BDS Book Festival – The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight by Ron Brown

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
BDS Book Festival – The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight by Ron Brown

Next up the in the current Backdoor Survival Book Festival is a Q & A with Ron Brown, the author of The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight.   As always, there is also a giveaway; this time for three lucky readers!

I first became acquainted with Ron when he asked if I would take a look at his book on CD, Lanterns, Lamps & CandlesI did and I was impressed.  After reviewing the book on CD, I encouraged Ron to move it over to an eBook format.  Well, as things would happen, that is still a work in progress but over time, Ron helped with a few articles here on Backdoor Survival and we became friends.

When he asked if I would be interested on a 2000 flashlight, I jumped on it.

flashlight Cover 400

The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight is the result of research Ron did to make a longer lasting flashlight out of a standard, off-the-shelf lantern-style flashlight.  He recruited me to do some testing as well as some proofing of his soon to become e-book and I in turn, recruited Shelly – who is also known as the Survival Husband around here – to test out the mechanical side of things.

Long story short, Flashlights, as Ron and I call it, is currently available on Amazon and is a huge success.

Enjoy my chat with Ron and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

A Chat With Ron Brown

Ron, what was your motivation to build the 2000 flashlight?

Well, one thing leads to another I suppose. In 2003 there was a major power outage in the Northeast. It inspired me to research and write Lanterns, Lamps & Candles, a 70,000-word guide to non-electric lighting. That exercise took several years because I didn’t just copy what other people said or what manufacturers claimed. I actually experimented and compared lamps and recorded the results in a spreadsheet. I did my homework.

As a sequel to Lanterns, I planned a book on electric lighting (evaluating home generators, solar panels, etc.). I began with a chapter on flashlights. And very soon tripped across the notion of adding a resistor to a flashlight circuit. Doing so cuts light output slightly but increases battery life dramatically. After some experimentation, I realized that, “This is just too good to wait. I gotta tell people about it NOW.”

What is up next on your book/DIY agenda?

That question is likely more profound than you intend.

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” To be honest, I’ve spent most of my 70-something years on the second half of that quote, wondering why.

The answer seems to reside in my writing. In the years I have remaining, there are three things I want to write. One is a book entitled The Kearney Fallout Meter Revisited. Considering Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima, it’s time for an update. Some of the materials Kearney specified (the size can, for example) are difficult to obtain today plus there are actually better materials (the desiccant) and methods than what he used.

The second book I want to write is a book on poultry, oriented towards off-grid living. Today, hatching is TOTALLY dependent on electricity. And today’s poultry books are romanticized. You do realize, do you not, that you must first – up close and personal – remove the chicken’s head, feathers, and entrails before you eat it? We live in a Walt Disney world where pigs and chickens are grown to win ribbons at the county fair. That’s the purpose of their existence.

The third book is on vegetable gardening. You cannot garden for a year or two and think you know how to do it. Every year has a new disease, a new problem, a new surprise. Rabbits, raccoons, possums, woodchucks, birds, bugs, deer, and various other small, furry creatures are all creations of God. And they are all your Enemies.

So that’s what I want to do. What I will do, of course, is totally different. What I will do is spend most of next year converting Lanterns, Lamps & Candles to Kindle from PDF. It’s a chore that just won’t go away. Hopefully, the next nuclear emergency will wait a bit and nobody will need a fallout meter before then.

The Book Giveaway

Three copies of The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight have been reserved for three lucky readers.  Here is this week’s quiz question:

What is your favorite flashlight (type, brand or style)?

My answer?  Heck, I have a flashlight fetish but I still consider the Blocklite my favorite.  It is not at all tactical but it is handy, the 9V battery lasts forever, and it is easy to stow in a pocket, in the car, on the nightstand – just about anywhere.

To enter the giveaway, you need to answer the giveaway question by responding in the comments area at the end of this article. The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific on Thursday.  The winners will be notified by email and announced in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  They will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.

summer book festival 2013_04

The Final Word

We have built 5 of these amazing flashlights and will probably build some more.  I hope you will enter the giveaway to win your own copy of the The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight e-book – that way you can build some too!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item:  The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight

“The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight” will show you how to add a cheap resistor to a cheap flashlight and create a light that produces useful illumination for 2000 hours on the same battery. There are detailed instructions and 54 illustrations to guide you in completing this half-hour project.  No soldering required!  A free chapter from “Lanterns, Lamps & Candles,” a different book by the same author, is included as a bonus.

Note:  I wrote the forward and provided feedback to Ron during the development of this great little e-book.

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48 Responses to “BDS Book Festival – The Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight by Ron Brown”

  1. I really love my big mag lite but I have to admit I have an old Rayovac that I’ve had forever that just won’t quit. I’d love to win a copy of this book. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Good luck everyone.

  2. I have this wild redhead (there seems to have been plenty of these in my lifetime) who put me onto a little LED light that you stick on the end of a 9 volt battery. I have a few big LED lights that take 3 “D” cell batteries, but my go to is the 9 volt.

  3. My favorite? I would have to say it’s the Energizer that plugs into a wall socket and comes on when the electricity fails (frequently around here). Have one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom, and use them all the time.

