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Top 11 Tent Stoves For Cold Weather Bug Out and Camping

Avatar for James Walton James Walton  |  Updated: June 6, 2022
Top 11 Tent Stoves For Cold Weather Bug Out and Camping

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Marie Curie said that “nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

Well, I have some very serious fears. The quote sounds good to me. I can drift on the concept, up until I am confronted by a couple of things. I have overcome many fears in my life and achieved some pretty cool things but I still hold fast to a couple fears and weaknesses that I cannot seem to tough through.

Worst of all I know the process to conquer them.

The first is giving blood. I hate it. Whether donating blood or just having blood drawn by the doctor it is a total nightmare that induces hyperventilation and requires total distraction to accomplish.

I can enter the situation at the highest level of confidence and be completely defeated as the cart rolls in and the nurse starts making small talk. They must recognize my face going pale and the fear in my eyes.

The second is the cold. Exposure therapy to the cold just doesn’t seem to shake the fact that I get cold and it’s miserable. I shiver for hours after I am terribly cold. I truly hate the cold.

The stories about soldiers of the revolution marching through snow without shoes and fighting through the Valley Forge winter are enough to make me shudder.

One day I will dominate both fears but for now, I will do everything I can to stay warm when it’s cold and avoid the bloodletting as much as possible.

Being cold-natured with a serious hatred for the cold means that I need answers. I love warm coffee, good wool clothing, and fire. Boy, do I love fire in the winter.

We have compiled 11 tent stoves that will keep you warm on your next cold weather camping trip or winter bugout.

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove

Camp Chef

This cylinder stove has a number of features that are just perfect for camping. I love the 5-inch diameter chimney pipe. The bigger the better when it comes to airflow out of the tent.

The other key feature on this stove is the adjustable legs. You know how hard it can be to find even ground in some area. These adjustable legs offer up a number of benefits to the average user. Now you can set this thing up safely even in a tent that is on less than perfect terrain.

The wide form shelf and drying rack give you the ability to hang hats, gloves, socks, and even shoes if you need them. This rack puts wet cloths and things in close proximity to the heat.

The flat top can be used to cook on and the wire grate inside the stove will protect the hull for the long term. This model is a great addition to your camping or bugout setup.

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

Guide Gear

I like tough looking gear and while this stove looks like a cast iron it is made from 100% galvanized steel. Of course, if this were a cast iron wood stove no one would take it camping! It would be a workout just hauling the thing! The door of the stove is cast iron and is vented to control airflow.

Like most of these stoves, the flat top surface is ideal for cooking and coffee making. Personally, I don’t have any experience in a canvas tent with a wood stove during the winter. However, this whole article has me itching to get into some cold weather camping with a stove like this.

The entire stove fits inside itself which makes carrying the stove much easier. The Guide Gear is a great stove for cooking and warming your tent in a cold-weather camping scenario.

Kotulas Outdoor Wood-Burning Stove


Small affordable stove with a heavy output of heat, this is a great option for tents. This is not a stove for heating a home. A small fire inside will warm you thoroughly but build too big a fire and you will have trouble keeping it lit and your 3″ diameter flue will also struggle.

This is another example of a stove that can be packed up easily and efficiently. The legs and pipes of the chimney fit inside the stove so you have less to carry.

This small stove is built exclusively of high quality galvanized steel and a heat resistant black finish. The pipes are not quite long enough to service taller tents so you might have to purchase more lengths.

Camping Stove – Portable Outdoor Wood Burning Folding Camp Stove for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting

This portable folding camping stove is basically a traveling kitchen. You aren’t just using the flat top of this thing to cook eggs and bacon. This stove is incredibly outfitted.

The standout bonus feature with this stove is the high-grade stainless steel cooking tools that pack up inside. You get the following cooking utensils:

  • Larger Pot for Frying or Stewing
  • 5 Stainless Steel Skewers
  • 1 Grill Grate
  • 1 Serving Platter
  • 1 Roasting Pan
  • 1 Ladle
  • 1 Large Spoon

This is a highly mobile stove that weighs just 20lbs and packs down to 14″ X 11″ X 13″ package. If you are looking for an efficient stove for heating and cooking, the VidaLibre is a powerful tool!

Happybuy Tent Wood Stove 18.3x15x14.17 inch, Camping Wood Stove 304 Stainless Steel with Folding Pipe

Another highly portable wood stove for your tent, the Happybuy is built from 304 stainless steel and the side racks literally turn into carrying handles.

The whole thing breaks down for easy storage and you get a 9 section 90 inch chimney pipe that will push the smoke and ash out of your tent but keep the heat inside.

A convenient ring hangs on the door and is designed to keep your hands safe when adding more fuel to the stove. The hot plate can even be removed if you want to cook over the open flames.

The Happybuy stove comes with tons of options and will warm as well as it cooks.

Winnerwell Pipe Oven 2.5 Inch | Compatible with Medium Size Tent Stoves with 2.5 Inch Chimney Pipe

This item here is not a wood stove but an interesting addition that you might be interested in if you are in the market for a tent stove. The pipe oven is an interesting concept that uses the heat pouring into the chimney pipes to bake food.

