Getting the Most Out of Your Berkey Water Filter

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Getting the Most Out of Your Berkey Water Filter

Water is a survival basic and a recurring theme on every website dedicated to family preparedness.   Where to find, store, purify and filter water are questions that are asked and answered often.  And because disasters that compromise our water are not an everyday occurrence, it is important to keep going back to the basics and reviewing the techniques necessary to insure that the water we drink is pure and clean.

That said, there is still the matter of day to day drinking water. Water is essential to good health and yet if the water tastes bad, is cloudy and unappealing to look at or is laden with fluorides and other chemicals, our beverage of choice might likely be a sugary drink instead of a nice, healthy glass of water.

Win a Royal Berkey

Very shortly after moving to my island location, it became clear to me that while water was abundant, it tasted awful and the treated water barely passed EPA standards for purity.  I knew this because our local water company was required to report deficiencies to us on a regular basis.  (Luckily, the installation of industrial sized carbon filtering devices at the water works solved that problem.)

My answer was to get a Royal Berkey.  That was a great decision and I never looked back.  My water is clean and pure and tastes wonderful.  I am so happy with my Berkey that I am extra thrilled to partner with sponsor LPC Survival to give away a free ROYAL BERKEY to one very lucky Backdoor Survival reader.

More about that in a moment.

The Royal Berkey

The Royal Berkey purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and more.  It removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes.  It also reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury.

Whew, that is a lot of stuff.  You can actually read about the Royal Berkey and other Berkey models on the LPC Survival website but just so you know, here is a brief description:

Berkey® systems include an upper chamber which rests upon a lower chamber when assembled. Think of these as two large open-top canisters. The upper chamber (or canister) has holes in its base into which the Black Berkey® Purification Elements are housed. The upper canister is designed to rest on top of the bottom canister. Essentially, the top chamber is where the water-to-be-purified is poured. The bottom chamber serves as the reservoir for the water that has been purified in the upper chamber, by passing through the Black Berkley filters.

Since I do not want to repeat information that is readily available online, I thought I would provide you with some extra information to help you get the most out of your Berkey.

Questions and Answers About the Berkey Water Filter System

What is the shelf life of the Black Berkey elements?

Berkey Black Filters

The Black Berkey Elements have a 20-30 year shelf life.  Although a set of two filters will effectively be good for 6,000 gallons of water, that is referring to standard tap water.  Stream, pond or even collected rain water may be murky and require that the filters work extra hard to turn out clean, drinkable water.  Every situation is different of course, but that means that the practical useful life may be less.

I recommend having at least 1 set on hand for backup.

What type of maintenance is required?

Very little maintenance is needed other than periodically cleaning the lower stainless steel chamber with soap and water and also scrubbing, priming and back flushing the filters when it appears that the flow rate has slowed considerably.

Berkey Scrubbing Priming

Should I wait until the bottom chamber is empty before adding more water to be filtered to the upper chamber?

This question was actually posed by a Backdoor Survival reader. Her thought was that if she added water each time she removed water (say for brewing a pot of coffee), the lower portion of the black filters would get used up more quickly and thus she would be “wasting” the top half, resulting in a shorter life-span overall.

Jeff (the Berkey Guy) responded to the question by saying  “We usually wait till it is empty in the top, but it is not required.  I have never thought about this, but be sure to recommend they prime or back flush the elements every 2-3 months.”

How do I know when it’s time to replace the Black Berkey Elements?

The easiest way to determine that the Black Berkey® Elements are still working properly is to add 1/4 to 1/2 tablespoon of RED food coloring (only red will work) in the top chamber and make sure the water collecting in the bottom chamber is clear and free of the food coloring. It is best to place a glass under each Black Element in the empty bottom chamber so as to differentiate if one/more Black Berkeys are still working properly.

How do I know how much water is left in the lower chamber?

I thought you would never ask!  A Water View Spigot is available that allows you to visually see how much water is left in the chamber.  Before that, I would have to lift off the upper chamber and take a peek – not always easy since I usually did not think of doing so until I had filled the upper tank with pre-filtered water.  The dang thing gets heavy!

Berkey water-level-view

Not only does this water view spigot work great, but I now have the original spigot to use as a spare.  Which, by the way, you can buy for $10 on the LPC Survival website.

Here is another hint for you: if your spigot starts to leak around the fitting where it connects to the chamber, try using a bit of olive oil or a food grade lubricant at the connection point.  This solved the problem for me – perhaps it created a suction, who knows, it just worked.

The Giveaway – A Royal Berkey Just For You

Now for the part you have been waiting for – how to win a Royal Berkey of your own.  Everyone will have 3 chances to win, with the first of the three method being mandatory and the rest as bonus entries.

1.  In the comments section below, answer this question:

Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

2.  Like my Facebook page and come back and tell me about it.  Or, if you do not do Facebook, follow me on Google+.  (If you already Like my FB page, let me know that as well.)

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The deadline to enter is 6PM Pacific on November 28th – that gives you one week.  A winner will be chosen at random so every entry will have an equal chance of winning.  The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or a second name will be drawn.

The Final Word

I love my Berkey and I know you will love yours too.  Whether you are a prepping newbie or an experienced survivalist, having an effective water filtering system should be a top priority along with having plenty of water purification tablets, fresh unscented bleach and as much spare water as you have storage space.  For more information on water, be sure to visit Water – The Survival Basic.

Good luck everyone.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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McCormick Food Coloring, Red, 16-Ounce:  After scrubbing and flushing my Black Berkey elements, I wanted to run the red food color test to ensure that my filters were performing property.  I had an oops moment.  The bottle of red food coloring I had in my pantry was empty.  Please, if you use a Berkey, have a couple of bottles of red food coloring with your emergency goods.  If you are called upon to filter raw water, you want to make sure the filters are in tip top shape.

Black Berkey Replacement Elements, 2-Pack: I was late to the party as far as getting some backup filters but I am now all set.  Highly recommended, along with extra food coloring and a spare Berkey spigot.

WaterBrick Water Storage Containers:  I have not tried these myself but I do know that many Backdoor Survival readers prefer these water bricks to 55 gallon water barrels.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter:  The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.


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404 Responses to “Getting the Most Out of Your Berkey Water Filter”

  1. “Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?” That would depend on the time of year. If there were snow easily available I would start with that. Next stop would be a pond at the end of my street, lastly would be a creek/river that is under a mile away. All of that assumes I am remaining at the house mind you!.

  2. We have a lake that is abutting our property in the rear, but would need to take the road around which is about a mile away. We live in the boonies so have a deep well and live in a frozen tundra area so have snow in the winter and rain water to collect in the spring, summer, fall. I already “LIKE” your page and have done so for a long time. You are great and keep up the good work.

  3. I have been a fan our your site (subscribe) and LPC for sometime now and routinely share post and notable items with my family members thru FB.

  4. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

    I am lucky to be renting a house with a year round spring. It could easily be developed for use with a spring house addition.

    • If no local pond or streams then you collect rain water in barrel or buckets from your gutter system and filter it. You could elect to boil it if have fuel or electric but not really necessary if filtered anyway. No minerals in rain water so add a pinch of sea salt per gallon for long term use or have river gravel in holding tanks.

  5. “Liked” you on Facebook a long time ago and signed up to their blog. There’s ponds around my home but, it’s all street run off so, that would be the only close place. It for sure would test the ability of the Royal Berkley. If it could clean that up suitable to drink, I’d be a spokesman for their company. You could call me “shocked and awed”.

  6. Three is a large creek 3/4 mile away. The water table is high around here so digging a well would not be out of the question. Secondary location has an old pond. with forested run-off.

  7. We have a river close to our house for water. We have food grade 5 gallon buckets and a heavy duty garden wagon to haul it in. There is a city reservoir in our back yard also, but the water belongs to the city and I wonder about the legality of us using it instead of the river.

  8. Already a Facebook “liker”! But to answer the question of where to get water when the taps run dry…I would start with my water heater in the house as I source outside a (relatively) safe location for water. In northern VA, i have access to some nearby small bodies of water. And as a previous poster noted that in the winter i would collect fallen snow for melting and consumption. In the spring the collection of rainwater is a strong possibilty, but understaning that once rain and snow once contact with the ground you introduce the possibility of contamination. would bring back the needed supply and filter through a multiple fold tshirt into a home still whereby I would distill the water for safe.

  9. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

    Fortunately, I have a 23k gallon pool. That would be my first choice. The back up to that would be the Loch that runs in my neighborhood.

  10. My youngest son will be moving out next week and our garage will be empty of all his furniture. We are going to start our water storage project at that time with some 55-gallon containers. We presently have four rain barrels attached to gutters on all four corners of our house and they are full right now. There is a stream about two blocks from our house. We have purchased a Frontier Pro Portable Water Filter and plan to acquire other filtering/purification products. A Berkey would be an absolute dream to have!!!

    I have Liked your facebook page and also the LPC facebook page.

