5 Oddball Uses for Duct Tape + RediTape

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We have all done it.  Who has not squished a roll of duct tape flat so that it would take up less room? Or, alternatively, who has not taken a few feet of duct tape and wrapped it around a pencil so it could be stored easily in a tight space?  I will bet there are a sea of hands out there!

Well guess what?  You no longer have to do that!  Now there is RediTape Duct Tape which comes in pocket sized, 5 yard packs.  Not only that, it comes in six different colors.  Oh my gosh this is terrific stuff and I am thrilled to share it with you.  Not only that, I have six sets of six packs of RediTape to give away to lucky Backdoor Survival readers.  Now how cool is that?

5 Oddball Uses for Duct Tape | Backdoor Survival

But first, let me tell you about RediTape and the 5 oddball uses of duct tape that have worked for me these past couple of weeks.

About RediTape Duct Tape

Duct tape is duct tape right?  Wrong.  There are different grades running the gamut of dollar-store versions to heavy-duty industrial versions.  In my own tests, I would put RediTape right smack in the middle.  It is stronger and tackier (stickier?) than the dollar store variety but not as thick as the 3M stuff.  At the same time, it seems softer and more pliable.  Does that make sense?

No worries, though, because where RediTape shines is in it’s form factor.  Each pack is 2 inches wide and 4.25 inches long.  The thickness is about 1/2 inch.  This means that it fits easily in small, compact spaces such as:

Backpack or Purse
First Aid Kit
Vehicle Glove Compartment
Tackle Box

It tears easily and cleanly.  What I mean by that is that when you tear it, it tears straight across, no knife or scissors required.  The current rainbow of colors include fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, black, silver, yellow, and pink which I have renamed “girly girl pink” because I love it so much.

On the other hand, the RediTape folks are open to feedback relative to new colors and patterns.  Purple cammo anyone?

Other than that, what can I say?  It is duct tape after all.

5 Oddball Uses For RediTape Duct Tape

1.  Create a waterproof bandage

By now you know that I recently made a deep slash in my finger with a box cutter.  After the initial bleeding had subsided, I fashioned a nifty girly girl pink bandage for myself.  Trust me, it got a lot of attention at a community pot luck.  “Oh, how cute but WHAT happened?”

2.  MacGyver (fix) a broken lamp switch

I have very little lighting in my Southwest home and none is in the bedroom.  Instead, I have been getting by with my SunBell Solar Lamp.  The problem is that I let Shelly (aka the Survival Husband) use it and the button top to the on-off switch got messed up.  No worries.  He fashioned a color-coordinated doo-hickey out of a paper clip and RediTape.  It works great and I now can once again turn my lamp on and off!

3.  Repair a broken laptop case

I don’t know how it happened but the plastic side of my laptop case cracked and fell off.  RediTape to the rescue.

4.  Book binding

Cookbooks in print form are precious.  I happen to have a hand-written book of my own recipes that was started when I was a single woman in the 70s.  The book is falling apart so I bound it up with some fluorescent green RediTape.

5.  Waterproof label for preps

I purchased a number of large, Rubbermaid tubs for storing preps in my garage.  I have my preps sorted in bins by type, something I learned while visiting my friend Linda at Food Storage Moms.  For example, one tub is for all things water related, another for solar items, and yet another for hand-operated mills and kitchen tools.  Each now has a bright colorful label letting me know what is inside.

Similarly, I have started to label my food buckets with RediTape in the same manner.  I know that by using duct tape, the label will stay put and not fall off.  And no, the food buckets are not in the hot hot hot garage!

I admit, what is oddball to me may not be oddball to you.  So, if you are seeking additional ways to use duct tape, visit 50 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival.

The Giveaway

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  The nice folks at Proton, the makers of RediTape, have 6 sets of tape set aside for 6 different winners.  Each winner will get one of each of the six colors.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.  Select one or more of the options after signing in using your email account or Facebook, the choice is yours.  The best way to start is by clicking on “Free Entry for Everyone”.  After that, each option you select represents an additional entry.  There are a number of different options so pick and choose or select them all.

