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Education After the Collapse – A Journey Back to Little House on the Prairie

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Education After the Collapse – A Journey Back to Little House on the Prairie

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Education After Collapse - Todd SepulvedaThe year is 2018.  Looking back, everything in the good old days of 2011 and 2012 seem like a distant memory.  And yeah, at the time those good old days did not seem so good.  But now they do.  Why?  The world and society as we knew it are long gone and we are left with a new world, a world without conveniences, without power and without a consistent and reliable food supply.

What I have described above, in my own words, is the scenario described in a new free eBook written by Todd Sepulveda, the chief editor at the Prepper Website.  In his book, titled “Education After the Collapse”, Todd describes a fictional community surviving in the aftermath of an economic collapse.  It is not a pretty picture and most certainly it will make you want to sit back and think (as well as ratchet up the preps more than just a little bit.)

But his intent is not to scare and not to create panic.  Rather, with this brief introduction, the intent is to set you on a track for thinking about an aspect of prepping you rarely hear about:  the education of our children and the leaders of the next generation.

School When There Is No Classroom

Using his background and passion as an educator, Todd writes about teaching and puts it in the context of the old days – not unlike Laura Ingalls in her series of books titled Little House on the Prairie.  Back then traditional schoolhouses were few and far between.  They were predominately in the cities and towns and only randomly scattered in rural communities.  There were no electronics, no calculators, and not cyberspace and Internet to use for research purposes.schoolhouse

The schoolhouse was more likely the kitchen table, with Mom and Dad pitching in to teach their children and loved ones the basics of reading, math and science.  And that is where this eBook shines: as a tool for helping you prepare for a possible time when a traditional school is not available to educate our children.

In Education After the Collapse, you will be reminded  that different children – and people for that matter – have different capacities and styles of learning.  That said, within the scope of those differences, teaching children to solve problems and think critically is probably the most important lesson of all.  In 45 pages (including the appendix), suggestions are provided for embracing project based learning regardless of individual learning capacities and maturities.

Quite remarkable, if you ask me.  After all, when is the last time your local school district even mentioned this?

The Final Word

Alphabet Blocks and ChalkboardPlease do not think this eBook is just for families.  The first section, alone, describing a fictional community after the collapse is worthy of a download (which is 100% free by the way).  I read that and was immediately taken in to the future – a future that may never happen but is still within the realm of probability.

But even more important, if you care about our world and you care about society, you will want to read the rest of Education After the Collapse.  And after reading it?  You just might – like me – want to stock up on some textbooks, paper, writing materials and flash cards so that you will have them for the children of the unprepared – if and when the time comes.

For more information, be sure to visit the website Ed That Matters and download your own free copy of Education After the Collapse.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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4 Responses to “Education After the Collapse – A Journey Back to Little House on the Prairie”

  1. Home schooling is near to my heart. Back in a different life (early 80s) we did that and may I say, it worked well for all involved. I am retired now and mostly estranged from my sons and their families. This is what I have submitted to the Americans Preparing to Survive and the Seasoned Preppers sites for consideration…yet to see ifn anyone can use it.



    Many times daily now I am reminded that I have become a “Seasoned Prepper”. Partly as a concious choice and partly (well mostly) as a result of past chioces. “Brings to mind the old George Jones song “Choices”…I’ve had choices since the day that I was born, there were voices that told me right from wrong. If I had listened, well I would’nt be here today…living and dieing with the choices I have made.

    It has been said, “It is good for people to change, but not to forget. You can go back – but you can never return”.

    And change I have. For that reason I have ‘compartmentalized’ my past into ‘different lives’ and it is just my way to survive.

    Spending time looking back is only good ifn you learn from it and maybe more importantly learn to forgive yourself. The Lord is quick to forgive if you ask – but He does leave you with the consequences.

    Most of my adult life was spent as an adrinaline junky. Riding bulls in one different life, then on to a career in Law Enforcement and Tactical Instructor in that other different life. Dragging and losing several women (and my kids) somewhere along the way. Busting up my mind, my body and my credit to boot.

    I went on a three year stint in that one different life, with only me, my pain and the whiskey bottle. Damned near did not make it out of that life alive.

    But I did, with the Lord’s help to find myself a “Seasoned Prepper” with both my dignity and faith restored intact. Dare I say quite a bit wiser? I now know not only what I believe, but also why I believe it. I now know that one individual taking a stand, calling good what it is and wrong what it is can make a difference. It starts at home, then extends to the community, county and state, then on to the national stage. Make a difference, those who ‘are on the other side’ sure are!

    All the highfaluutn communication radios and and shooting irons are gone now from that Law Enforcement life and my hands are too busted up to even rack a semi-auto. But gone too, is the attitude. I will not race you any more to the next ’emergency’, but ifn you will listen – I will give you some of my hard earned advice on the likely best way to handle said situation when you are confronted with it.

    In those other lives I was too busy shooting adrinaline to learn to hunt meat, fish or canning said provisions and now my time is being spent much quieter learning those skills on my own.

    Oh, and sons…ifn you ever learn forgiveness in your own hearts – this old wannabe Grandpa could teach his grandchildren a thing or two they will not get at a babysitters or the government education system and do it with a new found love, too!

    There is not much room in this old 30ft RV but it is paid for cash and everything in it works and has a purpose. Maybe I could show them by example the difference between a need and a want, the difference between running to the store and opening up some damned good canned chow and even cooking somemore in a Dutch Oven on a campfire.

    When was the last time you slowed down enough to really enjoy and use a campfire?

    It is a new life, it is called being a “Seasoned Prepper”.

  2. I have read that green beans don’t have much nutritional value, but WOULD add variety. Additions to other dishes. Anyone research this?

    • I am not sure why someone would say green beans have little nutritional value. To the best of my knowledge, they are an excellent source of vitamins A, C K and others as well as a variety of minerals. They also are a good source of fiber. I personally like to eat them fresh picked and raw but I may be weird in that respect.

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