  11. Water has been my biggest concern since I started prepping, so much so that I bought 1gal containers where ever I saw them, mostly places like Big Lots and drug stores. That, of course, created storage issues. I have two filled 55gal water barrels & two 80 gal water heaters. I have read the directions on how to drain these. I cut 2 short hoses and there is a bucket and a screw driver at each tank. I have a water bob for each bathroom but I need to be home at the start of any disaster to fill them. I finally found a system that I feel good about. Somewhere I saw a link to the video showing how to make a home water filter system using 2 five gal buckets & a ceramic filter. VOILA ! A way to clean my water. I then bought a Britta system with a year’s worth of filters, I have bleach, and tablets. Now, where do I get the water ? My plan is to keep the storage water for cooking and drinking so I need water for hygiene and sanitation.

    I live on a golf course with several ponds and an actively flowing stream which comes onto the course from the east. In a shtf or grid down senario, I’m pretty sure the golf course will not be fertilizing much, if at all but catching the water before it hits the ponds is plan A, then running the stream water thru the filter system and adding bleach, if necessary. I installed a rain barrel last spring but that will not work for the winter. This past summer I set up my dehumidifier in my basement and when I went to empty the bin, it hit me…why can’t I filter this water? Of course, grid down = no dehumidifier. Depending on the situation and time of year, melting and boiling snow on the firepit is definitely an option.
    I think the key to solving this problem is to read ALOT and don’t be afraid to try something outside of the box!

  12. Already Liked your Facebook page and enjoy daily updates.

    Went to LPC site and signed up for newsletter.

    Thanks always for the valuable information.

  13. We have a small creek that runs through our property. It never runs dry because it takes water from the mountain behind us.

    I have liked you on Facebook and Google+ and I read your column everyday. I have also liked the LPC guy.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

  14. Once my stored water was used I would be forced to use the lake about 5 blocks away. Right now I would have to boil pre-filtered water so I would love to win this Berkey. Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck everyone.

  15. I have good well water and not to bad city water part time and have a travel berkey and I keep it filled and ready at all times. I love it !

  16. Water – Stored Water plus if there is ‘warning’ I have containers to fill, we have multiple surface ponds nearby but I expect others will utilize these. I have a rainwater collection system that can be assembled if needed and I am always reading about options for exactly THIS (water in SHTF) scenario. I follow Backdoor Survival and LPC like ‘a happy puppy’ all over the place! 😉 and I am subscribed to both as well. Thank you for all y’all do! 🙂

  17. We stock a decent supply of bottled water, for “just in case” …however, that too is limited. Next would be a nearby lake or rainwater.

    thanks for the chance to win a Berkey! Top of my list …..

  18. where would i get water ?? from my 550 Gallon water barrel system.. (not my blog)
    which i do not have a way for filtering yet.. !!

  19. I live near a river, so I do have a close reliable source. I like LOC on Facebook and subscribe to their newsletter.

  20. The Kern River is just a couple of miles from my house, so that’s where I would plan to get some water. I’m so happy they can sell Berkey in California again! I ‘liked’ LPC on Facebook, I also signed up for their newspaper. And of course, I eagerly watch for your posts to come up on my Facebook Newsfeed!

  21. I have 2 wks of stored h20 in 7 gal containers and 2 55 gal rain barrels connected to downspout ( although we don’t get much rain here in Cali). My concern with the rain barrels is the plastic leaching into the water (afterthought ), suppose can boil & use for baithing? There is a natural spring 1/2 mile down the road well hidden w/ trees etc that our local water company taps into and discovered some stagnant and a light flow of water there , one area about waist deep. Would love to have an awesome filter to use for this water source besides boiling it! I still haven’t found answer to my dilemma abt whether any filter would filter out the plastic leached from my rain barrels, if this Berkley filters that out I would be very very eager to have one !!

  22. No tap water available? Here’s how I would cope: assuming there is water in my rain barrel, I would use that water first. If it hasn’t been raining or the rain barrel is in “storage”, I would load up my car with several large-capacity plastic containers and go to one of two ponds — both a block away — and fill up. If my car no longer ‘works’ (remote shut down, EMP, no more gasoline, whatever), I would strap the containers on to my ex-husband’s golf cart (the push/pull version) with heavy-duty bungee cords. If it’s winter and the ponds are frozen over, I’d punch a hole in the ice. I’d have to wear some large rubber gloves over other gloves to protect my hands from icy water. Then I’d strap the filled containers onto the golf cart and take it home. From there on, my trusty Berkey system would take over.

  23. Good question that I have never directly addressed before. We hope to someday have a well put in, but in the meantime, I have stored a bit of water that could last a couple of days. We collect rain water in the warm months, but just drained them so they won’t burst when they freeze. Other than that, we have a neighbor with a pond. So I guess that is my answer. I’m a Face Book fan of yours and LPC. Thanks for the opportunity, and all the good tips.

  24. I have given this much thought. Several years ago we had a well placed on our property and we have used this to irrigate the garden and to water the horse, donkey and chickens. I am currently looking into having a solar pump on hand in case the grid went down. We live on a creek and would use this water as a last option due to possible contamination from dead animals in a catastrophic situation. We also have a swimming pool that we would use for a water source. We would not be able to use any of these great sources without a ” Royal Berkey” ! I have been wanting one for years. Their design is superb and they are not to conspicuous that if you had it out, any visitors would question it. The stainless steel exterior goes with most kitchen appliances.

    Your blog is a great source of information. Keep up the great work. I have followed the “like” requirements and I am happy that I now have LPC as a new information site. Again, thanks for the job you do. Have a safe and warm winter.

  25. Oh Gaye. This is your greatest endeavor ever. You know the old saying, “water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink?” I have know forever that all my stored dehydrated food is worthless without drinkable water. A few years ago, I bought a backhoe and a dump truck to dig a small pond on my 10 acres. Wow. Take about an undertaking. I moved hundreds of loads of dirt all over my property, and then looked at my measly hole in the ground. 8 feet deep and about 12 foot square. I gave up and sold the backhoe. I still have a hole in the ground, full of water, with a few catfish.

    I now have 6 each, 275 gallon totes under my rain downspouts. I have two 275 gallon totes in my basement with tilapia to grow my cold weather greens. I see the Berkey filters some nitrates, and some nitrites. This is good as all my fish water is full (hopefully) of these nutrients. When all this liquid is used up, I have gallons of Ky’s finest stored.

    It is not my concern, as I don’t live in the middle of the ocean, but I am assuming that the Berkey does NOT filter salt water.

  26. Hi There Gaye,

    I read every post you send. I don’t post to Facebook but was happy to see you are on Google+!

    I’m so jealous of where you live. I have been DREAMING of moving to San Juan Island after visiting there over 10 years ago. Although I must say, your adventures with no cell or internet service didn’t sound like much fun. You were a trooper though!

    Re: water, I live in CA and can’t get a Berkey here. I would love to win a Berkey and “one up” the State of CA. lol! In the meantime, if the water stops flowing here I will look first to my water heater, toilet tanks, and stored bottled water. That won’t last long so I will have to find another source for longer term situations. For that I will look to the local streams or, assuming it’s during the rainy season, rainwater collection. I have to remember that, in order to do this, I have to have buckets, barrels and similar items for transport and storage on hand. Snow is also a possibility but I have had to melt snow for water and it takes a LOT! I live in a rural area and do have some small local water sources. My main concern will be the fact that I live in an agricultural area. Most local farmers and ranchers don’t grow organically and it is very likely that there is Round up and pesticide residue in the local waterways. I could probably tolerate residue for short term but for long term I would want a way to remove those. I think I would be inclined to distill my water using whatever power source I had available. If I had no power, I might have to resort to distillation using a solar oven, assuming it’s sunny. In a pinch, I would also consider using the SODIS method (also assuming sun), or use colloidal silver coupled with a small ceramic filter I have on hand. If things get really bad, boiling, household bleach or 2% iodine might have to suffice. I don’t think I’d like the taste of the bleach or iodine much though! If the stream water is too dirty, it is possible to use nylon stocking or other fine mesh like organza to filter out debris. I can also dig a pit near the water source (about 50′ away). If I dig deep enough, water will begin to pool in the bottom of the pit. Rock, sand and the clay soil will filter the water and make it more potable. For those of you who live on a beautiful Pacific Northwest Island, or similar local, this works for saltwater too 🙂 If I am away from home and my other sources I will try find a water source and create a makeshift natural water filter using a hollowed tree stump (or anything I have that is a tube shape) and crushed charcoal. If that isn’t an option, I will try to make a solar still to collect drinking water. There are instructions all these methods on-line. Also, water isn’t the only source of hydration for humans. Many fruits and vegetables are good sources for hydration, including wild plants and don’t forget the water in canned food items!

    Thanks for your wonderful posts. Stay happy and stay hydrated!


  27. I like you on Facebook and I subscribe to your newsletter. We have our own well and the water qualiyy is good. I do have some water stored for short term outages. For longer outages I will use the water in my rain barrels and the water in the pond behind our house.

  28. We have some water storage, so I would use that if there was no longer water in our taps. Your post has made me think about getting more sources of water, as our water storage is not very large.

  29. I would have rain barrel’s installed to catch rain water from my roofs( house ,garage) . I would set up a solar still. I would use a tarp stretched across my yard (fence to fence )and angled to drain the collected water into barrel’s and tubs. As a last resort I have a river a few blocks from my home .If it’s safe enough to leave the property to collect it.I have jugs and a push wagon to haul it back to the house where i would treat,filter all water collected

  30. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available? SEE MY PREVIOUS POST

    2. Like my Facebook page and come back and tell me about it. Or, if you do not do Facebook, follow me on Google+. (If you already Like my FB page, let me know that as well.)DONE

    3. Visit the LPC Survival Blog and sign up for their newsletter here. Or like their Facebook Page. Come back and tell me about it.

