Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Review

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Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Review

For years, I have referred to Harbor Freight as the world’s best toy store for grown up boys. Well I have news for you. Prepper gals also drool over the goodies at Harbor Freight. One of those “I have been drooling” goodies is a portable power pack for my car. I am the proud owner of a Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack.

What is a portable power pack? First and foremost it is a gizmo you keep stashed in you car so that you have power available to use as a jump starter for a dead battery Beyond that, if it is a really good one, it will also inflate a flat tire, provide emergency lighting and even power your portable electronics.

0 Centech Power Pack - BDS

How Does the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Work?

This week I handed review duties over to Shelly, who you will begin to see more often here on Backdoor Survival. Here is what he had to say:

First, I would like to say that this Power Pack is great – better than the one I currently own by a long shot. I ran it through it’s paces and want to share the my thoughts.

The most basic function of the portable power pack is its ability to jump start a car. There is not much that I can say about this feature other than the cables were heavy-duty yet flexible enough to manipulate in tight spaces. This power pack would be excellent to add to your car’s emergency kit, especially if you travel regularly for work or pleasure.

Another reviewer stated that they used the Cen-Tech to jump start a 175 HP outboard motor so it must have a lot of cold cranking amps to do that job.

5 Centech Portable Power Pack Jump Start

Using the Cen-Tech to jump start a battery is a cinch

The included 300 psi air compressor was handy and eliminated the need for a second device. I appreciated the air pressure gauge so I could monitor the PSI. On a camping trip, the air compressor would easily inflate an air mattress and at home, the tires on your bicycle.

6 Centech Portable Power Pack Gauges

Easy to read gauges

2 Centech - cleaning keyboard with air

Cleaning the keys on my keyboard – sweet!

The 12 Volt battery also has an inverter! There are two AC plugs and 1 USB port. I successfully powered both and then charged my cell phone and my iPad mini. A nice feature of the inverter is that it has and overload indicator light that comes on when the battery is low.

4 Centech outlets in rear

Rear outlets

Centech charging ipad

Charging the iPad mini

There are two DC power plugs that can be used with appliances that are 12 amps (or less) or 144 watts (combined both outlets).

The four work lights that are built into the handle and are bright. Two face forward and two face back. If your vehicle broke down at night, these lights will give off a lantern-type brightness and can supplement any flashlights you happen to have with you.

3 Centech Lights

Lighting up a dark bathroom in our home

Review Statement:

This is the most compact all-inclusive unit I have seen at this price point ($100 or less). Everything on the Cen-Tech unit is clearly marked and the gauges are easy to read, even by on old guy like me. Also, the inverter has its own power source fan which engages when the inverter is turned on. That is a nice feature.

There is only one drawback which I do not consider negative, just inconvenient. There is no place the store the AC charge cord which opens up the possibility of it getting lost. Not that I ever loose anything, mind you.

My opinion is that if you can afford it, purchase one of these Cen-Tech portable power packs for each of your vehicles plus your home. They are very handy to have around! While it is not a major power bank like you will get with the Jackery 500, it does offer some help for small emergencies like a dead car battery.

Adding my two cents, there is a great, visual Quick Start Guide for mechanically un-inclined types (me?). In an emergency, this guide will get you from point A to point B very quickly.

The Final Word

Mr. Survival Hubby has had a very basic power pack for years and it has been used countless times to bail us out when the car would not start. I can see it now; he is going to want the new Cen-Tech power pack and I will get the old one. Truth be told, I will be selling my car soon because I only drive it 900 miles in a good year, so at the end of the day, we both will share our new Cen-Tech power pack.

This is a lead acid battery based power pack so it weighs in at just under 19 lbs. Lighter weight lithium power packs are popular now but they have a much higher price tag attached to them.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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264 Responses to “Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Review”

  1. I would buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack. It sounds like something I can really use.

    • After reading about this power converter…I would have to look at that real close…I don’t have one and no doubt it could be a life saver..!

  2. I would spend some of the $100.on a great personal water purifier, you can survive 3 weeks with no food, but only 48 hours without good water, the rest i would spend on a pressure canner and start storing Beef ,chicken,vegetables,soups,stews etc.if there was anything left I would buy a water bath canner to put up everything else. Or a dehydrator to dehydrate vegetables,meat etc.

  3. After reading the review, I think I would buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1. Great combination of useful devices.

  4. I would buy this cen- tech 5 in 1 as this would help in many ways. The rest if the money I would buy the water purifier straws so u could drink water from anywhere. And if there is money left I would buy more seeds to plant.

  5. Given $100 what prepped item would I spend it on?
    Funny you should ask. A few days ago I found out I was getting $200 that was owed to me. I have about decided to spend it on MH freeze dried foods or a good gravity water filter – still thinking on it. So, that is essentially my answer to your question!

