The Ultimate Compact Survival Kit

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
The Ultimate Compact Survival Kit

The Winter Blast Giveaway has been a lot of fun and a lot of great products have been reviewed and offered as reader giveaways.  That said, one of the most fun items is something a little less mundane, namely a compact survival kit plus a pocket sized fishing kit.  There is something about something that is small, yet well thought out and well made that captures my attention and makes it fun and well as functional, you know what I mean?

I have always been fascinated by those survival kits that are packaged in tins.  For years, do-it-yourselfers have repurposed breath mint tins to create portable first aid kits, sewing kits, and pocket survival kits.  But those tins are small and not very sturdy.  How many times has one of these tins spilled out into your pack or purse because the hinge failed?

Ultimate Compact Survival Kit

Today I have an alternative, namely the Vigilant Trails Survival Kit.  (There is also a separate fishing kit but more about that in a moment.)

The Vigilant Trails Survival Kit

The Vigilant Trails Survival Kit is a real gem.  I say that because this 87 piece kit has everything you need to deal with an unexpected survival situation with the exception of a personal defense weapon.  Fire, first aid, shelter, signaling, water and a provision for food are all included.

Each of the items in the kit is snugly packed inside a crush proof metal container measuring just 5 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide.  They were so well packed that as I took the items out for examination, I was a bit concerned about getting them back inside.  Alas, I need not have worried. Because each item is packed in a little baggie, it was easy to take an item out then put the rest back  inside for use at another time.

The tin itself is wrapped by a strong compression strap that has a very cool integrated emergency whistle that really works.  The buckle can easily be be released with just one hand which could be critical in an emergency.  Another cool item is the knife.  It is easy to open and close the blade and extremely sharp. I suppose I have a thing about whistles and knives, probably because they are useful in a variety of situations, not just emergencies.

Compact Survival Kit closed up

Compact Survival Kit

All these items fit nicely in a compact tin.

Here is a complete list of the contents:

1 – Vigilant Trails Survival Guide
1 – Crush Proof Metal Container (4 3/4 X 3 3/8 X 1 1/2)
1 – Nylon Compression Strap w/Integrated Emergency Whistle
1 – Flint Fire Starter with Steel Scraper
8 – Storm, Wind & Water Proof Matches
1 –  Match Striker
1 – Fresnel Magnifier X3 Power (3 X 2 inch)
5 – Fire Starter Tinder Tabs
1 – Matchbook (20 Matches)
1 – Emergency Space Blanket (84 X 52 inches)
1 – Shatter Proof Emergency Signal Mirror with Sighting Hole
2 – Liquid Filled Compass (20mm)
1 – Airline Tubing (2 feet X  3/16 inch)
5 – Water Purification Tablets
2 – Coffee Filter
1 – Liter Plastic Bag (re-sealable)
1 – Clear Plastic Sheet (42″ X 31″)
1 – Lock back Knife, Single-handed Opening (5″ overall length)
1 – Stainless Steel Surgical Blade
1 – Stainless Steel Needle (3 inch)
1 – Pencil (3 1/2 inch)
1 – Olive Drab Paracord (5 feet)
4 – Heavy Duty Plastic Zip Ties
1 – Heavy Duty #69 Nylon Thread (10 feet)
3 – Size 2 Nickel Plated Steel Safety Pins
1 – Vitamin A & D Ointment (Petroleum Jelly, 5 gram tube)
2 – Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine Pads
2 – Alcohol Prep Pads
3 – Sterile Strip Bandages (1 X 3 inch)
3 – Butterfly Bandages (3/8 X 1 13/16 inch)
1 –  Sterile Patch Bandage (2 X 3 inch)
1 – P-38 G.I. Can Opener
1 – Mini LED Flashlight (water resistant housing, includes 2- CR2016 batteries)
1 – Insect Sting Wipe with Lidocaine
1 – First Aid Burn Cream
3 – Split Rings (10mm)
4 – 100% Cotton Balls
1 – 24 Gauge Bronze Snare Wire (5 feet)
1 – Fishing Kit:
3 –  Eagle Claw #7 Split Shot Sinkers
3 – Eagle Claw Size 10 Gold Treble Hooks
6 – Eagle Claw BB Split Shot Sinkers
1 – 50 feet, 6 #  Fishing Line
3 – Foam Floats / Hook Protectors
3 –  Artificial Worms (3 inch)

See what I mean about being so well packaged that that all of this actually fits into this small tin?  I think it is pretty amazing.

