug screening, personal hygiene items, TP, sanitary pads, toothbrush & baking soda, etc., varying sizes of ziplocs, note pad & pencil, comfort items such as travel games, cards, gum, hard candies, essential oils, plant foraging & medical travel size books.

  21. What would I do if I won this pack? I’d most likely order a few more for each member of my family… one at a time, of course. Who has that much money in today’s economy? I would also add some char cloth, a small mirror and a larger roll of Gorilla tape.

  22. Knife, Axe, Hand chainsaw, Toilet paper, whistle, Celox, Israeli bandage, Mole skin, construction keel (Large crayon), pepper spray. Boots, socks, clothes, jacket, etc. Now to go back and read all the replies.

  23. I would add feminine hygiene products, anti-diarrhea meds, wild edible plants book, ax, skinning knife, wire for snares, cash, gun and ammo.

  24. Perhaps not politically correct but the first thing I would add would be my Bible. Then I would add the natural remedies that we use to stay healthy, cash and pictures of our children/grandchildren!

  25. While not policially correct the first item I would add would be my Bible. Then natural remedies we use to stay healthy, some cash and pictures of our children/grandchildren!

  26. I would add a couple P-51 can openers, 2 extra mylar blankets, some M&Ms or small chocolate bars, TP, collapsible cup, hand chain saw, sling shot, a small Bible and a book.

  27. I would add a diabetes test kit as well as insulin and syringes and extra instant ice packs to keep the insulin cold for a longer period of time. I would also add the new pouches of applesauce for quick energy.

  28. My extras would include: solar camp shower bag, bar of our soap, and individual pocket kits for each family member if we’re separated, attached to the Rothco for quick evacuation of the family.

  29. I don’t know what you call them, but you take the chain off a chain saw, cut it into, and put finger loops on each end. I have 2 in different lengths. Very compact. My vacuumed packed cheese and crackers, with the mason jar wrapped with TP to keep it from breaking. and I’m not sure if it would be a large or a small bottle of Ky’s finest. Of course my weapon would be strapped to my waist with plenty of ammo.

  30. Thanks for this offer and these helpful comments. I would add trash bags to collect condensation, zip lock bags, socks & jacket, flash drive for documents & prepd cell phone, instant coffee/soup& trailmix & container for drinking and emergency trauma solution (flower essences) & essential oils of peppermint & tea tree & knife, wire & toilet paper (my late husband talked about how useful his supplies were for bartering during the Korean War).

  31. You guys do realize that the flash drive is only good for your use…right? I used to carry one with my emergency info on it in case of a wreck, until I was in a wreck. The medical/rescue personnel will be concerned about virus or malware. Provided they know what the flash drive is or how to use it. Then the file compatibility. Just a thought for you to consider.

  32. I would add toilet paper, dog food, fishing hooks and line, sewing kit with dental floss which could be used for stitches if necessary and hand sanitizer.

  33. I would add a purse size copy of the Declaration of Independence and tht Constitution of the U.S.. you something to read to kill time and also feminine items

  34. Lots of good suggestions here. I would add a small sewing kit, my meds, roll of lifesavers, lip balm, toothbrush/toothpaste/floss, my kindle and battery charger, tp, trash bags, personal weapon, spork and some peanut butter & crackers which is my ultimate comfort food.

  35. I would want a couple more of the water purifying straws, my Bible, 2 mylar blankets, and 3-4 maxi pads for first aid usages.

  36. I would add some extra cloths especially socks,2-3 sets of cloths,my medication,cat food for my Tobis baby and alot of that cause he’s a cow. Also if room extra ammo,toilet paper ,a metal camping cup to heat my water up in with utensils, I think that mite fill that backpack up. Hopefully I’ll be able to add that all to it. But most of all that would be a great bug out bag for my car….

  37. I would add a hatchet, the extra medication our familyuses such as inhalers, a fire blanket, a few family photos I would have to add a small bag attached to the Bug out bag that holds collapsible food dishes for our dogs. We make homemade fire starters also by putting tdryer lint we pull out into the inside of toilet paper tills and those with newspaper, I’d have to add some of those. Also a knife sharpener

  38. Small Bible, a few protein bars, good fixed blade knife, deck of cards, a pair of socks & skivvies. Good looking kit to start though

  39. My additions would be my prescription meds, my side arm/ammo/cleaning kit, energy bars, tp and hand sanitiser. Anything else that I put in would depend on space and priority.

  40. I would add some toilet paper, dental floss, extra socks, my bible, female hygiene products, a writing pen and some paper.

  41. I would add a small Bible, TP, tampons, a couple essential oils, flash drive with personal info, SOG seal pup knife, or actually might have that strapped to my body , the military size can openers (2), 1 change of clothes, 1 lightweight pan with lid, small toothbrush/floss.

  42. This bag looks great. I like that it is narrower.

    And what I would add, that I don’t think they would, would be my essential oils. I love and use them daily.

  43. I would add a fixed-blade knife (for things I don’t trust a lock-blade knife to do), spare eyeglasses, petroleum jelly (for a multitude of purposes), prescription medicines, and a headlamp (for hands-free work/travel in the dark).

  44. In order of importance, I would add:
    1. My dog’s meds and some food for her (She has a severe health problem and would be dead in about 48 hrs without them)
    2. Hard copies of important docs. (Especially copies of our daughter’s adoption papers naming us as her parents. She is a different race than my husband and I, and in everyday, non-stressful situations people have been known to question adoptive families’ rights. I would want to do my best to avoid any potential issues.)
    3. Extra socks
    4. A small box of crayons, paper, and a deck of standard playing cards for our daughter
    5. Bubble gum (a huge pleasure for our daughter)
    6. Solar battery charger

  45. I would add a Henry Survival rifle and box of ammo, my CCW pistol and box of ammo and at least 2 flashlights. Extra waterproof matches, a fixed blade knife (Gerber) and put everything in a large trash bag before putting it in the pack to keep it dry.

  46. I would add an emergency whistle, mirror, and a small lock-pick set. I would also add some vitamin C and oregano oil (capsules) for colds/flu, and at least 5000 mg sublingual B12 tablets. For energy replenishing, I would include snack bags filled with shredded coconut and chia seeds (with emergency drinking water packs to go with it) , electrolyte packets to add to water, and a few bottles of 5-Hour Energy.

  47. Hi!
    I would add a few disposable diapers and one washable birdseyes diaper (used by missionaries for ease of washability and drying) and cover. This would be indispensable for my daughter who needs a nighttime diaper and a multipurpose cloth.

  48. If you are the winner, what additional items would you add to the Tactical Traveler to personalize it for your own unique needs?
    Items I would add are as follows;
    1. 22 lr caliber survival rifle that breaks down & is housed in the stock that floats if dropped in water + shells of course. Stored inside pack.