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their prize within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.


The Final Word

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I relish in being the queen of quirky,  Quirky is good because quirky is fun.  And so it is with these fun, yet useful and practical packs of duct tape.

In my opinion, duct tape belongs in every survival kit and yet it is often left behind due to its heft and bulk.  Please know that there are alternatives such as these convenient, pocket-sized packs of RediTape.  The fact that RediTape come in colors is a bonus, because this is truly a well-crafted and quality duct tape and one that will serve you well in all types of emergencies, oddball or not.

Have fun with the giveaway and good luck, everyone!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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5 Oddball Uses for Duct Tape + RediTape — 73 Comments

  1. I consider regular duct tape to be a full tool chest. It can be used for just about anything. I haven’t tried RediTape, but you’ve peaked my interest.

  2. Constantly use duct tape and come up with new things all the time – duct tape, gotta love it. Haven’t seen the new product. Will have to try it. Thanks Gaye for the introduction!!!

  3. Great idea and will be very useful in a SHTF situation. Also provides less footprint than Coghlan”s survival duct tape on a roll. Thanks Gaye!

  4. Duct tape does just about anything. Odd I don’t know. It would be something else duct tape is good for. I’ll have to try this. Free would be better.

  5. I have a welding glove that I used for the entire build of our Shipping Container House ( 55+ lbs of wire through my welder…) that has almost an entire roll on it since I kept burning holes in it but couldn’t see purchasing another set of gloves when I only used the left hand… …M… (EVIL ZJ)

  6. I used duct tape to cover a couple of sharp points on my belt that were poking holes in my shsirts. I think that qualifies as oddball!

  7. While Shelly ( your survival hubby ) was busy making doo- hickeys, I’ve been busy making thing-a-ma-jigs and what-ja-mac-calls out of duct tape! I once removed a wart on my finger by wearing a peice on my finger overnight for seven nights!! Love this fit anywhere tape!!

  8. My son uses duct tape for a make-shift sun blocker, my father uses it to get rid of warts, and I use it for attaching things, binding things, closing things, holding things up, and store it in my BOBs.

  9. Got a hole in the lining of a perfectly good purse. Kept loosing things and didn’t want to give up my favorite purse so fixed it up with duct tape.

  10. I use duct tape for just about everything, so I’m not sure what qualifies as “oddball”. I did use duct tape as a temporary repair for a crack in the floor of my bathtub while I was deciding on what to do for a permanent repair. I was using regular duct tape so I had to replace it every week or two.

  11. I don’t really have any oddball uses, but I use a crazy amount of duct tape. We live on a farm, and there is always something that needs to be fixed. That is often done with some duct tape.

  12. I once had a blowout on one of my running shoes where the whole side seam came apart. Several strips of duct tape and I was back on the road, worked great for a while and when needed just replaced old tape with new. Got alot of extra miles from that pair.

  13. Not sure it’s the oddest but I do a temporary repair to the hems of my pants. Invariably I put my heel in the hem of my pants just before I get to work or to an interview and can’t sit in the loo to fix them, Bit of duct tape and I can wait till I get home to do a proper repair.

    • LOL – Me too! Caught the heel of my shoe into the hem of my pants on the way to work. Always carry duct tape in the car so it was an easy fix!!

  14. most oddball use: replacement cap on bottle of contact lens solution.
    Bottle was broken at airport security check back before the 10 0ml liquid limit. Contact solution slid out as TSA examined backpack, hit floor & cap broke. We pulled out the duct tape, fashioned a cap, and i didn’t have to rely only on glasses during the trip.
    also used to temporarily connect tail light cover to car after backing into mailbox.

  15. thanks for this info. i’m not e-snubbing you — i just don’t have facebook, pinterest, so can’t promote you there. cheers!

