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The Alexapure Pro Review – Should You Buy This?

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: August 25, 2019
The Alexapure Pro Review – Should You Buy This?

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For those that have been curious about the Big Berkey for a long time, there is another filter that you might want to consider.

The AlexaPure is quickly proving itself to be a reliable and affordable filter for in the home or camp. For those living off the grid, this is a reliable filter for removing any nastiness that can be lurking in water.

How Alexa Pure Got Started

The story of Alexa Pure is one of a young couple expecting their first child and planning for that. It made them think of how to prepare for big events and emergencies and the idea for a reliable, affordable, and highly efficient water filtration system was born.

Matt Redhawk and family have since grown the AlexaPure family to include water filter pitchers, bottles, and water carry bags. The innovative Alexa Pure Breeze is their take on home air filtration. The Survival Spring is their version of a personal water filter like the Lifestraw or Sawyer.


The Alexa Pure filters water using a block style filter with a hybrid ceramic shell that has a 99.9999% removal of rate for Cysts, Bacteria, Pathogens, Disinfectants, Volatile Organic Compounds, and Heavy Metals. Radioactive particles are also removed.

1. Affordability

There are plenty of pump style filters for camping that cost more than this unit that is completely gravity fed.

2. Ease of Use

Simply pour water in and let gravity feed for pure and delicious water each and every time. No pumping for minutes at a time.

3. Looks Good

The Alexa Pure is made of quality stainless steel that goes well in any kitchen. It has a high-end look that commands the right type of attention.

4. Large Capacity With A Small Footprint

The Alexa Pure can handle up to 2.25 gallons of water poured in at once. The clean water storage capability is also 2.25 gallons.

5. Proven Results

Rigorous water quality testing has been done on water filtered with the Alexa Pure and the results are constantly outstanding. The AlexaPure will remove hormones, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and even radioactivity whereas a lot of filters just take care of bacteria and protozoa.

6. Easy Dispensing

The simple spigot allows you to get water out as fast as it is filtered or just grab a glass when needed.

7. Lightweight

I was amazed how light the empty filter is . This is something you can move around as needed with no fuss or strain. When I put the whole unit with the ceramic filter on the bathroom scales, it weighed in at 6.5 lbs so even if there is a slight discrepancy due to the type of scale used you are still talking about under 7 lbs of weight.

At this weight, I could see the possibility of this being able to be used in more situations than just at a cabin or stationary location. In some cases, this would be excellent as a base camp filter when moving with a group. It is a bit bulky but if you are sharing the duty of moving a camp with others it is more than manageable.

Putting It Together

The Alexa Pure Pro is pretty simply to put together and comes well packed for the journey to your doorstep so if you live far out and have concerns about packages getting damaged during a long journey, you can set that concern aside.

  1. Attach Spicket
  2. Put knob on lid.
  3. The filter cartridge is packed wet in antibacterial alcohols so it is best to open. Unpack the actual ceramic hybrid carbon filter by cutting open top of package carefully over a sink or bucket or you will do like me and dump liquid on the floor.
  4. Insert rubber plugs into holes and then insert the filter and tighten down the ring and gasket included.
  5. Fill water reservoir and place on bottom. Filtration will start immediately. You need to let the entire reservoir filter an throw out the water. Although it will not hurt you to drink this, it will contain the alcohols used to sanitize the filter and maybe some carbon.

Inside of Alexa Pro. The 3 rubber plugs can be removed to add more filters in. This photo was taken with water in the tank.

Filtered water in lower chamber.

My Experience

The first time you filter water it is said it will take up to 8 hours according to most. It took me about 7 hours. The reason for this is that the alcohols somewhat clog up the filter and take some time to remove. The second filtration took a few hours for the full 2.25 gallons. The next was right on target at about an hour.

I really like this filter system and how outstandingly easy it is to use. Just don’t give up when the first few times go slow. I think this is where the impatient people stop and give it an unfair review. Those first few filtrations are the only times when it is really slow.

It is important to remember that you can also get a cup of water while it is filtering. You don’t have to stand around and wait for the whole thing to filter out.