    2. ESEE 5 knife + sharpener attached to exterior of pack for easy access.

    3. Glock G19 9MM pistol + extra mag loaded with defense ammo. This would be attached to the pack for easy, quick access.

    4. Bore snakes to clean firearms.

  49. I would add toilet paper, hand gun and ammo, toiletries bag, games tin and hard candy for the kids, dual-band handheld walkie-talkies, a thumb drive, hand-crank combo flashlight/radio/USB chargers, prescription meds, change of clothes with extra socks, small collapsible stove, rain gear, prepaid cell phone, laminated index card with emergency numbers, spare pair of glasses, small notebook and pencils, Ziploc bags, and $100 in dollar bills.

  50. I would add activated charcoal, bentonite clay, my meds and supplements, and my cheap plastic recorder/flute. LOL!

  51. A metal container to heat or boil water. Many natural foods can be made edible by
    boiling. A warm drink or meal does wonders for your mental health. Also the container
    is hollow, and takes up little or no room.

  52. I’d add a Wool Blanket or Fleece Sleeping Bag (maybe both), a few real food items that I’ve prepped up (IE dried potatoes, freeze dried meat/plain jerky, freeze dried or dried veggies) and seasonings so I could cook up any food I trap or get along the way, and of course a good fixed blade belt knife, hatchet, and most important a pistol….

  53. I would add my own fire kit because you can never have to many ways to make fire. And I would replace the tube tent with a hammock.

  54. Including most of the items you said you would add, I would also add a knife sharpener, some candy, hard and chocolate. I would not add my personnel weapon to the bag. I will have it on me, not in the bag. However I would add one or two extra loaded ammo clips.

  55. You need a vessel to capture/store/purify water. I would add a 5 gal collapsible freestanding bucket (4.7 oz–Sea to Summit) and a pan in which to boil the water (6.3 oz–GSI), for a total of only 11 additional oz to the back pack.

  56. I’d add my Bible, a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, local maps, our medications, a weapon, some of our favorite snacks, and some personal female products. Thanks for the chance! What a great giveaway!

  57. I would be adding my SOG Revolver knife, which doubles as knife and saw. Also would put in a small Bible, some tea, coffee and sugar packets and some extra food, such as peanut butter crackers and hard candies. Dog food for the pups.

    • i would pack some cotton balls and vasaline cheap and handy for fire starting. some .22LR extra ammo. a 2 qt canteen of water for when water not around for life straw.

    • I have an empty prescription bottle (it is pretty tall – maybe 4 inches tall) that I have crammed a lot of pre-greased cotton balls in. The cap makes this water proof but I did put it in a zip lock bag with a smaller prescription bottle of strike anywhere matches. I also included in the ziplock bag a smaller bag of fat wood chips that make great fire starters.

  58. I would add campers toilet paper, a small pack of baby wipes, hand sanitizer to start. A manual can opener, thermal clothing for winter. How much extra room is there in the bag? And what sort of meds are included in the first aid kit? I would make sure to have Imodium AD or cold/flu drugs. Is there a sewing kit? A flash drive may be okay provided there is a device available to read it. I have my pertinent info printed and put in a gallon size zip lock bag for waterproofing plus the zip lock bag could be used to transport water.

  59. As an amateur radio operator, an extra battery pack for the handheld 2M radio, several pairs of socks/underwear, a good towel, and, most importaqnt, CHOCOLATE.

  60. I would definitely include a firearm and ammo. I know this would require a significant amount of restrictions, but it is essential.

  61. I would add cash in small bills, a trash bag, TP, a reusable water bottle/travel cup and at least 10 packets of Emergen-C. When you’re stressed your immune system is down, plus it flavors the water. 🙂

  62. I would add a fishing pole and accessories. In my area, I would need a folding hat and a pair of heavy socks, jacket, and underwear. These items could be easily attached to the outside of the pack without restricting what the pack originally contained.

  63. My additions would include safety glasses, mechanic style gloves, primary and secondary weapon ammo among other items specific to my situation.

  64. I would add some prescription Meds, hard candy, nalgene water bottle and a boil cup. What a nice job they did with this pack. Great web site BDS, keep up the good work!

  65. I would add a hatchet,canteen with cup for extra water & heating water for cooking,an extra pair of eye glasses,hand sanitizer,toilet paper,baby wipes, extra .22 ammo,& a beanie style cap. Also maybe some mole skin patches if none are included in first aid kit.

  66. I would add my Swiss Army Knife, toilet paper, medications, Honey Stinger Energy Chews, book of edible plants, Army surplus folding hat, can opener, crossword puzzle book, trash bags, ziploc bags, spork, canteen and metal cup.

  67. This bag seems very well thought out and put together. My personal things I would add would be my gun and ammo, silver for trading, peanut butter, my jerky, hard candy, my ALLERGY MEDS.

  68. If you are the winner, what additional items would you add to the Tactical Traveler to personalize it for your own unique needs? I would add 2 used coffee cans one large and one smaller that nests inside the larger .Both would have the rims cut off with a can opener ( washed and dryed ,lids as well). Since they are metal they have many uses with no need to go into them now.I would also add a roll of TP to the cans to keep it dry till needed.I would include thecan opener as welll 🙂 .I would add a small camp axe ,a machete and a tent with sleeping bag and ground pad.T o top it off i would include my copy of the SAS syrvival guide and small bible to have stuff to read.I carry my guns on my person so i would pack spare ammo in the pack .I know it seems like a lot but to be honest i could probably stuff it with even more gear.I like the fact that the pack is black and not camo. I would love to win thispck and put it through its paces

  69. I would add documents to ID who I am, small Bible, my meds, cash money and a spare pair of eye glasses. There is more things I would add depending on how much more space there is.

  70. This sounds like a really good pre-assembled kit. I’m very impressed at including a LifeStraw.

    I would add 2 sets of synthetic underwear and inner socks to help prevent rash/chafing, ditto lotion for inner thighs and between toes. Plenty of moleskin if not enough already included. Several big safety pins.

    The bag may be too full to put a full set of clothes in, including light boots, so I would likely add a separate bag which I would draw on if needed, abandon if not. My thinking is that ideally I want to be able to run naked from a burning, collapsing house or under attack, and have all the clothes needed.

    At least a couple hundred dollars in small bills. A small stainless .22 handgun such as a S&W J-Frame Model 63, 100 rounds of ammunition and holster. Canteen or water bottle.

    Map of any areas I’d likely be moving through, in a ZipLock bag. Old driver’s license/ID.

  71. I would probably add the things you did plus some “ski rope” to use for my dog. He has a pack to carry his own food and bowls.

  72. I would add Marathon Emergency Task Force Radio, Pocket Wire/Chain Saw, triple antibiotic ointment, 6″ battle dressing, P38/P51, collapsible water bag.

  73. This bag is so complete, there’s only a few things I’d need to add to adjust to my situation. I would of couse add my gun and ammo, as well as a map of my state. I also would add maps I printed online of the bike and hiking trails in my area. And perhaps a hamonica to raise morale.

  74. Items I would add: pistol & extra magazines, FRN’s in small denominations, silver coins, TP, a canteen and maps.

    Then I would pray I would never have to find out what I didn’t add.