  6. I am just a beginner prepper, so I would probably use the $100 towards freeze dried food. This power pack sounds neat though! It would definitely come in handy on our camping trips! (Especially the one where the car door did not get shut completely and ran down our battery – ugh!)

  7. I would buy extra filters for my Big Berkey. Water is the most important resource and filters let me “stockpile” more potable water that just buying bottled water.

  8. The Cen-Tec Portable Power Pack for sure since I need one of these handy devices and I will be at Hsrbor Freight this weekend.

  9. If I received a gift of $100.00… I believe I would buy a Cen-tech 5 in 1 portable power pack. My husband needs certain medical items because of his health, this may be just the item to add to our needed supplies.

  10. With a budget of $100, my choice is the Harbor Freight 2HP generator. Item 60338. We have occasional power outages and it produces enough to run my refrigerator and freezer separately. This is not a problem since they do not need power at the same time. The generator is currently listed on the website for 109.00 and there is a coupon for 20% off every Sunday paper.

  11. If I had 100.00 to spend on prepping and had no supplies at all I would start with the very basics. I would go to the Dollar Tree and get a flash light and batteries, duct tape, nylon rope, bandaids, gauze pads, first aid tape, a metal loaf pan for cooking and kit storage, 2 plastic drop cloths, ball of jute twine for securing the drop cloths into a shelter, snare wire,pack of lighters,stuff sack,hand sanitizer, heavy duty aluminum foil,antibiotic ointment,silverware,tooth brush and toothpaste,deodorant,bath soap, food(instant noodles, canned meat, trail mix) Can opener. Having spent 30.00 at the Dollar tree on to Walmart with 70.00 left, folding stove with fuel,mess kit,life straw,water purification tablets,ferro rod and striker,food (tuna pouches, chicken pouches, peanut butter, crackers, bullion cubes) All done and it’s 100.00 for all this stuff. I priced it all and have actually done this before.

  12. I would probably buy more ammo since I don’t need to spend the money on the portable power pack I just won!

  13. If I were given $100 I would buy fish antibiotics. This is a hole in my preps that I will take care of soon.

  14. If I was handed $100 for prepping…I would definitely head over to the online store of Harbor Freight Tools after reading the awesome review of of the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack and and order it. Using either the 20% or 15% coupon that they have on=line. Not sure which coupon they will allow me to us as the 20% on is is $100 or more and the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack is $99.99 sometimes places are real sticklers on that. Any extra money would be used on rechargeable Batteries as I already battery chargers and with the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack I would able to recharge them using the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack while we tent camp in primitive areas or in the event of a disaster. Hope I win…I’m newly retired and plan on Camping alot this year with my husband of 44 years. Thanks for all you do for us novice Preppers. 🙂

  15. $100 would not get me any major item (though I would already have bought the cen-tech), but I would split the money in half and purchase items to fill gaps in my plan. One half of money would go to items such as non-power tools (going to yard sales to pick up lower cost items). The other half would go for items that fill my gaps in food prep. Purchase smaller containers, baking goods, cooking utensils for camping. I already have several major items. I need to now fill gaps.

  16. Why, I would buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack (if I don’t win this one!) Otherwise, I would start buying supplies for my hubbie’s get-home bag.

  17. If I had an extra $100 I’d be buying the Nuvona GMO food package. They won the 2013 non GMO Premium choice award. Gaye, could you do a review on them and possibly a giveaway if they’d go for it?

  18. I would use the $100 to purchase at least one rain barrel and necessary parts to attach to my gutter spout. I hate the thought of using purchased drinking water for tasks that clean rain water could be used for.

  19. Question: Does the ‘Cen-tech 5in1 have the ability to be recharged by a solar panel, such as the 45 watt solar unit available from Harbor Freight?
    I remember that you reviewed the HF 45 watt solar unit in an earlier post. It would be nice to know if these two units are compatible.

  20. I would spread the wealth! – With my hundred dollars I would buy another bag of chicken food, more seeds for my garden and more dehydrated foods.

  21. I would pick up a rain barrel with any leftover cash I’d got to the dollar store and pick up lighters, matches and candles. The remaining cash I’d put in my small cash stash in my bob

  22. Hate to say this but Harbor Freight stuff is junk. I’m sure there’s better products out there. You get what you pay for.

  23. I would buy a good solar charger kit to be able to keep all these things charged up and running in an emergency.

  24. I believe the 2 biggest gaps in my own preps are in the areas of solar power and medicines/antibiotics. Since our daughter is now a doctor, meds/abs should be more doable (ha-ha). If I were given $100.00 to spend on preps, I would have to lean toward the Goal Zero Nomad 7 ($80.00) for recharging small electronic devices such as my smartphone and tablet. Whether you subscribe to the Shelter In Place or “hit the road” philosophies, being able to keep these devices charged and working would be indispensable for me. Even if the cell systems were not working, I have many prepping reference documents on my phone and tablet (home remedies, medicinal plants, bushcraft, bush medicine, NWSS, etc.). I also have my KJV bible, U.S. founding documents, games, flashlight app, carb counter app (granddaughter has Type 1 diabetes), and more. Keping these devices charged and working would prove to be hugely important in almost any scenario.

