Struggling With The Burden of Truth and Knowledge

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Struggling With The Burden of Truth and Knowledge

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The burden of truth and knowledge has always been a struggle for me personally.  Some days, this struggle is so powerful that my head hurts from sorting through fact and innuendo; so much so that I just want to shout “enough” and give up the effort to stay enlightened.

I first wrote about the burden of truth and knowledge back in September 2012.  Sadly, not a whole lot has changed since then.  If anything, this struggle has become worse as we deal with increased threats of cyber terrorism and worse.

Struggling With the Burden of Truth & Knowledge | Backdoor Survival

As with all things related to survival and preparedness, chances are if I am having feelings in this direction, many others are as well.  For that reason, today I am updating my original muse in an effort  to help others deal with this overwhelming and all-encompassing of burden of truth and knowledge.

The Exhausting Burden of of Truth

Without conscious effort, this burden can be both exhausting and debilitating.  One merely has to look around, read some news, or watch a little television to realize that there is major subterfuge going on.  Knowing that deceit and trickery are around every corner, we are forced to dig deeply to examine facts, evaluate actions, and derive truthful conclusions based on evidence and fact rather than spin, propaganda, and political innuendo.

Not only is that time-consuming to constantly seek the truth hidden in the web of lies, but that truth and knowledge can begin to eat at our very core, manifesting itself in the relentless and unstoppable pursuit of even more knowledge, more facts and sadly, more acceptance that our world as we have known it is doomed.

What Triggers the Search for the Truth?

Just what exactly is happening to cause this pursuit?  Let us start with just a few examples.

A worsening global economy fueled by excess government spending, undeserved entitlements, and a dearth of decent, well-paying jobs

The likelihood of massive food shortages within the next few years due to adverse weather patterns and droughts

The threat of  laboratory mutations causing a worldwide pandemic

Ongoing and insidious use of political and government power to reign in and control the masses

False and misleading statistics are taken out of context and being paraded as truths

Manipulation of our food supply via misguided bioengineering without due regard for our health

The expansion of the super rich, the elimination of the middle class, and the swelling of the working class

Enforced non-ratified taxes in the form of “Obamacare” (aka The Affordable Care Act) that will impoverish those who were just barely making ends meet, by requiring high payments, high penalties, and causing the inability to receive medical care without it

Propaganda and fear are used to influence where you live, what you purchase, and how you deal with healthcare

An increasingly militarized police force that often deals out the death penalty right on the streets without anything resembling a judge or jury

Personal freedoms and liberties are being sacrificed, in the United States, at least, by quiet little Executive Orders that carry a big punch

Need I go on?  I think not since the enlightened are already aware of the malfeasance that attempts to control and manipulate our lives.

Recently I posed this question on Facebook:

I have been musing with the Shelly, (aka the Survival Husband), on the burden of knowledge versus oblivion. Does anyone else feel it? The burden, that is.Wouldn’t life be easier if we simply ignored the truth?

The Ultimate Burden of Knowledge

I was overwhelmed with emails that related anecdotal stories of the personal strife created by this very same muse.  Family members accusing them of being crazy, friends and co-workers tagging them as nut jobs, and the despondency created when trying to awaken the blind to the truth about our world were a recurrent theme.

In a perfect world, I would like to think that we – as an educated and modern society – would face these burdens together.  But alas, our world is not perfect.  Not that it ever has been but now, with the proliferation of the electronic age, we are more aware of just how imperfect the world and society have become.  This same electronic age, and the internet specifically, has allowed the powers-that-be to create false flags and falsehoods with rapid deployment via recognized news channels. How can you really blame the uninformed for accepting such lies at face value?

Most people would prefer to accept the reality presented by “reality shows” like that one about the Kardashians than the reality that is smacking them in the face. Cognitive dissonance affects the overwhelming majority of the country, who would rather discuss which actress wore what shocking outfit to an award show, than the real problems that threaten us all.