The Fishing Kit

Vigilant Trails also sent me a pocket fishing kit.  To be honest, I did not dismantle the fishing kit for examination because I was confident that it was the same high quality as the Survival Kit.  A fishing kit will be included in the giveaway and of course, you can find more details on the Vigilant Trails website.

Fishing Kit

Vigilant Trails – The Company

The company philosophy aligns with the mantra “Three is two, two is one, and one is none”.  Here is how this philosophy is incorporated into the survival kit and additionally is something for you to consider when putting any type of emergency kit together yourself (reprinted from their FAQ page):

In terms of Fire, we provide water and wind proof matches, a fresnel lens, flint fire starter, enough paracord to make a bow drill and a paper match book (of which you can use the enclosed knife or razor blade to split in half, effectively giving you 40 individual paper matches).We further provide numerous tinder resources such as the cotton balls and tinder tabs. Of which you can further enhance with the petroleum jelly.

In terms of Water, we provide water purification tablets, material to build a solar still and you can boil water using the Vigilant Trails Survival Kit container. To further enhance water collection and purification efforts: a gusseted stand-up resealable plastic water bag, coffee filters and the airline tubing is included. The Povidone-Iodine pads can also be used to purify drinking water as a last ditch purification effort.

In terms of Signaling, we provide a whistle that is built into the tension strap, fire is always an ideal option, the survival blanket and container can be used to signal and we include a shatter proof emergency signal mirror with sighting hole.

For Food procurement we included a unique fishing kit. This fishing kit includes artificial lures and gold treble hooks. Some species of fish such as Brook Trout and certain species of pan fish like Bluegill and Crappie can be caught with nothing but a shiny bare gold hook. You can also utilize the contents of the fishing kit to catch small reptiles, rodents and birds. Twenty-four gauge snare wire is included, enough to construct 2-3 snares and the bottom of the container can be used while making a dead fall. Of course, you’ll have fire, which means you can cook your food in the container itself to avoid getting ill (from being under-cooked) and contaminating with ashes and lastly, as a handy container for wild berries, pine needles, snails, worms, etc.

Shelter, you have the option to use the enclosed survival blanket in the construction of a debris shelter or lean-to, heavy-duty plastic zip-ties to hold up the cross beam on a lean-to (so you don’t have to use your cordage), the knife to cut down small saplings and branches and lastly the plastic sheet for further protection from heat loss and water proofing.

First-Aid, in addition to the water purification tablets and cotton mentioned above, both serving dual duties, numerous items can be utilized for the treatment of minor cuts, burns, bug bites, chapped lips and skin, chafing prevention and relief, ward of hypothermia using the emergency space blanket and numerous ways to treat and prevent infection.

Two other things to keep in mind:  If you use your kit in a real-world survival situation, Vigilant Trails will replace the entire kit at no-charge.  In addition, all members of the United States Armed Services, past and present receive a 10% discount.

The Giveaway

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  A Vigilant Trails Survival Kit plus a Pocket Fishing Kit have been reserved for one lucky reader.  To enter this giveaway, answer the following question in the comments area below:

What is the outdoor activity where you would most likely need a compact survival kit?

The deadline for your entry is 6:00 PM Pacific on Thursday, February 6th.  A winner will be selected at random and announced in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  He or she she will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.  Sorry, I can not accept entries via email.

The Final Word

I love this kit and have put it into my new EDC sling bag which, by the way, I will be reviewing in a month or two (you are going to want to enter that giveaway for sure!).  I like that this survival kit is compact, sturdy and designed with redundancy.  And of course, I like it because it has everything I need to handle an emergency while on the go, hitting the trails or taking road trip.  And Shelly, the Survival Husband, thinks it is perfect for his Harley where a larger kit would be impractical.

I encourage you to enter this giveaway – you are going to love this kit.  By the way, the kit is available for sale on Amazon as well as the Vigilant Trails website.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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From the Bargain Bin:  Here are links to the Vigilant Trails Kits at Amazon, a must have knife, and some of my cast iron favorites.

Vigilant Trails Survival Kit:  The complete, 87 piece kit, includes the 6 essentials for surviving; Fire, First-Aid, Food, Shelter, Signaling and Water.