  31. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?
    We are fortunate to live in a rural area with several ponds nearby so we would likely be getting our water from one of them. Especially since one of the neighbors who has a pond is on the same page as us about being prepared.
    I’m hoping to get some rain barrels set up soon.

    I liked Backdoor Survival on Facebook today.

    Also liked LPC on Facebook.

  32. 1. If the tap water quit flowing how would I get water ? I have a couple barrels and a 20′ by 20′ tarp to use for rainwater collection. About 100yards away is a pond that I could get water out of . Between the pond and home is a seasonal creek . Less than a mile away is the city lake and the creek that runs through the lake .
    2. Like my Facebook page and come back and tell me about it. Or, if you do not do Facebook, follow me on Google+. (If you already Like my FB page, let me know that as well.)DONE

    3. Visit the LPC Survival Blog and sign up for their newsletter here. Or like their Facebook Page. Come back and tell me about it.

  33. “Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?”

    Where I live, we have a lake near by I can get water from. My next source would be rain water.

  34. We have several systems in place. First we have about 600 gallons stored so far. Second, we have an irrigation well, but the water does have to be purified to drink. Third, we are installing rain catchments this month. Fourth, there are nearby homes with swimming pools that, if the owners leave, we can source, or if they don’t, we can barter. Last there are two small ponds within a half mile from our home. We need a Berkey big time!!!!!

  35. Where would I get my water if the tap/running water in my home was no longer available? I would get water from a shallow well on my property that can be accessed with a bucket tied to a rope. Also there are local windmill-driven wells.

  36. I follow you and LPC on facebook.

    My water in a shelter in is a control channel behind my house and a neighbors pool. We’ve chosen a local stream as our bug out water source as it leads to the ocean. We know it has trout and salmon in it plus crawdads. We know if we need we can distill ocean water as a back up. This choice also supplies us with a food source wiyhin it and on its banks.

  37. I would have to draw water from my 35′ hand dug well by bucket and bring to the house to filter it @ 7 cups at a time with my existing pitcher filter or drive a mile to an artesian spring and filter the same way.

  38. There is are 2 creeks on our property one is springfed! Wouldn’t be excited about having to haul the water, but at least there is a source.

    I am a fan on FB.

  39. We are stuck near an ocean as the only source of water. We pray that the evaporator we bought will work when the crisis rains down on us.

  40. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

    Short term we would make use of water we have stored. Second we have neighbors on each side with pools from which we could filter water for them and us. Third, we are fortunate enough to live within a mile of a large river from which we would also be able to get water. Obviously we need a Berkey for the second two sources.

  41. 1. First we would use the stored water on hand. After that we would use water from a creek that runs behind the house.
    2. I have liked Back Door Survival on FB.
    3. I signed up for the LPC Survival Blog newsletter.

  42. Lucky for us we live only a block from a river that will supply us with an abundant supply of fresh water although we will need to filter it for drinking. As to getting there an back, that’s a different story for another day.

  43. I would filter using water from my rain barrels and I could filter using water from our neighborhood lakes.
    I liked backdoor survival on facebook and signed up for the news letter form berkeys

  44. We have a pond in our subdivision less than a quarter of a mile away, but we also have a major river less than two miles away. Neither one would be anywhere close to clean or pure, but the river would also have fish in it that could be eaten if food was in short supply too.

  45. If our running water quit we are fortunate to have two creeks running in our town and also have several natural springs in town. We would also put out a couple of barrels to catch rainwater, which we could use for household use and also for watering a garden.
    I also follow your blog on facebook.

  46. We have a creek that flows through our property. With a Berkey or similar system, this is where we would get our water from should our well stop working. In the future, we plan on installing rain barrels on the house and barn and would use water from that first.

    Also a fan of Backdoor Survival on Facebook.

  47. I have several places, spring on property, creek nearby and the easiest would be rain barrels. From one of these, into my Berkey!

  48. After using my stored water, I would get it from the slough 1/4 mile from my house or the river about 1/2 mile away. I have liked your Facebook page and signed up for the LPC Survival Blog Newsletter.

  49. I am very fortunate I live right where suburbia stops and farmland begins, within a very short walk there are four wells with old hand pumps, the closest is in a field right behind my house, close enough to throw a rock at it 🙂 and no one lives on this property anymore either so no one to care if I use it. The water table is close to the surface where I live, these old wells are mostly hand dug. I am considering drilling one myself despite having one right behind my house. In addition I have a lot of water stored for drinking and a swimming pool full of water that could be used for bathing etc. I have already liked your Facebook page.

  50. I have 3 main ways to get water if the city water stops flowing. First, living in the Pacific Northwest gives me 36” of annual rain fall per year. So catching rain from my house, barn, shop, green house, chicken coop and duck coop will give me plenty of water for people, animals and garden. Bassicly you take your square footage of roofing times it by 0.623 ant that equals gallons per inch you can collect.
    Example 2000 sq ft of roof x 0.623 gallons = 1246 gallons collected for each inch of rainfall.
    In this example you would have 1246 gallons x 36” per year. Equaling 44,856 on an average year. You will need lots of storage.
    Second, I have a well from my grandfather that he covered up when the city water was installed.
    Third, I have a lake less that ½ mile away

    I have also signed up for the LPC emails and i have liked you on Facebook quite a while ago. Bill B

  51. We have had to haul water in 5 gallon pails in the past (more than once) when lightening took out our well. We could put buckets under the downspouts to catch water to flush with but for drinking, etc, went to church in town and drew water from their taps. If the power is out locally we are ok. If the power goes out in a widespread area, we are now ready with a good generator to power the pump in the well. We also have a great deal of water stored downstairs now to drink or for the animals’ water. If the power outage lasts very long or is permanent we will be getting our water from a creek about 4 miles from us. It does have field run-off so I can see we better plan on getting something to clean it up before using it. We have equipment (tarps, buckets, etc) to catch rain water but the weatherman can be a bit fickle so we need to get ready to use that creek. Looks like a Burkey is in our future.

  52. I have a one-acre pond right behind my house, and 2 other ponds further down, then lake front property…all on our property. I am blessed. Would I drink straight from our ponds? NO! I’d love to have a Berkey to complete my preps!

  53. Where would I get my water if the tap stopped flowing?

    We would start with our stored water, which is probably only a few weeks worth at this point (I need more water storage! But then again, does anyone ever really have enough?) We have two water heater tanks, and after that, I would start distilling our pool water. Our plan is to install gutters and rain barrels in the next few months. If we got desperate there is a city pond a few blocks away – we have bikes and a caboose (which is for hauling the kids behind the bike) that can handle a few hundred pounds. It could easily accommodate six 6 gallon jugs. A Berkey would sure come in handy for filtering that gross pond water!!!

    I am already a fan of Backdoor Survival on Facebook!

    I liked LPC on Facebook AND subscribed to their newsletter!

  54. I like both pages.
    As for the water. I have A deep freeze that only has frozen 2 liter bottle of water. That would help keep things cold if necessary then be used as drinking water as it melted. I have other bottled water stored in my safe room. Still not enough for long term though. But, I also have an above ground swimming pool that contains my main supply (about 18000 gallons). I would need to purify it for drinking, so COME ON BERKLEY FILTER. I am also currently working on a means to collect rainwater from my gutters. I’m hoping I have water fairly well in hand but if not, there are a couple of ponds and a pretty good creek not far away. Thanks for all that you do.

  55. If our tap stopped providing water we would first draw on our already stored reserves: 55 gallon barrel, 5 gallon water fountain jugs, water heater tank. If we had notice, as in a hurricane warning, we would fill additional 5 gallon jugs and the tub liner.

    If that supply ran out we would trade filtering services for water from our neighbors who have swimming pools. We currently can filter about 5000 gallons.

  56. I get water out of my private well which is outfitted with a hand pump if the electricity goes down. Already liked your facebook page awhile ago, and liked the LPC facebook page today.

  57. I have a gutter that leaks like a sieve when it rains! Apartment living at its best. That is where I would collect my water if it is raining pretty heavy. I also have a large pond or very small lake within a couple hundred yards of my apartment (can we say dirty!) that would be my main source most of the time. Water is not the problem where I live but clean water is. Gutter water and/or pond water – I do not want to think of the crud that is lurking. A Royal Berkey would make me feel like a Queen when I have no city water (wow – I could use it for city water too and feel like a Queen all the time!). What all is in city water anyway? No doubt stuff we should NOT be putting in our bodies.

    Gaye, I like Backdoor Survival on FB and I just signed up for LPC Survival Blog and liked it on FB

  58. If the tap/running water in my home was no longer available today, I would use the small amount of water I have stored which is 25 gallons . My long term goal to purchase (when I have enough money saved) or perhaps win a Berkey Filter System with Black Berkey Elements. Then I would use my above ground pool water for drinking.

    • PS:
      I have been a fan (“liked”) of your Facebook page and LPC Survival Ltd.’s Facebook page for quite awhile! Both are GREAT pages!!! I also signed up for LPC Survival’s newsletter.

      Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I have no other way of filtering any avaiable water, other than boiling it. Wouldn’t do much for the tast, I know.
    I have been following your Facebook page for quite awhile.
    I also receive LPC Survival blog newsletter.

  60. 1. we have a couple of rain barrels, trading for pool water with my neighbors, final option, hiking to the nearest canal.
    2. I already follow you on FB.

  61. Rain water is the go to for me but if i had to there is a river here fairly close and distillers are easy enough to build on site to make hauling the water a little easier

  62. First for water would be the water heater in the basement. It’s the lowest point so I could still get water out of that and the lines. I have a rainwater catchment system with a 55 gallon storage drum.

    I have ‘Liked’ your FB page for quite some time and have signed up for the LPS Survival Newsletter

  63. I too would drain out the water filter and any pipes, I also have 4, 7 gallon containers of water standing by. I have a plan to purchase rain barrels in the next year and build a water filter. We are kinda strapped for cash right now. I already liked the FB page.

  64. We have a acre pond on our property that we could get water from. I liked your FB page and I also liked L P S Survival FB page.

  65. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

    Excellent question and one I hope everyone has addressed long before this article. I have several plans in place. First I have a ton of water stashed away in my basement. I also have dry chlorine, used to treat wells, ready and waiting and there’s enough of that to treat more water than a family could possibly consume in a decade!
    Next, there’s a spring not far from my home that many folks use now to fill containers for spring water every day. Iy bubbles up from an underground source and is checked regularly by the local utility to be certain it’s safe. They even built a nice wooden roof structure over the site and it’s been converted into a comfortable place to gather fresh, clean drinking water.
    Now there’s also a lake near us, and it’s a big deep cold water lake thats loaded with fish and positioned so that it’s sources are clean. No factories, no farms, no towns, nothing but springs and mountain drainage from a national park.
    So we have 3 plans in place and that’s not including the rain collection overhang I built out back. The roof is safe, no asphalt shingles, and it channels all rain into a safe, potable above ground cistern.

    Anybody thirsty?

  66. I will get my water from the same source I do now; a stream ( brook ) that runs on our property. I was going to purchase a Berkey a little while back, but my pocketbook said, ” not yet”.

  67. 1. Would get water from the creek that runs through the back of our land.
    2. Liked you on FB for awhile now.
    3. Liked LPC for awhile now too.

    Thanks for the chance to win this much needed berkey system.

  68. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?
    Water heater, stored water…lake water that has been strained.

    I liked your fb page.

    I liked Survival Blog page.

  69. Our first source of water would be draining our water heater. Then we have 80 gallons stored in rain barrels that we have filters for (otherwise used to water our garden)(I have 2 Sawyer filters, and plenty of bleach on hand if needed). Finally, living in the Tidewater area of Virginia, we’d have to collect from various fresh-water run-off ponds. But since we get regular rain all year, I doubt we’d need to go to that extreme.
    I have liked your FB page long ago, and I’ve just liked the LPC Survival page.

  70. Where would I get my water? It might be rather difficult since I live in Phoenix, AZ, but I currently have about 100 gallons of water stored that I could use since it came directly from my tap. After that it might be kind of dicey but I’ve been considering a rain barrel, it does rain her occasionally, to save water. I was look at using this rain water more for my garden but I would not have a problem treating it and using it for personal consumption.

  71. Water is a constant worry for us. We have stored water and rain barrels, but other wise only have a very small stream to rely on. This water would have to be heavily filtered as there is a population depending on it, and who knows what will get dumped in there. A Berkey sure would help us sleep better at night!!

  72. I have a pond so I could use that water as a last resort. I would collect rainwater and pray for rain. I already like your Facebook page and have liked LPC Survival as well. Thank you!

  73. Like you on FB; really appreciate the free book notifications. I have rain barrels as primary backup, and a small pond secondarily. Love to have the Berkey.

  74. I would be able to get water from a deep pond across the street from me.
    I already Like your Facebook page. I also like LPC Survival’s Facebook page.

  75. 1. Water from our son or daughter’s wells & bottled water which is stored & rain water from roof.

    2. “Liked” both Backdoor Survival FB & LPC FB pages.

    3. Have been receiving your (blogs) newsletters & LPC newsletters via email for quite a while.

  76. I am a fan on Facebook, love all the info and great ideas, thanks. I live in the Appalachian Mnts and have access to streams and creeks. Like LPC on Facebook also. Thanks for the great contest!!

  77. 1. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?
    Rain catchment system 🙂

    2. Like my Facebook page and come back and tell me about it.
    I already “Liked” it 🙂

    3. Visit the LPC Survival Blog and sign up for their newsletter here. Or like their Facebook Page. Come back and tell me about it.
    I signed up and “Liked” it.

  78. I have rain barrels for the garden that I would treat & use. Otherwise, my neighborhood has a large lake I guess I could use.

  79. Right now we are “homeless” people with no place of our own right now. So I feel pretty vulnerable. Currently I have about 4 cases of water. I also have a 55 gallon drum that I fill from the well. Right now we’d be hurting for water. And Hurricane Sandy taught us just how much water a family uses a day.

    • Bill; this post caught my eye….I’m so sorry about your problems because of ” Sandy”. I hope things get better and you have YOUR own place soon.

  80. For water we have sever water barrels to collect rainwater in, and live close to a river. I have been a fb fan for a while now, and have like the LPC fb also! Thanks for the great giveaway! Totally want one of these!

  81. 1. After the water heater and stored water, I would get water out of the river that runs through my brother’s property.

    2. I liked you on Facebook.

    3. Signed up for newsletter from LPC Survival.

  82. I would get water from the lake. I have follower via facebook and via your newsletters for some time now. Thanks for all the great tips.

  83. Water would come from our 9’x19′ deep stone lined dug well. We would have to remove the wooden top, we’d then use a bucket to pull water up. I have purchased a pitcher pump but have not installed it yet.

  84. So far we have water barrels collecting from the roof. Some stored inside in jugs and water barrels on the way to store in the garage. When those run out our option would be the ocean and pools in the area. Sure would like to win a Berkey since our water here is sometimes not that good and we even have boil restrictions sometimes.
    I already like LPC’s fb page and Backdoor Survival.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. A couple of hundred feet down in the woods below our house is an improved spring. Wonderful, cold, clean water flows out of a pipe all year. When we have the available cash, we will have a trench dug and pipe the water up to the house by way of a pump or water ram. If things go south before we can get it done, I have lots of clean 5 gallon buckets and plan on building some serious leg muscles carrying water up the hill to the house.

  86. I am already a Facebook fan. After the water in my emergency storage container and water heather is depleted I would go to one of two lakes within a few hundred yards from my place.

  87. Where would I get my water if tap no longer running? First would use on my water storage if only for a few days. If permanent long term, from a year round stream about a mile from my home. Or from the river 4 miles away.

  88. We have some treated water stored in 2 liter bottles; beyond that, we would collect rainwater or collect water from the (prepping) neighbor’s pond.

    I have liked both you and LPC Survival on FB.

  89. Have now liked LPC Survival FB page.
    Have already been looking at their Berkey filters, just hadn’t made up my mind which one. Was thinking of the travel, but the Royal would be great!

  90. I would get water needed ASAP from my aquaponics system, next I could retrieve water from the creek that is located on my property. I also keep 14 gallons stored that I rotated every 6 months. I am planning for a well.

    I have ‘Liked’ your FaceBook page for quite some time and have signed up for the LPS Survival Newsletter.

  91. I’d have to collect rainwater or drive somewhere to haul water. I like your FB page and LPC FB page and get the LPC newsletter.

  92. Already signed up for both, the river would be the closest source although serious purification would be in order therefore, may I please have the Berkley?!

  93. Already been signed up with both and the river would be the closest however, it would need serious purification therefore?, may I please have the Berkley? I am responsible for many people who are way not prepared, this would help greatly. Thank you for your blog it is one of the few to which I look forward. Thank you and God bless you for your love of your fellow humans, a rare thing these days!

  94. We have several natural springs on our property as well as two wells that serviced our family before they had running water.

  95. If the tap went dry, I would try to use rainwater from my roof catchment system. If that was unavailable, I would utilize ponds and the stream that is not too far from our home. I have liked your page as well as the LPC page for quite a while.

  96. We would get water from the backyard well, stored water, rain barrels or pond that was recently dug. I have ‘Liked’ your Backdoor Survival FB page for quite some time as well as the LPC Survival page.

  97. Where would I get water if the taps went dry? Well I would firstly make sure my rain water/snow catch is up and running. If that went bad I would start trying to distill moisture from the ground, and meanwhile run down to the Yellowstone river and haul some up from there.

  98. If town water quit running, I would get water from either a river or creek near my house. both are about 2/10 mile away. Naturally, I would run it through my Berkey first! I liked your FB page, and also LPC…

  99. If the tap in the house no longer produced water (most likely due to no electricity) I would have two choices, the creek on the south end of the property, which would have to be filtered and or boiled, or my well with a manual pump. The latter wouldn’t need filtering, though there is always the possibility of it becoming contaminated by surface water, likely from a major flood. A third option depending on the season and weather would be to attach barrels to the gutters.