  16. It’s not that odd but I have extended the use of a pair of shoes with it. I have also wrapped a piece of duct tape around a cut finger wrapped in cotton gauze until I could get a bandaid.

  17. Several years ago I repaired the cracked shell of a snapping turtle that had been run over while crossing a sandy spot on a back road. After it was kept in a box for 2 days, it was released. The following year it was spotted and still had fragments of the tape on its shell!

  18. A pair of old worn out shoes. The soles were coming off and the sides were cracking. My sis and I wrapped them with duct tape – not new but usable. You think I’m going to throw away my most comfortable shoes?

  19. Kathy (above) and I have both used it for emergency hemming on slacks.
    Other odd use was to mark my cell phone during a volunteer event. One other person had the same phone + case that I did, so when the phones were on the table, we invariably kept mixing them up. A little duct tape on mine with my name fixed that confusion.

  20. I use duct tape to wrap my annoying seat-belt strap the keeps tightening on my chest. I pull out the belt just beyond what I need and wrap the tape around where it would retract. The tape keeps it from retracting.

    • wow, what a great idea! i tried putting a big safety pin in the seatbelt to stop it, but the pins kept breaking and coming out. i bet duct tape will do it!

  21. Oddball is right! I began getting crows’ feet and forehead wrinkles, and saw some adhesive “helpers” in the beauty aisle for $30… I just cut small triangular duct tape pieces for my [former] crows’ feet and [former] forehead wrinkles and place them on my face at night, they WORK.
    I might put on a fresh pair when I go outside to work for a few hours, as the sun will make you squint.

  22. I used a colored piece of duct tape to cover the advertising on a red plastic container that I wanted to use to put homemade goodies inside. Advertising would not scrub off so just covered with my handy dandy duct tape! Easy peasy.

  23. A long time ago I had a VW Bug lost the generator belt made one out of duct tape lasted the 4 miles to the gas station without over heating, looked like it would have gone on. I have since learned that a pantyhose will work also.
    The best one was on the way to Catalina in a small sail boat at night we hit something in the water and poked a hole in the side. Went in the water with some sand paper and duct tape (3M) sanded the slime off and applied multiple layers of duct tape using my fingernails to get good adhesion and press out the water. Then we dried off the inside and applied a hot mix epoxy and fiberglass patch, back on our way in under an hour.

  24. A windstorm sent a flying branch which cracked a pane of glass in the hen house door. The only place to get replacement glass was miles away, so I used duct tape to hold the broken piece and cover the open area until I had time to get replacement glass.

  25. I don’t know about odd ball but I used it to tape plastic garbage bags to our small green house door to keep heat in with when a quick drop in temperature caught us off guard. I’ve also used it to replace broken hinges on small things like the pill caddy in my purse or a small storage box.

  26. I used duct tape to tape up my pants hem that came out at work. It was the only tape I had, but I knew it would hold for the day until I could sew it up.

  27. Just a little bit for my purse, car, First Aid Kit, Go bag, etc. I do have large rolls but these smaller ones would be great to store in small spaces and to insure I have some on me.

  28. Try using the fluorescent tape to make “Shoot and See” type targets for the gun range.
    Simply take a piece of cardboard for the target backing and apply fluorescent tape to form the target area. A square, a circle or even a rectangle will do.
    Then spray paint the whole thing flat black.
    When the bullets hits the target, the black paint flakes off, revealing the exposed, easily seen, fluorescent tape underneath.

  29. When we were constructing some 4″x4″ garden containers, we wanted to put weed fabric down before filling them with dirt. We wanted the fabric to come up the sides of the container and stay there to keep grass/weeds from coming up between the fabric and the sides of the containers. We duct taped the weed fabric to the sides of the garden containers before filling with dirt. Worked well!

  30. the psoriasis on my feet makes the heel skin thicken and crack; then it bleeds. i swab the area with alcohol, then apply a strip of duct tape. it will stay for several days if needed, through showers and everything, until the crack has healed.

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