America’s Increasing Levels of Political Violence: Something to Prep For?

Derrick Derrick  |  Updated: August 7, 2020
America’s Increasing Levels of Political Violence: Something to Prep For?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an increasing level of violent political confrontations on U.S. soil. A new study by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino confirms this by stating that political confrontations are rising in California by nearly double. Just last week there was another case of police cracking down on violent protests in Portland, Oregon. This is a disturbing trend that should concern not only ever prepper but every American. The increase in violence, from my view, is in part the result of the “alt-left” adopting strategies of the “alt-right.” I say “in part” because this is more a symptom of a greater challenge: a widening shift between political ideologies here in America (and abroad). There are seemingly fewer people in the middle and greater numbers of the far left and far right. Moderates are now chastised by the right as being too liberal and by the left as being too conservative. Where is there to be any common ground and resolution in the face of this trend? What will it mean for American society going forward if political sides can’t come together? What happens if each group’s success is defined only as shutting the other side down?

This subject is timely for me as I am working on a sequel to Glen Tate’s 299 Days book series that includes fictional elements of the competing groups. To that end, I am reading Mark Bray’s new book, Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook in an attempt to better understand this group’s historical context and what motivates them.

The far left might say their recent move toward more violent strategies is their response to the election of Donald Trump. From their view, they are merely adopting the strategies of the far right, as evidenced by the armed standoff at the Bundy Ranch while Obama was president. From their view, they are responding to violence with violence, violence witnessed by a car plowing into Antifa protestors at the recent Charleston rally. They are also responding to the perceived threat of even more deadly violence as people showed up armed with assault rifles.

I’m not here to pick which side is better than the other or whether each side is to blame. I don’t know the answer to that. Both sides, however, seem to be growing in size and in distance from each other. This, I find, is troubling. People have been calling the collapse of the United States since the formation of the United States. Is it different this time? I don’t know, but worry grows when I read about sides questioning the legitimacy of the foundations of our government, whether that’s the right saying Obama is not a U.S. citizen or Trump disrespecting the decisions of courts. I worry as a prepper. I am saddened as an American.

I write this post knowing full well that I open myself to criticism, given the virulence of today’s politics. I am one of the people that liberals call conservative and conservatives call liberal. I also have a tendency to point out fake news and faulty logic on social media when the left or the right shares something that is factually incorrect. Yet each time, the respective side takes me to task. “You don’t get it,” they say. “Doesn’t matter, point still holds,” they write. “That fact is an opinion,” they argue.

Maybe I don’t get it, but I have never thought one side holds all of the answers. I have usually found that the truth is somewhere in the middle. I have always thought that if two sides could sit down and have open discussion, where each side truly listens to the other, common ground can be found. But now even that argument is taken to task with responses like “there is no common ground to be had with them.”

Now, as a moderate, I (ironically and increasingly) find myself isolated, shut down by both the left and the right. Comments on Fox News articles are riddled with left bashing. Comments on CNN are riddled with right bashing. Any counter opinion is promptly shut down and often with vague threats of violence or personal insults. News is biased and comments are echo chambers. Is this all just a race to the bottom?

I hope not. But I fear maybe.

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19 Responses to “America’s Increasing Levels of Political Violence: Something to Prep For?”

  1. Wouldn’t it be great, and also a relief, if everyone would work with their own hands to make their own living, and stop trying to control the world. Furthermore how do all these protesters, violent or peaceful, have the time and financial wherewithal to spend their days and nights out on the streets? Shouldn’t they be at work, or in bed resting for the next cycle of work? Also regardless of how strongly someone feels about any issue, nothing gives them the right to destroy other people’s property. As for law enforcement, how do they just stand idly and watch their cars and equipment being torched by protesters. What possible good is law enforcement doing any of us if they will not do their job and eradicate the malcontents from the streets? Nothing is logical about any of this and none of it bodes good for any taxpaying, law abiding, peace loving citizen. thanks

    • I agree with Derrick and SantaWalt. When I see what is currently happening, it makes my heart sick to see us lose the “American” way. We do need to be prepared for civil unrest and I hope it is not too late.

  2. This was the exact reason that I left every Prepper group but this one. The constant political bashing was making me crazy. What makes Prepper Groups feel as if everybody shares one political mind? I voted Republican for most of my adult life, until the Tea Party so influenced the Right with hatred, that I could no longer bear it. I am now Left of Center and will likely remain there. Neither Party is any longer the voice of reason NOR fiscal responsibility, NOR social justice. The entire political structure has become a big ball of sh*te. Dripping hatred, death threats, disgust for another based on whether there is a (D) or an (R) after their name. We have lost our humanity as a culture.

