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Survival Gear Checklist for Beginning Preppers in 2024 – 27+ Items

Avatar for Jodie Weston Jodie Weston  |  Updated: October 31, 2022
Survival Gear Checklist for Beginning Preppers in 2024 – 27+ Items

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Getting started with survival gear is one of those overwhelming and potentially expensive challenges for the beginning prepper.

It can feel as though you need to purchase thousands of different items, but in reality just a few simple purchases can put you in a good position should something bad happen.

Today I will share with you a starter list of survival items that can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

You can purchase one item a week or one item a month.  Along the way, you will find other items and soon you will have a nice kit, ready to go when the big one strikes or the flood waters hit.

Survival Gear Checklist for Beginning Preppers

The Best Survival Gear to Get Started With for Beginning Preppers

Below you will find a survival gear list with products that I feel are essential should an emergency take place.

Some of these items are general products, while others are for specific units that I believe are the best. Let’s take a look,

Crank-Up Radio

Kaito Emergency Radio Voyager Max KA900 Digital Solar Dynamo Crank Wind Up AM/FM/SW & NOAA Weather Stereo Radio Receiver with Bluetooth, Real-time Alert, MP3 Player, Recorder & Phone Charger, Black

This model from Kaito Electronics comes with all the features that you need in an emergency situation such as a multi-band AM/FM and shortwave radio, 7 NOAA weather channels, a five LED adjustable reading lamp, and a multi-function LED flashlight that can be used in both a normal bright color mode and red color for emergency use.

All of these features can be operated indefinitely without external power using a hand crank.  There is a solar panel that charges the built-in batteries or you can use AA batteries or you can plug the radio into a USB device.

LED Flashlight and Batteries

Maglite ST3D016 ML51080 3D Cell LED Flashlight Black, 3

You can never have too many LED flashlights and at least one should be a quality flashlight that can withstand the harsh environment of a survival situation. This MAGLITE LED Flashlight is great.

Survival Knife

The sky is the limit when it comes to survival knives.  For the beginner, or someone on a budget, a decent quality, all purpose knife is what you need until you have a chance to use it and learn what you like and don’t like, feature-wise before you invest in something more pricey.  This Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife is highly rated.

Candles, Matches, Lighter, and Fire Starters

From a safety point of view, a Candle Lantern is a great alternative to plain candles.  Waterproof matches and a Zippo Fire Starter are some other items to add to your starter gear.

Pepper Spray

Not everyone is comfortable with a firearm plus, getting started with guns and ammo is an expensive proposition.  That, plus the training required means that you should have some other means of self-defense to get you by while you are learning about firearms.

A Lightweight Axe

This is another area where you can spend a little or spend a lot.  This axe from Fiskars is highly rated.


There are so many uses for paracord that it deserves an article all by itself.  I just wish I had known about it sooner.  You can get 100 feet of 550 lb. Type III Nylon Paracord.  This is a real bargain.

First Aid Kit

This is one area where I prefer to assemble my own kit but I know from talking to others that I am in the minority in this regard.  My advice is that you carefully examine the contents of any kit you are planning to purchase and make sure that it is suitable to your needs.  This all-in-one first aid kit from Coleman.

Light Sticks

Light sticks are another one of those items that can be used in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations. These Military Grade Light Sticks provide up to to 12 hours illumination each.

Survival Whistle

This 5 in 1 Survival Whistle is has free shipping.  In addition to a whistle, it includes a compass, signaling mirror, lanyard, and a storage case for your waterproof matches.

Survival Blanket

Not luxurious like a down comforter, but in an emergency, a survival blanket will help you retain body heat.  Get quite a few of these and practice using them before you have to.  This pack of 10 Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets has free shipping.

Water Filtration System

I will save the big, fancy water filtering system (such as the Berkey for another time.  What you need as a beginner are some Water Treatment Tablets to make contaminated water suitable for drinking on the fly.

Durable Water Bottle

There are lots and lots of choices for water bottles.  You can even recycle a soda bottle to include with your survival gear.  For the long term, however, you should invest in a Nalgene BPA-Free Water Bottle or stainless model.  Cost?

Duct Tape

I have always said you can build a house with Duck Tape and Elmer’s glue.  Well, not really but I have to tell you, there are a lot of uses for duct tape and a roll or two should be included in every survival kit.  Survival Husband swears by the 3M Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape but there are other, less expensive brands out there.