  75. I would add a slingshot and bag of ammo, l/s synthetic t-shirt and drawers, a pair of smart wool socks, stocking cap, lined gloves, pocket New Testament, maps of my local area, several ziplock bags in various sizes, a MOLLE pouch for the additional items if they don’t fit and a hydration sleeve/system. Since I work in the People’s Demokratic Republick of Merrieland and commute from an adjoining freer state, no firearm for me, but should that change then I would add a firearm, mags and ammo and field cleaning kit of my choice.

    • They carry molle pouches & the TT system includes a hydration system. Their NBC Gas Mask System is amazing as well.

  76. I would add perscription and OTC meds ( allergy, eye drops), toilet paper, hibiclens, extra ammo, Mora utility knife, hard candy and cat food.

  77. To personalize this, I would add a medical kit that included stitching supplies, some extra emergency food, a tarp, an extra emergency blanket, a survival axe, toilet paper, soap, and some candles. I love this bag. It is one of the best I’ve seen/ read about so far as a starter b.o.b. Thanks for this awesome opportunity guys!

  78. I’d add extra clips for my gun, my meds and zip lock baggies of kibble for my dog. Wouldn’t leave without him.

  79. On the low-end price-wise I would want to add a wire saw. On the more expensive side, I would want to add a radio for emergency broadcast updates. Thanks for the valuable information your newsletter provides.

  80. Some personal ‘needs’ – pocket bible, Epi-pen, spare HT (ham radio), extra eyeglasses, and my trusty old GI cup with lid & fire rig, extra wool socks.

  81. It looks like this bag is really well stocked, however I would add my Bible, extra Mylar blankets, ammo, wash clothes, hand towels, bar of soap, hand lotion, toilet paper, eating utensils, sewing kit, powder, meds, my Kindle, can opener, sun glasses and feminine products.

  82. I would add meds, tp, nose plugs (in case of tear gas), weapon and ammo, silver, ax, e-reader (with how to info,bible, entertainment).

  83. I would add my daugters glocoma medicine. My biggest fear is that she will run out when the shtf and loose her eyesight.

  84. We have a lot of personal water wells in our area, and a lot of very dry land between bodies of water. Aside from personal protection, I would add a pair of channel-locks and a crescent wrench (to remove well caps), 250′ of nylon mason twine, and a “Water Weazil”. This is a new food-grade water-retrieval product from that is made of collapsible PVC pipe and slips down alongside the existing pipe in a well (other products require removing the heavy steel pipe). As power may be nonexistent when this bag is used, I may also be helping the family on the property by providing water to them, too!

  85. I would add essential oils, burn kit and 20 foot para-cord lanyard with full-size carabiner to hold small items

  86. I think this is actually a pretty awesome list. I think I would add some ziploc bags, some cash, and some of those applesauce pouches I feed to my daughter; they are delicious. Oh, and a pair of ballistic sunglasses. …and a permanent marker. I would also put in a few more medical supplies that I like to have, along with some trauma shears. A headlamp flashlight. I would hope to be able to cram this all in there.

  87. I would add a couple of things. First something small and light to help hunt small game, like a blow gun or a wrist rocket. I would also make sure I had something to cut tree branches with for fires and shelter. One last thing I would add would be plastic bags of varying sizes. You never know when you’ll need something like that and they’re very light and compact easily.

  88. Well, sounds weird but the 1st thing I would add would be larger sized ziplock baggies. Not only are they good for transporting wet/soiled clothing….but they also help keep any extra food locked in & water proof. They would help insure just about anything from getting wet. Tampons would be my next add since in a survival situation they could come in very handy! I of course would add my glock & ammo as well.

  89. If I won the bug out kit, first thing I’d do is see what’s in the fishing kit.

    I’d likely upgrade the fishing line to chameleon line, as I’ve had better luck with it, and depending on the supply, either supplement or add in a couple hooks, swivels and small sinkers.

    I’m certain I’d add the following:

    50′ snare wire
    My Solio solar charging panel w/ battery pack (quite compact) for charging USB devices.
    5 x Foil bread loaf pans (Can be folded and stored, then unfolded and used to boil water)

  90. Glucose tablets, personal healthcare items (feminine products, soap, etc), additional lifestraws, garbage/plastic bags.

  91. The things you mentioned along with a hand gun, ammo, snares, steel wool, hand held GPS, surgical instruments, folding hand saw, various size fishing lines, knife for belt, boot knife, monocular, extra socks, head gear, heavy coat with liner, cold weather gloves, boots, tennis shoes.

  92. The first thing i would add would be a large survival knife or hatchet. And the second thing i would add is a few pairs of clean warm socks… you can never have too many dry socks.

  93. I would add spare reading glasses, ammonia inhalants, flash drive, a couple of large garbage bags and some hard candy.

  94. I would add 12ft+ of paracord for sure. A basic tender Kit some peanut butter and picture wire. This set is perfect and I definitely will be sharing this with my pals.

  95. I love this list of items but the two things I would add is a condom & towel. The condom is small and easy to access, fast item that keeps water, sand and other things off objects I do not want- plus I do not want a baby until I am prepared and have the proper setting to deliver baby. The towel arose from my first reading of Hitchhikers guide. Since then I realised its versatileness from pillow to added layer of warmth. I have both these items in all of my bags.

  96. I would as a fixed blade knife – probably a Mora Clipper.
    A canteen, Molle attach pouch and stainless steel cup – all could be attached to the webbing on the back.
    Smooth snare wire.

    Overall, looks to be a pretty complete kit. There are a few things I would swap, but that is personal preference.

  97. An extra good pair of socks and a 5-6 inch fixed blade. Wearing a wet pair of socks can cause a lot of problems and a fixed blade knife can do a lot more than a folding knife.

  98. I would include some cash, maybe $100 or some bits of silver/gold that you can use to buy and barter for other things like fuel and food. I would also want to have a pen and some paper that I can write and leave notes or communicate with others.

  99. I would add: A hatchet, hammock, petzl headlight, extra socks and underwear, and a small tarp

    I would replace: knives with Tops BOB and spyderco Paramilitary 2 in M390. I’d also change the pull through sharpener for a sharpening stone.

  100. Besides personal documents I’d add my seal pup elite, another water container, a small flat pry bar, and additional first aid supplies to deal with trauma. This looks like a great kit to start with, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  101. (tl;dr) I’d add one/two books or small gameboy with a few more batteries and couple of games (probably pokemon).

    Honestly, I would add some form of entertainment. Part of survival is not losing your mind. Boredom is a major factor in this. I’d add one/two books or small gameboy with a few batteries and couple of games (probably pokemon). I could use the book as kindling if truly needed. I could also use the batteries and break apart the gameboy for other uses as well. Again, that would be if I truly had to.

  102. I would add some pictures of my family, paperback scriptures and pad and pencils. A map of my area and of course medical info/etc for my pets.

  103. Is there room for anything else? Good lord that bag is hooked up. I feel like I could split out at any minute with a bug out kit like this. I guess I’d add a spare phone battery on the off chance that telco infrastructure is not dismantled during the apocalypse. Oh and a fresh pair of underwear, because I’d crap my pants if I won this thing.