Vigilant Trails Pocket / Survival Fishing Kit:  This well priced kit provides all the essential elements to successfully catch fish.

Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife: Also known as the Mora 511, this is now my favorite knife.  It is made of Swedish steel and is super sharp.

Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet: This purchase changed the way I cook. I use my cast iron cookware for everything from salmon, to bacon and eggs, to biscuits. Don’t forget the Lodge Set of 2 Pan Scrapers, a must have for cleaning those food bits from your cast iron cookware.

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned 15 Inch Cast-Iron Skillet:  Similar to the 12” skillet only bigger.  Actually, quite huge (and yes, I finally have one!).  By the way, if you are curious about cooking a steak indoors in a cast iron skillet?  See Cooking Steak on Your Cast Iron Survival Skillet.

Lodge 5-Quart Double Dutch Oven and Casserole with Skillet Cover:  This is another cool piece.  This Dutch Oven does not have legs and is designed for indoor use – but it can be used outdoors too.  Just don’t forget the Ove Gloves.

Ove’ Gloves Hot Surface Handler:  I cannot say enough about these hand and arm protectors.  I have permanent scars from hitting my arm on the rack of my oven.  I can only imagine what I would look like if I did not use these with my cast iron cookware.  Forget the colorful silicon hot pads.  These are 1000 times better!


Emergency Essential Corn Bread 013Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials

I really love the Provident Pantry Corn Muffin Mix which I cooked up as corn bread in my cast iron skillet.  Oh my gosh – it was better than anything boxed that I have ever purchased and as good as home made.  The best part is that all I had to add was water!  Same with the Buttermilk Biscuit Mix.

These are just two of the food storage items that you can purchase at Emergency Essentials.  And if you need some recipes?  Go to the Food Storage Recipes page of Emergency Essentials for lots of creative (and free) ideas for using the good you have on hand.


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204 Responses to “The Ultimate Compact Survival Kit”

  1. I would use this in my pack for hunting or fishing in the winter. It would be something that would stay in my vehicle.

  2. I am getting to old to go play in the woods by choice. I would have to be in dire circumstance, like when the crap hits the fan, to leave my warm home. At that time, this kit would sure come in handy.

  3. 2years ago I took a medicinal herbs class, every saturday for 6 months. I wuold buy my herbs but last year i started foraging for them. I wanted another source just in case the option to buy is no longer available. I always have something for emergencies in my backpack but this would solve all my problems. I have seen the altoids tin kits but this would save me alot of time by having all these handy supplies in one place.

  4. I’d be most likely to use the kit if I broke down in a remote area and was left to my own devices. It’d sure be a help in that situation. e

  5. It would be handy to have while out hunting. If not paying attention it is easy to get lost in unfamiliar woods. This would make survival overnight much more likely. Looking at the price I may buy a few for gifts! My niece lives in Florida and I told her yesterday that she should start carrying a survival kit in her vehicle. This would be great for that. Thanks Gaye!

  6. Not where I would go, but where would the kit go? Everywhere. I like to keep essentials in my car so I can be prepared to help myself and others in the event of an emergency. You never know when, but you should always be ready just in case.

  7. It would be most useful to me as I attempt a cross-country hike to find civilization after surviving a plane crash in the northern part of the U.S. or Canada. Not sure how much use it would be in a desert survival situation. Much like these paracord ‘survival’ bracelets which seem designed for wooded parts of the country.

  8. This kit would go in my flight bag… as in flying airplanes. Not really an outdoor activity, but still…
    I’d like to have a second kit in the main pocket of my parka which I use for just about every adventure I get in on, including hiking, riding, camping and hunting.

  9. I have had a similar kit in my handbag for three years. I have never opened it but feel secure knowing it’s within reach at all times. I’ve had to bug out twice, for a tornado and wildfire, and was glad I had this with me.

  10. I love to hike, camp and hunt so I would make sure I have the survival and the fishing kits in my backpack or pocket when out and about in the boonies.

  11. I’d carry it in my purse, so if I was away from home and my car and had no access to my BOB during an emergency, it would be a lifesaver. Earthquakes hit without warning, as do many other disaster scenarios. This would be a great addition to my preps.

  12. I’d use this either when hiking out with the young sons or when horseback riding. I frequently am putting band aids in scrapes and scratches for the kids. You never know what the weather will do so toting a kit like this would be very helpful and easy to carry.