Many of us find that our shoulders are not strong enough to carry this burden alone.  And yet we attempt to do so in the very best way we can.  We stock up on food, we learn survival and coping skills and we become accustomed to living with less not because we have to but because we may be forced to one month, one year, or even ten years from now.  It can be a lonely journey.

How lovely it would be get up each morning, put on a happy face and go about the day.  With a few extra dollars in our wallet, perhaps we would purchase some new shoes or go spend $100 on a night out on the town.  An emergency fund?  What is that?  Pay off credit card debt?  What for?  Just keep on smiling, keep on having a good time and assume that if something bad happens, the government or those crazy preppers will take care of us.

And so, if you are like me, you do your best to carry on in spite of it all.  Some days are better than others.

After work, if the sun is out and the chores are done, you might take a hike or hit the lake in your kayak.  On other days, things are not so pleasant.  Time is spent reading, writing, learning, sharing – doing whatever it takes to keep spirits alight and optimism – now cautious – alive.


The Final Word

I share this short essay with you today as much as a catharsis for myself as a message to let you know that you are not alone as you internalize your knowledge and attempt to come to terms with its effect on your life, your loved ones, and your moral values.

We all need coping mechanisms and tools to deal with this very real human condition called survival.  As you pick your way among those tools, be secure in the knowledge that by learning and living to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, you are taking control of your life and living it in the very best way you can.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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43 Responses to “Struggling With The Burden of Truth and Knowledge”

  1. As I read this article again, my thoughts turn to a quote I read recently: “The Further a society drifts from the the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. ~ George Orwell ~
    Then the question becomes whose truth? Yours? Mine? or someone else”s? Because people come with various experiences and personalities, what witnesses may see in an event may be seen differently even within the same family. When I begin feeling as you have described, I catch myself, take a step back away from the trees so I can see the whole Forrest. Recently in some research I’m doing, I would have been knocked to the floor with what I discovered except I was sitting down already. When I get overwhelmed like this, I fall back on history. No matter whether it’s our country and it’s politics or another, if you know a little history, you can find someone somewhere has experienced a similar event. Today it may be disquised a bit differently — take the technology—information has traveled and people have been fooled by misinformation and intrigue since history has happened. There will/has been those who speak to truth, we just need to keep speaking truth and be ready to challenge those lies. So take some breaths and choose your times to do what needs doing.

  2. Gaye – thanks for your article. I agree, informed with wisdom and truth is better than ignorance, which is not bliss. We are not meant to bear a burden and be worried (Phillipians 4:6) but come to Jesus with it and let him take it. He said his burden is easy and somewhere else it’s written, ‘Give thanks in all things’ which combats negative burdensome stuff too. Blessings for 2016.

  3. Thank you for the article,Gaye, I have been so down lately wondering if everything I’m trying to do is worth doing. I needed to see this article.
    Linda, I empathize with you, I am tired but I come to this sight and another one and it helps me keep going.Everybody is very encouraging. I also have a couple of family members(at opposite ends of the country) that recently started to prep, so I guess what I’ve been “yapping” about getting prepped for “emergencies” is starting to sink in. I don’t proselytize and for one family member it made sense to have “food insurance” They both lost their good paying jobs and lost their home,cars,etc. a few years ago and struggled to feed their family of 7, so they decided to start putting food aside with any extra cash they got and after they got new jobs have continued to prep. When I found out we’ve had many a discussion about me not being the only “nut” in the family, lol. So keep your chin up and hopefully something will click with a family member or two and they will come “on board”. God bless

  4. Thank you once again, Gaye, for another very worthy article. As you’ve mentioned many times and in many ways… prepping is something we should do but hope that the extreme need never arises. Whereas, in the meantime is good to keep our heads out of the sand in regard to the worldly realities around us… but also recognize the importance of maintaining balance in our lives by simply enjoying and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us… not just the chaos. Where there is light… the darkness will diminish. Thank you!

