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Disasters Really Do Happen To Ordinary People

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Disasters Really Do Happen To Ordinary People

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There is no question that Disaster Denial is a common ailment.  Even those that prepare – and prepare well – ponder whether a disaster could really happen to them and to their families and if, at the end of the day, all of their preps are worth it.

In todays blast from the near past, I share an article I wrote listing the myriad of disasters that could happen.  There is everything from natural disasters, to economic collapse, to technology failures (been there, done that) to weapons of mass destruction.  As I was reading the article myself, I was reminded of the everyday calamities that could turn my life upside down – as it could yours.  This is worth a second look.

World Collapse

Disasters 101: A List for Those That Think It Will Never Happen


From time to time I feature bonus articles that are buried in the Backdoor Survival archives.  I hope you enjoy this one.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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7 Responses to “Disasters Really Do Happen To Ordinary People”

  1. I live in western Arkansas and this ice and snow storm we just had over the weekend was the worst we’ve had in about 3 years. I did as much as I could to prepare for power outages and such. We already have a camp stove and I bought some bulk packages of the hand and body warmers in case we needed them. We also have a solar lantern from our previous off grid living and I bought an additional solar powered flashlight. I do so love solar stuff 🙂 When I had gone to walmart a few days before the storm they were already sold out of the propane heaters in the camping dept. Lesson learned there….get one ahead of time. Other than that we were prepared. We did lose power for almost 24 hrs. We had plenty of blankets and it really didn’t get too terribly cold in my boyfriend’s mom’s house on Friday. We have a 3 month old baby and thank goodness I’m breastfeeding her so I didn’t have to worry about that. We got power back on Friday night and good thing too because the low was in the single digits I believe. Other than roads being completely iced over and our brief power outage it wasn’t too bad. I’m used to snows in Oregon so our 5 inches where I’m at in Arkansas was nothing. What would I do better to prepare: definitely invest in that propane heater (duh!) and get more board games for entertainment.

    • Crystal B. wrote, “this ice and snow storm we just had over the weekend was the worst we’ve had in about 3 years.”

      Ah, so the weather forecast I saw was right for once.

      I don’t like ice storms AT all.
      Imho, several feet of snow is no big deal compared to an ice storm, one that sticks around. If everything thaws off in a day or so, it isn’t so bad, but those we’ve had in January that didn’t thaw for several weeks, Those were nasty. When it was over I bought some of those spike thingies that slip on your boot. It was so bad I couldn’t even walk out to my truck. There was no snow to stomp through to get traction or footing, just solid ice, everywhere. When I finally could get to my truck I was glad I had cables to put on my tires or I wasn’t going anywhere.

      I’ve since sold the truck and the cables.

      I got a newer truck, and I’ve been intending to get new cables… your post might motivate me a bit more to give it more of a priority.

    • I used to live at the 1000 foot elevation (near Seattle) and we would get a tundra of ice that lasted 2 or 3 weeks while the lowlands were clear. The views from the top of our hill were stunning but the winter weather – not so much. I definitely feel your pain.

  2. I would like to know how people survived this recent cold snap. Was there anything to survive or was it just another day.

    • It hasn’t been too bad where I live. The temperature was about 19 but with no wind, it was a “feels like” 25. Snow expected today but not a lot. I dread the winds more than anything else – they can cause a lot of damage. In the meantime, I stay toasty by the fireplace 🙂

    • A spot in front of a fireplace sounds nice. I need one of those.
      I have one of those so-called ‘high efficiency’ furnaces which never seems to be able to keep the place quite warm. They create too much air movement, and not enough heat, at about the same cost (or a little more) than my old ‘inefficient’ furnace. This is the second house I’ve had this experience in, and quite a few people have shared with me similar opinions and experiences, a fireplace might help fill the gap?

      Maybe tomorrow, I will shovel yesterdays snow?

    • Barbra – on 6 Dec at 6 AM the electricity and phone service went out due to icing. They finally came back on the afternoon of 12 Dec. I was lucky, I have a propane cook stove and a wood heating in addition to the propane. A 3.5kw generator was used twice a day to keep the fridge and freezer cold. I would charge anything that had rechargeable batteries at that time too. A deep cycle battery and a 300 watt inverter provided light when the generator was off. Cell phone (which I don’t like to use) was used to keep family updated. Android with books to read provided entertainment. Coffee, hot chocolate and food made on propane stove and kept warm on wood stove. Otherwise, just live day to day!

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