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Make Your Own Healing Boo-Boo Stick

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Make Your Own Healing Boo-Boo Stick

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Lately it seems that I can not get through the day without banging my shins against something, getting bit by an insect, burning myself while reaching into the oven, or having a dry skin itch-attack then scratching my skin raw.  Nothing major, mind you, but I do look like I have been through a war zone.

In the old days, my solution to treating these surface wounds has been to reach for the Neosporin and slather it all over the place.  In the new days, meaning now, I ditch the petroleum based ointment in favor of a more natural remedy.

Make Your Own Healing Boo Boo Stick | Backdoor Survival

What I have come up with is my own version of a first aid stick, something I call my “Healing Boo-Boo Stick”.  Yes, there are plenty of DIY “Boo-Boo” and “Owie” stick formulations online as well as DIY Neosporin ointments.  But that said, this is not rocket science.  Here is my own formula and one that works for me.

Healing Boo-Boo Stick aka My Miracle First Aid Stick

20 drops Lavender essential oil
20 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil
10 drops Oregano essential oil
Witch Hazel

Add essential oils to a small, 10ML glass roller ball bottle.  Top with witch hazel.

Before using, give it a quick shake then apply liberally to cuts, scrapes, bug bites, blemishes and zits (admit it, we still get them) and just about anywhere else you would normally apply antiseptic ointment.

1.  Use a small spray bottle instead of a roller ball.

2.  Instead of witch hazel, use fractionated coconut oil

3.  If you prefer an ointment, mix the ingredients into 2 teaspoons of BDS Simple Salve.  What’s that? See DIY Simple Salve: An All Purpose, All Natural Ointment and learn to make it your self!

How Does It Work?

The essential oils used in this miracle first aid stick are well known for their healing qualities.  With the addition of soothing and calming witch hazel, you have a combination that will seal the fate of those everyday cuts, scrapes, and bites that I so fondly call “boo boos”.

Lavender:  Lavender has historically been used to clean and help heal wounds and burns, and to address skin issues of all types.  It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral.

Resource:  The Miracle of Lavender Oil: 25 Amazing Uses for Survival

Melaleuca (Tea Tree): Melaleuca acts as a stimulant and helps the body fight off bacteria, infections, viruses, and illness.  It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antiviral.

Resource:  The Miracle of Tea Tree Oil: 80 Amazing Uses for Survival

Oregano:  Historically, oregano was used by ancient Greek physicians to treat wounds and bites.  Many members of the modern medical community consider oregano to be natures antibiotic. It is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-allergenic, and anti–inflammatory.

Resource:  25 Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil for Health and Wellness

Witch Hazel:  Witch Hazel is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing.  Historically it has been used for acne, sunburn, stings and bites, razor burn and nicks, blisters, and other skin woes. It is perfect for cleaning wounds and reducing inflammation and swelling.

What Can I Use the Boo-Boo Stick For?

I could list all of the uses for this miracle first aid stick but let me just say this:

Use it anytime you would normally reach for a tube of Neosporin.

Use it for treating and preventing infections from minor cuts, scrapes, bites and burns.

Use it to calm itching, reduce inflammation and swelling, and to promote healing without reliance on chemical laden petroleum products.

Most of all, use it whenever you feel that an OTC first aid cream or ointment is warranted.

The Final Word

As with all of my lotions, ointments, salves and other concoctions, this is the formula that works for me.  I find that It is quick and effective plus it uses some of the more common and less expensive essential oils.  The one caveat I have is that you want to be mindful that oregano is a “hot oil” and even though it is well-diluted, you should keep it away from the eyes.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you happen to be in the kitchen and don’t have your boo-boo stick handy, reach for some honey.  It, too, has healing qualities that are proven to reduce the incidence of inflammation and infection.

And finally, it goes without saying that using essential oils for minor skin irritations is just fine.  For serious wounds, however, please seek medical attention and follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner.  Let common sense prevail.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Aromatherapy Glass Roll On Bottles, Frost Cobalt Blue-Set of 6: These are the roller ball bottles that I use.  I have tried many “brands” and have never had a leaker with these.  You are going to want some of these not only for your boo-boo stick but also for your oils.  I put essential oils (singly or in combination) in a roller ball with a bit of fractionated coconut oil and use it to apply EOs topically.

