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Door Armor Concepts Door Armor Review

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: April 6, 2020
Door Armor Concepts Door Armor Review

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During uncertain times, security becomes even more of a concern. There are a lot of security products out there but many of them are not useful or realistic for many people.

Why should you be more concerned about security right now?

Some of you already know the reasons but there are many people that still don’t comprehend some of the risks and dangers that we may be facing in the future even though there is evidence appearing more and more frequently in the news.

Regardless of how you overblown or underreported you believe the COVID-19 pandemic to be, people are reacting and the results are pretty scary. There is no way that you are going to get through this time period without feeling the effects. While a lot of things are out of our control as individuals, it is important to think about the things we can do to influence the outcome for us and our families.

Security and defense is something you have control over. With stores and pharmacies struggling to keep in-demand items flowing to the general population, there is an increased risk of looting, home invasions, and more.

A lot of people are not in their right mind and there are some people that are using the pandemic to act the way they want because they have little to no fear of repercussions and punishment. In fact, many law enforcement agencies have pretty much told people that a lot of calls they are simply not going to respond to or they are going to try to mitigate over the phone.

Even in good times, the average police response time can be a lot longer than you might think.

I live out in the country. I know that the average police response time is 20 minutes minimum and that is if there is an officer that is patrolling and happens to be that close. I advise trying to find info on police response times in your area just so you know. I am not trying to say that police are not doing their job or it is their fault. The fact is that police and sheriff’s offices only have so many resources and they have to work with that and do as good as they can. If they are taking care of other incidents, they also have to prioritize who gets help first.

Even cities that on paper have thousands and thousands of officers, the response time may be pretty slow, especially during hard times. With the COVID-19 pandemic, some law enforcement agencies have far fewer officers available because they are sick or showing symptoms and thus have to quarantine. Unfortunately, some of those officers may never be able to return to duty.

Thieves are not just looking for things they can sell. They are looking for whatever they can get that is in demand. Thieves are just as likely to take your groceries as they are other things during these uncertain times.

Desperate times can lead more people to turn to nefarious ways of getting things that they need or just want.

A short time ago, I wrote about the possible economical and societal impacts of COVID-19 and we are starting to see some of those. I live in an area where there is a big opioid and substance abuse problem. A lot of the USA is like that now. The supply of pharmaceutical and illicit drugs is not what it once was and the cost is higher, leading to more theft, crime, and acts from people in withdrawal. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

One area of concern that almost everyone can relate to is the door. In fact, 80% of the break-ins that occur come through the door. This makes the door your first line of defense.

Securing the doors to your home is something that anyone can do regardless if they rent or own their home. In the past, I have talked to you about various products that can be used for door reinforcement. Today we are going to focus on the Door Armor Plus Max system from Armor Concepts. This is an affordable way to make doors practically impossible to kick in.

The plus side is that it is also easy to install and very discreet which means that it is not going to be obvious to those walking by that you are taking security measures. That can be a good thing because if it looks like you are taking too many obvious measures, it could draw attention and make things worse in some situations.

First, let’s talk a little more about your standard doors found in the USA.

  • Solid metal-based doors are the strongest.
  • Wood doors or those with glass are a security hazard but there are things you can do to make them much more secure and harder to breakthrough.
  • Internal door stops can add additional protection that is not visible at all from the outside of your home. We will talk more about that later.
  • The door hardware that is used in most doors includes short screws and thin metal that is easy for a determined thief to get through. Even if you bought the nice door at the home improvement store, I bet the hardware is not near as great as you thought it was.

Door Weakness #1 Short screws holding in the jamb.

It is really silly that such short screws are used in standard door hardware. The Door Armor Max Plus kit addresses this by providing screws that offer more strength. It really wouldn’t cost a lot more for door hardware manufacturers to include longer and stronger screws but the reality is that they don’t so that is something you need to fix if you take door security seriously.

Door Weakness #2 Doors have little protection against prying.

A reasonably strong person with a crowbar can be through a lot of doors in just a minute or two depending on how strong the door is. Protecting the jamb area is essential if you want to prevent door prying. While many of us are staying at home most of the time, there are a lot of people that are still having to go to jobs daily during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even those that are home most of the time are still making weekly trips to the grocery store or going to pick up supplies at various locations. It takes very little time for someone to breach your door and make off with items that you may not be able to replace even if you have the money or insurance to do so. With the supply chain so stressed, now is one of the worst times to have to do without supplies.

Door Weakness #3 Hinges that are easily damaged or removed.

Three colors are available so it is easy to match most décor.