  25. I would purchase the 5-in-1, and with the $25 left from using a coupon, purchase a Life-Straw. There would probably be enough left over to add some Storm-Proof matches.

  26. With $100.00 I would buy some books that I have had my eye on. I would like to build my home library. If something happened to our grid/internet, I want to know that I can access the information that I need –about chickens, gardening, herbs, first aid… My list goes on and on.

  27. My son had bought a mickey mouse portable power supply to jump start autos, and it worked, if your car would start in about 5 seconds. After that, the power supply would be dead.
    If this one from Harbor Freight is as good as you say it is, it would be a good use for $100
    Of course this is a girly girl kind of do-dad. Something to put in the car to make the woman feel secure. LOL

  28. I would spend it on water storage and purification. It is needed for everything! Hygiene, cooking, first-aid, and drinking. We need more than most people think!

  29. I have already been stocking up on petrol (diesel actually, as I have a VW Polo TDI),gas canisters,barbecue “tools”, (like a Jaffle Iron, cast-iron pot and griddle), wood, medication, dried food like lentils, beans, nuts, peas, pasta and tinned foods.I have sourced a bunker in the storm-water drain behind my house–quite roomy, (got a crowbar to get the heavy concrete cover off),an axe to cut wood near my house, LED torches etc. I have a water tank with 500 litres of rain-water and solar water heating. Investigated getting off the grid, but VERY expensive!Still trying! Cost of solar-panels is expensive, plus inverters, batteries etc. So, fairly efficient preparation for when the SHTF.

    • be careful any heavy rains or flooding and your bunker will be washed clean of gear and you can possibly drown

  30. I think I’d purchase some small 1/10oz silver blanks to round out my alternative currency should the dollar collapse.

  31. Recently, I had a birthday. Thank you so much! I got $100 and bought a MPPT charge controller to go with my 10 watt panel. If you gave me $100, I would buy a better battery to go with my backup charging station.

  32. If I won the Cen-tech, I would use the $100 to buy my final items: water purifier, and an awesome backpack. I have most everything else I need, unless I want to rotate my stock and buy some new freeze-dried food items to replace the old. Since I own my home, I would probably bug out here at home. My place is situated in such a way, the only disaster I really need to fear would be fire. if a fire happened, my bug out bag probably wouldn’t be any good unless I decide to keep it off-site or in my 5th wheel which is far enough away from the house it wouldn’t affect it. My stuff is in a plastic box with a locking top right now…not too easy to carry if I have to grab and run.

  33. I would use the $100 to buy each member of my family a LifeStraw to keep in their BOBs. That is one thing we don’t have in there.

  34. Everyone is at a different place on prepping so I would image the answers will be wide ranging! I’d spend a hundred on it based on where I am in my prepping.

  35. I think I am pretty well prepared, but I would use the $100 to buy more water filter straws for my unprepared adult children.

  36. I would buy two solar phone chargers, a weather radio and another rain barrel. Oh, that would be more than $100 wouldn’t it?

  37. I would buy solar phone chargers and a weather radio. Would there be enough for another rain barrel?

  38. If I had $100 of found money, I would help another family member or neighbor be prepared. There is strength in numbers.

  39. I have been prepping for a year now on a very limited budget. The cen-tech 5 sounds wonderful to help in emergency situations! But for now I would add water purifiers and a large tarp. Water and shelter are a must and an area I need to add to as I support two families. I have learned from research a good tarp can be used for many things and I have been concentrating on food supplies. It is next on my list! Thank you!

  40. Good review on that Cen-Tech, thanks. If I had $100 I think some solar charging equipment might be in order. Those portable units are great until the battery in it won’t take a charge anymore. I suspect they need to be used regularly and the one we had was simply stored away and it just died after a decade or so.

  41. I have a back up charger that does not have the unique benefits of the this product. My wife and I do a lot of traveling between our home in Oregon and Southern California for professional training and family time. This would be a great back up safety product and peace of mind blessing.

  42. I would buy some extra food for the neighbors including some hard candies for the kids. Keeping the neighbor’s kids happy hopefully would ender me to their parents in a SHTF situation. Friendly neighbors means more security for my family.

  43. 2 more 7 gallon aquatainers, 2 more Lifestraws, and 2 containers of freeze dried meats (chicken, beef, or bacon).

  44. I’d like to buy a grow light, preferably 45 watts, so that I can grow garden plants indoors. My present home is too dark due to the overhangs on my roof and so no vegetables will grow indoors. I really miss my indoor plants!