  13. I would keep this in my car as part of my get home kit. I can imagine it would come in handy for many situations.

  14. I would take this when we go camping, but I would definitely have this in my car bag for emergencies or just everyday issues that arise. One of my big worries is being stranded away from home and having to wait for help or make my way home on foot.

  15. For me because I’m an outdoorsman,,mine would be the following~~~camping,,hunting,,fishing,,taking my dog’s out for a run in the wood’s,,or just long walk’s with my wife..

  16. This would be a great compact survival kit for a snowmobile here in northern Michigan!!!! Lot’s of back country trails far away from help!!!!

  17. when you are out hunting or just hiking , this would be a must have on any type of outdoor activity. I would even have it in my car to be safer

  18. For “outdoor activities” I would definitely want it along on hikes…but this would be great for so much more. I would carry it with me all the time, because you never know when a SHTF situation will occur.

  19. The south has discovered that Old Man Winter is not a nice guy and lots of folks were stranded on the roads from the recent winter storm Leon. Sounds like one of these would be great in the car or for going camping too.

  20. I travel long distances in the car for work, so having this with me on my trips would be most helpful, in case of any kind of emergency.

  21. I hike a lot and this would be great for me. I could also use it for camping, fishing, pretty much any outdoor activity.

  22. I think it would be handy to have several of these kits so they would always be available. One in the car, one in the EDc, one in the purse. Most likely situation would be having to abandon my car in case of emergency like heavy snowfall and ice or a need to shelter overnight because my vehicle broke down and I couldnt get home right away.

  23. I would keep this with me anytime I’m away from home. It would be very helpful in case of an automobile accident or other situation where I’m unable to get home or to my destination.

  24. What is the outdoor activity where you would most likely need a compact survival kit?

    I think it would be great for a day hike or excursions away from camp. Small enough for easy carry.

  25. This would be the best kit to put in my mother’s (86 years old) Emergency Vehicle Kit. It would be just another item to put me at ease if my mother’s care broke down. This kit would keep her busy until someone would stop to help her. ( A sigh of relief, if I could win one!)

  26. What is the outdoor activity where you would most likely need a compact survival kit?

    We are surrounded by a friend’s woods and pastures and are out on it often. One never knows when something like this would be needed out there.

    It would also be a nice addition to by get home bag due to its small size.


  27. I would carry this hunting but it would be great to have in my truck all the time because you never know when something might happen.

  28. One of the handiest things a person could have anywhere. As I do some hunting and alot of fishing and spending time outdoors this would be a great addition to my pack. Also when California slides into the ocean and Nevada becomes beachfront, I would definitely require several of these. Or when Lake Tahoe suddenly drains due to an earth re-arrangement, having some of these just might make the difference.

  29. We just got hit by a storm that we weren’t prepared to deal with in the deep south. Many items in kit that would be useful in many of the situations people endured during this event.

  30. The activity I do the most that one of these survival kits would come in handy is hiking. Hiking is something my family and I do year round. But we do not hike in places where there is people or trails. We go to remote places and stay off the paths of human contact. That said if one of us was to get hurt then going for help is a bit more difficult.

  31. I don’t do as much outdoor activity as I used to, but I would want one of these survival kits for my car and Bug-out Bag. It’s one of those “I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it”. I’d also give one to my daughter. She has some emergency items but isn’t in a position to actually purchase one for herself.

  32. I live at the base of some of God’s most beautiful and rugged country, the Wind River Mountains (which butt up to the Tetons). Literally, every time I set foot out of my front door, I have need to be prepared. These mountains are known for their beauty as well as how remote they are. Help can be several days away. Compound that with seasonal elements, and you may be in a life or death situation. After looking at what is included in that tin, I am impressed and envious of who ever may win the contest. Well done Vigilant Trails.

  33. I think this kit would be an everyday essential, not just for hunting or fun in the woods. This is something I would carry with me everywhere.

  34. First I’d make sure the survival kit was packed in my daughter’s backpack for each Girl Scout hiking and camping trips. And I’d also make sure we had it along when daughter and I head out on our weekend hunting trips.

  35. What I would use the compact survival kit for would be packed away in my hunting backpack. Someone always cuts his hands or gets cut on barbwire while we hunt. Hope I win.

