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13 Prepper Websites To Follow When Everything Becomes Censored and How To Beat Censorship In The Modern Age

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: September 10, 2020
13 Prepper Websites To Follow When Everything Becomes Censored and How To Beat Censorship In The Modern Age

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I am not number ranking these sites because that is not helpful. Some people find better info for their situation on one site while another person may get more useful info from another. What I can say is that I firmly believe that these sites have consistently valuable information to offer readers.

The Organic Prepper

My friend Daisy’s site delivers a lot of articles on a wide variety of topics. The Organic Prepper is a great site to go to for hard-hitting information from around the world. While Daisy writes a lot of articles, she has an impressive team of other contributors that makes this a site that you need to read daily. Jose gives preppers first-hand accounts and knowledge of the crisis in Venezuela.

Selco survived the Balkan War of the 90s in a city and writes about what he experienced and how we can apply that knowledge as preppers. The Organic Prepper site has a lot of opinion pieces related to current events. The comments section of posts can get lively but Daisy does a good job creating an environment where people can voice opinions without a bunch of abuse.

I am proud to say I have done a few guest posts myself at The Organic Prepper and I can be a bit picky about where my work appears.

The Prepper Website

Todd Sepulveda does the prepping community a great service by running this news conglomerate while working in education, running other sites, writing, podcasting, and preaching at his church! Todd is a busy guy, but he updates this site daily so that you can see the latest top prepper articles. At the bottom of the page are links to a ton of other prepping sites that you can explore.

Be sure to tune into his 5 days a week podcast where he reads aloud and discusses top prepper articles. Backdoor Survival articles have had the honor of being featured quite often on his podcast. This is a great way to listen and learn during your commute or when running around the house doing small tasks!

For those that were following Todd on Instagram, I want to point out that he was the victim of censorship. The censorship he experienced inspired me to write this post.

Strategic Living: Joyful Living For Modern Times

Many of you have been reading Backdoor Survival since Gaye started it. I hope that some of have found her new site, Strategic Living. Gaye has a lot of good advice on how to live a happy life. For the aging prepper, I encourage you to head over to her site because she is a real inspiration. Gaye and Shelley are retired but they are more active than many people in their 20s.

Gaye writes a lot about essential oils and living a life that is fulfilling. This site is a real morale booster and that can make a big difference during an SHTF scenario.

Survival Blog

One of the first prepping and survival blogs that people start reading is Survival Blog. This site is simple in design and easy to navigate. This site was actually up and running well before “prepping” and “prepper” became majorly used terms.

The site is owned and operated by James Wesley Rawles, a former US Intelligence officer that now does consultation work. He is the author of many fiction and non-fiction books related to survivalism and prepping.

Survival Blog is great because there are a lot of contributors from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. If you have always wanted to try your hand at writing a preparedness article, they offer a lucrative contest where you can win a lot of prepping gear and courses.

Urban Survival

This is George Ure’s site and on it you will find a lot of current events and opinion pieces that are worth reading if you are looking for alternative news that has an impact on preppers. George doesn’t hold back on his opinions and I find that is a refreshing change compared to a lot of sites that are afraid of losing readers.

If you don’t think that current market trends affect your preps then you need to think about that a little longer. George covers topics from the housing crisis , stock market dips and trends, climate change, and more. This is not a site for those that are easily offended by political talk.

George’s site has been online since 1997 making it possibly the oldest site on this list.

Ready Nutrition

Tess Pennington has been a major name in prepping for a long time. Here site, Ready Nutrition is a plethora of topics related to every level of prepping and wellness. She has authors such as Jeremiah Johnson whom many of you have seen on Lew Rockwell and shtfplan.

Tess also wrote “The Preppers Blueprint”, a book that has found its way into a lot of people’s survival libraries.

Preparing For SHTF

This well-organized site covers a wide variety of topics which is always important to me when choosing what sites I should spend my time on. I like it when there is something for everyone and not a huge amount of politics and theory about unrealistic scenarios. On Preparing for SHTF you can find out how to make your own kombucha but also how to survive natural disasters or get a good honest opinion about gear.

Prepper Broadcasting Network

While this is a site dedicated to podcasting shows on various prepping topics, it is worth following because it has a wide variety of shows. They do many of the podcasts with an emphasis on families prepping together. One cool aspect of Prepper Broadcasting Network is that all their live podcasts include a live chat room where listeners can ask questions or talk to each other as the show is airing.  Be sure to check out their site for a podcast schedule and to tune in to previous podcasts.