  4. I have about half a dozen flashlights. Most are those ones you can buy for cheap at the register at discount stores, drug stores, auto parts, in fact most any store around. I also have a crank flashlight with a 12 volt car plug on the end, and a small flashlight that uses button cells that are in my EDC for emergency use.
    But my go to flash light is one I got in a Christmas game we play every year with my family. You pick a gift according to either age or a random number draw, and can either pick an unopened gift or steal one from someone else who went before you. It’s been at least 8 to 10 years since I picked this flashlight, and with regular use, and new batteries every so often, it still works and shines brightly.
    It’s a Brinkmann Long Life LED Light.
    Being that they were first made in 2001, it’s lasted longer and better then any of my other flashlights. and in my opinion a better value.

  5. The 2010 sabrelite LED by Pellican is my choice. Tough, waterproof, 100 lumens and I think the only thing in my house that wants to be fed by those “c” batteries. Not sure if that is a blessing or a curse…

  6. My favorite flashlight, amongst the many in the house and shop, is the one that works!! Seems that no one around here thinks to mention when the flashlight burns out. I keep a 3-D cell Maglite in the vehicle I drive. They all know that they had better not remove it from my vehicle or they will pay. 🙂

  7. My favorite at the moment is the Paklite – a little more expensive than the Blocklite, but the light attachment glows in the dark at the least provocation, so I can find it in my purse or on the bedside table.
    Has gone forever on the cheap 9v battery it came with.

  8. My favorite flashlight is whichever one is working. Love the Maglite because they’re indestructible. Mines not working. Have a heavy-duty 6-volt battery. Dead too. Several little LED flashlights around the house but my 6 year old usually has them hidden & dead. Bought a new adjustable lens flashlight last night @ TSC. It works so it’s my current favorite. 🙂

  9. I have several different types. 2 Mag lights, 6 volt flashlight, 2 solar ones, a shake light, some cheapo ones, and various LED mini key chain lights. All have there uses. Stuck them all around the house.

  10. We have a multitude of flashlights on hand but our favorite is the Blocklite. Living in the part of East Texas known as “Tornado Alley”, we experience high winds with most, if not all, storm systems. Couple with falling tree limbs and the occasional intoxicated driver and well, you end up with frequent power outages that last several hours! We keep the Blocklites scattered throughout the house, so that no matter where we are…when the power fails, we are prepared! Along with a battery charger that will recharge 9V, we are set.

  11. The best flashlight is the one that is affordable and available! I keep 3 1/2″ mini LED flashlights in handy locations for everyday and emergency use: In the bathroom, in the bedroom, here at my computer desk, and in the car, to mention a few. When there is a power outage, I feel my way a few steps to the known location of one, and dealing with a blackout is then an adventure, not an emergency. When there was a neighborhood blackout on a moonless night, my bathroom flashlight saved me the inconvenience and danger of searching for light in total darkness.

  12. My favorite is the MTW-825 CANN-KS 2.5 Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight. I have only got to use this as a flashlight, but I guess that is a good thing that I have not had a chance to use the stun gun part. I did try to get my adult son to volunteer but I got a “……. NO!”

  13. I do not have a favorite flashlight per se. I like the little ones with LED lights that shine brightly. My one problem with flashlights living in northern Wisconsin is that the batteries do not last long in the long cold winters we have here. I am very interested in any ways to save the batteries (other than keeping them in the warm house) while outside. I would very much like to win the book featured on your website this week. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

    • I have plenty of flashlights all around the house. I don’t have two of any kind. I have had power outages and found out that the big most expensive ones I thought were going to be my go to flashlight didn’t last long enough for a bathroom run. But! I do have one little teeny weenie flashlight from LL Bean called the Splashflash. It holds one AAA battery and uses one LED. It is attached to my key chain, so it is always with me, and has a lot of other emergency tools. It gets banged around daily and has never let me down. I don’t think I have ever changed the battery. The directions came with a recommended amount of usage from one little single AAA battery running on one little LED light and decided I wouldn’t probably never have to worry about a new battery it was such a long usage time. This little flashlight is used more than I ever thought it would be. It also does SOS! Just impressive…

  14. My go to flashlight is a medium hand held led flashlight without a brand name on it. I wish I knew what type it was as I’d get more. It was a gift several years ago and still works like new.

  15. My favorite so far is my MAG-LITE XL-50 mini lite. I hope to soon obtain a Blocklite (based upon yours and others recommendations). I have two 6volt lanterns and a couple of 8 “D” cell lanterns and I am very interested in Ron’s book. Specifically if there is a resistor than can be used to extend the lifew or usefullness of the D cell lights.

  16. I found the 3 way flat cheap led flashlight that has several LEDs on the side, a few for more focused on top edge that has a hook and are cheap enough to hang everywhere I might need light.

  17. I have a variety of solar/crank flashlights. I chose solar/crank because batteries burn out so quickly. Inside the house I use lanterns that I purchased from Lehman’s.