  45. I would like to buy a two-person tent, Life Straws, pet carriers and solar powered cell phone charger.

  46. With $100, I would buy either a Suncast 50-gallon rain barrel or a Steripen purifier…anything left over would be used to purchase more paracord.

  47. With $100.00, I would purchase some solar power gadgets, a pressure canner and a new dehydrator. I’d love to win the Cen-Tech power pack as it sounds like an extremely useful product.

  48. If I was given $100.00 for prepping supplies I would drive over to the new Harbor Freight store and buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack!

  49. Well, I just spent $100 on prepping items at Amazon! I bought 5 sol survival blankets. We have the “good” ones. These are “better”. Also bought sporks for the BOB and a Reliance Products portable toilet for the BOL. Already have a privy shelter. Also a Coleman micropacker lantern, 2 platypus soft bottles, and water purification tablets!

  50. What I would buy for prepping if given $100 dollars are these.
    First is a solar battery, nothing major, but enough to charge the 12 volt power charger I already have, and to charge my electronics.
    Second, I would buy a couple of ceramic flower pots, which I would use for 2 reasons, one is as a heater for the winter, the other is as a zeer pot.
    Third would be a water filter. There is one that can be put in line with a water collection bucket, that would make good drinking water.

  51. If I were given $100 I would buy 4 bottles of insulin, 2 Regular and 2 NPH over the counter and just store them just in case. Sure it may expire before you need it, but the what if’s when you are a diabetic are scary!

  52. I would buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack!….looks like it could really be a lifesaver when out int the back woods!

  53. I would get an older sewing machine and convert it to treadle. Any left overs would go to buying extra seals for my pressure scanner and reusable lids and rings.

  54. I would very much like one of these Cen-Tech’s 5 in 1 for camping, car trouble, and hurricane season.

  55. I think that I am pretty well set with the basics, so I think that the $100 would go towards repair and maintenance parts for my compound bow, and possibly a few more broadheads. Thank you for the chance to win this fine prize!

  56. If given $100.00 I would look into a couple more fire starters and the fold-able knives. Then I would get something more for water purification and if i have any left I would buy some seeds.

  57. A Water filtration system is my first choice. I will have enough water for a a month or two but after that I will need a filter. In the other hand, this portable power pack is perfect for camping with the Cub scouts or in a natural disaster.

  58. Give the money at hand, the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack would be an immediate purchase. Given the battery’s power specs, it would be a great quick charger for my mobility device during the night, not to mention its capacity for other than automotive uses. The air refilling capacity would be great for my auo tires or scooter’s (mobility device) tires, cleaning playa dust from the motor & bearings, etc. The car or my solar set up would handle the re-charging issues during the day. The Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack looks like a definite piece of gear that will easily fit in my preps for mobility, cooling and heating assistance.

  59. I think I would put the $100 towards more canning supplies – jars, lids and another pressure canner.

  60. Water proof matches, few survival blankets, 100 feet of 550 cord and then I would buy the Gerber 22-01400 LMF II survival knife in black. If I had any money left I would buy some water purification tablets.


  61. i would buy some life straws and some things to hold water as that is the one thing you can never have too much of

  62. i would buy life straws and water containers as you can never have too much water with any left over i would get batteries

  63. I would use the surprise extra $100 for Wise or Mountain House freeze-dried veggies and fruit.

  64. With a $100, I would buy a foot peddle sewing machine, needles for it and heavy duty thread. I am collecting non-powered items, so if a grid down time comes, I will have what is needed. If the charger can be kept powered up with solar, it would be a good investment.

  65. I first buy some water storage containers and a water filter. you can survive 3 weeks with no food, but you can only survive about 2-3 days without good water.

  66. I have been reading your reviews of the Provident Pantry baking mixes from EE and have really been wanting to try them. Just saw the sale on 6 baking mixes and ordered one. I would use the money to pay for that and order another one. Just tried the Granola from Provident Pantry and it is awesome.
    I need to start using my food stash for everyday use and replace as needed. This will be a good start.

  67. With an extra $100, I would add to our water capabilities. Water filters, extra water storage, rain barrel, etc…

  68. If I was given $100.00 I would use it to add to my emergency rations, to supplement what I have.

  69. I would invest in a water purifying system and any money leftover towards Mylar bags and oxysorb packets.

  70. If i was given $ 100 to buy something needed I would buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 portable power pack with jump start.

  71. I would buy a backpack and sleeping bag. I have most of the things for my BOB just not the bag its self.

  72. With a $100 budget – I would most likely add to my water storage. I will, however, look into the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 as I need CPAP and this could help a great deal. The review does not give a review of how long it might last. Any input?