  36. Good in an EDC bag, a BOB in your vehicle, in a backpack when hiking or camping,
    just to name a few good locations & uses. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  37. This kit would be handy for most any situation. I would love to have one for each of the kids cars in case of emergency!

  38. Hiking would be the one that is most used for the kit. I can see the various uses for different items if lost in the woods. I would also send it with my children in the car. While it is not made for it, it has some things that can be very useful. They always forget to charge their phone or not add gas to the car. This would give them a back up on any road trip. Of course I would also add emergency money in it, just in case.

  39. What is the outdoor activity where you would most likely need a compact survival kit?

    I would love to have one of these to take on my weekly hiking trips 🙂

  40. Any time you left the house.
    Hiking, camping,jogging, skiing, any sort of traveling, It would be perfect in a small every day carry… It looks small enough to fit in my Fanny pack

  41. This would be great when I spend time on the lake. One can never be sure you’ll make it back to the landing trouble free. I always carry some emergency supplies but this would add icing to the cake.

  42. I wouldn’t use this kit……But my husband would! He works a 40 minute drive away, but that drive involves going up and down a mountain meaning it would take a minimum of twelve hours for him to walk home. We’ve been putting together a trunk kit for him and I’m just starting on a Get Home bag plan.
    The compact size would be perfect as a starter kit, for when he just has his small work bag before we find a good backpack. Once we got a backpack, it could fit in one of the outside pockets for easy access.

    I’m not a wilderness survivalist. If I were stuck in the wilderness, I would not make it. But for an emergency that needed me to get from one location to another, I could probably make use of this. Luckily I’m never that far from home alone that I couldn’t get home within an hour or two at my slow walking pace.

  43. If I have to pick one I would say hiking. All outdoor sports, anytime of the year and also to carry in and EDC Bag. It would be useful at anytime and in any location.

  44. Any occasion where i am not around any accessible necessity such as walking to the car, running, stuck in traffic, or camping I would be very appreciative of a survival kit.

  45. Well thought out tin of preparedness items. This tin has so many places it can be tucked into for carrying. The possibilities are endless where you would need an item like this. Perfect stocking stuffers for next Christmas or my husband’s Easter Basket this year. Yes, he still likes to get something from the Easter Bunny.

  46. I am new to all this survival stuff, and am putting together a Bug out Bag. That’s where I’d use the

  47. I would think any kind of outdoor activity with the potential for injury or need for survival skills would make the kit useful.

    • My first thought was that I would give it to my husband for his hunting bag. But, I want to put together an EDC bag for my daughters boyfriend for his birthday. I put together get home bags for my kids when they were away at college and now they carry them in their cars. The BF likes my daughters bag and said about the ice situation in Atlanta, “That’s what your SHTF bag is for.” So, I would give it to him, but would still prob. buy one for my husband!

  48. We cruise so I would keep this in my bag that I carry both on the ship and on excursions. (I might have to pull out the knife to get it through security though )

  49. Mostly for when I take my son for walks in the woods. Then we make pins on pinterest of what we saw. I also carry BOBs for both of us and it would be in one of our bags when we weren’t hiking.

  50. I think that having these kits would be perfect for EDC bags.
    I would think the best way to use and have this with you would be on a camping trip, because you never know what can happen on those trips. These are small enough to put in your bag and still have room for other things and they wouldn’t add that much weight to your EDC bag.
    Thank you for an excellent review on these items.

  51. I would think it would come in handy for a winter cross country skiing expedition. Please enter me in the contest.

  52. I would think any kind of outdoor activity, hiking, camping, etc. where you have the potential of getting lost or having to survive longer than expected/planned.

  53. Dayhiking. I always think of hikers that get lost and suffer from hypothermia while waiting for rescue. This would be small enough to take with you anytime. Cannot believe the amount of stuff packed in there and I love the explanations of uses for the items.

  54. This small compact kit would be perfect for my Every Day Carry bag, that goes with me each time we need to head to Portland to VA Hospital. It is an hour and a half drive each way, to reach town. This kit would be extremely helpful if there was ever an occasion we could not get home and needed to camp overnight.

  55. Not an outdoor activity per se, but any situation that would force my family into an outdoor situation where the items in this kit could mean the difference of surviving or not. The unexpected happens and this would be a great, small-efficiency kit that could see us through.