    I am already a fan of your Facebook page and LPC, and have both e-newsletters coming into my inbox!

    Thanks for another great contest!

  100. I’ve been a fan of your facebook site for months and just like LPC on Facebook, can’t wait to explore it. If my current water system failed I would use and old well that we don’t use often because of the sediment and iron content problems it has. Beyond that we would probably use water from a nearby river.

  101. Liked 2x. I don’t think the fish would enjoy the view if I were to rock a clear canoe…I would get water from the stream behind my house, or venture the 5 miles to Lake Ontario. If that was dry… Well…

  102. We have a well, and plan this coming year to install a hand pump. We also have 2 ponds that are 3 acres and about 20′ deep. We can use that water for flushing and maybe drinking with a good filter like the Berkey.

  103. We have some water stored. We also have a well and a well bucket but the well is deep, and also have a pond all of which are used for watering the cattle so puifying the water will be essential.

  104. I already follow both of you on Facebook. I have a few cases of bottled water set aside, and I have a LifeStraw filter. There is a stream near where I live, so that would help out in the long term. I also know how to set up a sand filter. For showers and other non-drinking water, I’ve set aside several two liter bottles of water. I will add to my store of water as time goes on; I’m still pretty new at this, so I’ve got a ways to go yet. I still don’t have family on board with prepping, but they’ve stopping making fun of me (for now!)

  105. If the city water went dry, I would try to use rainwater from my roof catchment system. If that was unavailable, I would utilize local ponds and a nearby stream not too far from our home. I have liked your page as well as the LPC page for quite some time now.

  106. I liked both Facebook pages quite a while back….love them! We have an old well that we would use to get our water from.

  107. I would have to walk 100 yards to get spring Water.I like your facebook page very informative posts.I have also liked the LPC page and signed up for their news letter.

  108. When the well stops running (probably due to loss of grid power) I have a generator to run the pump. If that doesn’t work, I have a pond in the back yard that needs filtering before the water is drinkable

  109. When the well stops running (probably due to loss of grid power) I have a generator to run the pump. If that doesn’t work, I have a pond in the back yard that needs filtering before the water is drinkable

  110. we have a small amount of stored water, then theres the hot water heater, the neighbors pool 🙂 , toilet tanks, or rain water!
    I already like you’re fb page and added the lpc page as well! thanks for the info and chance to win!

  111. We have a lot of water jugs already to go, but after they are gone, we have three ponds next to our house to supply water that we would filter.

  112. A Royal Berkey would be wonderful to have. I would first use my emergency water supply, which is not very much. From there it would be draining the water heater. My last backup source would be collecting rain water and visiting a nearby lake. Both would be utilized with my LifeStraw. Unfortunately I will not have a way to filter water for cooking or any other use, so the Royal Berkey would be very helpful.

  113. I’m a huge fan of your Facebook page. Your helpful tips and free book blasts have been invaluable to me as I seek to grow as a prepper. I currently have a few gallons of water stored in my closet and if that ran out I would, as of right now, not have much of a back up. I have also liked LPC’s Facebook page. Thanks so much!

  114. I did as required and liked the LPC survival page, I am already a fan of Backdoorsurvival on FB, and here’s my comment for this item:
    Arizona is not known for clean potable water. Even in private wells, there’s lots of arsenic and other contaminants. I have many health issues that would require me to have clean water to drink and cook with. This would be the perfect thing for not only myself, but my family as well. I am not made of money, and something like this is beyond my means to purchase on my own. It would be a real blessing to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  115. Oops, I forgot to say how I would get my water if my local water company quit on me for whatever reason: I have friends that have private wells. I would try there first. If that was a fail, I would have to go to the river (called the “dirty verde”) and so this water filtering system would be a real necessity. There are springs where we could get clean water, but those locations are far away and hard to get to, requiring long hikes over rough terrain so would not be reasonable for a person such as myself to do. If I had my family to rely on, it would be a little different, but still not ideal, and I’m certain many other people would have the same idea, making it an unreliable resourse.

    BTW: I would have edited my former post, but there was no option to do so. Thanks again for the opportunity to win this wonderful survival tool.

  116. I will be dipping from my irrigation pond on my property. I am hoping that day will never come as the water is murky. I have plenty of water, just none I want to drink.

  117. 1) I subscribed to LPC Survival Blog. 2) I am already a Facebook Fan. 3) My hot water heater, stored water bricks, the back of the toilet tank, and the bay which is about a mile away. I am going to get a barrel to collect rain water, too (next on my list!).

  118. I live in the country and we have a well. currently it is run off electic pump but we are putting in a solar pump in soon to get it off grid.

    I am a dire fan of your fb page and watch for your posts on my fb news regularly. i have my settings set to get “all” you posts, not most of them.

    I like their fb page and set the setting to get all their posts, I also signed up for their newsletter.

    thank you for all you give back to all of us and for helping us, newbie preppers.

  119. 1. I have sub’ed to both facebook pages and really like what both of ya have to say.
    2. I have been a fan of both pages for a while. 🙂
    3. As I live in Alaska, I am working on getting 3 55 gallon barrels set up for water storage. We have a spring that runs almost year around and is potable, but I like to be safe so I am working on getting a filtration system up and going.

  120. If our running water were no longer running, we are fortunate to have 2 creeks available within 2 miles of our home. That is likely where we would try to procure water first. Barring that, we are less than 10 miles cross-country from the big, muddy river, so that is Plan B. I am subscribed to LPC Survival, and I am a Facebook fan of both his and yours.

  121. There are many sources I would get water from …. looking to obtain an atmospheric water generator run with solar panels/water from moisture in the air via condensation… collect rain water in a small childs pool. Dig a hole put a bowl in the hole …cover the hole with plastic secure the plastic around the edges of the hole with rocks… put a rock on the plastic only large enough to make the plastic sag in the middle to collect the condensation that forms. I hope to win the Royal BERKEY being given away.

  122. I live in the country and have a well, we are working on a hand pump for our use. I amd a fan of LPC and a I follow you too.

  123. i get your blog newletter, i’ve had your facebook page liked and notifications checked for a while now. same thing with lpc and i get notified of whatever they post too.

    as to where i would get water if shtf? at the moment i have a creek about 80 feet from my door. water sure looks good but….. we know how that goes! but still, i would have water to put thru a berkey filter system!!! had planned on buying one for my son for christmas because i hate seeing him buying water all the time,but tha’s out the window for now. i am moving and it’s taking every i can scrape together to pay for everything a move entails. ~sigh~ winning would be freaking awesome!!!!

  124. I have two wells and two large barns that will catch rain water and drain to a sand filter before going to a 800 gallon tank. I’ve been a fan of LPC and enjoy your post as well!

  125. 1. Both fb pages are already liked. I follow them all the time and love all of the great information I get from you guys. 2. Signed up for their newsletter. 3. And where I would get water? We have a small stream about 50-75 feet from our house, a small lake not that far away, we have rainwater barrels, in the winter we could melt snow and ice (both we have plenty of); you can get water by digging a hole and putting a collection container in it, covering it with plastic and putting a rock on the plastic above the container, the moisture in the ground will evaporate and collect on the plastic and then drip into the container. You can also wrap some green leaves on a tree with a plastic bag and tie something around it securely, leave it over night and when you come back in the morning you will have water in the bag.

  126. We’ve got two small streams that pass around our house; one in the front and one in the back that feed a small lake about 1/2 mile away. The Berkey would be ideal for purifying that water in an emergency situation. Love your site and blog

  127. We have well water, but if there was no electricity to use the pump, there is an abandoned well down by the train tracks that we could use (or our pond, which would be kind of scary). Water won’t be an issue if we can filter it.

  128. I’d get water from a creek which about a 1/4 mile away from my house. As well has the using the small storage of water I have on hand at all times. Thanks!

  129. We would have to walk half a mile, through a cemetery and up a small hill and the river is just on the other side of the hill. Other option would be to collect water off the roof.

  130. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

    Short-term: swimming pool
    Long-term: near by river

  131. If the well stops here on the property, luckily we have a spring close by that would do well with a Berkey filter.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  132. At this moment, our water would come first from a local creek daily, then we’d break into our water stores once the creek as no longer an option.

    I’m already a fan of yours and follow you on FB.

    I’m already a fan of LPC and follow them on FB and am on their newsletter!

  133. Short term – 5 gallon water dispenser, hot water tank, toilet tanks. Long term – rain barrel, near by sometimes creek, lake a half mile away. Lake being last choice for many reasons. Otherwise, start digging!

  134. I live in a suburban area so I need to rely on stored water and 6 55 gallon barrels I have set up to catch rain water from the roof and with a tarp. We have 20 five gallon water blocks in our garage, and the barrels in the back yard. I also have about 100 gallons in assorted bottles in the house. I really need a Berkey to filter the rain water, and any pool water or lake water I would be able to get later. I have followed your blog and “liked” you on facebook for about 2 years. I was appalled by the bolg thief who has been plagariziing your blog and articles! I also subscribe to the Berkey newsletter and like their page. I have wanted and needed a Big Berkey filter for a few years…but like most others, have serious financial constraints. Thank you for offereing this.