  73. I would use the $100 to get my second BOB rolling. I have a Bob at home and my get home bag in my truck, but since I work shift work for the fire dept, in the Washingyon DC metro area, I’m at work or commuting to and from more often than not. I’d hate to be there and need supplies from my 72 hr bag. So building up a bob to keep at work us on my to-do list.

  74. I have been thinking about purchasing a power pack for awhile. This looks like a real good one.

  75. If I had $100 for survival supplies, my first purchase would be a 5 in 1 power pak from Harbour Freight. Other than that, a water filtration device, and maybe a few tools while I am there.

  76. I need several things, so this is my wishlist,water containment and purifying system, berkey water system, heirloom seeds, more freeze dried food, extra flashlights and batteries.

  77. Hope to win the Cen-Tech so I could use the $100 for rain barrels or solar panel w/usb charging station. Although my husband would probably buy the Cen-Tech. He loves Harbour Freight!

  78. I would put that $100 towards something basic, something well built, something that could help me out in time of need – Cen tech sounds like the ticket to peace of mind that comes with being prepared . .

  79. Of course I would buy the Cen-Tech portable power pack…..but if they happen to be out of them, I’m sure that $100 would go a looooooooooonnnnnngggggg way at Harbor Freight Tools—-my FAVORITE STORE!!!!

  80. $100.00 for prep: Water–Hayward water filter system. Shelter–a decent poncho, tarp, duct tape, and parachord. Fire–a pack of Bic lighters and some fire starter. Food–snares, rat traps (for small game), wrist rocket, some freeze dried to get you started. If you have anything left–22 ammo–it is going to be worth more than gold.

  81. I would buy a hand-grinder so that I can assure my ability to survive beyond the minimum. Key is to plan for long-term. Store to cover at least a year, work to have items in their least-processed form to ensure long-term, learn to grind, cook, bake without relying on electricity. I choose this because I’ve already taken care of my water needs, so this is next on my list beyond BOB and short-term supplies. Time to turn to long-term plan.

  82. I would have to get some items to fill gaps. I would want to get a couple life straws. Rechargeable batteries and a solar charger. And a bit more ammo.

  83. $100….hmmm…..we have food,but do need a water filtration system. Also have my AARL technician license but no radio. With $100 I might could swing both! (with a little DIY on my part

  84. If I had $100 for preps, I would put it towards food & food storage. These are essential & yet a weak point in my preparedness.

  85. Well, if I was allowed to add $20.00 to the $100.00 I would buy a rocket stove from Zoom Versa. If not, I need more canning jars. Oh, and the materials I need for making my solar water distiller.

  86. Okay, with $100.00 I’d buy some racks for my bike and a pull behind bike cart (like children ride in) to store items for a quick bug out should we receive an EMP strike, or other event that would warrant getting ‘outta Dodge’.
    The bike cart is on my list and a good Ham, NOAA, am/fm, survival radio…..maybe w/ a hand crank, as well. Anyone know of a great field unit that’s tough and reliable?
    Don’t think I could get both for $100. Kind of new w/ this, but I’m a good listener / action person. The gen-tech portable power station looks like a good unit.

  87. With $100 ‘free money’ for preps, it would go into more building materials, supplies and storage containers for our bug-out trailer, the current prep project. Trying to be ready for fire season, which has already started this year.

  88. I’m new to the whole prepping thing. I would start with the dehydrated food or a water purifier.

  89. If I had $100 to spend on prepping supplies I would buy cans of food in #10 cans, like eggs, powdered eggs, freeze dried veggies, butter and stuff like that. I have not bought any of this yet and really would start to stock up on it.

  90. You were just handed $100 to spend on prepping items. What would you purchase? Water filters, solar powered items and fruit trees.

  91. Assuming I already had a Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack, I would use the $100 to purchase more solar equipment and maybe some niceties that aren’t considered essential.

  92. Although I have similar items, adding Cen-tech 5 in 1 portable power pack would be a good addition. Using $100 towards a generator or solar power generators would probably be wiser for me.

  93. I would buy the Cen Tech 5 in 1 portable power pack! I sure wish I’d had one back in February when my car wouldn’t start and I had just bought the week’s groceries and all my frozen items melted while I was waiting for road assistance and drove straight to a garage where I had the battery replaced and everything else thawed and melted.

  94. I was just handed a hundred bux to spend on prepping items. I would purchase food and a whole lotta Viagra! SS

  95. If you handed me an extra $100 designated for prepping supplies I would buy a box of “pool shock” to purify the water from my shallow well and a pressure canner. (I might have to throw in an extra $20 to get both) And as long as I was throwing in my own money I would pick up several dozen pint canning jars. With the possibility of no refridgeration I want to start canning things in smaller jars so I can use it up in one meal.