  104. Wow, this bag has (just about) it all!! I would add my weapon, homemade herbal salve, a bandana, baby wipes, a hat, and extra socks to start with.

  105. If I won this bug out bag I would add just a couple of personal touches. I would add a small copy of the scriptures, a fold able pole for fishing, a chain for cutting small branches and a flash drive holding important documents and pictures. A couple of laminated pictures of family would be good as well. Honestly if I won, I would give this as a gift to my husband that has been starting to save for a bug-out first for himself, then her wants to get one put together for me, and then one for each of our children. Happy Holidays, and thanks for doing this give-away!!!!

  106. TP, no-rinse bath wipes, reading glasses, contact lens supplies, personal weapon and pepper (bear) spray, stuyf sack with thermal socks, long johns, gloves and my personal info/contacts list in a zip lock bag. Oh and toothbrush, paste and deoderant, all travel size.

  107. I would add either a solar charger or a solar battery charger, a fixed-blade knife, knife sharpener, rubber gloves, a firebox (nice because they’re small, light, and they fold flat), a drybag, another 50′ of paracord, a hatchet, maybe a lightload camping towel, some ziplock bags, meds, and a watertight sleeve with family pictures and important documents. I’d probably toss my ENO hammock in there, too, or maybe a small tarp in case the tube tent failed. Might also be a good idea to replace the standard batteries with rechargeable batteries. That seems like a lot, but most of those things are pretty small and light. If necessary, I could add some extra space with a MOLLE pouch.

    Thomas has a good point about entertainment. If I had the room, a waterproof pad and paper and maybe a couple of books would be nice luxuries.

    All of that said, this is a really nice bag. It’s nice to finally see something prepackaged that comes with recognizable supplies and known, reliable brands. I’ve always assembled my own kits because I had never been able to find a bag with worthwhile contents. Nice job, Ready to Go, and thanks so much for Backdoor Survival for the helpful review.

  108. Looking through the contents very quickly and I saw there was no toilet paper. It seem to me this would be needed several times within 72-hours. Also to go with the TP some per-moistened hand-wipes. After that I would add a few NSAIDs and anti-histamines.

  109. I think the first thing I’d add would be some baby wipes. And since I’ll eventually have more than one aill add a a two way radio to each bag just in case we all get separated.

  110. Like you, I would add any meds that I need. I would also add maps of the local area. Sounds like this would be an awesome bag.

  111. If I won the bag, in addition to what you mentioned I would add a small hatchet, wet stone, bandana, and a headlamp.

    Looks like the pack is fairly full and would want to add some socks and additional clothing.

    Great review, thanks!

  112. I already entered but I have been reading many of the responses. I only wanted to comment that the responses have a lot of similarities and some interesting other items. I wanted to put my last 2 cents worth in and say I think what you would add would depend on your area (Urban, rural, desert, mountain region, etc.). Want to thank those who have given me ideas I had never thought about.

  113. I would add a flash drive with personal information, personal prescription medications, pen & paper, family pictures and some chocolate. Also, an essential oil kit with some coconut oil.

  114. I would add a flashlight to use beyond the one that is part of the emergency radio, ammunition and gun, a couple pair of socks (clothes can be packed/unpacked depending on weather but socks are real handy to have so they can be changed at least daily). Probably a few other things will come to mind but to start this is what I would add.

  115. Tent pegs, more cord, sunglasses, a warm knit hat. Some sort of rocket stove. Theres lots of things depending on season that could be changed out.

  116. Just thought of something else that I always pack and didn’t see in the list – could have just missed it – but I always carry at least two emergency survival blankets. They’re small and compact and with two I can use one as a base and the other as a lean-to and with a fire in front feel I could be comfortable, at least to a certain extent anyway.

  117. The first item I would add would be a jar of Peanut Butter. Then a couple pair of socks and extra batteries. And a good fishing kit..

  118. I would add 4 ounces of pure honey as it can be used from everything from wound care to energy boost. I would also add a laminated deck of playing cards……could be essential in keeping little ones (or big ones) occupied.

  119. If I won, the first thing I would want to add would be a Bible, then a spare pair of glasses, meds, some jerky and gloves. extra socks sound great, I always stick some baggies into my bag or luggage when I’m heading out so that’s a given and garbage bags would probably be a wise decision. nothing like wet clothes to ruin a day. thanks for the giveaway. I’ve wanted to begin my bugout bag for a long time but didn’t really feel confident to start. what a wonderful way to start.

  120. I would add a Bible, a tarp, tent stakes, high energy snacks, a book, clothing appropriate for the season, cash, important papers (copies), another flashlight – probably a head lamp, more fire starters. That is just a start. I am sorry to say that I purchased a different brand of BOB and I am sorely disappointed in it. It is small and does not give much room to add to it. I have tried to make it work but it just doesn’t. If I win the Tactical Traveler BOB, I will donate the current pack that I have. It may be sufficient for some. In any case, I am keeping a list of what is in the Tactical Traveler and will use it to make my own bag if I don’t win.

  121. I’m sure I could think of lots of things I REALLY needed, but common sense will hopefully prevail because of weight considerations. I would tuck several black trash bags in because they can be used so many ways and don’t weigh much. I’d want my meds, a good headlight, and stick bug repellant and itch cream. Like others, I’d want a spare pair of socks and toilet paper.

  122. In addition to most of the things you mentioned, Gaye, I would add a hat, socks, a bandana, and a chilly cloth. The bag is really well equipped!

  123. Great review sounds like this one is close to being complete depending on your individual needs!
    I would add and bandana to the top of the pack ( I have been taught it makes it easier to identify in an emergency) MY flash drive and flashlight. I would also add my zip lock bag of salt and pepper and seasoning packets to help with enhancing basic food on the go. Does wonders for the attitude. Thank you for the terrific opportunity.

  124. Emergency cash, notebook and pen, socks, hard candy, T.P., tampons, solo stove, tea and soup packets, camping spoon/fork, and metal cup to heat up a cup of tea.

  125. I would add my mini burner, two 20 oz bottles of fuel, either my spax or fast hawk, and of course handgun and ammo

  126. I would add a few personal care/hygiene items (ie; toothbrush, wet wipes, t-paper) and of course my weapon and ammo

  127. This really is a terrific kit. Items I would add to the Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag: A small, essential oil kit including: oregano, lavender, clove, thyme (for antiseptic properties): tinctures of oil of oregano, olive leaf, astragals root, etc. for building the immune system while under stress; personal care products – toilet paper, personal bath wipes, hand sanitizer. Small bills (currency), extra duct tape, cotton balls coated with Vaseline, pepper spray (bear defense type), Panda licorice and a couple of good paperback books.

    I’d weigh the pack to keep the total added weight under and additional 10 pounds.

  128. I would add my prescriptions, and my firearm and ammo. Since I have not set up a BOB yet, I don’t know what else would be nice to have. The list of what is included looks pretty comprehensive.

