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Cool Camping Gear for Your Next Camping Trip

Avatar for Chris Thompson Chris Thompson  |  Updated: August 2, 2022
Cool Camping Gear for Your Next Camping Trip

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Camping is an act that’s cool in and of itself — but who says you can’t add a few accessories to the mix to make your outdoor adventures even more fun? Here’s a look at 10 must-have camping gear items you’ll want to bring you into the outdoors during your next trip. 

1. Floating Coolers

Almost every camper knows how important the traditional, bulky cooler is when planning an outdoor trip. Sure, you can drink your beverages at a room-temperature level. But the truth is, they just never taste quite the same.
If you have a cooler for the land, make sure you invest in one for when you’re out on the water, too. A floating cooler can easily attach onto another boat or kayak for drinking-made-easy throughout the day. 

2. Inflatable Water Tents

You may already have a tent packed for your next camping trip. Chances are, you have a kayak or other floatable-water device handily ready, too. But, do you have a tent that floats on the water? Probably not.

This nifty camping accessory isn’t just a prospective idea — it actually exists. Choose a tent with your desired dimensions that you can pump up and float out onto the nearest body of water. You’ll enjoy your view in an entirely new way while still getting in the relaxation time you need. 

3. “Smart” Safety Kits

Safety kits are a must-have for anyone planning an outdoor adventure. But, sometimes you need more assurance than a plastic tin of band-aids and gauze pads can supply.

“Intelligent” first-aid kits come equipped with all of the information you need in an emergency situation. Rather than offering a few supplies with no direction, a smart first-aid kit offers custom instructions for injured or sick people. Many of these kits have apps that let you input specific data and information to arrive at a unique set of recommendations and instructions.

Not only is this gear pretty cool for the avid camper, but it may also be a life-saver, too. 

4. Off-Road Campers

Just because you don’t have a full-blown RV doesn’t mean you have to go into the wilderness without the comforts of home.

Whether you have a Jeep or a minivan, an off-road camper trailer can help you journey off-the-grid without complete vulnerability. Many of these campers come equipped with many modern amenities, including food preparation machinery, small resting areas, and storage for all of your camping gear. You can still fold your tent out under the stars while enjoying the added peace of mind of having your microwave nearby, too.

5. Portable Pocket Stove 

Everyone wants to channel their inner survival-driven nature when they’re out in the woods. But unfortunately, rubbing two sticks together to create a fire isn’t as easy as it appears.

Instead of spending your entire afternoon trying to create a fire the old-fashioned way, a portable pocket stove is the desired way to go. This cool camping gear accessory is lightweight, compact yet helpful enough to deserve a spot in your camping backpack.

Some portable stoves come equipped with a miniature frying pan and pot, so you’ll only need your set and a few sticks to enjoy a delicious meal. 

6. Lightweight & Quick-Wicking Shoes

Wearing the wrong type of shoe can lead to a number of foot complications, ranging from bunions to ingrown nails. The last thing you want to worry about during a camping trip is uncomfortable feet.

Invest in lightweight shoes that’ll make your trek easier. As an added bonus, it’s also best to choose shoes with a mesh design so that your feet can stay dry and cozy during your journey. 

7. Floating Backpacks 

Few people trek into the wilderness empty-handed. That’s because exploring without your essentials can be dangerous and unsettling. So, many campers resort to shoving their heavy thermoses, tents and safety kits into a backpack that can put a serious strain on their shoulders. Fortunately, new backpacks on the market can help make your travel much more lightweight.

As their name suggests, these nifty backpacks “float” against a set of rails on the body and reduce the amount of impact felt by the wearer. Not only is this pretty cool, but this product can prove to be a game-changer for campers across the world. 

8. Heated Gear 

Sometimes, campers use their workout attire for general outside activities — camping included. But, not every shirt, jacket or set of pants is produced to help protect you against the elements outside.

One of the best camping gear products you can invest in is heated attire. Heated clothing accessories often offer superior water and wind protection properties, making them the ideal fit for anyone who enjoys camping in settings where the weather can be unpredictable.

If you’re a fan of winter hiking or exploration, your attire will ensure that you stay safe and warm during your outdoor camping, too. 

9. Backpack Hammock 

One of the top reasons people go camping is to detox from the world around them. What better way to put down your tablets and enjoy the great outdoors than by relaxing on a hammock in nature?

Hammocks don’t always have to be heavy and hard to tout around. A nomadic backpack-hammock is lightweight yet provides you with the comfort of relaxing whenever you find the perfect resting spot. Simply secure your hammock and take in the natural world around you — it really is that simple. 

10. Solar Phone Charger

The outdoors are great for unplugging and enjoying a digital detox, but it’s vital to keep your phone handy in case an emergency strikes.

However, charging your phone outside — without access to electricity — isn’t always easy. That’s why one of the coolest camping accessories is as simple as a solar-powered phone charger. Even when it’s cloudy or nighttime, you can store up enough power during the day to use at a later date.

Which camping gear are you taking on your next adventure? Whether you decide to pack a few of these game-changing accessories or pack up your own set of essentials, the quicker you pack up, the faster you can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

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