Outdoor Cook Stove

This is possibly the only budget breaker on my list, but definitely something you should consider.  I recommend Volcano II Collapsible Stove or an EcoZoom but if money is really tight, a Coleman will do just fine.  In that case, you will also need some propane instead of charcoal.

DIY Tire Fix Kit For SHTF

Car, bicycle, UTV, no matter what type of transport you have then you need a tire fix kit, Even wheeled devices like wagons and wheelbarrows may get a flat. Having wheels can help you get a lot more work down and make survival more easily.

Get Home Bag

What do you do if you are caught out and need to get home or ride out a day away from home? Our article on get home bags can help you figure out what you need so you can buy items a little at a time.

Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Mylar blankets are one thing but they are fragile and only meant for short term emergencies. An emergency bivy for an unexpected night out is a small investment that can pay off big. Our post on the “Best Emergency Sleeping Bags For The Unexpected Night Out.”


While situational awareness is important, you also need something to help you keep a level head and get through an emergency. Adult coloring books and pencils, a note pad and paper, an e-reader that can be charged off of a small battery bank, or any other reasonable activity that is low input is going to be helpful. Kids are easier during an emergency when they have something to do and keep them occupied. Get a cheap storage tote with a lid and start throwing some things in there that are entertaining. You can do this a little at a time and before you know it you have a lot!

Tent Or Hammock Style Tent For Shelter

Staying dry is important and there is nothing like a good tent or shelter to achieve this. While you don’t have to break the bank, it is a good idea to get a tent that is at least in a mid price range and then you may still want to seal it further. A hammock style tent is made to keep you off the ground and hung between two trees. Most hammocks are made for 1-2 people but a lot of people feel they are really a 1 person deal. A shelter also helps keep you warmer regardless of the quality of the shelter you buy. Some really nice tents are 3 season tents that are made to be adjustable so you can be comfortable during all kinds of conditions.

Camping mattress

A lightweight quality sleeping mattress can make a big difference in the quality of rest and sleep you get. If you have back pain or any joint related condition then you should definitely invest in a good quality camping mattress. An emergency of SHTF scenario means you need to be able to rest well when you can. Lack of sleep can lead to a significant loss of alertness. Some people can handle loss of sleep better than others but even then it still adds up over time. Life is fragile.

Thermarest is a popular brand. If you are 5’8 or less you can get a women’s version that is lighter and less expensive but still thick. There is no use in paying for a regular sized men’s version if you can get away with the women’s. A bug out bag or survival kit is definitely one thing where ounces and bulk can add up quickly.

Mess Kit/Camp Cookware

Well if you have the stove you are going to want some lightweight cookware to use with it. Very lightweight quality kits can cost a lot but there are plenty of budget friendly ones out there that are just as good. Stainless steel or titanium are what you want to get if given the choice. Aluminum can be okay but some people do not want to expose themselves to excess aluminum even in a survival situation if it can at all be avoided. If you are planning on just using the kit for you and 1 other person maybe you can get away with a minimal kit. For larger groups a lot of the time everyone packs their own food prep stuff.

Tactical Pen

It is useful to have something to write with for sure but tactical pens are useful for a lot more. The carbide tip can be used as an impact weapon and glass breaker. Some pens also have other build in features. For those that want discreet personal defense weapons it is hard to go wrong with a tactical pen. Check out our guide to the best tactical pens for a bunch of different options to fit all budgets and hand sizes.

A comfortable pack with lots of compartments

Organization is important in an emergency or SHTF bug out scenario. You really need to know where to find your gear at a moments notice. A good Molle pack is well padded and has sturdy zippers and a lot of stash spaces. For the money they are hard to beat.  I like that Molle bags really pay attention to the zipper issue. It is really unpleasant when you realize that what you thought was a great bag is great in every way but the zipper. It is a lot of trouble to replace one and during a survival situation it is unlikely you will have the time or even the right supplies.

Small mirror

While you may not be too concerned about preening you very well might want a way to examine areas of your body yourself so you can take care of wounds and other conditions. If you get something in your eye it can be nice to be able to see where the problem is so you can treat it better. Make sure that the mirror is made to be shatterproof.

Full set of synthetic clothing and several layers of it

Clothing is something you can buy a piece at a time. If you buy clothing in the off season and you are not picky about colors you can save a lot of money. For more clothing ideas you can read our list of the best clothing to have on hand for SHTF.