    What makes anybody believe that a Prepper cannot be a gay or lesbian Democrat? I dunno, but you wouldn’t begin to believe the flack that I got in Prepper groups for divulging said fact. My wife of 28 years and I raised 3 birth children and 9 others as well. We have been Foster parents sanctioned by State. The raging intolerance of the Right, has now bred it’s mirror counterpart on the Left. I detest intolerance and hatred on both sides. Both sides are wrong, and yes, the truth is nearly always somewhere in the middle. Only those that have bought into the rhetoric do not see that.

    This Country has become further de-stabilized by the incoherent rantings of the madman in Office. I have never been so ashamed to be an American in my entire life. He pushes the language and agenda of hate, of intolerance, and it will be the complete undoing of this Country. We used to be FOR ideas that served, now, it seems as if we are supposed to be AGAINST everybody and everything that serves the People. I denounce Antifa, but I sure do understand the rage. Better to spend those energies trying to find common ground.

    In the meantime, I have doubled my efforts at prepping. We are in the most tentative and dangerous times in my lifetime. I feel more threatened by what I see around me, than I did when we had to do nuke shelter drills in the 60’s. Prep on folks. We have THAT common ground if no other. If we do not find common ground, we are as Rome, and we will fall.

  3. the depraved have always sought to lurk about for the easy target. the easy mark where they may find their penny to spend freely upon unearned delights. now with government funding this behavior for so long it has become an entitlement. because of their ignorance of the subject they become the very thing they oppose. what is the difference one may ask? the riots have no recognizable head. they seem disorganized until we look carefully. these entitled denied their “safe” places strike out because they may still hear a quatrain of someones call to a subject other than their own beliefs Now they are told to be absolutely free they must drive it from the land using as much force as necessary. we may ask where this misconception of freedom comes? its message simple so not to confuse what remaining and partially functioning brain cells still available. the simplicity is clear they are owed everything, this must be or they are never truly free. any outward forces that oppose must be wrong for it has always been government that oppresses. Ok while I had an idea clearly in mind my pain medication has working hard than usual and I cna t finish

  4. The best advise I have read on this subject came from Ol’ Remus at “Stay safe and STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS!”


  5. Start to know you neighbors. Many of the issues we have are fueled online via unknown keyboards commandos. Really.
    The USA is an awesome country, and until you travel abroad, you will not understand what I mean..
    After WW2, our country really started taking a dive, as a country of pride etc. We rested on what was done on the backs of our relatives from WW2. Until the country gets hungry again, we will die.

  6. When a democratic government falls, socialism takes its place. When a socialist government falls, a dictatorship takes its place…. and so goes the progression of nation states. After the dictatorship faulters, the mass revolution begins….
    And so it goes, showing that humans are not the smartest of the animal kingdom…

  7. I agree with your thoughts on the unraveling of America. Unfortunately, the “make america great again” is perceived by one side as the elimination of their “voices”, while the other side is quick to point to the hypocrisies of the other.
    I firmly believe that both sides are dead wrong. There can be no “one side fits all”. Yet, that’s where we’re headed. Do I have a preference on sides? Yes, the one that is NOT violent… oops, there isn’t one.
    I will stick by my beliefs and hope for the best.

  8. We should not be convinced by the Main Stream Media that this is an organic movement of wonderfully idealistic and committed people fighting for social justice.

    These are Soros, et al, paid disaffected, nihilistic, individuals organized on cell phone call trees and internet networks. They are paid to take to the streets in the name of some ideal but are really functioning as cultural wedges to divide us as a people. The globalists hope that this insurrection will lead us sooner or later to throw up our hands and let the UN Peace Keepers take over with the idea that the United States is simply too big, out of control and must be subdivided into smaller countries.

    This makes the world a safer place for globalists to work their will and run the world.

    Remember the words of David Horowitz, Leftist who converted to conservatism: It’s never about the issue, it’s always about the revolution.”

  9. I am lonesome in the middle. Pro personal freedom, cherrish entrepreneur, really don’t get that you can’t see people as equal, assholes maybe, but still equal. And it look like children breaking their favorite toy because off a rage they can’t control. And empty handed, hungry,and dying, realize they broke their world. And i am not in the states.

    • You are by no means alone. People are so busy talking and taking sides, they fail to see what else is happening. The political parties have become powerful money machines…as people are seeing this, they are quitting party loyalties. I look to see new political party(ies) arise……these will probably merge into something which may replace one of both of the current parties. Perhaps even on who strictly follows the current WH resident.
      Having done some research of history, this country can make it, it is for that silent majority to begin to speak up for what they believe. Freedom is work to stay free.
      Prepping? That, to me, is just a normal part of life…….BE PREPARED.