  135. I needed to replace a fence post near a low spot in my back yard – two feet down I found water. Started the project with a post hole digger, then switched to a tuna fish can (great little shovel). Next time I need to replace a post, I will plan ahead and design some type of catch area below the post – ideas, brother readers? The Berkey would be great after filtering through a couple of layers of old T shirt. Count me in!

  136. We have a small creek (usually no more than a foot deep, but up to five in very heavy rain) that we would use. Drinking it unfiltered would be asking for trouble, but it’s better than it could be in our area.

  137. I our water was no longer running, we would continue to collect rain water and have a lake with a running stream beyond right down the road.

  138. As one who is new to preparedness I am slowly storing water. I can store 165 gallons of non-potable water and am within walking distance of a major river but have a ways to go.

  139. 1) I collect rain water and have a small stream less than a 100 yards away. I have a Sawyer gravity fed filter system I could use in the event of water shortage.
    2) I’ve liked and follow your facebook page.
    3) I’ve been a fan and follow LPC survival facebook page.

  140. I LOVE your facebook page and blog! Water is so vital, as you’ve shared with us. We’ve got three 55-gallon barrels of water on pallets in our basement, 5 5-gallon water jugs, water bottles, and a small backpacking water filter. We also have some tablets to make water potable. We’re really missing this piece of the water solution. Having 3 kids, 5 years old and younger, survival and thinking of them first is what I do all day, every day. Living in Illinois, we are in close proximity to nuclear plants, have had some scares with Fukushima in our rainwater, and of course other fears. Thank you for this giveaway. I learned so much more about the Berkey Filter system!

  141. Wonderful information. Thanks! The food coloring backup is essential and I will get some asap. Extra spigots and filters … of course. I’ll get these ordered.
    Not on Facebook but do definitely follow your daily and love it!
    Have signed up for the LPC Survival Blog.

    Where I would get my water: I live on the 8th, top, floor so I think about having to CARRY water!
    I have a 15 gallon container, many 1 gallons and keep adding to the bottles and supplies every few days – filling my closet shelves etc. Cooking pans and containers while not being used – I fill them with water. It’s a bit difficult living in an apartment but doing the best I can.
    I live in Iowa so have fairly close access to snow/ice (I do have a non-electric heater) as well as many rivers and creeks – if it would be safe to get to them.
    I have one of the ultra light pens for filtering and purifying water.
    I would love to win this Berkey. Thanks.

  142. My neighbor has a old well. It is actually the kind that once used a bucket. We have a stream and lake nearby but toting water on foot would be brutal as we are located high on a steep hill. We’d need the Berkey in both situations.

  143. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?
    Wow, something I had not thought about before now! We live very close to a lake, but it is not something I’d be ok just drinking. A Berkey sure would be essential in a situation like that.

  144. I liked Backdoor Survival! Thank you for a chance to win, we’ve been trying to save up for one of these since we moved & now have city water full.

  145. I “LIKE” your page, and LPC Survival page….. If I lost all tap water, I would first use my previously stored water and then begin to use rainwater

  146. We have a small creek that runs behind our neighborhood and a small river close by. I am already a fan if both fb pages.

  147. I am very fortunate to own a home built over 130 years ago. It therefore was built back when people needed to be self suficent to survive and as such has much of what would be needed in a survival situation. It has 2 readily available water sources. There is a natural water source running across my property. It swells and diminishes seasonal and with the weather but never stops running. There also is a cistern which is actually piped into the house and drained again out of the house to the creek out back. I also live on the highest point in southwestern Ontario and as such have a mini mountain effect for percipitation off of the great lakes to keep my sources replenished.

    I have liked your facebook and sucribed to your blog. I look forward to more articles from you. Glad to have found out about you. 🙂

  148. I would love to win a Berkey water filter because I live on a creek and I need a way to filter that water. The creek is just on the other side of my backyard fence and it would be tragic to have that dirty flowing water unavailable for use. I know what a wonderful product this is because I saw it displayed at a Self Reliant Expo in Denver. I have a large family and would have peace of mind owning a Berkey water filter.
    I follow you on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google +. I’ve also signed up for the LPC survival newsleter. I so hope I win.

  149. I have stored water in just such a case! I already follow you on FB and I already follow/receive email newsletter from LPC Survival.

  150. Already a facebook fan of Backdoor Survival and LCP Survival and we have a water BOB for our one bath tub we can fill if needed before the water pump battery stopped working and 2, 55 gallon rain barrels attached to the house, we also have about 20 gallons in soda bottles in the house pantry and 5, 5 gallons water bottles with a hand pump under the house in the crawl space. After that it is drain the water heater, keep collecting rain and scavenge with the shakable siphons every water source we could find.

  151. I would love to have a Berkey water filter. If we didn’t have tap water, we have a well that we can use and our neighbor has a generator. There’s also a lake not too far away. I checked out your FB page and blog and love it. Thank you so much for an opportunity to win this.

  152. Where I live there is The Mullet River about 70 yards away. This is where I would go to get water. I follow Backdoor Survival on FB, Pinterest and Twitter. I also follow LPC on FB.

  153. I would like to get a bucket of some sort to draw water up from our well, but haven’t done it yet. Otherwise we are fairly close to a small stream and pond.

  154. already follow both Backdoor Survival and LPC Survival websites. now following on Facebook as well. Finally got the husband on board with stocking water in soda bottles and empty gal jugs, and now have a water bob for both tubs and 50 gal water heater! now to have a Berkey filter. . . .

  155. We are on a well. If power goes out we have a generator. If the generator stops being an option, we have a hand pump in the well that can pressure up the house for running water. Of course you wouldn’t be showing with this option, but you can wash up, have drinking water, etc. Just go out and pump up again when the pressure drops. The property also borders the Rogue River, plenty of water there.

  156. We have a river not far from us. Between boiling, filtering, and using water purification tablets, and also having water in containers laying in wait. and stocking up on bottled water, (got a deal on 5 cases of water at $1.29 a case, limit 5) Always looking for deals on water, or anything to do with water.

  157. We have several 5 gal jugs of water plus a fair amount of cases of bottled water stocked up to use for our initial drinking water. We would also utilize the water in our hot water heater for washing and cleaning. Once that ran out we have a creek just down the road from us to restock from. Utilizing a large garden wagon that has a regular handle on it we could take our 5 gal buckets and jugs down to the creek and stock up our supply as needed.

    Unfortunately I don’t do facebook so I can’t do that part of it but I did sign up for the newsletter on the LPC website.

  158. We’d get our water from the river, and it’d be a hike to get to, unless our horses are still existing. On the other hand, we have a wet weather creek just down the road…either way we’d have to massively filter the water. We do have a well, and we’re working on an alternate way to get the water up, then we wouldn’t have to filter it.

  159. Hello! Gail, I already follow you on facebook and I have some storage of water and filters and also bought box of them water pkgs .at a survival company, but learned to can my own yrs ago. still after 10 yrs. just as fresh as made that day. I have one of those sears type distiller for water then water bathed it .And if I had to I would go to nearest water source and you straw like you have ,I’m a old farm gal ,I’d figure something out! love to have a Berkley!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deb

  160. FYI

    After several months referencing aquaponics for my daughter, I have over 60 pages of selected references that I can forward to anyone. This is free, open source data from the Web.

    If intereeted, send email addres to

    Al Hodges

  161. Hello. I would use the water from our water heater tank and bottled water. I liked both fb pages and am subscribed. Thank you for the offer to win the Royal Berkey water system.

  162. I follow you on facebook….I have water stored in the house and also have 4 water barrels for rainwater collection. Look forward each day to your new posts…thanks.
    Liked LPC on facebook…

  163. I have water in storage drums, rain barrels and plastic 5 gal containers. I already get your newsletter and love you on FB.

    Thanks for all the information!

  164. I am about one block from Campbell Lake which is a natural spring fed lake which turns into Campbell
    Creek. We have a garden wagon and a wheel barrel both will bring water home.

  165. Where would you get your water if the tap/running water in your home was no longer available?

    1. I live 2 miles from the Pacific ocean, so that is where I would likely get mine.

    2. I already like Backdoor Survival on FB. That’s how I learned about your site.

    3. I also already like LPC Survival on FB. I learned about them from you. 🙂

  166. If running water was no longer available in my home, I’d start with my water jugs, then move on to the toilet tanks all while setting up a rainwater or humidity collection system.

    • Speaking of toilet tanks……we also need water for flushing.
      I have a compost toilet that I used in N.H because we didn’t have water connected to the camp…house. that same toilet would be very useful here and for preparedness.

  167. “Liked” LPC page. Like all sites, some relevant info for myself, some not so much. Circumstance and choice.

  168. Without tap water my available water is from various sources, rain as able, creek 4 months a year, ponds, cistern…

  169. Convincing my family to get serious about water storage/catchment has been a challenge (I have zero authority to implement these things single handedly). I have stacked a few cases of bottled water under our stairs; but I may have to take other’s ideas on water scavenging seriously.

  170. I’d hightail it up to the North Georgia Mountains to get some fresh spring water that’s available year round. Thx for the opportunity, would love to own a Berkey

  171. So now I feel kinda like a stalker. I’ve liked both FBs, and signed up for the news letter. we have some graet springs on the property that we can use, besides having our own drilled well.

