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Managing Blood Pressure With Essential Oils

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Managing Blood Pressure With Essential Oils

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Something of that concerns every single one of us is how we will deal with health issues in the event modern medicine and western doctors are no longer available to keep us well.  This goes far beyond current health woes because, as you know, stuff happens and someone that is perfectly healthy one day may be stricken with a health-related malady the next.

With that introduction, a few months back I decided to explore whether the use of essential oils could help manage high blood pressure during times of trouble.  From the get-go, I will tell you that managing blood pressure with essential oils is a very personal quest.  My own, traditionally perfect blood pressure, had suddenly taken a leap from 120/80 to 160/90 and higher.  I was not a happy camper.

Managing Blood Pressure with Essential Oils - Backdoor Survival

After consulting with my physician, I decided to experiment using essential oils before taking more drastic measures, named pharmaceuticals.

What is Blood Pressure?

Let me quote from Joe and Amy Alton’s excellent book, The Survival Medicine Handbook:

Blood pressure is the measure of the blood flow pushing against the walls of the arteries in your body.  Without this flow of blood, oxygen would never get to all the organs of the body.

If this pressure, however, is elevated over time, it can cause long-term damage.  Many millions of adults in the U.S. have this condition, which is often asymptomatic (no signs or symptoms).  Because of this, it has been referred to as a “silent killer”.  Blood pressure tends to rise with increasing age and weight.

For better or for worse, many adults routinely take blood pressure medications to control this silent killer.  The hope is that by managing blood pressure, a stroke or a heart attack can be avoided.

Essential Oils to Manage High Blood Pressure

The results of my research and testing have been quite remarkable.  Before I share what has worked for me, I want to state that my use of essential oils to manage high blood pressure began with a baseline of good health.  A healthy diet, frequent exercise, and height and weight in proportion are always a good starting point for any sort of natural protocol and I passed on all accounts.

With that out of the way, I can tell you that by applying the blend below, my blood pressure has stabilized at about 110/76 in the mornings and 106/66 in the evenings.  On a few occasions, it has been lower; low enough for me to verify that it was not too low. (It wasn’t.)

After a bit of trial and error, here is the recipe I use.

Blood Pressure Salve

1 ounce Simple Salve
30 drops Ylang Ylang
15 drops Cypress
15 drops Marjoram
15 drops Rosemary (optional – if high blood pressure is due to stress)
15 drops Frankincense

After melting the Simple Salve, add the essential oils and mix well using a small stick or toothpick.  Set it aside to firm up overnight.

Twice a day, take a bit of BP Salve, as I call it, and rub some into the sole of the left foot, right below the big toe.  Also rub some below the ring finger of your left hand and over your heart.  These are commonly referred to as the “reflex points” for the heart.  (You might find the WikiHow on Reflexology interesting.)

If you don’t want to make up a batch of Simple Salve (directions here), you can use coconut oil, olive oil, or some other carrier oil.

Although I prefer the salve, I have also used the same essential oils in a roller ball topped with fractionated (liquid) coconut oil.  In that case, use just 10 drops of Ylang Ylang and 5 drops each of the other oils.

Essential Oils Equals Calm Equals Less Stress

There is one additional step I have been taking as part of my overall blood pressure management protocol.  Nightly, I have set a diffuser up on my nightstand and have diffused this same blend throughout the night.

To simplify the process, I have mixed a small bottle of the oils in the proportions shown.  Then before bed, I add water to the diffuser and 8 drops of my blend.  Whether it is a coincidence or not, my nocturnal visits to the bathroom have gone from six or seven times a night to one or two.  I am sleeping better and, of course, my blood pressure is back in the normal range.

Managing Blood Pressure with Essential Oils - Backdoor Survival

This has me thinking that perhaps the reason this protocol is working is that the oils have been calming.  Calm evokes relaxation and the end result is less stress.  Is that really what is happening here?

I leave it up to you to decide whether you want to try a diffuser; all that I can say is that it is working for me.

A Word About Blood Pressure Monitors

I currently have two blood pressure monitors, although one is new and did not arrive in time for this article.  One, the LifeSource UB-512 is more than a few years old and is being replaced because the battery cover has broken.  It is being held together with tape at the moment but still is cranking away giving readings very similar to those in my doctor’s office.  That said,  I am looking forward to my new Omron 7 and expect that it will perform equally well.

