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The Gift of Good Health: Where There Is No Doctor (Free Download)

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
The Gift of Good Health: Where There Is No Doctor (Free Download)

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Those of us in the Western world often take good health for granted.  But there are times when we all get sick.  If we are lucky, we are near a clinic or medical facility and if not, well, hopefully we will be prepared with sufficient first aid items to get us through.

There are times, though, when that is not enough.  If there is no doctor around, your best bet is to practice some do-it-yourself doctoring.  A couple of months ago the Hesperian Health Group issued newly updated versions of some of their books, including the following  two must-have volumes.

Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook (October 2011)

This manual provides practical, easily understood information on how to diagnose, treat, and prevent common injuries and illnesses. Special attention is focused on nutrition, infection and disease prevention, and diagnostic techniques as primary ways to prevent and treat health problems.

Where There is No Dentist (September 2011)

This basic dental manual uses straightforward language and step-by-step instructions to discuss preventive care of teeth and gums, diagnosing and treating common dental problems, and includes a special chapter on oral health and HIV.

I mention these two, updated books today as a reminder that in addition to being available in a traditional book format, they are available as an eBook in PDF format absolutely free of charge from the Hesperian web site.

As we close in on the December holiday season, what better gift from your survival minded friends or relatives than a copy or one or both of these books.   Here are the links to the free downloads and of course, if you prefer, you may also purchase bound copies.

Free Download:  Where There Is No Doctor (PDF)

Free Download:  Where There Is No Dentist (PDF)

Where There Is No Doctor

Where There Is No Dentist

The Final Word

While you are at it, I highly recommend that you download a copy of Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment.  This 48 page booklet is jam packed with useful information on sanitation and hygiene in less than optimal situations including information on building your own pit toilet

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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