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Some of The Best Prepping Websites, Magazines, and Podcasts

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: November 27, 2018
Some of The Best Prepping Websites, Magazines, and Podcasts

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While we appreciate all of your readership, Backdoor Survival wants to recognize other great sites that can offer knowledge and insight into the world of prepping and survival. There are all types of preppers out there and plenty of sites that take various approaches to knowledge.

This post contains some of the standouts of prepper websites and news aggregates. I have also included some magazines that I have found useful over the years.  Although there are a lot of great ones that did not make this list, Backdoor Survival feels this is a good list for anyone that wants to know more and be ready for whatever life can throw at them.

The Organic Prepper

The Organic Prepper is one of the most widely read prepping sites. Daisy Luther tells it like it is and runs a site that is free of garbage. She moderates it herself so although there may be some heated opinions and debate, it doesn’t reach the point of stupidity and uselessness that some sites allow. The Organic Prepper has information about all aspects of prepping and survival organized so you can get what you want. This is nice because preppers can vary a lot based on their region, age, and major concerns. It is nice for a site to cut through the BS.

Another person that you will see on the Organic Prepper is the writing and wisdom of Selco Begovic who has truly been through SHTF and lived to give us all solid advice for what you have to do to truly survive when everything is going to hell around you. His books are on my current “to read list”.

Daisy also has posts from guest writers so there is a lot of different insights and perspective.

Strategic Living

Many of you already read our founder’s new blog and site, Strategic Living. If now then I encourage you to head on over and see what Gaye is up to. I have to say that when I first started writing for BDS I had never spoken to Gaye. Over the last year, we have talked off and on and I always learn a lot. She is an amazing and supportive person that has personally helped me through some tougher things.


There is a lot of exclusive to SHTF Plan articles on the site but hey also post some articles from other sites like The Organic Prepper and Jeremiah Johnson. This site updates daily with a lot of content so there is always something new to read and learn.

Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine

There is a lot to know when it comes to survival medicine. When seconds count you need to be able to act quickly and calmly with the right skills. People can survive some very major injuries if the initial care is done correctly.  Joe and Amy Alton literally wrote the book when it comes to survival medicine when help is not on the way.

You can also buy some amazing medical kits on their site. I know that medical scenarios are not something anyone really wants to deal with but they are a very important part of being prepared so you should occasionally read a post or two that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Survival Blog

Perhaps the original blog about general survival and prepping. While this site doesn’t have a lot of pictures or bells and whistles, the knowledge on it is priceless. Although authors are not paid, there are lucrative prize packages offered as part of the writing contest. This leads to a lot of submission from all types of preppers. I like how creative people get. They really try to offer up knowing that you don’t find everywhere else and posts written by experts in certain fields so you get some professional advice that you can rely on.


This is a site and a podcast run by James Burnette. He produces a show that looks at both sides of an issue in an orderly way and discusses them sometimes with guests on his podcast. There is an associated Facebook Group called SurvivalPunk Punks that both me and Gaye are both members of. Although there is not always daily content there is regularly sometime new and engaging to make you think about how you are doing your preps and what you can do to improve.

Urban Survival

George Ure has a lot of information on his site but if you really want the full scoop then it is well worth it to pay for an annual membership. George talks a bit about preparedness and about current events and politics so if a good mix is not your cup of tea you will have to pick and choose what posts you read on this site. It is great for those that are in small spaces or apartments and need advice on how they can best make use of their resources. George has a big archive and you can benefit from spending some browsing time on it.

Graywolf Survival

I really like this site because it offers a lot of different prepping info. It is not just about stashing back food or dealing with a medical situation.  Graywolf Survival was actually started when the founder was in Afghanistan. He used writing about survival and preparedness as a way to cope with what was going on around him.

Graywolf has lived and worked in a lot of unique places. He is a former US Army Intelligence Officer that has a lot of knowledge to share with us. From every day carry flashlights to tips on being the gray man, you will find it here.

Primal Survivor

This site sometimes gets overlooked by other prepping sites but they have a lot to offer. I wrote a few articles for them myself last year. From how to make hardtack for survival rations to choosing the best bug out gun, there is a lot to learn over at Primal Survivor. Although they don’t release a new post each day, there are articles are edited and curated more than a lot of survival sites, making their site read more like a magazine on the news rack than a blog.