  10. I miss polite, thoughtful, civil, political discussions and debate. It’s one of the best ways to be informed, by listening to a view point you don’t agree with and being able to defend your position. When political discussion become forbidden? When did compromise become a dirty word or deed? Successful politics is all about compromise, everyone gets something no one gets everything.

  11. Okay, third time is the charm, right? Going to try again to post my comment, sorry if it shows up multiple times, I keep getting a timeout message….

    I agree with Hondo’s comments. The entitlement society that has been created has contributed to the greater unrest. As has the indoctrination machine that our educational system has turned into. I don’t care if you are ‘left’ or ‘right’, if you can’t see that we are in trouble, THAT is part of the problem. Critical thinking, being able to discern the truth from what we are ‘fed’ in the news daily, is something that is sorely lacking these days. As is common sense.

  12. Right now, you are in the “concerned and would like to do something about it” crowd. It will prove to be more frustrating than you can imagine. When you progress to the “don’t give a ****” group, you will see more clearly that neither side will disarm unilaterally. It will take some calamity to make people sit up and begin to think rationally instead of emotionally.

    It was before your time, but you can trust my observation: there were no more mass demonstrations against the Vietnam war after Kent State.

    Antifa is just this generation’s SDS Weathermen.

  13. “The increase in violence, from my view, is in part the result of the “alt-left” adopting strategies of the “alt-right. ” I find this statement as justifying the violence of the “alt-left” and blaming it on the “alt-right”. One disturbed man at the Charleston rally does not represent all on the right. If it did then the young man in Portland who stabbed and killed men defending two muslin women would justify violence by the right. After all this disturbed young man was a Bernie supporter. The standoff at the Bundy ranch is entirely different and was in supprt of a way of life that the governemt is trying to stamp out. Also it did not include violence by the demonstrators. Checkout what the BLM is doing to small ranchers in the west, sometime. This whole article found fault with the right and justified the violence of the left. I recently read a statement but do not remember the author. “When words are considered to be violence then it is acceptable to use violence against words.” This seems to be the premise under which the antifa operate and it is wrong.

  14. As a mom of millennials, I am sickening by how “they” have exposed my children to their distorted ideas. Even though I decided to control my children’s education, when they got out into college. It was their distorted ideas were there waiting for them.
    They have influenced our children throw wanting to change past history, current music, “current music icons”, etc. Black lives matters yet we all bleed red. There is no more praise for the generations who lived through the WW11, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and the longest American occupation in history started by Pres Bush W.
    These millennials are only interested in removing statues and/or defacing them. However good, bad, or ugly those men/women are parts of our American History. This is so we learn from our mistakes and are not doomed to repeat them.
    As said earlier, why aren’t the millennials at jobs, actively looking for work to pay for their student loans, etc.. Who is truly supporting them and this “cause”?

  15. As defined by the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Training Center at Fort Bragg, an assault weapon is capable of single fire with one trigger pull, multiple burst shots with one trigger pull, or full automatic machine-gun fire with one pull of the trigger and holding it back until the magazine is empty. Machineguns are illegal in many states, with severe state and federal penalties for possession, and very rigorous physical inspection of the place it is to be stored in those states where they are legal to own. In addition, they are very expensive to purchase, and very expensive to shoot. There are only so many legally held TRUE assault rifles held in private hands, and the website of Reuben Mendiola will educate the ignorant (not stupid; just ignorant, which is curable). Prices run from the low thousands to sky-high, as will ammunition costs when one goes to play for the day. $1,000 can be burned up in a short hurry, and even more quickly for the high caliber guns. The author of this article simply did not know the definition of a TRUE assault rifle, or she would not have used the appellation used by the media. As an aside, In WW2, a British rifleman could fire 30 well aimed shots from his 5 shot bolt action rifle in one minute !! THE SO-CALLED “ASSAULT RIFLE’ used by target shooters, competitors, hunters, and plinkers is no different than dozens of semi-automatic (self-loading) rifles made by Winchester, Remington, and host of others except in appearance. They all function the very same way, and none are capable of full automatic machine gun type fire. The legal sanctions for possessing or converting a rifle to full automatic capability are severe without all legal conditions being met can earn a 10 year stint in a Federal prison.

  16. RE: Santa Walt. You are so right. The Fall of America has begun. Read the Book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinski.
    The fall of the United States has been planned for more than 30 years, by Shadowy elements within the country it’s self.

    Bob Bosky your second paragraph hits it right on the head.

    The bible makes it clear that ” A divided country can not stand”.

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