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Review: The Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: April 21, 2020
Review: The Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag

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Let’s face it.  No matter how much we hope we will never have to evacuate the comfort of our homes, there is always a possibility that circumstances will require that we gather our emergency supplies and leave on a moment’s notice.  When that happens, you want to be ready to grab your spouse, your kids, the family pet and a well stocked bug-out-bag with enough gear to get you by for at least 72 hours.

Where do you start?  If you are like me, you started with a very basic kit using items you already owned.  From there, you advanced to a more robust pack filled with the esoteric items of survival: an emergency radio, a tactical knife, some rudimentary shelter, a first aid kit, and fire-making supplies.

Tactical Traveler Main Banner

As easy as it may be to be smug in the knowledge that you now have a Bug Out Bag, over time you are going to want to refresh and renew, or even start over.

Today I am thrilled to present the Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag from Ready to Go Survival.

The Tactical Traveler – First Observations

This pack is fabulous!  Okay, I am done with my review.  Just kidding, of course.

My first observation when I took Tactical Traveler out of its box was that everything arrived, all at once, pre-packed in a military-grade Rothco Medium Transport Bag.  Now why is this important?  Because when I order a “package” of something, I want it to arrive together not piecemeal over a matter of weeks.  Plus, having everything packed inside the bag allowed me to see how to take advantage of all of the nooks and crannies of the pack and to maximize its space.

The stated weight of the Tactical Traveler is 20 pounds but just to be sure, I weighed it myself and yes, it was almost exactly 20 pounds.  Weight is important because if the pack is too heavy, at best you won’t get far and at worst you will hurt yourself while carrying it.  I took a 3 mile hike with the fully loaded pack and had no problems whatsoever.  Granted, 20 pounds is not a lot of weight but at 105 pounds, I am on the small side and was concerned about carrying even 20 pounds without straining or tiring.

Tactical Traveler Hike     Tactical Traveler gayes Lake

I need not have worried. The design of the pack is such that you can adjust the straps so it fits perfectly.  The other thing is that the pack itself is narrow, meaning you can pass though narrow openings without bumping into the sides.  The loaded pack was such a non-issue, carry-wise, that I ended up staying outdoors with the pack on, getting water out of a local pond (actually, quarry nine) and even playing ball with Tucker the dog on the green in front of my home.

The Gear

One of the problems I have with purchased kits is that often times the gear consists of cheap, no-name items being sold at a premium price  Not so with the items in the Tactical Traveler.

Tactical Traveler Items

Tactical Traveler First Aid Kit

Here is a complete list of what is included:

1       Mil-spec Rothco Medium Transport Bag
1       205 Piece First Aid Kit
20     Potassium Iodide Tablets 65 Mg
10     Ammonia Inhalants
1       Smith & Wesson Tactical Ops Knife w/ belt cutter & glass breaker
3       Wise Company Meals
9       Emergency Food Bars (3690 calories)-
20     Packets of Emergency Water
1       LifeStraw Water Filter
1       Tactical Flashlight 220 Lumen w/ strobe S.O.S.
1       Compass
1       Windstorm Emergency Whistle
1       SOL Emergency Blanket
1       Aurora Fire Starter
2       Disposable Lighters
1       Pack of Storm Proof Matches 25 pc
1       Pack of Quick Fire Tinder 10 pc
1       Roll Duct Tape 10 yards
1       Pack of Water Purification Tablets
5       6″ Glow Sticks
4       Sets of Ear Plugs
1       50′ 550 Paracord (my review kit included 100’)
10     Large Zip Ties
1       Steel Folding Trowel
1       Tube Tent
1       Mil-spec Poncho
1       Signal Mirror
1       SOL Sleeping Bivvy
6       AA & AAA Batteries
1       Pair Work Gloves
4       N95 Mask
6       Heat Packs
2       5′ Utility Straps
1       Fishing Kit
1       Uvex Goggles
1       Etón Crank Emergency Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power & Cell Phone Charger (add-on item)
1       Gerber Multiplier 400 Multi-Tool (add-on item)

I wish that Ready To Go Survival had been around with the Tactical Traveler when I was first putting my bug out bag together.  It would have been a lot easier in the long run to start with all of the gear I needed, nicely organized.

What’s Missing?

No pre-packaged emergency kit will be 100% complete.  With the Tactical Traveler I will want to add few personal items such as a flash drive with copies of important documents, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pet food, No-Rinse bath wipes and prescription meds.  And of course, my personal weapon.  Extra clothing will need to go in a secondary pack.

It is worth mentioning that Ready to Go Survival will customize a pack for you.  So, for instance, if you want 2 rain ponchos instead of 1, no problem.  Just let them know.

The Final Word

The Tactical Traveler (or any of the other packs at Ready To Go Survival) would make the perfect holiday gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Tactical Traveler gaye

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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385 Responses to “Review: The Tactical Traveler Bug Out Bag”

  1. I would modify the first aid kit, lose the water packs, add a small collapsible stove and a small container to boil water in.

  2. I would Add a can opener , chapstick, extra pair of socks and a bandana, hand sanitizer, some trailmix for snacking on and a billed hat to keep the sun out of my eyes

  3. I’d add an address/phone list, meds, playing cards and some type of handwarmers (this may be currently influenced by our cold weather right now).

  4. After looking at the list of what is included in the bug out bag all I can say is WOW! That has to be one of the most thought out and well planned bug out bag ever. I would add a few personal items such as meds and a weapon or two and perhaps a well stocked medical kit with a medical handbook for those unexpected injuries or illnesses. Ready To Go Survival has a bug out bag that any prepper should include in their inventory. Thanks to RTGS and Backdoor Survival for the opportunity.

  5. I would find room for my Kindle with solar panel charger, my hand-cranked radio and ammo. Some personal items and toiletries would also be nice to include.

  6. Pretty cool. I would add toilet paper and my prescription meds also. Then some Zip bags in various sizes and a pencil and notepad.

  7. With my year long allergies, I’d have to add stocked supplies of allergy meds & aspirin!! It’s an every day struggle I always have to have in the forefront. Thanks for your great articles!!

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