The major piece of advice I have is to get yourself and members of your family used to topping off the tank. You may just have to fill it once each morning or your needs may be greater. If you draw a lot off then refill the upper chamber immediately and then you will never run out of good fresh drinking water.

A Note On Extra Filters

I feel that households that have higher water needs would definitely benefit from adding an extra filter or two to increase flow rate. This means that you also have a filtration system that will last for a lot more gallons and you get water in a lot faster time period so it is a win win.

In a family situation where all members are really active and need to drink a lot of water, you will thank yourself for the extra filter.


The Alexa Pure makes any water taste wonderful. This filter will take care of any bottled water needs you feel you have and save you a ton of money. There is not one hint of off flavors or odors when you use this filter making it a major bargain for the money.  

Best Practices

So one of the major things that those filtering water need to understand is the importance of reducing sediment loads before actual filtration. Letting sediment heavy water settle or pre-filtering through cheese cloth or very fine mesh is highly advisable.

You can always clean and dry out cheese cloth for further use. The less there is for your filter to take on, the longer it will provide you with great drinking water. Read here my full guide on how to make a water filter last longer!

1. Store Filter Wet When Not Using For Awhile

The Alexa Pure filter is fine to store and you should if you are not going to use it for awhile. Put it in a plastic bag or Tupperware packed in clean water until you want to use it again. Just make sure freezing is not going to happen either.

2. Filters Can Be Added For Faster Flow

You can add up to three more filters for faster filtering and longer lasting overall systems. Each filter adds another 5000 gallons of filtration capability. Of course, the rate will vary based on how unclean the water you are filtering is to start with and if you clean your filter often enough.

Of course, adding each filter is going to cost an additional $95 each so you need to determine if it is worth it to you to have more than one filter at a time. With 4 filters the cost of the Alexa would be $462.

3. Simple Cleaning

Outside surfaces can be wiped down while the ceramic hybrid shell filter can be removed and the outside scrubbed with a scouring pad. Just remember to never use soap on your ceramic hybrid shell filter.

The stainless steel and plastic parts of the Alexa Pure can be cleaned using dish detergent and water. The metal body can even go in a dish washer if you prefer that.

4. Knowing When It Is Time To Change Filters

If you start to notice a distinct change in taste, color, etc then it is time to change out your filter. Also if your filter has been stored dry for a long time instead of the recommended way then you might want to just replace it.

Tips For Making It Last Longer

  • Always store filter wet when not in use for long periods of time.
  • Pre filter or let water settle
    • In a survival or emergency situation you should have a plan for settling out water if necessary. Cheesecloth and a clean container can be used if you need to get water ready to filter quickly but if you have a few large containers that you can fill and just let it settle out then you don’t have to mess with cheesecloth.
    • At the same time, some large containers and cheesecloth have a lot of other uses when it comes to a survival situation so it is not a bad idea to have them around anyway.
    • One of the biggest complaints about any water filter is clogging and most of the time it is due to people expecting to put extremely filthy water through them or trying to use a filter well past its lifespan.
  • Clean filter if used heavily for a week or longer at most
    • A scour pad is all you need to help your filter last longer and filter faster. These pads are another supply with a lot of uses during a long emergency and they are very inexpensive to put back.
  • Avoid really cold temperatures
    • Freezing can ruin a filter permanently. Even in really harsh conditions just wrapping the filter up when stored or throwing a blanket around the stainless housing will do a lot to prevent this from happening.
    • Any water filter is going to have issues with freezing so don’t think this is just a problem with this style.

Alexapure vs Big Berkey: The Newcomer On The Market Today

The AlexaPure is sometimes called a Big Berkey Knockoff. It is isn’t meant to sound discrediting in some cases but I think it is worth mentioning because I don’t want anyone to make the mistake of thinking this filter is a cheap imitation. AlexaPure is made of quality materials and is meant to offer another option rather than the Berkey (read here my full review!) to consumers.

That being said, it is is worth noting that has the newcomers to a market where Berkey has ruled and been the industry standard, AlexaPure knows they are going to have to go the extra mile to offer a quality product and good customer service and that is something that should make you feel better about giving them a try.

The price is far less than a Berkey and somehow AlexaPure Pro has managed to cut their price down substantially since they started, making this style of the filter more approachable for the average person.