  96. With a $100, I would get the following: bleach for water purification, beans and rice, and some 22 LR.

  97. I seem to be lacking in the water filtration area …. that would be where it would be spent.

  98. the Cen Tech 5 in 1 power pack. It has light for my distress call,powerfor mt lights air for a homemade horn

  99. One hundred dollars would get me about half way to my goal of storing 40 gallons of kerosene to use in the lamps for emergency lighting. Or maybe to buy meat on sale this week at the local grocery store to pressure can for food storage. It would also buy a pretty good batch of propane canisters to use with the single burner camping stove for emergency cooking. Hmmm, hard choice.

  100. A set of high end doltan ceramic water filter candles. Water water water.

    Good luck all

  101. Hmmm, lets look at my Amazon wish list. A survival knife and two heavy-duty water jugs would eat up the $100. But with most of my preps in place, I think it is time for me to return to the beginning and stock more long-term food storage. $100 would buy about 300lbs of rice or wheat. And I already have the buckets, mylar bags and O absorbers.

  102. I would like this for my wife’s car. it would be a great piece of mind for me knowing this and her B.O.B. was in her trunk.

  103. With $100 I would purchase 2 lifestraws for catastrophic prepping and a single burner propane stove and fuel canisters for more likely winter power outages. I have a small charcoal grill but would prefer to be able to cook indoors in the middle of a winter storm. As I don’t have a car the Cen-Tech would go to my son in law who often works alone out in the bush. A dead battery in his car or radio (no cell phone service out there) is a real concern.

  104. With 100 dollars I would get the manual for ham radio operator. that is our next preparedness goal.

  105. I would buy a Ka-Bar Becker 9″ knife. I understand that they are an outstanding,tough knife. If not that, I would by another Bao-Feng Ham Radio and accessories.

  106. If I were given $100 to spend on prepping needs, I would purchase an essential oil package as well as first aid items still on my “unfilled” list. I would love to win the Cen-Tech 5 so I can cross that off my wish list as well. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  107. I would buy a Kaito weather radio and a Schrade SCHF9. I have similar items already but would love to upgrade.

  108. I have five different types of auxiliary power devices and am unhappy with all of them. Your review is quite excellent, so I would have to spend the $100 on your Cen-Tech 5 in 1 PPP.

  109. You were just handed $100 to spend on prepping items. What would you purchase? long term storage food ,canned ,Freeze dried, etc.Most likely from emergency essentials

  110. I could really use a hand pump for my well. I’ve seen several DIY plans on youtube made from just PVC. Should be able to make this pump right around the $100 mark perhaps a hair more.

  111. if I had an extra $100 to use on preps, I would fill up all my extra propane bottles. I have recently purchased a used gas stove to use in a grid down situation, but I still need to get some extra propane. That is the one thing that I have been lax on and keep telling myself I need to get done and soon.

  112. I think I would buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1. Sounds like a great combination of useful devices.

  113. I would spend it on many of the smaller essentials that I need to put up. Hygiene products, toilet paper,facesoap,floss sticks, toothpaste. We need a good knife.

  114. I would buy power, power, power. With power you can purify water, cook food, have light, have some heat, keep equipment charged (phone, etc. and you can stay in touch with your family, friends, and current situations. Having a backup power system is vital. Having more than one source of power is essential to those of us who cannot manage heavy generators or deal with complicated systems. Useful, simple and convenient is what I’m after.

  115. You were just handed $100 to spend on prepping items. What would you purchase?

    I would actually purchase a food saver unit with the vac jar attachments–it’s the only thing missing in my prepping arsonal

  116. I would stop by my local army surplus store and purchase rations and a gallon of bleach. Most emergency experts and health officials suggest a mixture of 8 drops of bleach to a gallon of generally clear water for best results.

  117. If I won this, I would put the money towards a water filtration system(Berkey & the filters).I’ve been planning on 28-30 Family members coming to my home, I AM the bug out location LOL. I have a water source but as of yet haven’t been able to acquire the filteration system yet.Just another thing on my to do (get)list SIGH!

  118. Rechargeable batteries, they’re expensive. Need a solar battery charger too, so I can be charging batteries via solar and using the Cen- Tech 5 for something else like lighting, iPads etc.

  119. If I was handed $100 to spend on prepping supplies, after reading this review the first thing that comes to mind is this portable power pack, or I may use it on canned food goods.

  120. Until I read your review I would not have considered the Cen-tech power pack. It has made me think about adding it to the preps list. If I had not read your article I would probably look for another type of water purifier or hand well pump; then some type of food or seeds. Building materials may come in handy also. Another smart choice may be to pay down debt.

  121. If I lived in Michigan, I would use it to pay the filing fee to run for state office so I could repeal that law outlawing backyard farming and animals. //freedomoutpost.com/2014/05/michigan-takes-right-farm-away-suburbs-dwellers/

  122. I love the information I have found on your website and I’m sure this would be a valuable item when the time comes.

  123. I would buy an emergency radio with a hand crank feature because the one I have had for 6 years no longer works and it was a blessing to have during hurricane Sandy. I would also buy a pressure canner for my garden vegetables and to can meats to stock up my pantry.