Both Shelly and I have found that our BP readings are lower at night than in the morning. According to our physicians, it is normal to have some fluctuation so there is no cause for worry unless the numbers start to climb above the 140/90 range and stay there.

Regardless of what particular monitor you choose, taking a periodic reading is important so that you can take action if your levels become too high.  As I discovered myself, that can happen in a flash.

The Next Step

Before you rush off and begin to self-medicate using essential oils let me say this.  If you are under a doctor’s care for hypertension (high blood pressure), keep track of your results and share them with your health care provider before making any change in your drug protocol.  With Shelly (aka the Survival Husband), his cardiologist was on board and changed his drug protocol ever so slightly because the results with EOs were promising.  Not as good as mine, but promising.

The other thing is similar to all natural remedies, what works for one person make work better – or not at all – for someone else.  Always keep that in mind and anticipate the need to experiment to find your own unique formula.

Disclaimer:  Remember that I am not a health care professional.  Furthermore, essential oils have not been approved by the FDA for medical use and this should not be construed as medical advice.

Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

After a ton of research, for wellness purposes, I use 100% pure essential oils from Spark Naturals.  There are a lot of reasons the most important being their commitment to both quality and value.  I am satisfied that the raw materials used in Spark Naturals products are tested and authenticated to be of pharmaceutical grade purity.

I also like that they are not an MLM and everyone pays the same price without having to cough up dues or membership fees. Spark Naturals is open about the fact that there is no official system that grades essential oils as A, B, C or Therapeutic grade.  If you see a site that makes that claim, it is marketing hype and not fact.

If you decide to purchase the essential oils used in my Blood Pressure Salve from Spark Naturals, you will receive a 10% discount when you use the discount code “BACKDOORSURVIVAL” at checkout.

The Final Word

I personally feel that essential oils are minor miracle workers.  Some of my personal favorites include Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Oregano, Peppermint, and Lavender as well as the oils used in the blood pressure salve/blend.  That said, if you are just starting out, I suggest you start with these four and branch out as you become more comfortable with using essential oils for day to day first aid purposes.

If the time ever comes when modern medicine is not available, I know for sure that I will turn to my cache of oils to get me through.  As I have taken to saying:  Stuff Happens – Be Ready!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  Essential Oils from Spark Naturals

For health and wellness purposes, I use Spark Naturals oils exclusively. By that I mean any essential oil that is applied directly to my skin.  You will find that dealing with Spark Naturals is a pleasure; they have great monthly sales and customer service is top notch!

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Below you will find items related to today’s article.

The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way: This book by Joe and Amy Alton book teach how to deal with all the likely medical issues you will face in a disaster situation, including strategies to keep your family healthy even in the worse scenarios. It covers skills such as performing a physical exam, transporting the injured patient, and even how to suture a wound. This medical reference belongs in every survival library.

LifeSource UB-512 Advanced Memory Wrist Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor:  I have used this BP monitor for years and it is still operating perfectly.  It has both AM and PM settings that store your readings but I prefer keeping a handwritten log instead.  You won’t be disappointed in this one.

Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor:  Based on the reviews, I have ordered this BP monitor since I wanted to try something different.

Coconut (Fractionated) Carrier Oil:  Once you start using coconut oil, you will be hooked.  This is the liquid form of Coconut Oil, also referred to as FCO.  I have been very satisfied with this brand as well as the FCO from Spark Naturals.

Diffusers:  You are definitely going to want to consider a diffuser.  I keep one in my office next to my desk and two in the bedroom (one at each side of the bed).  The diffuser pictured below is this one: ZAQ Dew Aromatherapy Diffuser. The diffuser shown in the article is a ZAQ Mirage.

White Plastic Jar with Lid 1 Oz (10 per bag): I love the size of these compact jars. They are really inexpensive and shipping is free.  But, as much as I love these, I love these glass jars better!

Aromatherapy Glass Roll On Bottles, Frost Cobalt Blue-Set of 6: You are going to want some of these for your oils.  I put essential oils (singly or in combination) in a roller ball with a bit of fractionated coconut oil and use it to apply EOs topically.   Note that I prefer the cobalt blue roller ball containers but they are also available in clear.  These complement the custom salves I mix up and store in these 1/2 ounce ointment jars.

Glass Droppers, Pack of 6: I bought a package of these and loved them.  When I went to re-order, I accidentally ordered plastic instead of glass droppers.  Learn from my mistake.  The price is the same so get the glass ones.

Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition:  I thought long and hard before purchasing this book myself, but once I did, I was so grateful I took the leap.  The information is cross-referenced in many ways making it easy to find what you are looking for.  When searching for a particular remedy, you may see multiple oils listed and any will work but they are presented in order of typical efficacy.  The nice thing is that if you do not have #1 on hand, you can move down the list.  I have found the recommendations to be spot on.

NOW Foods Essential Oils : I use essential oils from Spark Naturals.  For healing purposes, I feel they are superior.  On the other hand, NOW Foods has decent essential oils at a  budget price:  NOW Foods Rosemary Oil, NOW Foods Peppermint Oil and Now Foods Lavender Oil are especially nice.

Help support Backdoor Survival. Purchases earn a small commission and for that I thank you!


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114 Responses to “Managing Blood Pressure With Essential Oils”

  1. Do you consider using the diffuser to be an integral part of lowering your blood pressure? I have only used the oils topically, and I can’t tell that it is helping.
    Also, do you think the oils could be mixed with unscented lotion, aloe vera gel or witch hazel, and still give results?

  2. Thanks so much for the lowering BP recipe.
    I made it for my husband who was trying to control his BP with diet
    and it wasn’t working. Less than a week on your recipe and his BP has dropped
    20-30 points. Enough to keep him off medicine. What a blessing you are for sharing it!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Hello, just curious, was he taking meds while on EOs? And was it mostly diffusing or did you apply topically as well? I don’t plan to ingest anyway, but i did see contraindication for the meds i’m taking (Nifedipine).

  3. Gaye and others who have tried this~
    How long did it take for your blood pressure to come down after using the BP salve twice a day?

  4. Hello. I thought that I would tell you about my experience with rosemary. I used to use Lysinopril for high bp and slowly weaned myself off of it with lavender essential oil. I started using rosemary just a few months ago and really liked it, so it was in my diffuser a lot of the time. My bp went up to almost stroke level during that time, and then my essential oil advisors told me not to ever take rosemary if I had this problem. If I were you, I would seriously consider taking the rosemary out of your recipe, it is dangerous for people with high bp. I know that it seems calming, but there is an ingredient in it that can raise bp, and you don’t realize that it’s doing it.

  5. Hi Gaye! thank you for this info! do you think your blend could be modified for an aromatherapy inhaler? they are so portable and easy to use, I was thinking I’d like to have one on hand whenever I’m out.

    • Funny you should mention it. I make up a bottle of the blended oils and use them in a diffuser. I was planning to mention it in an upcoming article on my favorite DIY diffuser blends!

  6. has anyone had success with the roll on BP blend? Would you massage it in or not so much since you’re using a rollerball? Also has anyone tried adding stress away to the roller BP blend?

  7. No one has asked this, but how strong smelling is this mixture? I don’t mind using it at home, but I don’t want to be in close quarters with others, smelling to high heaven!!

    I also noticed in a reply to DJ, on January 18, you did not include the rosemary in the recipe…are you no longer adding that?

    • There is no smell once it is applied so no worries in that regard. As far as Rosemary EO, Rosemary itself is a great stress reliever. On the other hand, I have learned that the use of Rosemary can actually raise BP in some individuals but not others. For that reason, I tend to leave it out except during particularly stressful periods.

    • Gaye,
      I am going to be using 4 ounce jars and was wondering how many drops of each oil for that amount.
      My daughter just got me into oils and really like them. Great recipe by the way, have been using roller bottle but would like to try the salve.


    • Here you go.

      4 oz jar of Simple Save
      120 drops Ylang Ylang
      60 drops Cypress
      60 drops Marjoram
      60 drops Frankincense optional.

      I suggest using Frankincense only at the beginning when you are trying to bring your BP under control. Once BP has stabilized, try going without. I say this because Frank is rather expensive.

    • I leave the diffuser on all night long which can be anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours, depending on the water capacity of the diffuser. I have read that the benefits of diffusion diminish after 45 minutes or an hour but have not seen any studies that validate that.

      By the way, I find this blend to be quite relaxing and often diffuse it during the day to relieve anxiety.

  8. Would you have any idea how many drops of oil would be in the small bottles of oils. I would like to try your BP salve, but would like to make just a small amount to start with before I get bigger amounts of the oils.

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