15 Ways to Conserve Water

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: July 5, 2017
15 Ways to Conserve Water

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16 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home | Backdoor SurvivalSurvival Basics: 16 Ways to Conserve Water In Your Home


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15 Responses to “15 Ways to Conserve Water”

  1. I built my house in 1978, so you know I have the toilets that take 5-7 gallons per flush. I have replaced one of them with the newer 1.6 gallon per flush. With just me living here, you know which one gets used.
    One more thing. In a SHTF environment, remember, ‘yellow, let it mellow’, ‘brown, flush it down’.

    • It is against the law in Texas to use grey water. But why not buy a 50-55 gallon bucket to collect water , you can put it under your air conditioner, and catch the drips from it. And use it for water for a garden or greenhouse. Or if it an emergency you can put a. Spicket on it and hook it up to your house.for a shower if you can figure out how to heat it.

  2. We will be working on #s 5 and 13 tomorrow — and thanks for the link to the home water audit online at the Water Use It Wisely website, too!

  3. Use a hot water recirculating pump/system. I’ve been using a D’MAND pump for about 5 years and have saved TONS of water.

  4. I use an old cat litter pan to soak my fusia’s on the porch, only 2 gallons for 5 plants, and only once every 3-5 days. you can also take a 2-liter soda bottle, take the cap off, insert it in the dirt next to your plant and fill half way.

  5. This list has been around so long it belongs in the Smithsonian. And some of it is the marketing of gizmos and devices.

    But please add to it: 1) DO NOT SPRINKLE YOUR LAWN. 2) GET RID OF YOUR SWIMMING POOL (or cover it and use it as a cistern to collect rainwater for gardening and other “outdoor” uses).

  6. The biggest water user in many single family homes in some regions is for landscaping irrigation., Switch to low water landscaping or used grey/recycled water.

  7. Another huge water saver, and one that is fairly easy if you have enough land to do composting, is a Lovable Loo from the Humanure Handbook (//humanurehandbook.com/) The idea may take a little getting-used-to, but it works flawlessly and odorlessly, when used as directed.

  8. I’ve been living in either a truck sleeper (while I was longhaulling, using truck stop showers) or a van since the mid 80’s, where I have been using a large tea kettle as a water heater, and a Sterilite container for a washbasin, using 2 gallons of water a day, sometimes from the river:-)

    • Have spent a lot of time boating, I know that you can conserve if you are motivated. We used to shower using a “Sun Shower”. I had two of them but they are buried somewhere in my garage – I need to find them.

      For those that are curious, the water in a sun shower heats up and can get very hot – even in our cloudy PNW climate.

  9. Living in Texas, during this drought, I heard an excellent idea to conserve water. While taking your shower, place a 5-gallon bucket (readily available at any home improvement store) in the tub with you, right by the drain. As you shower, some of the water will end up in the bucket, instead of going down the drain.

    Now use that recycled water to water your plants! Pretty much a poor man’s gray water system.

  10. You can buy a “pause” button for your shower for $5 at Home Depot or Lowes. It’s just a little 1″ adapter that goes between your shower head pipe and the shower head. You press the plunger on one side to pause, and then the other side to resume. Makes taking a shower less of a water waste.

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