Graywolf Survival

Scott “Graywolf” Kelley writes from a lot of experience. Scott is a former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran. Growing up in the woods and a lifetime spent in environments from the desert to the jungle means he has a wealth of information to share with the prepping community. I wanted to point out that Graywolf knows about urban threats and dangers and shares the knowledge he learned by being exposed to politically sensitive urban areas throughout the world.

This site does not update daily but I highly advise you to spend some time exploring the archives and watching out for updates from the Graywolf!

Urban Survival Site

Wow, this site covers a lot! Just on the front page I looked at while writing this there are posts on emergency preps for infants, fire building, daily life after a major SHTF situation, survival rifles, what you should know and do if you get shot, how to put together an urban everyday carry bag, growing veggies in buckets, and how to make a fishing kit!

This site has something to offer everyone regardless if they live in town or country.

This site is sometime confused with George Ure’s site that has a similar name but they are very different.

Apartment Prepper

A lot of people live in smaller spaces so learning how to prep when you don’t have a lot of space is a very important subject. This is a great site for younger people too since so many have to stay more mobile for the first years of their careers. College students that want to prep can also learn from this site dedicated to urban prepping and getting the most out of your space. Apartment Prepper helps take the guesswork out of prepping smart in a small space.

Primal Survivor

This site has a wide readership and produces articles on everything from baking bread to fire pistons, knives, and guns. I wrote a few gun articles and gear articles for this site last year. The articles produced at Primal Survivor are straight to the point so they are good for those that want a lot of information without a lot of fluff or major philosophy.

 and of course….. Backdoor Survival!

We are not going anywhere! Backdoor Survival is here for everyone and takes a nonpolitical approach to prepping and survival. Everyone should be prepared for disasters and we all share the same basic needs. If you read our site and have not signed up for our email list, please do so today!

Explore a variety of sites

It is helpful to read a variety of different viewpoints. There may be times when one site is more relevant to your life than another. For example, if you are moving from apartment prepping to living in a house with a yard, you may want to read some sites that offer more homesteading style articles.

Consider purchasing website archives on USB stick or via digital download

One way to make sure you have at least some info you want is to have a digital copy. You can print out posts or have a print shop at Kinkos or an office supply store print it for you so you have a survival binder for SHTF.

Here are links to some digital products to get you started including our own Lifeline Archive. Remember that this support helps make the sites possible!

Backdoor Survival Lifeline

Survival Blog Archives

I think there is no question that censorship is on the rise and it will likely get worse before it gets better.

Censorship is not about politics.

Censorship affects everyone. It is telling you you don’t have the right or the intelligence to read different opinions and decide what they think is right.

That is no okay.

People should have the right to information and they deserve to know both sides of a given issue so they can understand their position. I could never understand how someone can only look at one side and not the entire other side before deciding their beliefs.

Corporate interests teaming up with political interests are part of the problem

Companies plenty of us do business with every day are using their power to make life harder on those they don’t agree with politically. When censorship interferes with someone’s ability to get paid for their work, things have gone too far. Just because a blog doesn’t fit your worldview and has 100% legal content doesn’t mean you should be able to make it harder for the site to conduct financial transactions.

There are websites that are completely banned in some countries.

Zero Hedge is one example of a site that has been totally blocked in New Zealand. The idea of entire countries censoring a single news site is scary.

Censorship backfires often

People get resentful when they feel they are helpless to make their own decisions, especially about what to believe. Censorship can result in massive uprisings and resentment. People do not like to feel they are overly controlled by state entities. This is actually an issue that a lot of people can agree on.

Once censorship starts, it’s hard to stop. This concept is why it is so important to not give it the strength it needs to grow no matter how you vote.

Here are a few things you can do to still get information and support the sites that you enjoy reading and learning from all the time.

Try using alternate search engines such as DuckDuckGo and bing

I guarantee you that you will get different results searching for the same terms on different search engines. I have tried this myself.

Sign up for email lists of the websites you like the most

Email lists are great because you get content delivered so as long as emails don’t go to SPAM. It is harder to censor email but one day it might not be As of now, go sign up for all the sites that you like, This gives you updates in case social media and search engines block favored sites.