  5. Never try to teach a pig to prep. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Wait until SHTF and then eat the pig.

  6. Dear Gaye, rest assured your article and topic are greatly appreciated. They say a burden shared is halved. The sheer volume of news that I absorb everyday is mind numbing. My husband can’t handle it on top of his job. I was actually hospitalized recently for my ulcer, for the second time. And I have no money to continue with my plans for prepping and survival. However, I have worked very hard online to raise awareness about a particular region in Africa that desperately needs outside help. After months of thinking no one was listening, my articles and comments are getting passed around as well as news items and articles written by others. It kind of meshed this week. But I need a break for a day or two. Thanks again for this blog post, Gaye.

    • Dear Karen S.,

      From what I’ve heard/read, hospitals will only make you sicker. ..It’s how they make their money. I avoid them like the plague.

      I knew a girl who had ‘ulcers’. She cured herself completely by avoiding certain foods like GMO dairy, wheat, soy, and anything you couldn’t pronounce on an ingredients list, and by eating probiotics like sauerkraut and tending towards a primal/paleo lifestyle.

      I may just be speaking to the ether here, but i hope that helps.

  7. Maybe it’s the time of year; Fall is beautiful & I love it but there’s always a hint of melancholia. Whatever it is, you voiced my mood perfectly. Sometimes I actually envy those with “ostrich mentality” – if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I’m 70 yrs old, matriarch of a very big family and frankly, I’m tired. Some of my grown kids see what’s happening, some refuse to acknowledge it. But they all look to me for the answer when things go wrong. Oh well, it’s lonely at the top. Lol Thanks for sharing; it’s like a chat with a good friend.

  8. Hi Gaye,
    Today’s article is exactly why I read your blog, you don’t send out information without verifying it first. I have eliminated many “preparedness” and “survival” blogs because they, as you mentioned above, use bits of the truth and add it to complete BS to scare people into buying their products and/or services.
    I spend quite a bit of time on government websites in order to determine if statements are the whole truth, partially true or downright bs.

    I suggest that those of you who want to know what is real take some time and go directly to government web sites (websites maintained by anyone other than the government itself can and usually are slanted in their conclusions) and determine the truth for yourself.

    Start at Whitehouse dot gov and either click on Presidential Actions and then Legislation or Executive Orders. Obviously it is the executive orders that are most people’s main concerns because these laws have been placed with out Congress’ approval.
    And don’t kid yourself, this is not dull reading. Many executive orders will stun you in the magnitude of powers that have now been granted to federal and local government agencies. On this same website go to FEMA and read some of their most recent (within 2-3 years) increases in powers.

    Time to do the research, people. If you don’t you cannot possibly be prepared for what in all likely hood is coming down the pike.

    Yours in awareness,

  9. Gaye, I definitely sympathize and identify with your thoughts and feelings. The knowledge and intuitive knowing of the Truth is a tremendous burden on the heart, is it not? A few years ago, I started what I call my “self-sufficency” track because I knew the family and my friends would not accept the absolute, unvarnished truth from me or anyone else. At the age of 70, I remember the self-sufficient mindset of my parents and grandparents. No one back then thought it was weird, radical, un-American, etc. which is the way this entire movement is being portrayed today to the unknowing and uncaring public. Back then sourcing food, supplies and services locally was just practical not trendy like it is now.

    My only comfort in what appears to be total chaos in the world now is that I believe there is a “Captain of the Ship” and He knows what He is doing. That statement can be interpreted through the lense of traditional Christianity and/or Eastern religions. Either way, the materialistic powers who believe that they are in complete control of this planet are NOT correct and have a huge shock coming to them. We who “know” must continue to prepare and hold positive thoughts for the future of this planet and all kingdoms that exist on it. I believe that Beauty, Goodness, Freedom, Righteousness and Joy will prevail!

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