  172. My wife thinks the wold will go on forever as always…I prep on my own for us but mostly so my 3 grand kids and daughter don’t wait in line for food or water.tey live a mile away. We have an inground pool I would use and rain spouts to catch water plus many soda bottles with water also. There r two ponds within a 1/4 mile of the house. The water filter would help put my 65 year old mind a little more at rest.

  173. After I have emptied the water heater of its water, I guess I would go to a nearby retention pond for water as long as that lasts. After that would be a nearby lake within driving distance. In our 80ties would be a little to far to walk. Leesburg, FL

  174. If the city water stopped flowing I would get water from the river which is aproximately 1 mile away. I would have to boil the water to make sure it is safe.

    I am new to “prepping” and have just found that boiling the water will not completely make it safe. This filter would great to ensure my family has safe clean water to live on.

    I also “liked” your Facebook page and LPC Survival page. I also signed up for LPC Survival Blog newsletter.

    Thank you.

  175. This would be an awesome healthy way for me to drink my water!! Right now I get it from a machine and they are not always cleaned as much as they should be. 8+ glasses a day I alone drink so it would save me alot of time and possible ailments! Ty for the opportunity. I also follow you on G+ 🙂 Ty again and GL Everyone!

  176. I have a well and have bought parts to make a water bailer. Everything is ready for a power outage.
    Steel framework holding my pulley and my roap and bailer are stored separate until needed.
    Love your site, you do excellent work. I friended you on facebook but unfortunately I almost never go there due to time constraints. Would love to win this water filtration system. It looks great.
    Please keep up the good work. We all need you!


  177. The closest natural water is a small stream that is about 3/4 mile away – as the crow flies- or by road it’s a mile away in a different direction. We get a desert ration of rain but will use the run off from the roofs when we have it. My well is 500 ft. deep so am looking for a way to use it without power. The first resource I have is stored water in plastic jugs that will be run back through my Berkey. I would love to win one so I can make sure my daughter and her family would have the ability to clean any water available to them in a crisis. My Berkey was a gift from generous friends – love them!(the friends and the Berkey)

  178. Beside the water heater, my water bob, rain barrels, my plumber husband could open the fire hydrant across the street for us and neighors. We live a mile from a lake but discovered a small private lake a half mile away. Best of all, we took $6,500 from a savings that might not be there one day after the dollar collapses and installed a 300 foot well right in the middle of a city subdivision. Bought a well bucket for when the electricity is not working the pump. I can share with neighbors. Talk about bargaining power! Love reading Backdoor Survival and LPC Survival blog that I already get. Great info as well as convenient to order items right through these sites!

  179. We have drinking water stored and plan to start collecting rainwater soon. We also have several lakes very near by. I have already like your Facebook and have now liked the LPC Survival blog Facebook page. Thanks so much!

  180. My Family has the water heater, we also have our rain barrels through out the property. We also have a very large lake with many in flowing and out going water ways only 300 feet from our home. We have stored every plastic milk jug and soda bottle for the past 2 years for storage. We are slowly bring our friends into our survival family not making any quick decisions on who to let know of our life style we have chosen. I have come to love your site with all the information that allows us to expand our way of living now and in the future all we can say is thank you.

  181. Thanks for making your blog a great resource for prepping information!
    As a brand new female “solo” prepper it’s been hard not to be overwhelmed by the vast scope things we strive to prepare for…your blog has been making this transition to prep thinking more bearable. Currently I reside in Fl and am surrounded by undrinkable brackish + sea water. It is 15 miles to the closest spring to get fresh water. Please keep up the great work + have a nice day! Not the best solution but what I have for now! (Thanks to others who’ve commented about where you’d find water – very informative).

  182. I have a farm pond 100 yards from the front of my house which would provide suitable water for daily use after it is “cleaned”. In addition there is a large river less than 3 miles from here. I enjoy reading and saving information from your site in my Survival folder. One area of preparation that I feel weak in is water prep, the LPC Survival site should really help. I spent over an hour on it tonight. Emergency Essentials is helpful too if only I could afford more of what is offered.

  183. I have some bottled water in the basement but it would run out pretty quick. After that it would be hauling it about three miles from the nearest stream ( of unknown quality ). Interesting facebook page and you are now liked 🙂

  184. We have a stream beside our house which I’d be able to get buckets of water to pour into a berkey filter – if I won one. We use a well, so we could pump from that too.

    Also am getting 2 rain barrels for Christmas, or at least hope I will.

    – have signed up for the LPC blog
    – already a fan of your FB page

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the filters

  185. I have a stash of bottled water, water purification tablets and a Katadyn water filter. I have several close streams a could make it to if needed. I could also use the water in our hot water heater. Just found your website and will be busy reading all of this helpful information. Great job!

  186. We would get our water from the swamp area behind the house – probably by digging a gypsy well nearby to filter it a little first. Unfortunately, the river and therefore the swamp are likely polluted with pesticide residue. We would also set up collection for rainwater, or start scooping up ice and snow to melt if it were wintertime. We really should get a hand pump backup for the well, but haven’t.

  187. So far I have not found any streams in my immediate neighbourhood although I am continuing to explore. I have a cart I use for carrying groceries that I could use to haul water if I find a source.

    I rent a suite in a house so can’t put out a rain barrel but if the SHTF I plan to supplement my stored water with rain water. Fortunately it rains a lot here.

  188. Once my stash was depleted I would use the water from my water heater. Then I would use the water from the river which is a quarter mile away.

  189. I have a well, and would put the generator to good use. If that didn’t work, then the pond/swamp behind my property would be put to use for nonpotable and for filtering water. Would love to win!

  190. I have 180 gallons of potable plus the water heater. When the rain barrels are full that’s 110 to boil or run through the katydyn

  191. We have a creek and springs on our land that we’d use to run through the Berkey. Are there any chemicals that a Berkey can’t filter out that I should worry about?

  192. I have some stored in the freezer as of today thought I better get going on this. There’s a small body of water near but a lot of people would be using this if this happened including washing clothe so this water source wouldn’t be a lasting plan. I have a few of the Life Straw products. I will be storing some in food grade 5 gallon containers. I would get some water from fire Hydrants as well, bought a key for them on Amazon. Being in an apartment my options are more limited – small storage area in basement. I do have a grocery store in walking distance from me so could get there quick. Thanks for this contest, you would like to win this.

  193. I try to have at least 15 gal of water on hand at all times but in an emergency situation have looked at filtering water flowing in a small creek through my back yard, saving rain water and filtering it and finally using well water which would require using a hand pump in case the power was out. I am new to this prepping stuff and have gotten most of my information from Backyard Survival. What a great resource!

  194. I have stored water. Then I would go to multiple different sources: Pipes, hot water heater, toilet (if need, ice cubes, snow, rivers and lakes that are near my home (lots of those) and wells. I also have friends and we keep track of what we have all together which is priceless!

  195. OK, I went to FaceBook and liked BackDoor Survival and LPC Survival. I also just noticed that in my previous comment I gave praise to Backyard Survival instead of your site, Backdoor Survival. Don’t even know if there is a Backyard Survival. Hmm. I have used your guides to start purchasing basic bugout items and spent a few dollars today at a Coleman’s discount warehouse which had numerous items that any prepper would probably add to their bugout bag or storage.

  196. First we would use our stored water , then rain water, family pool, and last a nearby stream.
    For most of these the Berkey would be great for filtering.
    Thanks Tom

  197. Have liked your FB page for some time, and I have also “liked” the LPC site. Water would be gathered at the big creek near our home, transported by wheelbarrow. And that Big Berky would sure come in handy!! 🙂

  198. When my reserves, water heater are gone the tarps for solar stills should be up already, and if more is needed there is a nearby lake within walking distance.

  199. We are fortunete to have a creek about 1,000 yards from our home. It wouldn’t be convenient, but it’s peace of mind to know it’s there.

  200. We would use the stream near our home. We would also use collected rain water if that were a possiblity too. We also have a well available just needing to get a pump.

  201. Thank you for this article! You just reminded me I have stashed in a closet two huge old rust-free milk cans from my grandfather’s farm..Prudence says they shouldn’t get turned into roadside mailboxes..Add a long ladle or a clean bucket to pour into & I’m in business. I wonder how long water would stay tasting fresh in them?

  202. We’ve already talked about this issue. The North Canadian River is about two miles from our house. We had thought about trying to buy a bike with a trailer to haul containers from the river. We also have rain barrels.

  203. Water can be drained from the water heater. I previously used toilet cleaner cakes in my tanks so that area is off limits. There is a creek just a few feet from my house as well as a couple of ponds down the road. I know how to get into the large drainage pipes that run under our subdivision streets. rain water passes thru these areas and on out to a deep backflow area that was built several years ago to stop flooding our area. Upcoming purchase of rain barrels are next on the list. We have also purchased some Water Bobs for advance notice issues. I have several water filters that are used in third world countries. Fresh supply of bleach and water treatment tablets. Constantly looking for other alternatives. Purchasing some individual size water filtering devices for Bug Out Bags. I really don’t have time for Face Book so I keep up to date with your web site or via blog. I like the information I find here and have picked up a lot of tips! Thanks to Gaye and all the fans for your information!

