Another Free Food Friday: Win a Legacy Foods Breakfast Bucket

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Friday has rolled around again; where does the time go?  It seems like yesterday that I was writing the Survival Buzz.  Anyway, today I am thrilled to let you know that Backdoor Survival sponsor, Buy Emergency Foods, is back again with another “Free Food Friday” giveaway.

This time around, the prize will be a 120 serving Legacy Foods Breakfast Bucket valued at $230.  This fantastic food bucket includes a Multi Grain Cereal Mix, Maple Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Strawberry Creamy Wheat, and Old Fashioned Pancake Mix.  All are non-GMO, Vegetarian, and Kosher-certified so you know they are good.

Win a Legacy Breakfast Food Bucket - Backdoor Survival

More about the giveaway in a moment.  First I want to tell you about a Legacy Foods product that I have been testing for my own long term storage.

Legacy Foods Meal Replacement Protein Shakes

Before I begin, I need to tell you that I am not a fan of liquid meal replacement shakes.  That is a personal bias that is most likely due to being overweight as a teen and using “diet shakes” in an attempt to drop pounds. That said, that was then and this is now.  Protein shakes are no longer a chemical factory in liquid form.

The Legacy Foods MegaOne meals are real food.  They are made from 28 super foods that are vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.  Each serving provides 30 grams of protein and even more when mixed with milk instead of water.

Legacy MegaOne Meals - Backdoor Survival

The real question, though, is how do they taste?  Of the three flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and super berry), I have only tried the chocolate.  I found it to be chocolaty but not overly sweet.  Someone with a sweet tooth may want to add some additional sweetener but I felt it was fine as is.

These shakes come in a Mylar bag and include an O2 absorber. They have a shelf life of over 10 years making them ideal for long term storage. Plus, if you are a fan of protein shakes or smoothies, you might want to consider using the MegaOne meals for daily use as well.

The Giveaway

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  By now you know the drill; record your entry in the Rafflecopter below. You can sign in with your email account or Facebook, the choice is yours.  The best way to start is by clicking on “Free Entry for Everyone”.  After that, each option you select represents an additional entry.  There are a number of different options so pick and choose or select them all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their prize within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

The Final Word

I hope you have been enjoying the Friday giveaways.  It is through the generosity of my many sponsors that I am able to bring these to you and hope that you will pay it forward by visiting their websites and looking around to see if there is something that interests you.

I know that in the case of Buy Emergency Foods, you will find great value and the highest of standards when it comes to food quality,  In addition, if you are new to freeze dried products, you are going to want to investigate their sample kit which is a great way to do some taste testing without making a huge investment.

I hope you will take the time to enter the Legacy Breakfast Food Bucket giveaway.  Someone is going to win and it just might be you!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Coghlans Waterproof Matches 10-pack: There are 10 boxes of 40 matches each for about $5.  That is a good deal for 400 waterproof matches.

Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife: ANOTHER FAVORITE! Also known as the Mora 511, this is now my favorite knife. It is made of Swedish steel and is super sharp.  Many Backdoor Survival have emailed me indicating this is now their favorite knife too. I paid $12 for this knife; it was worth $12 and of course is a steal at under $9.

FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led FlashlightFAVORITE! Here we go with another flashlight.  At the time of this writing, this one is about $4.00 with free shipping.  It is super mini sized, bright and waterproof.  Plus, it uses a single, standard AA sized battery.

mini Cree_0    

Blocklite Ultra Bright 9V LED Flashlight: I now own six of these little gems. There is a similar flashlight called the Pak-Lite (which is more expensive) but it does not have a high-low switch like this one. Less than $10. These little flashlights just go and go, plus, they make good use of those re-purposed 9V alkaline batteries that you have recharged with your Maximal Power FC999 Universal Battery Charger.

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Another Free Food Friday: Win a Legacy Foods Breakfast Bucket — 158 Comments

  1. All depends on how deep the decline might be. Right now, computer repair, if decline is steep than basic carpentry, plumbing and general repair skills might be valuable.

  2. Prepping has been a lifesaver when both my husband and I were injured in an accident and out of work for 9 months. A disaster can happen at anytime.