  56. I would use these kits in my purse to replace several of my EDC items. I think it could come in handy for several situations, including minor, everyday “emergencies.” Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Definitely hiking, but I think it would also be useful for taking the motorcycle out in the canyons. I’ve already had one close call with getting stuck with the bike up in a mountain during a bad storm.

  58. I would keep such a kit handy each and every day – you never know your luck! Accidents, events, black swans, emergencies, sudden changes in life or environment – a handy kit can only be helpful whatever the situation.

  59. My husband and I take a lot of road trips. I think it would be an excellent addition to the bags we carry in the car. You just never know what will happen or where you’ll end up!

  60. These days, walking outside your door almost requires an EDC. Being handicap, I am not doing as much outdoors as I used to, but I just found a local group that does urban foraging and education on edibles. So Fred and I are joining them (Fred is my walker i.e. dance partner).

  61. The thing I love about this kit is that it’s small enough to fit in a purse so could be carried almost everywhere. Perhaps even on an airplane if you remove blades and matches. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize. Good luck everyone.

  62. I believe this kit could/should be on hand for all activities as accident can happen anywhere & anytime, but if I had to pick ‘one’ I’d say camping – winter camping specifically where you’re building your own shelters, melting snow, gathering/cutting firewood etc – lots of potential for accidents…

  63. I think it’s needed any time you get more than a few miles from your house (assuming you live in a rural mountainous region like me -no cell phone area)

  64. A lot of other readers have mentioned outdoor activities. But with this week’s news of people getting stuck in their cars overnight in Atlanta due to winter snow, there are even items in this kit that those drivers could have used by the roadside.

  65. Anything, anytime. Don’t really believe there is a preferred time for a survival kit. Could lead to thinking there are times when you think you would not need it (complacency).

  66. For me it would be added to any outdoor actvity including mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and in the car for all other times. I live in the Atlanta area and it amazes me that a little over 2 inches of snow equals a snowpocalypse.

  67. “What is the outdoor activity where you would most likely need a compact survival kit?”

    Most likely hiking or off-roading will be the activities these could be used by some one. I’m also thinking this would be great in my “get-home” bag should I be away from home and have been relieved of my vehicle.

  68. Wow! This is wonderful! I have a son in Scouts just getting ready for Eagle and daughter ready to start in Venture scouts. As a past Webelo scout leader I liked to emphasize having survival items on you at all times, not just on hikes. The knowledge is an invaluable part when paired with tools.

  69. I would need this for survival with my legally blind husband should we have to or decide to go out and into the mountains by choice to get off the grid or by disaster which I pray not for the latter but I want to be as prepared as I can for both our sakes.

  70. My son needs this. He is always in the woods doing something akin to survival or nature. He goes by himself, so this would help in a situation say that he became lost or injured and needed to survive till help could find him.

  71. I think a compact survival kit would be most useful when hiking or camping. I think having one in the glove compartment could be very useful in the event someone is stranded.

  72. I travel 38 miles twice a day to work. This little kit would give me piece of mind on my travels. After all this is what it was designed for.

  73. I would say any time you are out hiking, riding bikes, or just camping this would come in very handy. I would carry this with me no matter where I was.

  74. If you travel 10 miles or more away from home and SHTF and your mode of transportation has been rendered useless (EMP, road blocks) you will need this kit. I live 10 miles from town and to keep from traveling the road to get home I would need the compass and flashlight for sure to navigate through the woods. Some insect repellant wipes would be nice to have in this kit also. Great web site.

  75. I would leave the kit in my truck. I go back and forth from my town to the town my daughter and grandson live in for doctor appointments. Then I would also have it when I go fishing.

  76. any time you are doing any sort of outdoor activity, anything could happen to you. Having this in your pocketm will put the odds in your favor.

  77. I live in Idaho where there are numerous trails and if I were to get lost, one of these kits could sustain me for several days!

  78. I would bring backpacking and hunting but the possibilities on when you could need this are never ending, to a quick hike, or to just having it sit in the glove compartment of your car for emergencies.

  79. It would be great in the car. It would be handy if we had car trouble or needed something out of it for everyday living too.

  80. The outdoor activity I most likely would need and use an emergency kit like this is when I am out hunting away from our normal hunting area. Inside my own 40 acres I feel fine but when we go to hunts in other states in unfamiliar country is where I am always wanting to carry supplies with me.

  81. Our thoughts are that we will survive in place. In the event we need to be on the move, I think both these kits would be good to have. We have just started our planning and stocking. Would be a good edition to our packs.