  129. I have a couple of items I would add, some would be carried separate, some in the extra pockets or space in the back-pack.
    First are a couple of things you mentioned, the prescription medicine, hand sanitizer, and wipes, and the usb stick with info.
    You also mentioned weapons, mine would include dual purpose items like knives, and a fantasy weapon I got at a ren-faire, that I call my hax. My hax is a bladed weapon that can be used as an axe, with a point on the end as well as the blade. It is heavy and sturdy so I wouldn’t be afraid it would break. Also I don’t have a gun, but an airsoft pistol with the plastic BBs, mostly to scare away smaller animals.
    Beyond that are my wok, I could hang it from it’s ring on a strap or clip, as well as some cooking utensils. My android tablet, loaded with reading material and entertainment of sorts. If the net was still up and running I have most of my stuff in the cloud so I could get it that way, with important stuff both in the cloud, on external storage, on my laptop. Unless hit by an EMP, I have battery time to download and transfer files for travel. With eBooks on my tablet, I wouldn’t have to be connected, so therefor my survival, and gardening library would also be on my tablet.
    Mentioning gardening, I just moved to a place where I can set up a balcony garden, and plan on buying one of the survival vaults of seeds, as well as certain other seeds for foods I like, as well as some that I can just quick grow for sprouts. In a bug out situation, the sprouts would be a good choice but the other seeds would be for when I get to a more permanent spot, even if only enough to a couple months of growth.
    I also always carry at least one, if not more, bandannas, and have winter gloves, as well as a single glove with the finger tips open (lost the other one), both of these I carry because I learned uses for them when I worked as a pizza and Chinese food delivery driver, and in restaurant kitchens.
    The last thing I would try to carry is my camera and camera mono-pod. I have used the mono-pod as a walking stick, and it expands from 2 ft to almost 8 ft, and can be use to knock things over, or out of a tree. or off a roof. The camera is digital, with video mode, so I can use it on the mono-pod to see over and around walls and check if it is safe to travel on without attracting attention.

  130. I would add a pair of work gloves, wool socks, additional survival blankets, and some heavy contractor trash bags.

  131. I would add a map to the Bug Out Locations with the different routes marked. Also 2 poncho liners and 2 Shemagh Scarfs. Also, cash (in small denominations), a few 1 oz silver bars and a couple small gold bars just in case. And of course M&Ms.

  132. I would add 4 pairs of surgical gloves….sometimes washing up in not an option. Also trash bags for many reasons and a stainless steel cup or mini cooking pot and a many instant pkts of starbucks and folgers as I have room for.

  133. I would add 100′ of para cord, a couple of lawn bags (for poncho or shelter), a machete, a survival guide, and edible plant guide, and extra wool socks in baggies,hard candy a multi-tool with phillips and straight, And a .22 papoose take apart rifle and ammo.

  134. 20 ten dollar bills rolled tight
    $10 in junk silver
    A roll of quarters for use in a vending machine or a sock
    Flash drive
    A pair of wool socks
    Silk thermals, top and bottom
    Wool watch cap
    Tactical tomahawk
    A pair of light work gloves (like Mechanixwear)
    Pill vial with a seven day supply of prescription meds
    Hemostatic agent (bloodstopper)
    Two extra magazines (in addition to the one in the pistol and one on the belt)
    600 ml Titanium mug with Hot Lips drinking spout
    Turbo instant coffee from MREs
    Vitamin infused flavored drink crystals
    Cup’o’soup packets
    Pump style emergency water filter (to get the coffee water)
    2L roll up water bag
    Handful of butterscotch hard candies
    Travel sized baby wipes (2)
    Hotel soap bar
    Sun screen roll on stick
    Solar charged back up battery for cell phone (with charge cord)
    Pocket sized diamond knife sharpener
    Contractor’s 58 gallon plastic bags (2)

    Items on this list weigh 14 lbs (including a generous handful of butterscotches), bumping up on the upper limit of an emergency bag but it meets my needs for an all-season get home bag.

  135. I would add a GSI Glacier Stainless Cup, Platypus Platty 70oz bottle, Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOlite Sleeping Pad in the 20″ x 48″ (only 9oz of extra warmth and comfort) and last a 6’x8′ tarp as a backup ground cloth/shelter. Of course a map is a must, plus some Snickers and peanut butter cheese crackers add a nice comfort food addition. I applaud Tactical Traveler for making the most complete prepackaged BOB on the market, moreover customization is a a great customer focused option. I was starting to build a custom bag for a family member for Christmas but now I will ordering one of these and adding the list above to short my time. Woohaa!

  136. I would add a pair of glasses as I would be in trouble if an only pair got broken. Also honey the raw stuff. Good for many things. Also my weapon and ammo. I’m sure I could use a lot of other things that do not come to mind at the moment but I would start with these.

  137. I would add couple of zip locks in various sizes, emergency blanket, my personal meds, colloidal silver making supplies ( silver wire and small Elec. generator) some honey straws, and extra socks.

  138. Bag and contents very well thought out. Considering the bag size it’s well packed with all the needed items for a 24hour a GHB (get home bag).

    Only five items I would add for sure;
    – fork
    – spoon
    – money, paper bills (1’s, 5’s 10’s) small denominations, some quarters for pay phones (you pick the qty), 1 roll of silver dimes.
    – stainless steel cup. The could would allow for one to boil water for hot beverages, cooking, cleaning and possible medical sterilization needs.
    – extra pair of socks! Foot care is always critical in a get home situation.

    The sixth item, only if there’s room would be 1 MRE. But again this only if there was room when.

    With everything included in the bag, and these few additions, this would make the near perfect 24 hour bag.

  139. Looks like a great kit. I’d have to add personal meds, spare pair of glasses, wool hat and socks, and garbage and zip lock bags.

  140. Tactical Traveler has obviously put a lot of thought into making a great prepackaged BOB. I can only think of a few small things I would add. They are: a small container of dental floss (use to floss teeth, tie things together); a small, flexible plastic magnifying sheet (so I can still read if my glasses get broken or to start a fire); 2 or 3 elastic, bungi cords; a mini sewing kit; 10 feet of Tygon plastic tubing (to siphon water or gasoline); small wad of fine steel wool in a plastic bag (can be used with a battery to start a fire).

  141. I think I would add some emergency cash, some plastic bags of various sizes, a collapsible water pouch of some type that you can sling over your shoulder to carry extra water in. And if there is room a small set of backpack nesting pots so I have something to cook in, or use to boil water in.

  142. I would add a hat, extra socks, bug repellant, a small hatchet, wire saw, compass and maps, suture kit, mess kit with cooking utensils, some foil, steel wool, small backpack stove, personal hygiene kit including feminine products, bottle of multi vitamins, cash in small denominations, multi tool, gun and ammo. Oh and a pic of my husband and child. 🙂

  143. This is a really well-rounded kit! It would really benefit to store it with extra supplies of food and water, extra cloths and medications, cash, and some books and games for entertainment.

  144. Plastic tubing is a very handy item. The type used for IV’s is a reasonable size and sanitary. It can be used to siphon, drain, breathe under water, and many other things that only creativity limit.