  3. Gardening, carpentry, general farm knowledge – I hope that would help us get through! Thanks for the generous offerings and the helpful website. Thanks for introducing us to so many varied topics and products.

  4. My most valuable skill is that of being a resource-finder. I have lots of books, and binders full of material; and I remember where I read certain things, so I can find it when needed! I have other skills but that one is a unique one.

  5. I am an accomplished seamstress. I also break and train horses which may or may not be helpful in a major event. May not be helpful if people see them as food rather than assets!

  6. I would have to say plumbing and well work to get water to everyone. That’s saying medical, welding and all the rest are just as important.

  7. I’ve been reading and researching quite a lot about everything medical from basic medical care to how to treat a gunshot wound. I’ve been amassing medical supplies, medicines, essential oils and the like so as to be able to care for a wide variety of medical needs. I have several books and hundreds of pages of printed info from the Internet in binders.

  8. One item I plan on stocking a lot to barter is alcohol. If nothing ever happens that I would need it for barter, well…Skill-wise, hopefully the knowledge I have gained from sites like yours will allow me to help others when the time comes.

  9. Since I can’t negotiate my way out of a paper bag, I rely on the knowledge that I’ve picked up to determine true value to me and whoever I’m trading or bartering with.

  10. I’ve acquired many skills over the years, but the most valuable would be to keep calm and motivate others to do the same. Prioritizing what needs to be done would be paramount in keeping your small community running in the right direction. Water, Food, Safety.

  11. I’m actually really excited about these shakes. I have a hard time eating enough but love drinking my vanilla shakes on the way to work in the morning.

  12. It is hard for me to decide which ONE skill would be the most valuable. I would say that having so many domestic and agricultural skills would be a barter because I would surely have a skill that would be barter worthy to most people. If they have something or a skill that I need, I stand a good chance of having a skill that they are in need of because I would have so many to choose from. I can raise animals, and crops (both in the ground and in a greenhouse), preserve foods in a wide variety of ways. I have a decent amount of certified medical training plus the experience I am now gaining using EO’s and other alternative treatments. I have a vast library of resource material in my home covering about every topic you can think of. I also have really awesome navigational skills, I seem to be able to keep my bearing of directions when most others around me have gotten completely turned around.

  13. I am just starting the prepping process and I am hoping to learn skills that will help my family and I to survive if there ever comes a day we’re left to fend for ourselves. I am currently researching and trying to learn about essential oils and herbs. I want to learn as much about how they can be grown and used to help give me the skills to deal with a myriad of health related issues from cuts & scratches, to colds and fevers to overall well-being of my family. I want to have skills that will benefit our everyday life of being self-sufficient and learning to live with less.

  14. Cooking from scratch.I’ve been told (albeit from family members), that I am a whiz at “creating” meals from scratch. I think the ability to put together good tasting, nutritious meals from basic ingredients will go far. In addition I come from a large family so being able to stretch the food to go around so everyone gets enough I feel may be a small advantage

  15. I connect with people welland always have a good sense for the best ways to handle tough situations. That serves me well in any negotiation.

  16. I’m a Registered Nurse and former nutritionist but think my nursing skills would be more valuable over the nutritional counseling in bartering anyway, lol. I enjoy sewing and cooking too, thanks to my early 4-H skills. I think I’d do OK.

  17. I’m good at taking care of children and rationing supplies, I can read any kind of map, and I have an impressive stash of health/personal care/feminine hygiene products.

  18. I’m stockpiling toilet tissue and alcohol for bartering items. Not only do they have multiple uses in event of crisis, but I don’t have to worry about them spoiling.

  19. This would be a bit of a toss up. I can knit small items. It’s been awhile but I can take raw wool through the steps and turn it into a finished product. I can start fires several ways and know how to cook over an open campfire. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Hmm. Bartering isn’t my strong suit, although hubby does it well. I would have to say cooking would be my skill. I’m learning how to ferment food and we’re obtaining items that would be useful to barter.

  21. Just starting to consider adding long storage foods to my stock. I want to try as many as I can before I decide. This would be a huge boost to my chances to try before I buy.