  82. I would love to win this for my hubby, he works an hour away from work and uses a company car, he doesn’t take a bug out bag with him, this would be ideal for him to keep with his diabetic kit for work.

  83. My husband and I would for sure would make use of any of these items. They would go right along with the rest of our peppers items we are gathering. Never thought I would be so involved in something like this until our grandchildren came along.

  84. The outdoor activity I am thinking of would be an emergency situation where my vehicle is disabled and I would have to get myself home from wherever I am. It would go in my truck and give me a great peace of mind that I was prepared for any circumstance.

  85. I live VERY rural and it’s 150 mile to the grocery store. I would carry this in my car in case I broke down or SHTF. I have a duffel in my car that is my Get Home Bag/Bug out Bag but it is so full of items I would never be able to carry it far on foot. This would be a perfect addition!

  86. The outdoor activity where i would need a compact survival kit would be in a bug out situation,( if I could not shelter in place.) I have no retreat to bug out to, A kit like this one would be a much needed addition to my BOB.

  87. The area where a kit would help me most would be protein gathering: hunting and fishing. Especially helpful would be laminated instructions for dressing an animal, as I have no experience inn this.

  88. We go fishing and camping a lot. We have been known to go on small islands and camp for a weekend. Nothing like knowing you are the only person on the island except for maybe some wild hogs LOL. These kits would be perfect for the fishing and camping we do.

  89. These kits are great for ANY outdoor activity. You can easily take it along and there’s room to pack it. I go for walks frequently and live in the country. A 62 year-old woman, I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to want to get off the trails. I’m there to enjoy so it’s easy to wander off when you’re watching birds, looking for wildlife (scared of snakes) and swatting the many biting bugs while spinning around. Deep woods means its hard to see the sun, horizon or trail. I follow your blog so I have learned to realize quality is essential–pieces in this kit are quality. I’m not going to swim into the middle of the lake so I need SMALL hooks for fish near shore. I will want to walk my way out–good in Michigan and keep warm so won’t set and watch traps–I DO NEED a fire. With the wire, a wind/rain/cold cover can be made. Wanting to be found, mirror/whistle essential. This kit solves a problem I have and will face again. They’ve resource finding for me–I have to be smart enough to take their help/experience. Not an if but a when and most likely kit to have. Great to build bugout bag around this kit.

  90. I would add this kit to my car kit. I work 75 miles from home and make the round trip 3 days a week. I always carry extra supplies, clothes in the car and this stood me in good stead during the ice emergency last week. Our CEO put up essential employees in a nearby hotel so they wouldn’t have to drive on ice and thus ensuring at least a skeleton workforce the next day. It was lovely to have something to change into for dinner and also clean clothes for the following workday.

  91. I’d carry this kit in my day pack since it’s so compact, I already have a bulkier version yet with fewer things, more focused on redundancy in my BoB, I’ve also included a map in the lid.

  92. The most probable outdoor activity where the kit would be utilized is “breathing” because if you are alive you don’t know when disaster will strike and you should be prepared at all times.

  93. Two best uses: Here in Montana during hunting season when I’m out with my husband….and when it’s not in our hunting pack, it would be stowed in the car. There are plenty of times when I can envision being stuck in snow drifts, or going off the road (unintentionally) while driving hundreds of miles across the state (usual trip is 200-300 miles, most of which is in the wilderness). Great product!

  94. I would carry it at all times because you never know when you will need it! It is small enough that you could, and if you did not have it that would be when you need it. Outdoor activity is anywhere outside your house where all your other gear is.

  95. I think something like this is great for everyday carry. Our daughters could keep one in their purses if they needed to get home during a disaster.

  96. My dh and I go on rockhounding field trips. This compact kit would replace the pocketful of items I normally take, yet there are more items in the tin than I’ve ever been able to stuff into my pocket.

  97. Wow, I love this one! I would carry it in my purse. It is small enough to go everywhere which is great because you never know when you might need it.

  98. I travel to a different park every week starting as soon as the weather breaks. That leaves my 5 children and I vulnerable without the proper preps if something should happen while we’re gone. I’d carry these with me if I had them@

  99. Hunting and fishing would be the easiest first choices. But just to have it in my car kit because of my commute and all the other driving that I do would be a great help.