This means your door security blends in better than ever and you don’t have to sacrifice beauty and aesthetics for security like with some systems. You get to choose between white, nickel, and aged bronze at no additional cost. As someone that chose the aged bronze color theme when building their house, I can really appreciate that option being offered without jacking the price up.

Also if you have a spouse or partner that has concerns about security looking terrible or being obvious, the benefit is that they will probably not even notice that this has been installed.

Window security film is easy to install and offers extra protection for glass doors and windows that may be located next to doors.

Amazon sells a lot of security film in different thicknesses. The thicker it is the more protection it offers. You can install it with just a few basic tools like an Exacto Knife or even scissors. Of course, cleaning the glass well before applying is essential. This is another security measure you can take even if you rent because it is not noticeable. You can even get film that allows you to see out but others cannot see in.

Door Armor Concepts Max Kit

1-Door Armor Jamb Shield

The jamb shield measures a full 46” long and is made of galvanized steel rather than the inexpensive and flimsy rolled metal that many products are made from that promise you security.

2-Hinge Shields

These L-Shaped pieces of galvanized metal install over your hinges to prevent them from any tampering or damage. You would be amazed at how often hinges fail. Since these fit over your existing hinges, you do not have to remove anything from your door so the installation is as easy as can be.

2-Mini Door Shields

1-Pry Shield With Tamper Resistant Screws

This keeps intruders from being able to easily pry your door open. If they do, they will be met with a piece of strong galvanized steel that prevents them from getting a pry bar to the right place. Consider that if anyone is determined enough to try to break through a door, they might resort to a pry bar when that fails. This means you have an additional layer of protection.

17- 3.5 inch Tamper Resistant Screws

Stronger and longer screws mean a lot when it comes to door security. With the Armor Concepts kit, you get enough screws to make sure that your door has no flimsy screws and weak points that help out thieves.

$500 Lifetime Guarantee Against Door Kick-Ins

So what if your door gets kicked in even after you reinforce it with Door Armor? Well, Armor Concepts doesn’t believe that will happen. If it ever does, they have a no questions asked $500 check to you if you send them the pics. That is a better warranty than you are going to get with any other door security product out there.

Armor For Other Doors

Armor Concepts offers security options for a variety of doors. If you live in a mobile home, there is a kit for that. While sliding glass doors are a security threat, they have a product that can help you out with that as well.

The Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt

This latch adds a deadbolt to your sliding glass doors. Combine this with window film and you have a much more secure sliding glass door than before. Remember that you can also put a stick or bar in the slide part to lock from the inside as well.

Door Armor Double Door Kit (With Night Lock)

Some of you may have double doors that need to be secured. This kit is $109 and has everything needed to secure your doors including a slide in night lock! This protects doors from prying, kicking in, and more.


This product is designed to fix and reinforce the door jamb on mobile homes. I believe it will also work on RVs. As someone that lived in an RV for nearly 2 years, I can relate to how flimsy the door jambs can be and how easy they are to damage.

Door Armor PRO Dormitory Combo Set

I thought this was a pretty neat product for those that rent a room or live in a dorm. It does require drilling into the door in an obvious way but if you can get permission from where you are renting, this would be a nice way to secure your room. I went to a pretty safe college so I never really thought about door security beyond locking my door.

I could see how those that rent a room in a house and have roommates would benefit from a device like this. This would add a layer of security to any interior room that you use for storage as well. For example, if you keep your gun safe in a particular room, this could add a valuable layer of security if someone breaks into your home. They may not have time to bother with another door and obstacle.

Conclusion: Security is important and your door is a security hazard if you don’t take some measures to secure it and reinforce it. Check out my article on door security and reinforcement for some other options you can use in conjunction with your Door Armor.

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  1. makes alot of sense to beat on the door that is just 8 inches from the garage door, on the hinge side the wall is made of several 2×4’s nailed together and the bottom plate is nailed to concrete slab or has just 1 bolt holding the bottom plate to the slab. i say 2×4 but actually it is 1/2 inch smaller than that. makes much more sense to pound at the bottom of that small width wall (i use to build houses for rich people) also a small stiff wire can be slipped under the garage door to operate the unlocking feature and opened very easily! or pry it open.
    i also use to be a thief.
    yes, good enough for average joe, but i use solid steel door not tin clad wooden door and ifyou make it inside my house you will never make it back out even when no one is home, and ill clean up the evidence and dispose of it in suitable manor. anyone claim their family or friend broke into my house and did not come back out would have to admit to being a party to the crime, and thus leave town with the clothes on their back and never be heard from again.
    have it done it already? maybe, maybe not!
    do i sleep very good at night? yes, but im also a certified PSYCHOPATH too!

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