  22. I know a little about a lot of things. Basically mechanically inclined. But, best skill is with computers and computer technology. Would it be useful? Perhaps, it depends on how badly things came down. Otherwise, carpentry, mechanic, animal husbandry.

  23. Knowledge more than skills — I suffer from RA so I have difficulty with a lot of physical activities.

    I do, however, have experience as a Military Police officer and well over a decade of security under my career belt.

  24. I am new to prepping, but i think my most valuable skill at the moment is in being actually in a state of building up food storage, and having the mindset of looking at items in a new way- for instance before throwing things out, seeing if items can be saved, reused, repurposed. I can cook, sew, garden, etc and i have been looking to plant more food sources into our landscape.

  25. Tough question, Between being a paramedic for 14 years, an avid hunting and fishing person for 30+ years, a recent grad of residential and architecture, i cannot really pick one.
    I have never tried these but would like to taste them. I am more of a MH person.

  26. I see many of us have similar skills which will be great to support one another. I could barter my skills of a homesteader including gardening, canning, cooking from scratch and small animal husbandry to name a few. My husband is a wonderful woodworker, remodeler and general handyman proficient in most areas of building houses.

  27. Considering that I’ve prioritized and made the most worthy preparations in advance of a catastrophic “grid-down” event… my most important ability would be to not allow FEAR to overcome my ability THINK. Such clear and prioritized thinking is essential forssurvival. Such things as knowing when and if you should use indoor or outdoor lighting when the electrical grid is down…

  28. I have collected a lot of resource information and am also learning to prepare herbal products, both personal care and medicinal. Hope that would help me in a barter situation

  29. Of all of the skills that you possess, which do you feel will be the most valuable in a barter situation?

    That would be my medical,gardening and livestock knowledge– I am generally the one folks come to already for this and I generally can remain calm in chaos.

  30. Valuable skills? I can sew (mend and darn) by hand. I think there would be value in that skill that others might be willing to barter for.

  31. Probably my gardening skills will come in the handiest. Producing food and lots of it, in addition to having lots of seeds to barter with will certainly help.

  32. Currently… Can grow a percentage of my own food, can can/dehydrate both with and without power, basic carpentry and bricklaying skills, a decent shot (and, more importantly a decent stock of ammo)… AND having grown up overseas – am completely bilingual. 🙂

  33. Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to try this survival food. It helps to be able to try things before purchasing a lot.

  34. Thanks for the review and the contest. You seem to be organized and thorough. I think a great skill to possess would be the ability to observe, learn and adapt (or take action). Team building skills would be essential as well. I don’t know where this quote comes from, “the more you know the less you’ll need” but it is appropriate.

  35. I can do a bit of everything from spinning to weaving to other homecrafts. Also I’m medically trained and have had military training.

  36. My main skills are in the clerical fields — secretarial and accounting. At age 69 with arthritis I’m not too good at physical things — but could help with paperwork that comes along with prepping — spreadsheets especially. This breakfast kit would be nice to add to my food storage.

  37. My husband has the skills needed- he uses them when he negotiates roofing jobs as well as lining up blues gigs. He has people skills, roofing skills, whiskey and ammo- what else do you need? I can, crochet, forage, teach…only useful at home I think.I LOVE this bucket!

  38. Patience, I have a lot of that skill. I am practicing it now while my computer does flash dancing and 1 min. switch positions

  39. I think my super hoarding ability will serve me well in a barter situation. Because you never know, I may need that someday.

  40. I have many skills,knowing only one thing isn’t going to help you to survive for very long,take a workshop, read the boy scout, army,etc. survival books, buy and know how to use many different tools. And above all, be prepared for anything.

  41. People come to me alot for advice and for someone just to listen, so I would guess I can be a type of counselor, which will definitely come in handy in a major catastrophe with the different kinds of emotions. I’ve also been a sort of peacemaker in disputes

  42. I think my medical background and my knowledge and supply of natural meds and remedies will help. I am very calm in stressful situations as well, which can go a long way when others are panicking.

  43. Ack! I hit enter instead of backspace and it entered my email address without the So it just ends with @!! I hate when you can’t correct an entry with this type of form. Anyway it is dede12812 at hotmail dot com. It is too early in the morning for me obviously and no coffee yet!