  145. I would add medications, medication bracelet, flash drive, toilet paper, toothbrush, cash in small denominations, small pot, Kelly kettle to boil water and warm the tent, extra socks, survival cards, plus the add-on items mentioned in the description.

  146. I would add hair ties, bandana, multivitamins, my edible plant guide, and a couple of bungles. Appreciate all you do to keep us thinking it all through!

  147. I’d add a headlamp, some cash ($300) a large bandanna or shemagh, and a folding utility knife. Thanks for organizing this giveaway Gayle, this seems like an awesome company and an awesome give away.

  148. I would have to add cold weather items to this fabulous kit. Things like hand warmers, extra gloves and a knit hat.

  149. I would add a ferro rod for fire starting when matches ran out, a stainless steel single wall water bottle with companion cup for water carriage and boiling, wool watch cap for heat retention, and DEET as bug repellant.

  150. Awesome pack! would add a small stove with mess kit and utensils. Vitamins, books and games(Survival Cards), money, gun and ammo. Some clothing. Thumb drive with important papers and pictures. Thanks.

  151. I don’t know what to say these folks put a lot of thought into this bag, and since space would be limited I’m thinking for extras I’d start with a travel pack of babywipes ( field bath and toiletry all in one) wire saw or an attachable hatchet, a military canteen and cup and a stainless steel (like a trash can) that would fit inside the main compartment. The trash can for extra heating water and such and everything in that compartment would fit in the can till it was needed, no wasted space and their light weight and a penny stove for quick heating in a pinch

  152. I would:

    1. Make the batteries rechargeable. Integrate your solar power charger such that you could also recharge your AA and AAA batteries.
    2. Increase the number of storm proof matches from 25 to 100.
    3. Add pencil and paper to your pack!
    4. Provide for an optional secondary pack to be added to added to the top that can carry additional food items such as more meals and more food bars. Food will be a big deal, you can’t carry too much of it.
    5. Small tube of superglue.
    6. Rag.

    If you could add the above items you would have a great pack.

    Bruce Hayes

  153. For me, I would add a small container with dental fixative and cleaning tablets for me dentures. I would also bring spare eye glasses and a small repair kit for the glasses. I would hate to be virtually blind during a bug out situation. The situation would be stressful enough without being able to eat and navigate.

  154. I would add a buff scarf, wool socks, flashdrive, my weapon, a magnifying sheet, and hat. Oh and my tiny containers of salt, pepper, and oil.

  155. I would add my compact 5×7 camping tarp for a ground cover or extra shelter, some more emergency blankets, definitely some candy for extra boost when on the move, an extra pair of socks (definitely need dry socks), hand warmers, warm hat and gloves, a small hose (used for drinking, siphoning, etc), plastic bags (tons of uses), bug spray, a metal water bottle (can boil and store water), a small hatchet, a bandana (another multiuse item), headlamp, flash drive( with important documents and pictures), small camp stove with fuel tabs, a wire saw,and some baby wipes. All depending on available space of course. Overall it looks like a pretty well rounded bag.

  156. There are any number of additional items anyone could put in these packs. The problem then becomes that of exceeding 20 pounds. So what’s the real intention? Lightweight, to get through until you get where you have the majority of your supplies? Or exceed 20#, and make things more complete for a longer time away?

    Remember, ounces add up to pounds, and pounds add up to more physical effort required to transport your pack, once you’re on foot. There’s no such thing as one size/weight fits all needs in these scenarios. Bottom line, you do your best with what you have immediately on hand, and improvise to the best of your abilities thererafter.

    Personally, I would suggest including any special medications you need, spare eyeglasses (and NOT contact lenses!), and a titanium spork.

  157. What a terrific kit! I’d add a bandana, medications, sharpie marker, a few ziploc baggies in various sizes and a small deck of cards. I’m sure I’ll think of something else, but this is a kit everyone could use!

  158. I’m so new at this I honestly don’t know what I would add. I feel so far behind and overwhelmed as I’m just starting to purchase items. This Bug out Bag itself would be such a goldmine of a gift for me. Thank you for the treasure of your website as it has SO much valuable information!

  159. I would add moleskin, extra socks, and my maps of various routes to get home. Great giveaway… Thanks for all you do to inspire us all!

  160. Great review! I’d add my Cold Steel Bushman knife, a yoyo auto fisher, & a couple small snares. Thanks!

  161. I am hoping this is where I should sign up for your Bug Out Bag Contest.

    Anyway, I would include a slingshot w/ ammo and several extra natural rubber band sets which can be used to keep the paracord taut in wet and/or cold weather.
    The bands can also be used as tourniquets if need be.

  162. I’d add what’s already in my bag:
    4 way water spigot key to access water from outside water spigots
    Fels-Naptha Soap for bathing, brushing teeth, cleaning clothes
    Pillow case
    Triple antibiotic cream
    Hydrocortisone cream
    Antifungal cream
    Suture kit
    Bandage material;gauze, tape, 4×4’s, etc.
    Lip balm
    Fork/knife/spoon utensil
    Small cooking pot w/top
    Seeds to sprout
    Cheese crackers
    Raw honey packets
    Beef & Chicken bouillon cubes
    Fishing gear
    Small sewing repair kit
    Char cloth, tinder
    Homeopathic remedies for treating; injury, muscle soreness, bleeding, allergic reaction, fever, asthma, bone fracture, food poisoning, poison ivy, colds, diarrhea, stress, insomnia, insect bites, vomiting, snakebite.
    Cayenne pepper
    Drawing salve
    Local map
    Small binoculars
    Several knives
    Edible/Medicinal Plant ID Books
    Silver and cash of small denominations
    Handgun, ammo, reloader & gun cleaning kit
    Water camel
    Flexible plastic hose for siphoning
    Chlorine bleach
    Dawn dishwashing liquid
    Pine pitch

  163. Scotts idea of the plastic tubing is super smart, I would definitely add that along with poncho, cash, iPad w/Solar batter charger and many of the others folks already mentioned, plastic bags of various sized, eating, cooking utensils, collapsible canteen and disinfectant wipes just to name a few compact items.

  164. Gun, ammo, tarp, heavy socks, moleskin for blisters, tp and “go girl” (ladies?), paperback books. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  165. 4 way water spigot key to access water from outside water spigots. Fels-Naptha Soap for bathing, brushing teeth, cleaning clothes. Washcloth, Toothbrush, Comb, Pillow case, Triple antibiotic cream, Hydrocortisone cream, Antifungal cream, Suture kit, Surgical kit, Bandage material;gauze, tape, 4×4’s, etc., Moleskin, Lip balm, Aspirin, Fork/knife/spoon utensil, Small cooking pot w/top, Seeds to sprout & clear plastic bottle to sprout them in that attaches to BOB, Cheese crackers, Raw honey packets, Beef & Chicken bouillon cubes, Fishing gear, Snares, Small sewing repair kit, Char cloth, tinder, several different fire starters, Homeopathic remedies for treating; injury, muscle soreness, bleeding, allergic reaction, fever, asthma, bone fracture, food poisoning, poison ivy, colds, diarrhea, stress, insomnia, insect bites, vomiting, snakebite. Cayenne pepper, Drawing salve, Compass, Local topographical map, Small binoculars, Hatchet, Several knives, Edible/Medicinal Plant/Mushroom ID Books, Silver and cash of small denominations, Handgun, ammo, reloader & gun cleaning kit, Water camel, Flexible plastic hose for siphoning, Chlorine bleach, Dawn dish washing liquid, Pine pitch, Flashlight (shaking kind), Candle, Bandana.

