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Special Report: Picking the Right Prepper Website

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Special Report: Picking the Right Prepper Website

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Every once in awhile, I wear personal angst on my sleeve for the world to see.  It is not that I like to complain or that I am a whiner, but rather that some things send my anger-meter to the top of the scale.  I hope you will indulge me a bit today as I reveal my personal bias against websites that rip-off and steal content from legitimate authors who work hard to deliver credible content and information to the masses.

Internet plagiarism and theft occurs in every niche and given the perception that there is a pile of gold out there in website-land, keeping the thieves at bay is impossible.  That said, I feel that all of us need to exhibit some personal responsibility in an effort to avoid such sites.

Picking the Proper Website Special Report

A recent article by one of my blogging colleagues, the Survivalist Prepper, explains this phenomena far better than I can.  Here is what he says:

“For every good prepper website on the internet there is probably 10 websites that are there just to take advantage of you and I. Picking the right prepper website and knowing which of these website owners put in the time and energy to add quality to the preparedness community is easy for me to understand, but for the average person just trying to learn something it is not that cut and dry.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do understand that you just want to learn something, you don’t care about what goes on behind the scenes and I completely get that. But without all of these good preparedness websites, all of this great information would not be available to you on a daily basis, and these bad or “spam” websites would have nothing to offer or nothing to steal to make you believe they are helping you out.

All I ask is that you take a few minutes to read this and hopefully you will gain a better understanding about how you can support your favorite websites and how you can spot these spam websites that only make this preparedness community look “scammy” for lack of a better word.”

Believe me when I say that most of us do what we do for the sake of knowledge.  As Dale, the Survivalist Prepper says in his article, it takes a lot of time to keep a quality website going.  It also takes a bit of a financial investment.  All that we ask is that you lend your support by visiting the legitimate websites and not those that are set up simply to entice you to purchase something on the backs of someone else’s work.

Today, as a favor to all of the hardworking website owners out there, I ask that you read this article in full.  Here is a link:  Picking the Right Prepper Website.

Who is the Survivalist Prepper?

Lisa and Dale of the Survivalist Prepper website believe that survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. They  believe that the end of the world will  be the end of the world as we know it now, and life will be what you make it.

And isn’t that the truth?  Life is indeed what you make of it!

The Final Word

I would like to personally thank all of the hardworking bloggers, authors, and editors in the prepping, homesteading, and survival niche – and there are a ton of you.  Whereas some of you provide original content, others aggregate the work of others so that readers can easily find articles of interest.  I know you work hard and I, for one, appreciate all you do.

And to the readers of Backdoor Survival, thank you for making it this far and indulging me today.  We will return to normal programming tomorrow!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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13 Responses to “Special Report: Picking the Right Prepper Website”

  1. I really wish Google would have a heavier penalty on content scrapers: it would really benefit all the genuine bloggers in this industry I think. It’s a shame that some people can just go around and steal everyone else’s content, then pretend their site is a valuable resource just because it becomes essentially a massive index of other people’s high quality (stolen) articles. Frustrating as hell.

    As a relatively new blog, under a year, I was surprised at how early I was confronted with this problem. My site was up by July and content was already being stolen by October. I did take action a few times, when the scrapers outranked me in Google namely, but otherwise it’s just too rampant to fight on a per-article basis. Definitely irritating.

  2. Hubby decided to purchase some survival food awhile back, and we sent off for samples from multiples sites. he did his homework as far as samples, and we got good food we want more of, and some crappy very expensive waste of time and toilet paper food (Ick, Eww, Yuck!).
    Sites that offer affiliate links and not much more, are a good way to know they are up to no good. if they have nothing to offer but sales, they are not worth spending time on.
    We learned this the hard way.

  3. There are many ways to go about having stolen content removed. It is a constant battle but it is better than letting someone else get away with stealing your hard work. I pursue content thieves as passionately as I do poor backlinks. If you let one go, then it can snowball and when that happens, it can all go downhill very quickly and it isn’t worth it.

    Part of site-building or blog-building is management and maintenance. It isn’t a pretty part, but it is critical. I have had to do this for clients as well as myself and it is very time-consuming.

    My site isn’t well-known among the prepper community, but it is REAL and I work very hard to help others. I know what it takes to write a page that offers honest content and valuable information. Don’t let anyone steal your words.

  4. Gaye have you seen or read Angela England’s site. good read. //

  5. Two types of people not welcome in our house. A thief and a lier. A thief will steal you things, a lier will steal your beliefs. Anyone who takes someone else’s words and claims or implies they are their own is both a thief and a liver. I have never seen it done on BDS, Gaye always gives the authors name and usually a link to their website.
    One of the many reasons I vote BDS as top website for peppers.

    • The problem with listing these fake/ganif websites is that Google will perceive that as an endorsement of sorts and start to rank them even higher in the search results. Plus, people are curious an will click thru to them, driving their rankings even higher.

      It is best to simply recognize them as you happen upon them by accident – and hit the x for delete in your browser.

    • It’s true, but technically we could always make a list of them/their urls without actually linking to them. That’s the only workaround I can think of if you do want to have a “do not visit” list.

  6. Wonderful article Gaye! And what a perfect example of how to share someone else’s article to add value to the preparedness community.
    Thanks you for your kind words,

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