This 2.5-inch chimney pipe would require an expander as it is designed to fit the Winnerwell tent stoves. The cooking chamber ids 6″ X 6″ which is not a huge space to bake but can be used for a number of things. The inside is grated and this small oven even features a glass door so you can peek in on what you are cooking.

Another great feature is the thermostat that can be used to bake under accurate temperatures. Of course, you will be responsible for the fire and keeping that temperature.

This is an interesting little addition to your tent stove and camp cooking setup.

NoEnName_Null Outdoor Ultralight Titanium Alloy Wood Stove Multipurpose Camping Tent Heating Stove Outdoor Survival

How about an ultralight tent stove that is made from a titanium alloy? Sounds like the ultralight campers dream to me. This model takes size very seriously. It packs down to the size of a laptop and can be carried around at just 3lbs!

There are 6 different models of this tent stove that you can purchase but the big difference is in the types that have a glass door and those with a solid door. They all pack down light and will include the chimney pipes for venting your fire out of the tent.

This is a cool little ultralight tent stove the looks to me like the perfect matchup for those who are looking to carry less or to pack with more lightweight gear.

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove Hot Water Tank

amazon product
The stove and tank are sold separately. This tank only fits the Camp Chef Alpine Stove as far as we know.

How about some hot water along with the heat from your wood-burning tent stove? This is another model from Camp Chef and it has one of the most unique features of all the stoves on this list.

This tent stove features a 3-gallon tank that is right up against the stove and allows you to heat 3 gallons of water for whatever your heart desires! In the cold weather, there is nothing that warms you quite like a warm drink. Whether that is some warm tea, hot cocoa, or coffee, you get warmed from the inside out.

This stove features many of the features of the Camp Chef we reviewed previously. You will lose one drying rack because it has been replaced with the water tank. You should weight the importance of hot water over-drying or warming racks.

In reviewing this stove I couldn’t stop wondering about a warm shower in the cold by pulling the warm water from this tank and running it through a simple pressurized hose like the HydroBlu pressurized jerry can.

DACHEL Outdoor Tent Wood Stove with Pipe

Another lightweight stove with a great design for portability and lightweight camping. The DACHEL has those great fold-out drying racks that are just perfect if you have wet gloves, socks, or hats from hiking around in the snow.

If cooking is your priority when you are at the campsite, this is the tent stove for you. That is not to say that this stove won’t throw tremendous heat and make your tent nice and cozy but this thing is designed to cook.

You can remove the top plate from the stove that will give you direct access to the flames for cooking over a great or just letting the flames lick your kabobs.

Add to this setup the Winnerwell pipe oven and you have a serious camping kitchen that is lightweight and effective while also keeping you warm.

Official US Military Hunter Tent Camping Arctic Portable Space Heater Gas Coal Wood Stove

US Stove BSK1000 Barrel Camp Stove Kit, Black

This multi-fuel stove sets itself apart in terms of durability. This military-style tent stove is built from a more sturdy design and of stronger materials than some of the breakdown, lightweight stoves. If you are hard on gear this could be the better option for you.

Pipe out smoke and fumes with sturdy pipes to build your chimney and there is a small area for you to warm things or maybe even bring water to a boil.

A sturdy and effective stove that won’t make it into the backpacks of your ultralight hikers but would most certainly stand up to rigorous use.

Boat Camping Tent Caravan Turkish Tea Kettle

81boSgKxLYL. AC SL1500

This interesting little stove took some time to find but it is undoubtedly one worth considering on this list. It is both an eco-friendly wood stove for your tent but offers a few added features that are pretty unique.

The bottom compartment of this 4lb stove is filled with wood or coal and the top compartment is filled with water. You will have smoke and that bellows through the center pipe of the stove. So, this stove gives you hot water and heat.

The hot water is expelled through a tap which makes it very easy to get at. You could use that for hot drinks or hygiene. This is a tremendous benefit. Have you ever watched an iced-over world come to life with a hot cup of coffee?

You need to put that on your bucket list.


I never like the season-ending events of the sporting in the outdoors. When the waters would freeze and the fishing stopped, when the squirrel hunting season would end and when it got so cold that the single-walled tent was no longer enough to keep you safe.

By adding a tent stove and the right tent to your loadout you can extend those seasons in the outdoors. Some great deer hunting can be had in the winter months but most don’t brave the cold to take advantage of it.

When it comes to bugging out, most people are not prepared for a true winter bugout situation. If you are headed to the woods with a single-walled tent and sleeping bags in January, you are going to suffer for months, if you don’t get sick and die.

Conquer the cold and experience benefits of a camp stove. I would recommend choosing a model that features the hot water tank. Just a huge benefit in the cold.

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  1. That Marie Curie quotation is rather sad, because it was exposure to toxic and radioactive elements that she struggled to understand that led to her death at age 66. A little more fear might have been appropriate. Of course, no one understood radioactivity before she did.

  2. I’m kind of surprised that that “Guide Gear” stove uses galvanized steel, because if it gets too hot, burned off zinc (galvanization) can be extremely toxic. (See metal fume fever.) “Proper ventilation” in that case is not really practical. I hope they warn users about getting too hot (like, glowing hot).

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