Long term water filter

Check out our guide to survival water filters for in depth info and links to reviews of many different water filters. If you want to just spend a little bit there is the Sawyer Mini and Hydro Blu. After testing out the new Hydro Blu 10 L Hydration Bag and Versa Filter I would advise getting it because it is the complete kit and it means you don’t have to pump water. The filter is good for over 20,000 gallons!

Shelter Survival Gear 

A waterproof tarp makes a lightweight layer of protection for your tent. Keep warm by putting a thermal blanket inside your sleeping bag or as an extra layer while sitting around camp cooking dinner. A good sleeping bag will keep you warm and cozy in the tent all night.

A Zenph pop-up tent is a great option to keep you safe from the elements. It can be used as a sleeping or bug-out shelter. Tents are easy to pack and transport and make for a temporary shelter in the right circumstances.

Nutrition Survival Gear

This 3-day Emergency Food Supply comes with three days’ worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner containing foods that are good sources of fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

This kit includes biscuits & gravy for breakfast and granola with milk & blueberries for lunch. It also contains chicken fried rice, chicken & dumplings, and beef stroganoff with noodles for dinner. This freeze-dried food could not be easier to prepare: add water to the meal, wait a short while, then eat!

When an unexpected event strikes and you find yourself out of food, a three-day emergency supply can save your life.

Hydration Survival Gear

Emergency purified water sachets are lightweight and highly compact, making them an ideal addition to your disaster preparedness supplies. When stored properly, these individual sachets provide up to five years of shelf life.

Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets were developed by the Army in conjunction with the EPA to meet the needs of military personnel who need portable water treatment that is effective on all pathogens. 

Potable Aqua tablets make water safe to drink on the go. They kill Giardia lamblia, a common cause of beaver fever, and other dangerous microorganisms. The tablets have no taste or color—the neutralizing agent makes them ensures your water tastes like regular tap water.

Insulation Survival Gear

Be comfortable and warm in your clothing gear to enjoy your time outdoors. Don’t settle for less from your insulation. While a full hat and gloves may seem like overkill in milder temperatures, they come in handy when your extremities start getting chilled. 

If it’s raining, a hooded rain poncho can help keep your head and torso dry while you warm up with some hot cocoa. And thermal underwear is essential during those times when the air barely makes it above freezing—especially outside for long periods or on a camping trip. 

With a patented waterproof winter jacket and an adjustable and detachable hood, this jacket with multiple pockets is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.

First-Aid and Sun Protection Survival Gear

During the summer months, when strong ultraviolet (UV) rays beat down on you, protect yourself with sunscreen before it’s too late. The mineral sunscreen uses zinc oxide to block the sun’s harmful rays. With SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, a sunblock is non-greasy, 100% fragrance-free, and waterproof.

First aid kits are great for handling life’s emergencies should they arise. This medical aid kit contains everything you need to prepare for emergencies. It has 21 multipurpose tools, 106 first aid items, and a durable nylon bag.


Navigation Survival Gear

Hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing are great ways to enjoy the outdoors. Here are three suggestions for common types of gear you’ll need. A waterproof planning map in foldout format is the all-in-one essential for exploring the great outdoors and is ideal for planning your trip.

A compass is a must-have survival tool that’s great for hiking, camping, and adventure. It’s waterproof and has a built-in bubble level, always pointing north.

This GPS is the ultimate standalone device for the outdoors. Simple on-screen menus make it easy to see your position, and detailed map updates let you know exactly where you are.


Illumination Survival Gear

Survival is the ultimate adventure. ZeroDark offers portable, durable, and high-quality products. The flashlight is battery-operated and is excellent for larger areas where you need more light. The lantern is both portable and durable, and the headlamp lets you keep your hands free for tasks like rigging a tent or cooking.

Fire Survival Gear

This survival gear keychain set is a must-have for traveling, hiking, hunting, and camping with its lightweight, waterproof and weatherproof design. It contains a rechargeable electric lighter, a flint fire starter keychain, and a permanent match lighter.

Customizing Your Kit

Before you start your adventure, whether by plane, car, or foot, make sure you have the right survival gear. The essential part of survival gear is something to keep you safe and warm in case of an emergency. 