As a lifelong prepper, I am loving how many of the products that were so far out of price range in the past have actually become much more affordable. Solar panels and water filters are two of the best examples I can think of.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying

Generally speaking, most people are very happy with AlexaPure overall. It filters fast and clean and looks good inside any space or outdoors.

The most common complaints come from people that have raised concerns about filters clogging quickly and even having it stop working entirely within a few months. From the sounds of it these reviewers for filtering some very dirty water and not cleaning the filter regularly when doing so.

A filter removes particles and all kinds of nasty things so the more you make it filter, the more likely to clog. If you put super muddy water in the most expensive filter it is not going to fare well.

Flow rate is another issue. When someone is used to just turning on the tap, any water filter can seem way too slow. Patience shouldn’t really be a factor after the first few uses of the AlexaPure so long as you can remind yourself to refill the top reservoir often enough.

The filtration is going to take place while you are doing other things. I personally will be pretty patient if it means not having to use a hand pump style filter for all my drinking water needs.

AlexaPure or Big Berkey?

I think the AlexaPure should be considered by anyone that has dreamed of owning a Berkey but put off by the price and availability.

The Alexa Pure is simple, lightweight, and costs so much less than a Berkey. You can have two AlexaPures for not much more than the cost of a single Berkey.

Where to Buy? 

The folks at My Patriot Supply have some good bundles and discounts for the AlexaPure Pro available here.

WalMart also tends to have good deals, but check this listing here for details.

Do you have experiences with AlexaPure or Big Berkey that you want to share? Backdoor Survival would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.

Further read, read here my ultimate guide to the best survival filters!

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17 Responses to “The Alexapure Pro Review – Should You Buy This?”

  1. I have owned an Alexapure since Jan. 2016 and I love it. I run city tap water through it and am amazed at the difference. Simply smelling the chemicals in the water like chlorine before filtering is one example as to why I’d rather filter my water. This thing PURIFIES your water. You can read the results on the website as to what it filters out of your water. Self disclosusure: I have never owned another similar product. The more I learn about everything that can be in the water from the water plant makes me a believer in needing an additional process to purify it. Don’t take my word for it, research everything yourself.

  2. First of all let me say I love my Alexapure. I do have a question about the filters. I have been using two filter since August and fill the reservoir one to two times a day. All of a sudden the filters quit working.. I have ordered new filters, but thought that the filters would last longer. Is there a way to clean or extend the life of the filters? I did try cleaning the filters with a brush. No luck.

    • Many reviewers on Amazon reported similar problems, and a few noted troubleshooting tips from the company that resolved their issues:
      1. Some sort of air block: lift the unit and suck (I’m assuming mouth on spigot, but have no idea) to force the air out and the unit works again.
      2. A vacuum caused by water getting somewhere in between the two steel portions of the system: drain and disassemble the unit and let dry completely; reassemble and the unit works again.
      3. One person said he keeps a spare filter soaking in water: whenever the in-use filter stops working, he swaps out for the spare, and soaks/stores the filter that he just removed. When the spare filter stops working, he swaps it out for the first, which now works correctly again, and stores the spare again. He rotates these 2 filters every couple of months for continuous filtration function. Note: this was not recommended by the manufacturer, it was something he simply figured out and said works for him.

      Hope one of those works! Also, contact the company directly for troubleshooting ideas if you need additional help. They sound helpful.

  3. you said to store submersed in clean water if not going to use for a “long” time? what is a long time? if you only run the filter once a week to make several gallons, is it ok to leave it in the housing? or take the filter out and store dry in the fridge?

    • Found this on the Alexapure Facebook page: “If after using the unit you simply keep the top section shut and leave the residue water in there, this should keep the filter moist enough for up to 1 week. If you suspect it might be longer before reusing, then place the filter in a large zip-lock baggy and add 3 Tbsp water (protect the clean end by leaving upside down with clean water end up. If you are looking at leaving the unit for months, you can allow the filter to completely dry and store in a dry, cool area. To re-activate you will need to soak in 1 part grain alchohol and 1 part water (again, protecting the clean end) make sure fluid is such that is covers the filter surface. This will require running a few batches through upon reassembling to clean that alcohol, but it should work good as new.:)”

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