  18. This is not an entry into the giveaway. I have already done so and do hope I win, lol. I would like to know how I get a hold of the download of Emergency Food Buyers Guide. I have been a subscriber of your blog for quite some time now and have been unable to find how I get a copy of this article. Please let me know how I do this. If I need to pay for it, please let me know the cost as I would really like to have it. Thank you and have a good day.

  19. I too have many flashlights. But my go to flash light is the Emergency Essentials hand crank flash light.
    I have had many occasions with power outages and a battery operated light is either dead or goes dead in less than an hour. With the hand crank you do have to crank it but it works every time. I carry
    one in every vehicle I own and it is nice to have the cell phone charger addition also.
    dene k.

  20. I really have two favorite brands: 1) Maglight – I have one in each of my cars (3-cell) because they are sturdy and hold up well while riding around in the trunk and ther is one one in my bedoom next to my bed; 2) Surefire because they are small and I carry one in my pocket every day as part of my every day carry stuff.

  21. I have no flashlight right now. I have had plenty in the past but they always last until you need them! My fav was a 2 M candle watt but the rechargeable battery just never took.

  22. I didn’t realize until reading this article that I too have a ‘flashlight fetish’. I live in San Diego where weather or power outages are rarely a concern but I still have at least 1-2 flashlights in every room, and on my key chain and in my car. I recently traveled to another country and wore a lanyard around my neck with a few essentials, one of which was a mini-flashlight. As it turned out I used the flashlight literally countless times on that trip. That lanyard with mini-flashlight on it will become standard travel attire. My sister laughed at me at the beginning but soon realized how useful it was. So I guess I will have to put together a lanyard for her too. Thank you Gaye for all your wisdom and willingness to share.

  23. I have to agree with you Gaye, I love the Blocklites. I purchased two of them after reading your review. I have however come across a Craftsman double AA battery LED flashlight with a concave lens that has a perfectly round beam of light that doesn’t fracture like most flashlite beams do. I am sure that the thick concave lens has something to do with it. I will probably purchase a few more.

  24. My new light is a Lux Pro Focus Q5. LP460C. 120 lumens, Cree LED bulb. Hi, Lo and strobe. Plus it will focus from spot to flood, and best of all runs on 3 AAA. Best light I have seen for the money. Less than $20. I have several that use the expensive 3V batteries, and this outshines them!

  25. I have 3 “D” cell Maglite that is 10 plus years old. It’s been dropped, bumped, submerged, had batteries corrode in side the barrel and it still works. I’ve upgraded the bulb to an LED several years ago. Prior to that it was very good with long battery life. Now it’s brighter and with even better battery life! When the batteries corroded a while back, I simply cleaned the contacts with white distilled vinegar and “Q”tips, it’s as good as new. It’s heavy and long, a great survival tool to keep in the car. Just remember, any batteries left in the car should be changed out every six months no matter what because of the temperature extremes they are exposed to.

  26. Right now, I have a couple of small 9-led flashlights, so I guess they are my favorites–they work! Plus, unlike my large Maglite and other lights I have had, these haven’t grown legs and walked away! I would love to have a big light!

  27. Is the book giveaway still going? I’m living offgrid in Alaska with a headlamp being my main source of light at night. Will the resistor trick work on those? It’s a single one of those cheap one’s you’ve linked to. The local hardware has them in singles. Can’t beat them for $5!

  28. I get the free flashlights from Harbor freight whenever I go in there, I have them in every room,garage and all the vehicles. They take 3 AAA and are super bright LED. If you’re lucky to have a Harbor Freight, clip those coupons! And while you are in there check out the solar battery chargers and deep cycle re-chargeable batteries.

  29. My favorite is the yellow and black pelican water proof, very sturdy and bright. Being that I live off grid, it helps to know the batteries last quite awhile, and not very heavy. I’ve taken to wearing carpenter jeans so I can carry utility knife, flashlight, and other emergency goodies everywhere.

  30. Please do not put me in for this giveaway. I already own the book. Great read well worth the buy and definitely a great giveaway. Very easy to follow instructions. I get mine at Home Depot for under $5.
    Be sure to enter if yo don not have this great book.

  31. I have three: micro Photon keychain light, solar powered Nokero for camping, and a Wagan Tech LED panel or spot and is solar powered for emergency or camping.

  32. When I was in Baghdad in 2008, I purchased a SureFire E2E (2 cell) Executive Elite at the Army PX in the IZ. The Baghdad “power grid” was not a given and many locations relied heavily on generators which could also be iffy. When the power failed, building interiors were absolutely black. Additionally, it is so bright, it can temporarily blind/disorient a possible adversary. I hoped the few seconds it could buy me would be enough for me to get the heck out of Dodge. I always had it with/near me and it made the occasional run to the bunker musch easier. It is a 65 lumen (I believe) and is still in my work backpack right now. It does use the 123 series batteries but I just keep a number of fresh ones around the house and in my BOB. I also bought the SureFire G3 Nitrolon (3 cell) that now stays on my nightstand for the occasional power failure at home. It is also great for cleaning our granddaughter’s ears.

  33. My favorite is my Coleman Pack-Away Mini-Lantern. We live in Tornado Alley so the power goes out quite often on our street during the storms. This little lantern lights up an entire room.

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