The best way to protect yourself from the elements is with a well-made tent that can withstand rain and wind. Be sure to find one that’s large enough for yourself and any companions that may be joining you. Bring a tarp or extra blankets for added protection if the weather looks like it could turn nasty.

A Thermos is an essential tool for warmth if you’re stuck in inclement weather. Fill it with coffee or hot chocolate and wrap it in a blanket for ultimate warmth. 

If you’re primarily going to be at home in case of a tornado coming through town, ensure your kit includes things like flashlights, bottled water, and enough food to survive. If you’re packing food, ensure that any perishable foods are stored in airtight containers with plenty of ice packs to keep them fresh.

Lastly, if you’re traveling in the summer months, remember to pack some sunscreen and sunglasses for protection from the sun’s rays.

How Should You Contain Your Survival Gear?

The first step is to color-code your survival kit by assigning different colors to any containers that you use. Use different colors for each type of container, such as red for fire, orange for shelter, and blue for water purification tablets.

Bug-out Bag

Your bug-out bag is essential to your emergency kit. It will provide you with everything you need to survive on your own for at least three days. The contents include water, food, clothing, shelter, lighting, first aid kits, and hygiene supplies.

Collapsible Containers

When choosing a bug-out bag collapsible container, consider these four factors: durability (can it withstand elements?), waterproof (does it keep everything dry inside?), size (would it hold all your gear?), and versatility (is it suitable for storing other things besides food and water?).

Collapsible Water Container

A collapsible water container is perfect for all kinds of adventures. It is leak-proof, and its outer lid prevents spills during use. When it’s not needed, it folds up neatly, making it easy to store.

Collapsible Storage Bins With Lids

Collapsible storage bins with lids are a great addition to any survival camping kit. They’re lightweight, heavy-duty, versatile, and stackable. The extra-broad base keeps everything secure, and the lid keeps everything dry.


What should be in an outdoor survival kit?

In addition to food, water, and shelter, your kit should include clothing appropriate for the environment (warm clothes for cold weather), first aid supplies, and tools you can use for navigation, such as maps, compasses, and flashlights with spare batteries.

What is the most important survival item?

Water. Without water, your body cannot function correctly; without it, you will die within days. Make sure your bug-out bag has a military survival gear list so that you can survive anything.

What are five things you need to survive in the wilderness?

Survival is about making the best of bad situations. What you need is to be able to survive until help arrives or you can get yourself out of danger. Here’s a survival supply list to help you get started: water, fire, shelter, food, and tools.

What do preppers stock up on?

The prepper’s survival camping list includes food, water, and medical supplies. You’ll also find essentials like items that will help you protect yourself in a disaster or unrest, including knives and guns. Others will choose more practical items like flashlights or candles.

Closing Remarks

So there you have it –items that make a big difference but can be easily budgeted in.  I put a lot of thought into this survival gear checklist and it is in no way all-inclusive.  The intent was to get you thinking and to motivate you to start gearing up, one thing at a time.  Print out this list, shop around, and find your best deal.

Whatever you decide, start now and before you know it, you will have the perfect kit, tailored just for you.

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  1. well looks like i might have a web site where i can post very rare in the prepper world most are stores trying to sell you something equipment food gold . very disapointment. very good comments here. like. OK army duffle bag with shoulder straps and old safety belts from old car. cheap. make good bugout bag. 8 pound army mountain sleeping bag good to 0 degrees sleep like a baby. cheap one pound tent cost money. get better stakes. i put chocolate nutella expresso bananas oranges wheat bread oatmeal noogles water and wheatgerm and iam good for a week. happy trails

  2. Great article. A change in habits can also help. Instead of buying yet another porcelain pitcher for your collection at that garage sale, buy a crank radio. I got mine for (3€ about $4) at a local flea market. Make a list and keep in in your purse/wallet. When at thrift shops, garage sales etc, keep an eye out for what you may need.
    Non preppers are always happy to get rid of the kid’s boyscout manual, or mess kit, or sleeping bag…or the “I’m never-ever going camping again” equipment.
    Another thing: I prefer crank flashlights to battery ones. Less to carry, and they don’t run out. You can get them at many camping/outdoor supply shops or at, yes, you guessed it, garage sales…lol
    Money, or lack of, is no excuse to not start prepping.
    Thanks again for the great article.