  124. I would purchase a Sawyer water filter with a 1 Million Gallon Guarantee, and 10 lbs of Calcium Hypochlorite to further ensure safety of the first 100,000 gallons of drinking water. Any little bit left over from the $100 would go towards a few canned goods.

  125. I would buy another Cen-Tech 5 in 1(as I just got one & really like it) to keep in my other vehicle. I would use the 20% off coupon & use the remaining $20 to buy a “Lifestraw” which filters 99.9% bacteria,etc. from drinking water.

  126. I would buy a Cen-Tech 5 in 1 & using the 20% off coupon would allow me to buy a “Lifestraw” water filter for drinking water.

  127. Right now I think our most pressing need would be in some freeze dried meals. So that is where the $100 would go. Not a fun toy but something worth the money at least.

  128. I have wanted a propane oven for awhile I think I would invest 100 towards getting me one.

  129. I would buy containers. Lots of containers. Water containers, buckets. I am such a newbie! And more seeds. Getting started late, but hope to learn fast. 🙂

  130. This Cen-Tech 5 in 1 would be my purchase, not only for emergencies but for my husband’s business which is traveling to festivals as a vendor. This is exactly what he needs for the outdoor events that don’t have any electricity available.

  131. If I had an extra $100 to spend, I would spend it on essential oils to add to my collection.

  132. I need to improve my medical pack with antibotics and if can find some Iv set ups. Infection and disease scare me.

  133. If I had $100 to use on prepping I would buy the hand well pump at Harbor Frieght for $99.99, we have a well but if I had no power, I would have no water. The hand pump is the first purchase I am making in June.

  134. If I had $100 to use on prepping I would want a garden cart. In the event of a loss of water at our home, I would need to go to the creek for water. It’s about 1/4 mile from our house. I have plenty of water containers and a small hand pump to get water into the barrel, but need an easier way to haul large quantities back home.

    A garden cart would also be great around our property, hauling animal feed, garden supplies, etc.

    Have an awesome day!

  135. If you were to hand me $100, I would invest in a small surgical kit and a few MREs and a life straw. Things I don’t yet have in my pack, but should be there.

  136. We have no nearby water supply, so I would invest the $100 in a good quality water filtration system and a couple of rain barrels. Water – you can’t bug in without it!!!

  137. Paracord, long-term storage food, water containers, batteries (LED flashlights go forever on a set).

  138. Gosh! I could spend $100 in so many ways to prepare. I would love to buy this Cen-Tech 5 but since I’m going to win it I’ll pass on that and buy a solar charger bacause the Cen-Tech 5 wont do me sny goid without being able to recharge it.

  139. Based on the great price at Harbor Freight I would buy the Cen-Tec 5. I could recharge it off my inverter on my truck.

  140. $100. Hmmm… My bug out bag is at it’s limit. I’d be spending the $ on a bigger pack. A lighter tent that packs smaller would be my 2nd choice.

  141. With $100 I would buy books that would give me knowledge on medical self help, food prepping in a survival environment, alternate methods of energy supply, and self defense methods with a knife.

  142. I would buy another portable water filter system,
    You can never have too many and this way I could helped
    More people that way.

  143. I would get the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack, so much need for this item in times of crisis. Thanks so much for your product !

  144. I would take the $100 and use in toward the lean to greenhouse I plan on building this summer.

  145. I would spend the $100 on water storage and purification. Without water, everything else will quickly become unimportant.

  146. With $100 I would buy a pressure canner, the farmers markets are in session and I could take full advantage of seasonal foods to put by for the comming year.

  147. Long term seed storage is where I am weak, so that’s where the Hun goes. But that CenTech would be sweet.

  148. I would with out a doubt buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack. It is something I could and would really use.
    Love it Love it Love it.

  149. With out a doubt I would buy the 5 and 1 power pack from habor frieght. That’s is if I had $100.00 bucks.

  150. I could use a 5 in 1 power pack, just to keep in my van for emergencies. and for night fishing at night in Florida. I could plug my shrimp lights into it

  151. Food, water and shelter are the first three most important things to keep in mind during prepping. I would purchase a large durable tarp to be used for shelter, A fire starter and some waterproof matches as a fail safe, some high protein dried food items, a pot to cook in that could also be used to purify water, a knife to prepare food with and also be used to obtain food and some rope for shelter.

  152. Harbor Freight tools are a waste of money. I purchased a power pack (Chicago Power Pack), charged unit used it once and now the battery is dead and it will not take a charge. Harbor Freight refuse any support. I purchase a pressure washer and used it 3 times and the hose broke, they did not have replacement parts and would not support the product. I have not purchased any thing since and will never shop there again. The Manager at NO Syracuse NY was very arrogant.