Note that I prefer the cobalt blue roller ball containers but they are also available in clear.  These complement the custom salves I mix up and store in these 1/2 ounce ointment jars.

Spark Naturals Essential Oils: I use essential oils from Spark Naturals exclusively.  They are high quality yet reasonably priced.  In addition, there are no membership fees and a distributor relationship is not necessary to get best pricing. Interested in checking them out?

The specific oils for the Boo-Boo stick are Oregano, Lavender, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree).

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NOW Foods Essential Oils:  I use essential oils from Spark Naturals.  For healing purposes, I feel they are superior.  On the other hand, NOW Foods has decent essential oils at a budget price from Amazon.  Here are a the oils used in the Boo-Boo Stick:  Oregano, Lavender, and Tea Tree.

Thayers Witch Hazel:  This is the brand I use; you simply cannot beat the price.

Glass Droppers, Pack of 6: I bought a package of these and loved them.  When I went to re-order, I accidentally ordered plastic instead glass droppers.  Learn from my mistake.  The price is the same so get the glass ones.


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18 Responses to “Make Your Own Healing Boo-Boo Stick”

  1. Problem with dispensing the Essential Oils. My EO products come in the little glass bottles with a plastic device lodged in the mouth which restricts the flow so that you can’t dump the whole contents, say by accident. I haven’t been able to satisfactorily get a drop or other measure accurately. Just writing about this has given a solution to my problem. Use a hypodermic needle. Where do you get those things these days?

  2. Shouldn’t apply directly to the skin, bacteria will contaminate the entire bottle. Apply to a cotton ball or swab, the dab on the skin to avoid cross contamination.

  3. I can remember way way back in the old days, those surface wounds would get touched up by iodine (which made my brother, myself & cousins all run away fast or just not tell that we had gotten hurt coz it stung so bad), then bacitratin got used in later years which was so much better. So now I will try your DIY’s so my grandkids don’t do the same.

  4. thank you for the boo boo essential oil recipe. knowing the percentages of oils like lavender vs tea tree is something I put away in my knoggin for when I mix up skin care blends that include coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax. need to add lavender oil to my stocks of natural cures. any suggestions on books that include recipies like this for home made essential oil blends?

  5. Just curious–can you reccomend something besides lavendar for this? I’m not break-out-allergic to it, but find the smell irritating. Although, come to think of it, I tried using lavendar soap and it made me itch, but that could have been something else in it.

    • My first thought would be to use Frankincense since it is a good all-around oil that seems to boost the effectiveness of other oils. Even on its own, Frank is amazing.

      You can also try omitting the lavender completely.

      I banged my head on a car door a couple of weeks ago and had a huge gash. I used the boo boo stick topped with Frankincense (mixed in Simple Salve) and a week later it was gone. Shelly thought for sure I would have a scar.

  6. I have a laptop. 🙂

    Today, the row of icons was placed in a horizontal row near the top of the page at the beginning of the post and so there was no problem reading your post. Thanks!

  7. Hi Gaye,

    Is there a way to close the “share” overlay? It is difficult to read your website with those Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. icons along the left side covering up part of the page.

    Thank you for all you do!

  8. Cleaning out my toiletries, I set aside some empty little bottles that would be perfect for this. Very low on witch hazel so must get some more. Wondering if quality matters or can I just pick some generic witch hazel at Walmart or Target? I noted your recommendation of Thayers.

    • I used Thayers because it is what I had. I will get the alcohol-free from Spark Naturals next time but I don’t think it really matters. You know me – I have my preferences but I am not a snob about it 🙂

    • I buy Dickinson’s yellow brand for some things and T.N. Dickinson’s blue label for others. For more info on this brand and why 2 labels: //
      I find it at most drugstores and large stores like Walmart, KMart, etc.
      I’ve been using this brand for 30+ years and haven’t noticed a change in quality.

  9. I love Sparks blue roller bottles, use them all the time. I ordered some from another company that were a little cheaper but wasted my money as after one use the ball fell out and would not stay in. Sparks also has great consumer practices. I ordered some small spray bottles and they arrived broken. I contacted via email, got a return email and a replacement for my bottles in a very short time. Have used many of their oils and never been disappointed. Go Sparks!

    • One of my Health and Wellness kit oils leaked inside the tin but rather than replace the single oil, they sent a complete new kit. I always talk about the excellent customer service at Spark Naturals but it is always good to hear that others have had the same experience.

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