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The Mini-Sentry Trip Alarm Goes BOOM

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: April 15, 2021
The Mini-Sentry Trip Alarm Goes BOOM

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ammunitionA while back my friend Dennis Evers sent me a Mini-Sentry trip alarm for testing and review purposes.

This little device is designed to deter intruders by setting off a charge when someone steps through the wire. I decided that this was a good job for the Survival Husband so I set him on a mission of getting the right type of charges and for testing the unit itself.

Before we get into his comments, here is short little video that will give you a sense of what it sounds like when the mini-sentry wire is tripped.


The Mini-Sentry is a unique device that uses a 22 caliber blank charge to set off a loud “boom” when the wire is tripped.  The goal is to let intruders know that you are serious about security and to give you some warning that someone or something has encroached upon your space.

mini-sentry_00     mini-sentry size

The device is small and can easily be mounted with a zip tie, wire or screws. The recommended charge is the Ramset 22 blank – the type that comes in a green box.  These are available at your local Home Depot for about $5.00 for a box of 100.  The lower powered Ramset brown (in the brown box) is not recommended.


Here are the results of Shelly’s (aka the Survival Husband) test.

I tested the Mini-Sentry by mounting it across the back entrance to my home.  I then triggered the device by walking through it.  The report is a very high decibel which I believe comes from its “bell” design.  I really do think it is loud enough to send a burglar running, especially if it is dark and he or she can’t determine where the noise came from.

mini-sentry_05     mini-sentry_02

There are many uses for this device such as across entries, attached to tools, and as security for a bicycle.

I would rate the Mini-Sentry at A+ for ease of use and affordability as well as for the loud boom that it makes.  Furthermore, I suggest purchasing multiple units so that you can surround yourself and maintain a complete, secure environment.

You will need a few supplies in addition to the Ramset charges.  I used a metal fishing leader 9” long, steel wire, and an eye hook.

Note:  After firing the device, the spent casing needs to be removed.  To do so, unscrew the cap on the bottom of the bell shaped section of the device.  You will need to insert something with a blunt end (such as the rear end of a drill bit) and force the shell casing out.  A rubber mallet works well, too.


The premise of the Mini-Sentry is to fire off the blank charge and scare away any would-be burglars or other bad guys.  It does indeed make a lot of noise and if nothing else, will let you know that you need to get out your pepper spray or shotgun and go out to investigate.

You can purchase Mini-Sentry alarm mines on Amazon here or you can check out this Mini-Sentry system available here.

UPDATE: You might also be interested in getting a robust driveway perimeter security system, in which case you can read our BDS review of Guardline Security here.

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12 Responses to “The Mini-Sentry Trip Alarm Goes BOOM”

  1. 24 bucks??? I’ll pound these out all day for half that! a bunch of cheap pipe fittings? Too redneck for me!

  2. These are great. If you watch Dennis’s video, they can be attached to tools, gates, doors, trailer hitches, and any unsuspected objects….. not just trip wires. Use your imagination. Also, this cartridge is used all the time in new construction, renovating old houses, concrete work and etc. You may not have recognized the tools, or the sound, but they been around a long time.

  3. Interesting idea. I can definitely see how the Mini Sentry would be useful and scare away intruders. I do wonder about using something like this in a more urban or suburban setting though.

    I suppose it is much better to set off the blank than to have to use a live round, but trying to explain what just happened to the authorities seems like it would be kind of difficult.

    I can see how the legality could be questioned in some questions. To be clear, I have no clue if discharging a blank round is illegal in many areas, but definitely something worth considering.

    Maybe I’m just a little too cautious.

    • It was pretty easy to trip. We walked through it and it went off – it was as simple as that. I am not sure if I am answering your question, though. You might send an email to Dennis via his website for some additional assistance.

    • I don’t know about using it for a coop. Predators don’t seem to enter the same way everytime and even if they did set it off I’m afraid the sudden noise would not do the chickens any good either.

  4. Gale, enjoy your website. I see your friend George Ure mentions you a lot. After I seen the mini-sentry, I just went to the hardware store and purchased the materials to make my own. Works well & loud. I forgot that I had set the trip wire and set it off Sunday morning, hell, I scared myself. I want to make several more for perimeter sentries when I go primitive camping. You have a good day.

    • Would you mind sharing your design/method? The company apparently is no longer available online and I would like to be able to make a few of these myself.

  5. I got four of them (cannot pass up a good deal). Still working on just the right placements, but pleased with how easy they work and I really like the concept. Might want to stock up a few replacement cotter pins — those little things have a way of getting lost. I have childhood memories of a whole wheat harvest being held up while someone went to town to get a missing cotter pin!

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