  3. Here are some ideas I remember from the tornado days when I grew up in Ohio. Mom always had coal oil lamps for when the lights went out during storms of any type. I would lay in a big supply of sterno too. My mom was a Campfire Girls leader and this is a trick they learn. Take a tunafish can and cut a strip of corrigated cardboard just big enough to coil up and fit in the can, then fill the can with parafin wax leaving just a small portion of the cardboard exposed to light.

  4. yes u can make a HO-BO stove out of metal coffee or can goods large can for free and works as well if not better than $100 stove and all you need is minor knowledge found on youtube and metal can and can opener to make vents. excellant money saver and you can make it when needed so can have 2 for 1. buy large metal can full of can goods…once you empty can…make stove with empty can and cook the meal. great ideas on here. im a veteran with survival knowledge and experience as well as self succient farmer….but learn everyday online bout “prepping” and short of foodn water…ive been a prepper and didnt even know it haha i used to be called a hoarder of ammo,guns,survival supplies from military surplus, compasses,night vision, raise cows,pigs,chickens ect. i guess what once was thought of as OCD is now “good preperation” I LOVE IT

  5. Forgot to add when I reviewed the list for the umpteenth time (old age catchin’ up) re: the pepper spray. Be aware approximately 10 per cent of the population is immune to it, meaning it doesn’t always work to disable the attacker. There is a possible alternative for consideration, meaning something other than a gun, is a product sold by Cold Steel, actually two variations, an African walking stick or an Irish shillagh type of cane. Either is good as a striking/impact instrument or a jabbing instrument (jabbing at the assaillant to keep them at a distance). Both will not break, since they are not made of wood.

    • Thanks for the tip. I am putting together a second list of 15 items – this time for the more experience prepper who already has a lot of stuff but wants to fill in the gaps. I will be sure to incorporate your suggestions.

      — Gaye

    • There is a spray that NOBODY is immune to. That is wasp and bee sprays. They will throw a blinding stream of agony that no one can resist. They are cheap and extremely effective. Whether they will cause permanent eye damage is irrelavant. I don’t know or care. If a dog chases me on my bike, or a theif breaks in my house, I would rather disable them than kill them. Raid makes a very good product that throws a heavy stream about 20 feet. And I suppose that’s better than the moral load of having had to kill ssomeone because you had no other choice, There may be legal issues resulting, but they lawyer bills will not even began to be a downpayment on a full blown murder charge or civilian wrongfull death suit.

      Semper Fidelis & Semper Vigilans

    • Having just completed a ten hour course on the use of handguns, I will have to agree with you. Thinking about the ramifications of shooting someone – even in self-defense – is frightening. Our instructor advised us that pepper spray as well as bug spray – was an excellent first line of defense. The use of a handgun is a last choice – as long as you do not wait to long to make the decision to shoot and end up being shot and killed yourself.


    • hornet spray can shoot long range (safe distance) and hurts like you wouldnt believe. plus kills bees . 2 birds 1 stone?

  6. Re-read the list and did some thinking. I’m not a novice, but there were a few items that I have been letting “slide” like the radio for several months. Resolved some gaps in my preparedness inventory tonight by getting off my money and ordering the items. Thanx for helping me to overcome some procrastination issues.

    • You’re welcome. It’s like what is said of education, there can never be enough. In short, a person can never be prepared enough. Read an article like the one above and realize “I should’ve gotten that” or “I didn’t think of that.” When the collapse comes, and I feel in my “bones” it will, a person will have to face it with what you have in terms of knowledge and equipment ……for a long time. Knowing that fact, to me, means a person can never …..have enough of either.

  7. Number 15, the stove that costs $100 (aprox £140). Instead of buying one of these. How about making a rocket stove? A rocket stove can be made for free or very little cost and they are fantastic. All you need is wood splinters and/or twigs and some paper to get the fire rocket stove started.

    There are plenty of good instructional videos on youtube on how to make a rocket stove. Heres a you tube link of an easy to make and very efficient rocket stove. //

  8. Good article. One of the best I’ve read. It provides a simple “down and dirty” list necessary for basic preparedness.

  9. You’re certainly right that the most important thing is to get started now and I also agree that one can easily spend a small fortune on gear (I know I’ve tried). I might also make it 100% clear that knowledge is at least as important as the gear, that is, make sure you know how to use your gear once you get it. I might also suggest that specific training such as basic first aid from a reputable source such as the Red Cross would be a wise investment too. All-in-all your suggestions are a great place to get started.

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