70 Things That Can and Will Go Wrong in a Disaster — 4 Comments

  1. Seems to me to be a good idea to have some preps stored somewhere besides your home. In case your home is inaccessable. Also store fuel and food seperately so your food does not burn up too in a fire.

  2. There are MANY things you left off the list. I am referring to TEOTWAWKI / SHTF type scenario’s, not a natural disaster. In that situation, you would not be working WITH Government agencies, but the opposite, as they ARE the problem then. There will be racial violence, looters/marauders, house to house raids, supplies from external sources would be non-existent, etc. I won’t enumerate them here in open communication, but a diligent Google search yields a wealth of information. To adequately envision the scenario I described, combine aspects from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Vietnam War, Race Riots,Mad Max, and Enemy of the State … You’ll get the picture then!

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