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Augason Farms Review: Black Bean Burgers and Black Beans & Rice

Avatar for Jodie Weston Jodie Weston  |  Updated: July 1, 2019
Augason Farms Review: Black Bean Burgers and Black Beans & Rice

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Augason Farms has grown into one of the most popular choices in the US for survival food and ingredients that can be stored long-term. They’re based in Utah, which is home to many Mormons and survivalists – two categories of people that are huge buyers of food for long-term storage.

The Mormon Church requires all families to maintain a year’s worth of emergency food, so it makes sense that a company producing tasty, nutritious survival food would be able to thrive in this state.

With four decades in business, Augason Farms as long-since turned into a national brand with hundreds of different food and ingredient products designed for long-term storage. I picked up one of their black bean burger packs, as well as their black beans and rice product, for this review.

Black Bean Burger Mix

Augason Farms’ black bean burger mix is very easy to use. All you do is mix it with water and let it thicken for ten or fifteen minutes, then shape it into patties and grill it for a few minutes on each side. You’re left with a tasty patty that can be eaten as-is, as a burger, or crumbled into other recipes.

augason farms black bean burger mix

The patties are very easy to make and cook, and surprisingly tasty. The spices are a delight, and although they’re salty, in a survival situation your sodium needs are potentially much greater than in your normal non-collapse day to day life.

burger augason farms mix black bean powder

Therefore, they’re no saltier than any other food meant for long-term storage. These would be delicious crumbled into powdered scrambled eggs as a breakfast item or made into a burger, especially if you have tomato, lettuce, and other burger fixins.

augason farms black bean burger mix cooking patty

The mix format is what allows this versatility. You can make patties and keep them in that shape, or crumble them into casseroles, broths, burritos, salads, pasta, or any other dish to add protein and flavor. I could even see wrapping a patty up and putting it in my pocket to give myself an “energy bar” while I’m out foraging, hunting, checking traps, or gathering water.

augason farms black bean burger mix patty cooking in pan

Anything that would taste good with a bit of southwestern flair would go great with these, as they’re heavy on Mexican-style spices like cumin and onions. A spritz of lime or garden-fresh tomatoes would go phenomenally with these in a platter of prepper’s tacos. My brother tried breaking a patty into pieces and covering a slice of seeded rye toast with melted cheddar and ranch dressing, and found it to be a genuinely hearty and delicious meal.

augason farms black bean burger mix patty done cooking

These patties are also very easy to make even without instructions – all you have to do is make sure you don’t add too much water to the mix. The consistency thickens considerably after fifteen minutes, so it will look too watery at first. But once you get used to the ratio of mix to water, you can make these in a pinch by playing around with ratios until you get the right texture.

Black Beans & Rice

Augason Farms’ black beans and rice was easy to make as well – just add the mix to boiling water, and let it thicken for about fifteen minutes. The flavor was rich with spices, but seemed quite a bit saltier than the burger. The texture was also bit mushy.

augason farms black beans rice packaging

I was impressed with the texture of the bean burgers; the way they firmed up and got sort of crispy after grilling. But the black beans and rice was more of a bean mush with rice in it, and I found the saltiness to be a bit more extreme, so a straight side dish, I found them too salty to be palatable. However, they would make for an easy burrito filling, and might work well wrapped in some other kind of flatbread.

augason farms black bean rice mix

I could also see them making a good thickener stirred into lentil soups. And in a survival situation where you can’t afford to be picky, the black beans and rice would make a strong survival food as part of a nutritionally-diverse stored food pantry.

augason farms black bean rice mix

Like the black bean burgers, the black beans and rice are nutritionally dense and rich in Vitamin C, iron, carbs, and protein, and are low in fat. I just wish they were less salty and had a better texture, with more distinct beans and unbroken rice grains. I wonder if the bag got beaten up en-route, crushing the beans and causing the final product to come out mushier.

Shelf Life & Final Thoughts

On shelf life, the black beans and rice is good up to fifteen years unopened. Pretty good, but their black bean burgers are good up to 25 years. This is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re shopping their products.

For me, the saltiness of the black beans and rice mean that I’d only use them in a way that diluted them – working them into burritos, soups, eggs, spreading them on unsalted crackers or bread, or using them in other dishes where they’d be mixed with other things.

The black bean burger I would take on camping trips, but the black beans and rice I probably would not, since there are other options I’d prefer even within Augason Farms’ product line that I find far preferable.

augason farms black bean burger

The serving size on both products was decent, but since neither is meant as a completely standalone meal, the caloric value reflects that. My 8.34-ounce bag of black beans and rice makes four 190-calorie servings, and the two-pound, fourteen-ounce tub of black bean burger mix makes thirty-eight 120-calorie servings. Since it’s a big tub you could make bigger burgers, the tub just wouldn’t last as long as the 38 servings advertised.

Despite my preference for the black bean burger, in a true survival setting, both the burgers and the black beans and rice make for a filling, rich, nutritionally-dense food item. And for that, both of these long-term food storage products would make a solid addition to any prepper’s pantry.

Where to Buy: You can order directly from Auguson Farms here .

Author Bio: Eric is a nature-loving writer, experience junkie, and former Boy Scout who never forgot that time-honored Scout Motto: Be prepared. Aside from camping and survival, he loves writing about travel, history, and anything he finds strange and unique!

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4 Responses to “Augason Farms Review: Black Bean Burgers and Black Beans & Rice”

  1. In the article it states that the Mormon church requires us to have a year supply of food. This is incorrect, it is a suggestion, not a requirement. Many members do not have a year supply of food.

  2. I have purchased other Augason Farms product and found them to be fine for us here. So, I decided to try the the Black Bean Burger and purchased a #10 can. If I liked the product , I might have purchased the bucket size for LTS. I made some sample burgers per instructions and found the seasonings not to our liking. Neither my wife, daughter, or I were able to take more than a few bites. Salty, dry, and overly seasoned. Tried again with adding eggs as a binder, a touch more water and again was not able to finish even one burger.

    Perhaps if I was imprisoned in a new world order work camp and starving, I might force myself to eat it. Bottom line is, I’m glad I only purchased a #10 can to try out. This will not be in my preps. Store what you eat, eat what you store.

  3. Yea 20% daily value of salt per serving is way too salty. Don’t sell these at Walmart in the bulk food section among all the diabetic electric cart “survivalists”. Keep it in some survival store with a big “survival salt” sign next to it. Only finished one small patty thanks to ketchup.

  4. I bought the black bean burger and made a couple. They had great taste but was so salty I couldn’t stand to eat more than a couple bites. Maybe I can mix it with plain refried beans to be edible.

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