  166. Tactical clothes, my SOG Trident knife, small firearm, ammo, compass, paper map of local area, spare batteries for flashllight, collapsible asp, dog leash, flash drive, small sewing kit, duct tape, expanded jump kit.

  167. The first thing that comes to mind for me is my Bible. I would also add a small container of coconut oil (for cooking, hygiene, and first aid), a couple different size carabineers, and a mini bug-out-bag for our dog. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag and get additional ideas from all the people who have posted here.

  168. I think the Tactical Travel Bug Out Bag is an Excellent start to any bug out bag. Picking a winner for this contest is going to be very difficult. Bug out bags are personal, what one person needs, another person will find useless. I live in the city so my bug out needs are going to be a bit different than some others. So here are the items that I would add:

    1. A fixed blade knife
    2. One or two stainless steel water bottles to carry water once you find it, or to cook food in
    3. An Escape & Evasion Kit: a few rubber door wedges, a combo lock (or two), small length of chain, battery operated door alarm, lock pick kit, handcuff key, bump keys
    4. Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove (Titanium) & Esbit tablets
    5. Maps: topography and street maps, local and county maps
    6. P-38 (P-51) can opener
    7. Fully charged extra battery for my cell phone.
    8. Small cook pot w/lid, eating/cooking utensils
    9. CASH in small bills
    10. Dummy Wallet (wallet with a couple of bucks to give to would be muggers)
    11. Small address book with important numbers and addresses in it
    12. Headlamp & Tactical flashlight + extra batteries + solar charger for batteries
    13. Pepper Spray (OC Spray)
    14. Crow Bar (both as a weapon and to get in/out of buildings)
    15. Leather Gloves
    16. Comfort Kit: Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, etc, etc, etc,
    17. Sling Shot + ammo
    18. BB Gun (pump type) + ammo (small game and its quiet)
    19. Thumbtacks (used for marking trails or put them on the floor as an early warning device)
    20. Markers in different colors (marking trails, leaving notes, blacking out important info you don’t want others to find & read)
    21. Wire for snares
    22. Rat Trap (small game, trip wire alarm)
    23. Edible Plants Card
    24. Compass
    25. White stage makeup & stage blood (small amount under the eyes makes you look ill, people will stay away from you if they think you are ill & contagious, few drops of blood inside your dust mask gives the illusion you are coughing blood)
    26. Waterproof note pad & writing implements

    I think you opened Pandora’s Box with this contest… the list could go on and on without end…

    Thanks so much,

    Richard K

  169. I would add a hiker’s stove, mess/cooking kit, change of clothes (socks, pants, shirt, underthings), collapsable bucket, folding saw, cash, and my personal firearm/ammunition.

    Overall, it looks like a good place to start.

  170. I would add a flint striker, steel wool, wool socks, wire saw, a hatchet, some extra rations, and a small boiling container.

  171. I’d include a small notebook (memo or appointment-sized) and a couple of pens. Maybe it’s the writer in me, or maybe a desire to document observations and things-that-work (or don’t)…a hard copy of “note to self”!

  172. I think I would add a tarp and small axe. A small fold out stove, you don’t need to make a large fire to warm up some food. You don’t need to bring attention to your self.

  173. I would add the very small, collapsible stove I have, a collapsible cup, and a small cooking pot. Also some of my home-made herbal tinctures.

  174. I would add at least one weapon, TP, and depending on weather, the correct weather appropriate clothes. And baby wipes.

  175. As you noted – weapon, prescription meds, TP, flash drive with data.


    Would change bag color to dark blue, dark purple, and dark brown. That is – make it look like a piece of crap not worth bothering.

    Would add Bear Grylls large not small survival knife and large not small hatchett and a Russian Plash-Palatka. It’s a combo tarp/poncho issued to the Russian Army. (The tarp like thing the sniper was using in Enemy at the Gate) see //

    • The patch is stuck on with Velcro and is removable. I will pass the feedback on to Ready to Go Survival; I am sure they will appreciate it.

  176. I would have to add;
    a flash drive with copies of critical documents
    weapon of choice and ammo
    survival change of clothes with extra socks (feet are very important)
    my trusty mess kit
    more paracord
    few zip lock bags (likely quart and gallon size)

  177. This is a great survival kit. I would add a wire type bow saw (uses a fresh green branch as the bow) and also a small diamond sharpening stone. Keep up the good work

  178. I’d have to add my Rx meds/ some sort of mini Esbit stove and cook kit/ and one of my homebrew emergency pocket kits.
    That’s a big bag to tote. ALWAYS be prepared to go minimal/pockets only.

  179. To my bugout bag I would add ammo, weapon, extra eyeglasses, eye drops, chap stick, anitbacterial soap, night vision googles, a trap, mylar blanket, hand saw and some chocolate.

  180. Toilet paper, feminine toiletries, hand sanitizer, plastic bags, collapsible camp stove and a stainless steel camp cup that I could boil water in to cook those Wise meals, and extra socks and underwear.

  181. I would add: Basic and comp. first aid kits. Needed meds. Pet stuff. Several more survival blankets. Trash bags and sheet plastic. Shelter options. One or more extra light sources and batteries, knife, fire starter, para cord, etc. My 40 yr old Boy Scout Esbit stove and fuel. Emerg. food. Solo Stove. One is none, two is one for all of the above. Choice of self defense. Again, more than one. Larger water purifier and containers. TP. Duct tape. THEN probably go through it all and get rid of half of it again, and get closer to the original pack size!!! I’m not young anymore. Better to cache items on a possible bug out route. Sorry for the ramble.

  182. I would add an extra pair of eye glasses and some glasses wipes, epipen, gloves and an old GI mess kit with folding handle that we have used to cook in and eat from since WWII in Scouts and family camping.

  183. I would add my small Bible, note pad and pencils,vaseline , ziplock bags and a few 5 mil garbage bags ( for trash, rain coat,ground cover…) and the personal water filter…straw style. meds and my gun and ammo.

  184. I would add tp, meds, an extra pair of my prescription glasses, a season appropriate outfit, and money in small bills.

  185. I’d add some essential oils ex: oregano,frankincense,lavender,peppermint,tea tree for antiseptic,antihistamine use. Rx Meds, dog food & water

  186. I would add gun/ammo, prescription meds (while cussing out the insurance company that only allows one month of BP pills at a time). Small portable solar panel for charging phone. Stainless steel cup and kanteen. Extra Dog leashes/collars, heartworm pills and bowls. The GSD has his own backpack so he can help carry things. Kindle loaded with entertainment and survival how to books, with hopes the solar panel will also keep it charged. Dice & deck of cards. Extra knifes and flashlights, especially my 550 lumen one but I would have no way to keep the battery charged. Emergency weather radio to stay in touch with what’s going on. I see an emergency radio is already included, sweet. This sounds like a well round bug out bag!