Ready Nutrition

Tess Pennington is the popular author of “The Prepper’s Blueprint”. Her site contains a lot of information related to the homestead lifestyle and general prepping. While there is an emphasis on natural medicine and living, there are all kinds of articles on this site. You really have to take a lot of time to explore this site to get an idea of just how vast it is. I was thankful that articles are organized into categories and there is a good search you can use. Jeremiah Johnson is a great prepper writer that is often on this site!

News Or Aggregate Sites

Some of these sites do have some political posts but I think you should take a look at them and see what you think!

Lew Rockwell

While Lew is mostly known for being a politically based site, they actually share a variety of articles on everything from natural history and science to prepping, holistic health care, and more. If you don’t like the political posts then just ignore them and click on the other stories of interest. I am not sure how they pick the 8 or so stories to be on their front page every day but BDS stories often make appearances.

Zero Hedge

While it is not always all about gear and prepping, they do reshare some of Daisy Luther and Jeremiah Johnson’s post which can be interesting. This is a politics and world markets heavy site so there is a lot of technical posts and deep economics as well as commentary on foreign affairs.

Prepper’s Daily News

This site is part of Daisy Luther’s network and runs separately from the Organic Prepper. Here you will find a gathering of news stories related to prepping and the politics that can surround it. This is a great way to get alternative news all in one spot. I like the format as it is like other aggregate sites, just a simple black and white format and consistent updates.

The Prepper Website and The Prepper Website Podcast

The Prepper Website is a great aggregate site with links to the latest prepping articles around the web. Todd does a great job providing this service and makes it easier for you to find other great sites and articles on subjects that are of most use to you.

The Prepper Website podcast highlights some of the articles that appear in the aggregate. I know that I have had the pleasure of having Todd read aloud my posts to readers and offer commentary and discussion for all. You can get a lot of podcasts online and download them for further use.

SHTF Preparedness

This is another site that has just so much information that it is overwhelming in a way.  There are posts on edible plants, urban prepping, avoiding cold and flu, communications, bunker living, and much more. If you are looking for a site with a big of everything then this one is worth it.

The Survival Podcast w/ Jack Spirko

While this is technically not a blog, the fact that there is a daily podcast by Jack means this is a site worth looking at daily for info on the latest in survival and prepping and the news and politics that can go along with it.

Jack also has a team of experts to answer questions on various topics. He is always open to new show ideas and guests so if you have one or if you are doing anything interesting yourself, you may want to get in touch with him.

Finding Other Sites

There are so many prepping sites listed on The Prepper Website that it would take a long time to look through a lot of them. I do think it is probably a good idea for a lot of you to look at a new one occasionally. It is always good to get a fresh perspective on things. What you like to read may change over time as you gain more experience. Sometimes people grow out of sites and need more advanced information or they go from an urban to a rural setting or vice versa.

Great magazines for practical info

I actually got my start writing for some of the homesteading and back to the land magazines out there.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Backwoods Home

This magazine was in continuous publication for many years and recently came back after a brief hiatus. The owner’s children are taking over and have started publishing a print copy once again. This is a classic magazine that has a wealth of info that concentrates mostly on cooking, farming and livestock, gardening, natural medicine, and more.


Everyone knows about GRIT but a lot of people when you mention the mag are like “Are they still in printing that?” Absolutely they are still printing GRIT! This magazine is sold at Tractor Supply or you can subscribe online. They have a lot of info and blogs on their website in addition to what is in the print copy.

Mother Earth News

The original magazine of back to the land living is still in publication. I have heard a lot of old timers say it is not what it was but I think it is still pretty good and has a lot of information. GRIT and Mother Earth News are owned by the same publishing company.

Countryside and Small Stock Journal

Back in 2011, I wrote an article for this magazine on raising dairy calves. They try to publish a variety of subject matter from basic gardening to animal husbandry, canning, and beyond.

What are your favorite sites for prepping and homesteading subjects? What do you see on prepping sites that is not helpful? What subjects do you enjoy seeing info on the most?

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  1. I appreciate the generosity of the STEM community who so willingly share their technical knowledge. Such knowledge came at a great price of time, effort and money. I sincerely thank the many individuals who invest so much of their time managing and writing for the all encompassing field of prepping.

  2. I follow many sites, and read tons…….The articles that bother me are the ones geared to high end preppers, or articles that are so technical as to be above the ability of most preppers to follow! While it would be nice to be able to prep “high end,” most of us cannot afford to. I think articles that provide information and instructions that don’t require a bank loan are much more accepted……..An occasional article written by a scientist or chemical engineer is fine, but preppers, new and old, are often alienated by articles that seem better suited to a chemistry class…..

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