  100. I am a member of our community’s Civilian Emergency Response Team. This little survival kit is perfect for my 72 hour bag. I carry it in my truck at all times. We do alot of training as well as search and rescue this little gem would definately make me feel a little more secure

  101. My husband and I just recently began prepping. As for outdoor activities, I would definitely use this for hiking, hunting, and camping. My husband is a truck driver and gone for weeks at a time, and this would be perfect for me to keep in the car for when I’m out alone, and the car should break down, or I’m stranded alone somewhere.

  102. there are so many instances where this kit would be so useful: hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, etc, etc. thank you.

  103. I work 30 minutes from home and often travel further. I would most likely need the survival kit in my car in case I was stranded.

  104. The time I would need a small survival kit is when I am hiking in the woods. You can’t carry everything you want and this kit has a lot and keeps it compact.

  105. I go on day hikes. Need this in my day pack! Once got lost, thought it would b a short hike, didn’t even take pack. A Must Every hike!!!

  106. This kit looks fantastic and would be a great addition for any day that any emergency might happen. I would probably have several in various places so that I wouldn’t need to worry if I remembered to take it along.

  107. This would be great to have in a day pack if you were out hiking. Never know when you might get turned around and lost out in the woods!

  108. This is the kind of item that I would carry when I am not planing on being away from my BOB or my shelter in place – this could be an “everyday carry”

  109. I would find this survival kit useful for when my husband goes out geocaching and hiking in the Arizona desert. He frequently goes out alone and him having this survival kit with him would help me worry less about him.

  110. I would keep this in my car, for when I am shunpiking — that is, leaving the main highways for any backroads I can find to explore. I can imagine getting lost or stuck doing this, and this would be useful to have in such a case.

  111. We would most likely need the kit when we are out hiking and experience some unexpected event. It would certainly be convenient!

  112. I’m a professional outdoor photographer and am regularly in remote outdoor locations. Having something easy to carry in addition to all my photographic gear would be a great accessory in case of emergency. Like the contents of this well thought out kit.

  113. The activity where I would most likely need a compact survival kit would be hunting. I sometimes go into areas that I’m unfamiliar with. This kit would help out in an emergency.

  114. I think Mary Kay should get it. The first time we went to visit my Air Force B-52 Pilot brother in law at the AFB, Rapid City, SD, I was amazed to learn that it’s commercial intake radius was 150 miles. That’s a circle 300 miles across. Some people have to travel 3 hours just to get there, and much of that is some fairly rugged terrain. Not the Rockies, but you could walk off a cliff if you weren’t paying attention. In the wintertime it can range from +35 to +40 above to -30 to -40F below. And wind speeds up to and sometimes over 70mph. This winter the cattle ranchers lost tens of thousands of cattle – they froze to death. You could too if you were out in the open. People who live in that part of the country have to pre-plan far ahead, and be prepared to hunker down if travel becomes impossible. We had just visited her Grandma in Erickson, Ne. 70 miles N of Grand Island. We went for a drive and turned down what looked like a road. Sandy with little pebbles, we drove 4 miles, only to find a trailer home there at the end. You had no way of knowing that. The Sand Hills of Nebraska have very few paved roads. Once you leave the blacktop, you could be headed anywhere. And stuck in soft sand too, if you were too adventurous.

  115. This would be a PERFECT item for EDC. It covers so many areas and many items are multi purpose. Living in rural Alaska, a simple hike can turn into something unexpected due to the low population and rapidly changing weather. This would be perfect for our day hikes and pack camping trips as well since it is so compact. Even the container itself can be used for more than just holding the contents, if you really needed it.

  116. Really the kit would useful where ever I go. Even if I am nowhere near water to fish there are many other uses that can be used for.

  117. This is WAY too big for a “pocket” survival kit. You might find women whom will carry this in their purse. Most men will not carry this kit on their person because of it’s size. Far better to get rid of some of the items (many of which are not essential) and reduce the size so it actually fits in the pocket.

  118. Camping, back country hiking are some times that come to mind. There are many other situations where these kits would come in handy

  119. Living in the SW desert, one could potentially find oneself in a situation where the car breaks down in a secluded area, getting stuck out hiking, etc, but mainly, I am getting handy things like this together because I like to be prepared and I like cool, organized supplies from first aid kits to tools.

  120. This survival kit could come in handy anytime, whether enjoying the great outdoors or simply at home. You never know when the need may be real!!

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