  153. With the $100.00 gift, I would purchase:
    Water Filtration
    Emergency Radio
    Portable Stove
    First-Aid Kit
    Non-Electric Light Source
    Freeze Dried Food

  154. I would give to my 18 year old daughter for her truck. She will be attending College and living on campus this fall which is 1 hour away. The 5 in 1 would be very handy in case of road side emergency. I already have the 5 in 1 in my truck as Im an outdoorsman and fisherman. The instructions are simple enought for her to understand and follow. My daughters independent-safty prepardness comforts my worries when shes comuting.

  155. I would spend it to buy a case of purified water,an LED flash light, a pack of battery, some canned foods,some bread and some small amount of medicine like pain reliever and other a self winding power radio to get some emergency situation updates of what is going on.

  156. I would definitely buy the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack. I’m sure my chances of winning one are pretty slim. Since it’s on sale this week at Harbor Freights, after taxes, I would have about three bucks left to spend on anything I wanted. I think I would go to the Dollar Tree and pick up three dollars worth of my favorite gum. 😉

  157. I would buy a new Cen Tech 5-in-1 Portabe Portable Pack, I own a used one from an auction and don’t have the AC power charger. Also, would like magnesium to help start camp fires in bad weather, as well as a list of other survivalist tools and life saving food items.

  158. I could sure use the 5-1 inverter this sumer when i take the kids pier fishing at the coast!!! Harborfreight is awsome

  159. I’d buy more food. I need a lot of it because my kids think I’m nuts (I am and I’m proud), Only 1 of my 8 kids think that an emergency/power outage/zombie apocalypse could happen, so I feel obliged to be the one who preps, I believe they will all scurry over to crazy mom’s house when the shtf! AND they will probably bring all 18 grand kids with them! Yikes………. ramen noodles anyone?

    I’m set on the alcohol heaters & fuel, water stored up, tp supply, mylar blankets, a whole mess of 12 hr candles, & I just finished the beer can window heater & solar charger to keep the lil fan going. It was kinda fun making all those cans empty (had to wait a week till I was fit to put it all together)

    P.S. I have been researching power options for weeks, and I decided on the 5 in 1, it’s in my shopping cart waiting for my SS pay day. I will cross my fingers and wait till after Thursday to check out (of my harbor freight shopping cart… not the other kind of “check out”). I need to have my laptop running, I can play games to zone out from all those folks packed up in my house, it will be a positive alternative to being drooling in a corner in the fetal position crying for my mama.

  160. Communication is essential for survival among other priorities. I have pretty much 99% of gear required to survive most anywhere. If given $100, I would purchase the 5 in 1 unit using the 25% discount coupon and use the savings to buy a mini solar panel to maintain the charge regardless of location.

  161. I have owned 3 of these units and they they don’t work for more than 30 days. The knobs stick, the air pump won’t pump up a tire while on a vehicle and the unit stops charging after a while. I would never own another power supply by Cen-Tech. Save your money. Buy a candle.

  162. I would use the $100.00 to purchase the Cen-tech 5 in 1 portable power pack from Harbor Freight for $89.99 for our daughter in law who has asthma and takes daily treatments however should the power go out she could get in serious trouble very quickly as stress and heat increases her asthma attacks. With the $10.00 left over I would probably purchase one for my household.

  163. Great review! I am on the fence of buying the 5-1 or making my own. My only concern with the 5-1 is the Amp hrs of the battery? I love that you can charge it using solar. I have the new flyer and am debating what to do. I really like the options it offers just in case you have to bug out. I’d love to win one to make the decision easy. LOL

  164. Just give me the 5in1 that mofo needs to be in my life like yesterday. Introduce. Im Gonna be its best friend. Im currently fixing up a house on the rez and right now i do not have electricity just yet. So everything umentioned about its features would be so helpful and iwould be greatly appreciate it.

  165. If I had $100.00 I would still be buying a Cen-Tech 5 in 1 as that is my plan. I was sitting with the car lights on(dumb) so battery was low. Asked a friend for a jump start and he came out with one of these starters. Have been wanting an air compressor too, so this might be the deal for me. Regardless I am getting one. So If have an extra 100 I would use some of it to replenish my first aid kit, water bots, self opening canned food, fruit in jars, supplies to make jerky, cabbage for kraut, need to make some cracklings and salt pork, feed for my chickens (got to have eggs), some of the other basics flour, salt, butter,and sugar.

  166. The powe park has been added to top of Christmas list. If I was given $100 today I would be torn between putting towards a generator or a camp chef stove. We bad both stolen and need to replace.

  167. I would definitely buy the Centech 5in1 – because I was just stranded 15 miles from home and no way to jumpstart my car or contact anyone. Not a good feeling

  168. I am considering the purchase of a Power Pack and the Cen-Tech 5 in 1 appears to provide everything I am looking for.

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