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Welcome to our guide to the best survival gear planning and reviews. With so much to choose from out there it can be hard to decide just what you need to make it through those hard times. From finding the best multi tool to putting together your bug out bag, you will find what you need to get started and expand your preps right here!

Don’t forget to read up what clothing and footwear you need to consider to get through in your unique climate and be sure to brush up on the current offerings of personal water filters out there that can provide thousands of gallons of lifesaving water for you and your family.

Tools & Weapons

Having the right tools and also being prepared to defend yourself and your family are important. From the best multi tool to picking out a non lethal weapon, you will find something to suit your situation in these posts.

Best Non Lethal Weapons for the Prepared Individual

The Best Pepper Spray to Keep With You

Best EDC Knives – Top Prepping and Survival Knives for 2018

Best Multi Tools for the Equipped Prepper

Best Emergency Window Breakers for the Unexpected

FiveJoy J2 Entrenching Survival Shovel Review – Hands On Testing

Review: Learn About Wiebe Specialty Skinning Knives

Fire & Cooking

Not everyone is used to cooking very often or even having to get a fire going. Our guide to rocket stoves and our post on firestarters is a good way to get started.

The Ultimate Guide to Cast Iron Skillets & Cookware

Best Easy To Use Fire Starters

How to Use the Amazing Solo Stove

Best Rocket Stoves To Make Yourself Or Purchase

Clothing & Footwear

Just because clothing and footwear is plentiful now doesn’t mean it will be in a long emergency. Having the right clothing for your climate and for different seasons is crucial regardless if you are planning on staying in place or bugging out.

Best Clothing To Have On Hand For SHTF

Best Boots For Preppers

General & Misc

Survival Gear Checklist – 27+ Items to Get You Started

VSSL Supplies Review & First Aid Canister Kits Review: Cleverly Designed for Peace of Mind

LuminAID Packlite Max Review – Hands-on with this Solar Lantern Charger

Water Filtration

A lightweight and portable filter is something everyone should have. Our guides can help you find the right ones.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Survival Water Filters

Sawyer Mini Alternatives – Why Does Everyone Love the Sawyer Mini?

Bug Out & EDC Bags

Creating a bug out bag is one of the first things a lot of preppers do. There are a lot of pre put together options you can buy to get started and then add on to or you can budget a little at a time and build your own custom bag.

We can also show you how to put together an every day carry bag that can help out if you find yourself in a situation on your commute, at work, or running errands.

Best Pre Made Bug Out Bags & DIY Options

How To Build Your Own Perfect Bug Out Bag

How to Test Your Ability to Carry a Bug Out Bag

Best Practices: The Every Day Carry Bag aka EDC

Gas Masks & Biological Defense

Do you have a gas mask? If not you should consider having at least a breathing mask for protection against airborne pathogens and biological weapons. Our guide to the best gas masks offers a lot of approachable options.

The Best Gas Masks for Preppers and What to Look For

Product Review: EnviroKlenz® Breathing Mask for Pollution and VOC’s

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