Purchase a subscription to sites you use often and enjoy

A lot of sites have low subscription fees. Support independent media sources. Even a $1 donation or a $5 subscription does a lot to support the independent sites you enjoy and gain useful information from. Any support helps a lot!

There are some great folks out there that have been demonetized on sites like Youtube based on politics and as a result of this censorship, are struggling to make up for the lost revenue and keep bringing you what you want to learn and see.

Check in with sites occasionally by just going to them.

If you stop getting email updates or have other issues, let them know. Website folks may have no way of knowing if there is an issue that a lot of readers are experiencing. Site feedback can help owners and writers know they are being censored, and it has reduced their reach.

Alternative social media is on the rise and will become more common. Signing up for a Steemit account or similar can be helpful if you want to keep up with what is going on in the world

Some social media outlets are better about allowing different opinions than others. Steemit is one platform that is gaining a following because of the considerations it makes for user privacy and how hard it is to hack anyone’s account. Let’s just say you should stash your Steemit password on a piece of paper somewhere private because it is very long and complicated and there is no way to recover your account unless you can prove it was stolen or hacked.

Please watch and read a lot of different news sites with various opinions and agendas and then decide what you think is propaganda and what is real news and valuable information. Fact check things before you believe.

Remember that the term “fake news” is a tool for people to discredit any source of information that they do not agree with. This is why it is so insulting to be called that if you are a writer or journalist of any kind. Fake means it is not worth anything at all. The label instantly renders an opinion  not legitimate.

Propaganda is alive and well in the USA and it is often spouted by those that use the term fake news widely.

Think for yourself. Don’t just form your opinions based on what the majority say or someone like me says. Research and think things out. You are worth it and you owe it to yourself and your family. Never stop learning!

Samantha Biggers can be reached at [email protected]
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9 Responses to “13 Prepper Websites To Follow When Everything Becomes Censored and How To Beat Censorship In The Modern Age”

  1. and (speak freely) are both new social media type platforms that encourage freedom of speech, and less censorship. I doubt they’ll replace FB, but they might be worth checking out, nice for a backup account.

  2. Back in December 2018 I found and archived this list of top 50 survival and preparedness websites:

    Also, about the website from Mike Adams, he advises those interested in his daily news feed that Google (via Gmail) will block it. And so getting a non-Google email account is mandatory to receive that feed. I’m guessing this kind of garbage censorship will only be increasing. Amazon is already killing off books that it doesn’t politically approve of. Facebook and YouTube are both in the censorship business. Etc, etc… Edward Snowden recently even described Facebook as a mass surveillance platform — rebranded as “social media.”

  3. And despite the fact that it is sometimes ‘out there’, don’t forget about Natural News. Mike Adams has done some great work to provide uncensored news, and has built alternative platforms for providing information. He/they have been ‘deplatformed’ and banned from google youtube twitter etc. If you do a google search, they are labeled as a conspiracy website.

  4. Thank you for this list. I am using social media less and less and I like getting these articles via email. There are some sites here that are new to me and I will be checking out. Censorship only benefits those doing the censoring. My husband has been censored on FB several times with no explanation. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it.

  5. thanks for the condensed list it makes it easier to reference when informing others. ———-Grampa

  6. You say censorship is not about politics then say corporate interests teaming up with political interests is part of the problem! Of course it is! And censorship is all about control. Every dictatorship in the history of civilization has sought to control the information getting to its populace. Keep us uninformed & feeling alone & we are listening to the ones seeking to keep us under their thumb.

    • I was just trying to convey that censorship is bad for everyone. Perhaps I was not as clear as I should have been. I meant to explain that censorship is bad for everyone regardless of their political stance even if they are benefiting at the moment. Those that don’t agree with the things that are being censored may feel that it is great that the opinion they hate is not allowed but in the long term, no one side benefits forever. Sorry again if I was unclear. It can be very hard to write some of this subject matter without one side feeling like they are being targeted so I sometimes don’t exactly nail it when it comes to explaining how something is bad for everyone in the long term even if they are benefiting at the moment. Thanks for reading and best wishes to you!

  7. I have been hoping someone would post more of this subject article since this censorship storm has been coming our way for a long time.
    Why you ask?
    Social media since is nothing more then a phishing scam making $$$$ selling your photos and data. We need another form of virtual gathering since even alternative media is trolled.

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