    And keys and four wheel drive truck loaded with everything else I can’t carry and head for the hills……

  187. Got my current BOB from Wallyworld, about 7 years ago, ($13.95 on sale). However- I did attempt to order some other stuff that you have mentioned on your blog.
    Those emergency candles: (Don’t ship to Canada)
    Those Blocklights: (Don’t ship to Canada)
    Those lifestraws: (Also don’t ship to Canada).
    Wassup with that?
    Hell- I just ordered some rope from Sportsmans Guide- they don’t ship that to Canada either!?!

  188. This seems pretty darn complete however I would consider the following for me:
    my favorite knife
    thumb drive with important info
    kindle paperwhite with solar charger (it has a bible on it plus all kinds of prepper helps articles)
    Some food and supplies for my dogs
    extra pair of socks
    hat and gloves
    tinted lip balm – I still want to look nice 😉

  189. I would add several items for my two children who are not old enough for their own pack. And of course firearms, ammo, personal documents for the family, and a family photo.

  190. Gun and ammo
    Baby blanket
    Cloth diapers
    2 extra binkies
    Fruit snacks for big sister (she has her own bug out bag with stuffed animal, clothes, her own gear)
    Zip ties
    A pair of leather gloves
    Extra socks
    Important papers
    Hand sanitizer
    Rain ponchos for everyone
    Card game conflicted (our family loves it)

  191. Add a solar panel/charger capable of charging both AA and AAA batteries AND cell phone/iPhone. (Goal Zero Guide 10 is what I use and it works great. Secure the panel on the outside of your pack and batteries charge while you’re walking!) Add headlamp (Petzl makes a very good one) Snare (by Solo Scientific) Magnifying glass (for medical uses and for fire starting) Mosquito netting (head cover at minimum) Insect repellant. Bushnell Trackback (or iPhone app FREE) or similar small GPS. Headcover, shade hat for southern climates and knit cap for cold climates. Paper note pad (Waterproof) and pen or pencil also waterproof. Zip Lock bags. Extra pair of prescription glasses. One person tarp (UST Base Tarp)

  192. I would add a wire saw, personal care items and warm clothing in a vacuum sealed bag to save room and ensure they stay dry.

  193. This is an awesome prize! I would add all the things you noted, husband’s meds, feminine hygiene products, homemade herbal medicines and essential oils, handheld ham radio, solar charger for phone/kindle along with phone/kindle, deck of cards and dice, small stainless cooking/eating set, portable rocket stove and fuel, multi-tool, socks, gloves. I would probably throw in some additional food/snacks if I had room.

  194. I would add my firearm, my bow that breaks down, an unlocking kit and my collection of local maps, that are specific to the areas between myself and my bug out location. It shows routes, via foot, bike, horse or boat that I feel would be low traffic areas, and will hopefully let me bypass areas that may be full of hostile people. I have marked areas that have horses grazing, canals, even a few ATV stores. I also have a key code for a communication system that I have only shared with my family. So we will know who has passed that way, where they are headed, how many are in their party, if anyone is injured, and where they are headed.

  195. First thing to add is my personal meds and hygiene things, personal protection (weapon) and extra socks
    Thanks BG

  196. I would add a collapsable shovel, a machete, safety sunglasses, a few bandanas more paracord and a small sewing kit.

  197. Nice bag and contents. Some things I would add would be
    pistol and ammo
    local maps
    hard copies of important documents
    walking stick or cane
    extra pair of shoes
    change of clothes

  198. An Epi-pen for my mother’s bee allergy, 2-way radio and extra batteries (we have multiple on the same channel so my husband, our oldest child, my mother, and myself each have one), a spool tool for the paracord.

  199. I would add a solar charger, for small electronics, a small pistol for personal defense. I’d add meds that I take, some silver rings to barter with.

  200. Lots of great ideas, for mr, I would want my Bible, socks, essential oils, maps, note book n pencil, card game, thumb drive and tissue….food n water,etc would probably have to go into another carrier as size would be an issue methinks. Great prize and thanks for offering!

  201. If you are going to pack freeze-dried or dehydrated meals, a small portable pack stove would make life easier.

  202. there are several items that I would add to it, the 1st would be personal sanitation items, 2nd would be a knife shapener, and 3erd would be a small crowbar.

  203. Gaye,
    oh the timing. we will be driving to minnesota next week. Nice starter pack. I would add electrolyte powder,a tube of staphseptic gel, glass dropper bottle of food grade hydrogen peroxide reduced down to 3% for multiple uses, ziplock bags, heavy duty garbage bags, small microfiber towel, oxycycline(terramycin) broad spectrum antibiotic for multiple treatments-you can get it at any feed store, and terramycin eye ointment. A bottle of hand santizer, also for multiple uses. candles with candle lantern. handwarmers-couple dozen, shovel, travel bible, cards, dice, maps, compass, variety of band aides self-healing, blister pads, MRE’s, water. a multi tool/With wrench. I could go on and on, but I’m already into a second pack. I am packing these things into a tote for the car trip.

  204. With my year long allergies, I’d have to add stocked supplies of allergy meds & aspirin!! It’s an every day struggle I always have to have in the forefront. Thanks for your great articles!!

  205. Pretty cool. I would add toilet paper and my prescription meds also. Then some Zip bags in various sizes and a pencil and notepad.

  206. I would find room for my Kindle with solar panel charger, my hand-cranked radio and ammo. Some personal items and toiletries would also be nice to include.

  207. After looking at the list of what is included in the bug out bag all I can say is WOW! That has to be one of the most thought out and well planned bug out bag ever. I would add a few personal items such as meds and a weapon or two and perhaps a well stocked medical kit with a medical handbook for those unexpected injuries or illnesses. Ready To Go Survival has a bug out bag that any prepper should include in their inventory. Thanks to RTGS and Backdoor Survival for the opportunity.

  208. I’d add an address/phone list, meds, playing cards and some type of handwarmers (this may be currently influenced by our cold weather right now).

  209. I would Add a can opener , chapstick, extra pair of socks and a bandana, hand sanitizer, some trailmix for snacking on and a billed hat to keep the sun out of my eyes

  210. I would modify the first aid kit, lose the water packs, add a small collapsible stove and a small container to boil water in.

  211. I would add a sewing kit to the pack for fixing clothing/gear or stitching up yourself or others after an accident.

  212. If am the winner, the additional items I would add to the Tactical Traveler to personalize it for my own unique needs would be… 1. A couple of bandanas, (there are many uses for them). 2. A pocket survival book, because you never know all there is to know. 3. A machete.

  213. I would a couple of things. US Mil spec wire saw, you can use it for a lot of things. 6 bungee cords 1 to 2 feet in length, again uses are endless. A good quality hammock, because I hate to sleep on the ground, t many critters down there. And good solid hatchet, again you always need something for copping and hammering things.

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