  204. I have juice bottles filled with water in the freezer and more under the beds but in an emergency that would go quickly. My only other source is captured rain water. Have modified the downspouts to direct the water to buckets but need larger barrels to hold more. Plan to set up at least two barrels following suggestions found on your site and elsewhere. I liked you on facebook and really like your green vest. Very festive.

  205. I could use pool water if it wasn’t frozen. Lake water too. It depends on the season. Obviously no tap water is easier to deal with when it’s warm outside. It’s really difficult in the winter. I like It’s a map that shows you the natural springs in your area, with info like directions, ease of access, etc. Easy to print and keep as a reference.

  206. First source is a 5 gallon container, then a 300 gallon container, then powering our well with a generator and lastly is our 10,000 pond. But in any longer term grid down I would also be adding rain water collection from our house roof. (this is a future project to restock our other storage methods.

    There is also water in the 2, 40 gallon hot water heaters in the two houses on our property.

  207. Well, water is something I think about consistently. I have it stored in the garage, house and my businesses. Been looking for rain barrels and scoping out nearby water sources. Fortunately it rains in the Pacific NW (usually) so that is a possibility to collect that – I find myself saving all kinds of containers with that in mind. Also, am investing in some 5 gallon jugs (although they are heavy to lift by myself). Love your site and am a FB fan. Thanks for all the good work and education you do to make us safer and healthier.

  208. I live in a small town and if the tap water failed right now I have a couple of 5 gallon drinking water carboys but they won’t last long, then it’s onto the hot water tank. Next, I have the roof run off into the 4 small barrels I use for my garden (and they are not set up to be potable). We are saving up to have a water well put in as it’s allowed by our city and I really want to work on a better\larger rain water collection system.

  209. OH, dear……………..I forgot to say that I have I 100 gallon WaterBob – but will I have time to begin to fill it before the water stops is the question. I also would hope that any neighbors with wells might be generous and share or trade for some of their water.
    I have “liked” Backdoor Survival and LPC Survival Blog and follow both on Facebook.

  210. I have access to fairly clean clear lake water and a hand pump well, the well has a slight iron taste but was tested as potable. But I would still need to purify the water. Wishing everyone a happy holidays and good luck.
    I have “liked” Backdoor Survival and LPC Survival Blog and follow both on Facebook.

  211. I have a swimming pool and access to a pond with a creek within walking distance five minutes away. Yesterday, My husband and I were just talking getting about a water filtration system. My first choice would be a Berkey!

  212. Since we live in an urban environment we are a little limited on our water sources,, but we do have a trailer that holds 90 gallons, we have several ways to collect rain water and we have studied ways of drilling some out of the ground… We have a small Berkey now but a bigger one would work much better..

  213. Living in a big city, our options for water would be a little limited. We do have some stored, and would have to look into collecting rain water or something similar. 🙂

  214. I am already following you on Facebook. I check your website and your Facebook page every day. I am already storing water in 2-liter soft drink bottles but that won’t last long. We have a stream running through our neighborhood about 2 blocks away so we would have to take containers down to retrieve water.

  215. If we had to get water, there are a couple of swamps on the farm. I found and liked you on FB not too long ago and love your tips and notices about free survival books on Amazon. I checked out and liked LPC Survival’s FB page just now. Along with their other great info, I especially liked the bacon-covered turkey! Thanks for what you do.

  216. well, i’ve “liked” your page for awhile and have liked LPC for a little less time. great pages both.

    thanks i hope to win as water, clean filtered water is one weakness in my systems.


  217. We have streams and lakes around where I live but I am very interested in learning how to capture and save rainwater. I have already been following your Fb page an love the ideas I see there. Just liked the LPC Fb page and am looking forward to more tips from them.

  218. We live on a small farm in southeaster Arizona. We have 3 wells, 2 are domestic and 1 is an irrgation well to water our pastures. Since we have cattle and horses, water is a great concern. We live in the desert and rain comes seldom and usually when it does come it’s a gully-washer, or as my cowboy husband says, “a frog strangler.” We have a solar pump on one of our domestic wells that feeds gardens and fruit trees. Also, we invested in a 1500 gallon water storage tank. My husband checked in to a solar pump for the irrigation well but it is way too expensive and also does not put out the water that the electic pump puts out. In the event the solar got knocked out, we would need to use a hand pump. Right now, I’m glad we are “old folks” and live the old ways most of the time. I still study Gaye’s Facebook and email posts. Even though I’m an old dog, I am ready to learn new tricks!

  219. Well if it’s the electric that went out and we can’t have our well pump running… First get the portable generator out and hook it up as needed. If we run out of generator gas, get a bucket and rope and drop it down the well. I’ve looked into manual well pumps but they are like $2,000, just can’t afford it. But being without water is a major concern I have.

  220. Thanks for this great giveaway! I have been wanting one of these for over a year. If we had no drinkable water, I plan to use the water out of our pond. But a need a Berkey to be able to make use of the pond water. LOL! I am a fan of your facebook page as well as LPC Survival. Thanks for all the great information you provide!
    Stephanie DP

  221. I follow you on fb. Thanks for having this giveaway. Would make an awesome Christmas present. I have a well, a hot tub, and live next to a creek. I have some water stockpiled. But I know I don’t have enough 🙁

  222. I love your page, I make sure I get every free book you post. If the taps went dry I do have a small katahdyn filter which is great for personal use but won’t do much good for the whole family. I’ve also always followed the LPC Survial Facebook which is great!

  223. I follow your facebook and signed up through that. I was already a follower of LPC Survival also.

    If tap water was no longer available, there is a small (very small) creek that’s about 1/4 mile from the house that I’d have to fetch water from and bring back. There is also a storm drain right in front of my house that I’d be able to stock up on during any rains.

  224. My dtored wster for severak dsys. I would continue to gather rain water. All needs a Berkley Filter to mske safe to drink.

  225. I have a 24 ft. pool in the back yard, that would be my first place I would get my water if I had to. Then I also have two creeks within I say maybe 200-500 yards from my front door, one feeds into the lake and the other runs along the lake. So I do have plenty of water sources I could depend on, what I don’t have is a filtration system as of yet. But maybe the good lucky charm will bestow me with this beautiful system you are offering everyone a chance to win. We will see in the next couple days and just maybe I’ll have a great birthday present e-mail come Friday or Saturday… he he

  226. I have quite a bit of water already stored and keep increasing it. I could also get water from irrigation ditches running through town (in season), or rain run-off (not dependable), or melting snow in trash sized barrels with solar heat (wrap in black plastic).

    I already like you on Facebook.

  227. While we, already, don’t drink tap water, I couldn’t really tell you where we’d get water from, if there was one to be had. We are, currently, working on storing water for our needs. Right now, we’ve got about 2 days’ worth of drinking water on hand and, almost 3 days of water for other needs (if we’re looking at the whole “3 gal/person/day deal”).

    Before seeing this post, I had already “liked” your page and have started following on Google+, as well.

    And, as per your last request, I’ve gone over and “liked” LPC Survival Blog on Facebook.

    I keep looking through these various preparedness posts and blogs to try and gather more information on what I need to be doing to prepare myself and my family for just about anything that comes along. Although it can seem a little daunting, at first, I’m finding that by doing little things now, it has slowly started to show progress to my goals. “Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.”

  228. I’m a fan of your FB page already and I just liked their page.
    I have a private well with a manual handpump installed. If that were to fail, I live on 2 large lakes.
    For small emergencys I have 3 weeks water supply for each family member in large water containers and several cases of bottled water. Rain barrels to catch runoff as well.

  229. After my water storage is gone I would walk to a nearby river for more water. I already follow your facebook page and receive your newsletter in my email. I also “liked” the LPC facebook page because I’m always looking for good advice on survival tips. And I REALLY want a Burkey for my family. 🙂

    • If our municipal water was suddenly no longer available, we could tap I to our old well (currently only used for irrigation). On our list to buy is a manual well pump just for that reason. we are unsure of the water quality, as this used to be an agricultural area. that’s where the Berkey would come in 🙂 Also, we also have a drainage pond within walking distance but I’m sure that wouldn’t last long given the number of neighbors around here.

  230. Coming back (instruction #2) to tell you that I have “Liked” your Facebook page … And thoroughly enjoy all your posts 🙂 I have been following your page for about 6 months now, and wish I would’ve known about it much sooner! Very grateful for all the work you put into your website and FB page!

  231. (Per instruction #3…) I am a fan of/Like the LPC Survival page on Facebook, and I also receive their newsletter 🙂 All you guys are so awesome and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with those of us eager to learn!

  232. I just joined the LCP newsletter – their site looks great! The DIY mousetrap works awesome! Thank you SO much for all the great info, the giveaways are great icing on a perfect cake!

  233. I have a well in the back yard and there are several ponds within sight of my house. A good water filter is all I need for good water but have not gotten one yet.

  234. Liked, suscribed. Like others have mentioned, season has bearing on availability. Have a lake across the road but ice can be challenge, would do the basics first (drain pipes in home, drink liquid from canned goods, melt snow or capture rain). Have been storing water for a while now. Have a Lifestraw. Would give eye teeth for a Royal Berkey and am saving (spouse out of work).

    PS…love your site. Have bug-in well under way, good deal ready for bug out. You have taught and provided links to many sites where much has been learned. Thank you for your continued dedication to ensuring we’re all as prepared as we can be.

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