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Survival Friday: 50 Excuses For Not Prepping

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Survival Friday: 50 Excuses For Not Prepping

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As smug as we may feel about our own prepping efforts, sometimes there is still a tendency to procrastinate a bit with one thing or another.  I am not pointing any fingers, mind you, since I too fall victim of being overwhelmed by it all.  The disorganized array of my food storage is just one case in point.  I still don’t have a good inventory so what do I do?  I just buy more.  Stupid, I know.


Still, for the most part, I keep plugging away, knowing that the economy is in shambles in spite of what our leaders say.  The planet is becoming increasingly unstable with weird weather patterns and a proliferation of 100 year storms or worse.  Governments are becoming secretive and Gestapo-like, spying on citizens and there is the insidious removal of our constitution rights.

Things, to me, are unsettling yet most people I know still see no need to start prepping at all. Heck, they think being prepared is having five gallons of water and a dozen cans of tuna.

That brings me to the topic of today’s article: “50 Excuses for Not Prepping”.

A while back, Michael Snyder came up with this list of excuses that people use when they say there is no need to prepare.  Talk about some cockamamie excuses.  I hope you will read through the list yourself if for no other reason than to recognize that there are those around you that are ignorant.


1. The U.S. Economy Is The Greatest Economy On The Planet – There Is No Way That It Could Ever Collapse

2. Once Barack Obama Wins The Election Everything Will Be Better  (Gaye’s note:  This one as well as #4 are a bit dated but the concept is still valid.)

3. Once Mitt Romney Wins The Election Everything Will Be Better

4. When Things Get Really Bad The Government Will Take Care Of Us

5. When Disaster Strikes I Will Just Steal From Everyone Else That Has Been Busy Preparing

6. The Rapture Will Be At Any Moment So I Don’t Have To Worry About Prepping

7. The Economy Has Always Recovered After Every Recession In The Past And This Time Will Be No Different

8. The People That Are Running Things Are Very Highly Educated And They Know Exactly What They Are Doing

9. Wal-Mart Will Always Be There

10. Our Politicians Are Watching Out For Our Best Interests

11. The 2012 Apocalypse Is Almost Here And We Are All Doomed Anyway – So Why Even Try?

12. Preppers Do Not Have A Positive Mental Attitude

13. If An Economic Collapse Comes I Will Just Go On Welfare

14. There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Prepare For

15. Prepping Is Too Expensive

16. We Are Not Like Other Countries – U.S. Cities Are Designed To Withstand Major Earthquakes

17. I Need To Save Up For Retirement Instead

18. The Stock Market Has Been Soaring So Why Worry?

19. I Don’t Have Room To Store Anything

20. Prepping Is For Crazy People

21. I Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories

22. All The Food I Store Is Going To Go Bad

23. I Would Rather Spend My Time Watching American Idol

24. All The People Who Freaked Out About Y2K Look Really Foolish Now, Don’t They?

25. I Don’t Want To Look Like Those Idiots On ‘Doomsday Preppers’

26. An EMP Attack Could Never Happen

27. There Will Never Be A Nationwide Transportation Disruption In The United States

28. Instead Of Being So Paranoid, I Would Rather Just Enjoy Life

29. If Society Falls Apart I Wouldn’t Want To Continue To Live Anyway

30. There Will Never Be Another World War

31. I’m Too Lazy To Grow A Garden

32. If You Assume The Worst Is Going To Happen Then You Don’t Believe In America

33. Deficits Don’t Matter

34. I’ll Always Be Able To Get A Job In My Field

35. If There Is A Financial Collapse All Of My Debts Will Be Wiped Out So I Might As Well Live It Up Now

36. If Things Hit The Fan I Will Just Go Move In With My Relatives Who Have Been Busy Prepping

37. Those That Believe That There Will Be Massive Riots In American Cities Someday Are Just Being Delusional

38. My Spouse Would Think That I Have Finally Lost It

39. I Don’t Know Where To Start

40. I’ll Just Deal With Problems As They Arrive

41. I Don’t Have To Prepare For A Natural Disaster – That Is What FEMA Is For

42. We’ll Never See Martial Law In The United States

43. I Don’t Want To Scare My Children

44. Once I Get Rid Of All My Debt Then I Will Start Thinking About Prepping

45. My Relatives Already Think That I Am A Nut Job – I Don’t Need To Make It Any Worse

46. If People At Work Find Out That I Am Prepping It Could Hurt My Career

47. If There Really Was A Good Reason To Prepare They Would Tell Us About It On The News

48. People Have Been Predicting Doom And Gloom For Years And It Hasn’t Happened Yet

49. The United States Is The Greatest Nation On Earth – There Is No Way That It Could Collapse

50. I Don’t Plan On Becoming A Card Carrying Member Of The Tin Foil Hat Brigade


I don’t need to tell you that the vast majority of people simply assume that things will always work themselves out or that they will magically be immune to whatever crisis or calamity is headed our way.

I know that is foolish and so do you.  Alas, we may not be able to get the ignorant and the naysayers to change their minds, but most certainly we can protect ourselves and our families from them if the SHTF and they come after us and our preps.

What can you do?  Make sure you home is secure and that one way or another, you have some way to defend yourself and your family.  Keep a low profile and do not brag about what you have stored away in terms of food, water and gear.  Most of all, keep the faith and stay cautiously optimistic that the stuff will never hit the fan.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


Note:  For more from Michael Snyder, visit The American Dream and The Economic Collapse Blog.

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  1. I have seen this parody from the LDSprepper on Utube. // 10 reason not to prep. In the video he will show a short clip of Wendy Dewitt’s video. The book she talks about is awesome. I have down loaded it (for free), and she will boggle your mind.
    Try it, you will like it.

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