  44. Wow, to look at any skills I might have is daunting. Do I Really Have any? Let’s see. I can sew by hand, I can make cold process soap. but would love to learn to make it like those of long ago, and tho I am not certified I do have some basic medical skills as a medical assistant.I am good under pressure. I am very resourceful

  45. I am a retired electronics technician with experience ranging from vacuum tubes to many of the newer nano-components. If it isn’t working and there is access to replacement parts, I’ve got a much better than average chance of making your dead unit function again. I’m willing if you are!

  46. The ability to think clearly and use your mind with the materials at hand. Also having the know how to talk to and properly communicate as well as diffuse a situation if the need rises, and if that fails the need to defend oneself.

  47. Well in bartering situation I have garden in summer has a lot of fruit and vegetables,also home canned foods a few silver coins and could sing a song with my guitar but I don’t think that would work ! 🙂

  48. I have boatloads of resources, information and knowledge that I would hope I could pass on. Also, as a homeschooler, I have the curriculum and experience to help people who will have to then educate their own children.

  49. one of the skills I have not mastered as yet is solar cooking. I would love to learn how to do it. I love this blog because there are so many useful articles in it. the giveaways are always a plus for some lucky person.

  50. I’ve spent most of my adult life in emergency and/or birth medicine in addition to having studied natural healing modalities. Given that I’m a bookworm as well and read a great deal of non-fiction I have a good bit of book knowledge on many subjects as well.

  51. I think my greatest skill in bartering would be that I am an expert rated shot. I don’t miss. I hunt so I will have protein available to trade. I will also be excellent at providing protection for the person actually doing the bartering. You never know. My ability to shoot may save the life of a member of my family or group.

  52. I’m just getting started in prepping, looking around for info, and this site has been brilliant! Thank you very much for the great articles and tips.

  53. I’m seriously lacking in the breakfast stores! However I do a lot of dehydrating, canning and freezing but never really thought about breakfast type foods! DUH me!

  54. My most valuable skill would be working with wood. It is a hobby and could translate into a useful barter tool.

  55. As for barter skills I am focusing on providing creature comforts, sewing repairs to keep clothing in usable condition, building an inventory of grooming items (sun glasses, nail files/clippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, hair clips and bands, socks, mittens, winter scarves, and the like). All are small and a lot can be stored in a small place.

  56. I have an electronics background and was raised on a ranch/farm. I’m pretty handy at just about anything ranch related and have been upping my kitchen skills with canning and bread making. My husband is a machinist so he’d be very useful for manufacturing anything. His best skill though – in my eyes – is his guitar playing. You can’t stay stressed listening to him.

  57. I have been learning about essential oils and use them in health and beauty items (miracle healing salve is by far my favorite and most requested from family and friends who’ve tried it!). If I can use this to barter – great!
    I’m glad to see the Legacy Food give away! It’s a great prize.

  58. Though I hope the SHTF never happens, I can offer my sewing and canning skills for bartering. I also knit and crochet and could teach these skills.

  59. I believe that gardening (and also dehydrating/canning the produce) would be the skill that I have that would be the best skill to use in bartering. Fresh produce would probably be in the greatest demand, but I’m sure preserved foods would also be in demand.

  60. Herbal medicine use and preparation; sewing; teaching; lending non-electric equipment that I have accumulated; information source.

  61. Physical skills are very important but I think the #1 thing is attitude. You must first believe you can survive if you’re going to have a better then fair chance at at!

  62. Having to improvise for so many years because of a tight budget, my skill is being able to make things out of items that others throw away.

  63. Truly, not sure. I’m former military and a clinical social worker. Depending on the situations faced with I have skills to offer to help children traumatized by all that might happen. Also, communication, negotiation and mediation. Really, not a lot to offer. I have the other skills a lot of women have to offer as well, cooking, sewing.

  64. We have lived off the grid and in the bush for so many years that we are used to doing almost everything ourselves. From cutting hair to canning and sewing. Getting our own firewood and cooking with it. We may be old fashioned in some circles but we are self sufficient.

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