What is an Activist? One Woman’s View.

What is an Activist? One Womans View.   Backdoor SurvivalToday I would like to talk about activism and how being an activist relates to the Prepper Movement.  And yes, let’s call the emerging national pastime of prepping a “movement” for at no time in my lifetime can I recall such a groundswell of peaceful unrest and positive action among a such a large and varied demographic.

What is an Activist?

According to Wikipedia, Activism consists of intentional efforts to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change.

What is missing from this definition, however, is the personal aspect of activism.  By that I mean the conscientious and intentional effort to bring about change at the individual or family level in addition to (or instead of) the global level.  I propose that it is this personal activism that heralds the true prepper.

Now you may be saying “Hold on, not me!  I am no activist”.  Because to be honest, many people that I talk to are actually horrified by the thought of being labeled as such. They think of an activist as someone who marches on Washington (or Wall Street), participates in sit-its, holds wonky signs and shouts obscenities at authority figures and law enforcement.  And surely, that is not the quiet prepper who reverently stores food and water, learns to use a firearm for self defense and safety, and develops skills such as hunting, fishing and fire building so that he or she can survive in the wilds if the SHTF and life as we know it collapses.

Tsk tsk I say.  Don’t be horrified by the thought of being an activist for in fact, true activism starts much closer to home.  It starts when you decide to live a self-reliant life.  It starts when you decide that you will depend on nobody but yourself for your personal safety and survival.  And it continues as you begin to pare down the excess in order to live minimally, learning to embrace life for the bounty at hand versus the covetous bounty of your neighbor.

Now perhaps you are now thinking, “ but SurvivalWoman, I am just one person doing the right thing for myself and my family.  How does that make me an Activist?”

And to that I say, take a look at the qualities that reside under the activist umbrella and what do you see?  If you see yourself in the following, you are indeed an activist:

1.  Commitment:  The Activist gets things done.  He does not merely dream, he acts.  Tenacity and perseverance are a way of life.

2.  Education and Knowledge:  The Activist is always learning a new skill.  He makes an outward effort to stay informed of issues that may threaten survival and the world and society at hand.

3.  Positive Attitude:  Activists are upbeat and enthusiastic about their mission.  Naysayers do not discourage their efforts one iota.  To the contrary, that makes the activist work even hard to accomplish his goals.

4.  Communication:  An Activist will speak up when sneaky corporations and corrupt or ineffective politicians try to control his destiny.  Even when his voice is lost in the wilderness of corruption, it is still a voice that will never give up.

5.  Problem Solving:  An Activist may not know it all, but he will figure it out for better or for worse.  Complacency or inaction because “you don’t know how” does not exist in the activist’s life.

6.  Passion:  An Activist is charged with the fire and passion to make things happen.

Like I said, if these qualities sound familiar,you are both a Prepper and an Activist.  In your own way, you are setting a course to change the world.  You may not think so, but in my view, that is exactly what you are doing one day at a time, one bean at a time, one skill at a time.

The Final Word

Taking steps to effect social change can be lonely as well as frustrating and overwhelming.  An while taking these steps are necessary, the decision to do this publicly or privately is up to you.

The important thing is that you are taking action and that you are secure in the knowledge that you have taken responsibility for yourself – that you either have or can learn the skills that are necessary to take care of yourself no matter what the government, the global economy, your fellow man or the planet will throw at you.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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What is an Activist? One Woman’s View. — 6 Comments

  1. I suppose when you put it like that, I suppose I am an activist. I have resisted the label for years; then I started paying attention to GMO’s and Monsanto and hybrid seeds and the politics of them. When I got mad, I talked about the wrongness of it all. When seed companies began to disappear, I made more noise. Not that anyone heard me.When I learned the Canadian government had held the door open while Monsanto slipped quietly in, I finally admitted that I *could be* an activist. Then I gradually became a prepper. And it all started with a seed. Now I sit here learning about biodiversity, seed saving, composting, fuel without oil, alternate lighting, alternate fuels, peak oil and the current over-blown fiscal mess our corrupt governments have gotten us all into. My solution is to keep hollering, keep trying to open other people’s eyes, and I’m still trying to figure out how to make a difference. Now I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps it’s not better to simply slip quietly away to the North and make a comfortable life for myself and my family.
    I read your blog every time you post a new one.
    You’ve spoken truth so often, it’s a wonder more people have not found you.
    Keep up the great work, and never stop being our voice.

  2. When I hear the word activist, I usually think of someone who is attempting to effect external changes. They may be trying to change government laws and regulations or may be trying to convert other people over to a different way of thinking or lifestyle, or both. While the six traits you discuss are certainly essential in order to have any success at being an activist in that way, I would submit that they are also required even to make changes in our own lives. We need to have these qualities just to prepare ourselves even if we aren’t trying to bring about these other external changes around us. Of course, changing ourselves is no small task and may well fit within your definition of activist anyway. Great article!

  3. I thought of myself as an activist for years, but now not so much. I’ve lost my sense of passion and possibly my sense of positivity. I used to be sure I could be an agent for good and work towards things improving in a scale greater than my family. However I’ve seen how so much good has been twisted and used for evil. I came to see that Ayn Rand’s quote was actively happening. “What if you are placing your virtue [personal resources, hard work, intellectual capital] in the service of evil and letting it become a tool of destruction of everything you love, respect and admire?”

    I have seen my health research hijacked by the biomedical drug industry, my concern for the environment by the climate alarmists promoting a UN tax, my political interests taken over by money grubbing politicians spending my tax money by giving it to banksters and big business. I have become tired and cynical.

    I have withdrawn into my family and local community. I just want to be prepared to make the most of what we can at home. Stay out of debt. Prepare for the future. Learn self defence and first aid and be available to family and friends who need love and support. I am clarifying the “how” of family health through diet, exercise, good self care and herbal and homeopathic medicines. I want to be prepared if there is a food crisis, or any sort of crisis, plus be prepared for times of joy, peace and happiness as well.

  4. “one day, one bean, one skill at a time”….from now on, that’s what i will say to myself when i get discouraged !
    thank you.

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