Survival Buzz: How to Avoid Nicks and Cuts by Sharpening Razor Blades

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What started out as a great Wednesday shortly turned into a bloody mess.  The short version of the story is that Shelly, aka the Survival Husband, decided to touch up his bald head with a dull razor blade.  What happened next was a scrape about one and a half inches long and a half inch wide.  Who would have thought that so much blood could pour out of such a small wound.

I grabbed some gauze to soak up what I could, then dabbed on some boo-boo stick followed by miracle slave.  While he held a clean piece of gauze in place, I grabbed the first aid kit and used a chunk of 1″ stretch wrap bandage aka “Vet Wrap” to hold the gauze in place.  Although he looked like a dork for the rest of the day, the bleeding stopped and we were able to remove the makeshift bandage at bedtime.

How to Avoid Nicks and Cuts by Sharpening Razor Blades | Backdoor Survival

Whether it was his great healing powers, or the essential oils in the Boo-Boo stick and salve, by the next morning, there was barely a scar.

When all was said and done, he got a harsh scolding for using a dull razor blade.  There is absolutely no excuse for that since sharpening your own razor blades only takes a minute or two and is a cinch.  All you need is scrap of old denim.  Although I have written about this in the past, here is a refresher, lest you forgot.

How to Sharpen Razor Blades for the Long Term

1.  Clean your razor in a little cup of soapy water.  Let it sit for awhile so that all of the old goo and gunk float away.

How to Avoid Nicks and Cuts by Sharpening Razor Blades | Backdoor Survival

I sprayed some of my Tea Tree Wonderful in a glass and let the razor soak for about an hour.  I could not believe the crud that came loose!

2.  Dry your razor by shaking away then excess moisture then wiping it off with a towel (or in my case, a microfiber cloth).

3.  Going in the opposite of your normal shaving direction, run the razor across some blue jean material about 20 times.  This is called stropping. Remember, you want to run the shaver backwards!

That’s it .  I told you this was easy!

Need the recipe for Boo-Boo Stick?  You can find it here:  Make Your Own Healing Boo-Boo Stick.

Side note:  I realize I have been a slacker when it comes to DIY projects so this weekend I plan to make some DIY air freshener for those time I do not want to use a diffuser and also some DIY insect repellent.  As is my usual style, I will only post the results if they prove successful.

Backdoor Survival Mail Bag & Reader Tips

Ann sent me an email asking about bulk food packaging:

Can I use my vacuum seal bags to seal dry goods, pint size, then seal them in a gallon size Mylar bag that will have the oxygen remover?

Will that work or do I need to use the oxygen removers in my vacuum bags that will be sealed in the Mylar?  Looking for a 25 year seal if at all possible doing this.

Here is my response.  For those of you wondering the same thing, I hope you find my response helpful.

If it were me, I would vacuum seal the dry goods as you normally do then seal the smaller bags in a larger Mylar bag with a single oxygen absorber.  If you happen to remove one of the smaller bags for use during an emergency, you could simply add a new oxygen absorber and reseal the Mylar.

This keeps things simple and does the job.  Sounds like you have a good handle on things.

Speaking of food storage, DM Walsh offers the following tip for preventing rodents from chewing through your food storage buckets:

The trick with plastic buckets is to pack your food in Mylar bags and then store those bags in the plastic buckets.

Mice won’t chew into buckets that don’t smell like food, and sealed Mylar bags don’t smell anything like food to them. Yes, technically you can just put food in Mylar then put it on a shelf, but the buckets add a lot of puncture protection in case things start crashing down during an earthquake or similar event.

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Test Your Antibiotics IQ With the Quick Quiz

How much to you really know about antibiotics?  When Marjory Wildcraft from The Grow Network sent out an email asking this question I took the bait and tested my knowledge with her short quiz.  I am embarrassed to say I got a D minus.  Yikes.  I must not have read the questions very carefully.

If you want to take this quick, 10 question quiz yourself, here is a link.  I hope you do better than I did.

Click here to take the short quiz!

The Final Word

Are you ready for the holiday weekend?  As I reported earlier this week, we have put our home up for sale so most of the weekend will be spent packing up and getting rid of junk.  The biggest challenge will be our preps.  They are far too precious to leave behind and yet I don’t want a bunch of snooping strangers to see what I have.  I may need to put them into commercial storage for the short term.

That’s a wrap for me.  Be sure to take some time this weekend to recall the true meaning of Independence Day.  Now more than ever, we need to be mindful of the intent of our forefathers.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Survival Buzz: How to Avoid Nicks and Cuts by Sharpening Razor Blades — 9 Comments

  1. Great article! Gaye has taught us how to repair and reuse disposable razors, just as she taught us how to recharge batteries and discover that many old batteries still have life in them.

    Loved the antibiotics quiz. I got one answer wrong. Meat is a big problem. I tried being vegetarian but it weakened me, even with eggs, dairy abd vitamins.

    Then I spent A LOT of money on a free-range, grass fed, grass finished leg of lamb. It was hard work cutting it into portions for the freezer but it has been worth it.

    I only need meat once or twice a week. That small about of lamb has definitely improved my health. As for the choice of lamb, in case anyone is wondering, it’s the only meat I like.

  2. I know you hate to give up your island home, but certainly understand. A friend lived on Hat Island and medical issues necessitated them to relocate to the mainland. Those island locations are beautiful, BUT! Will you still migrate to AZ for winters? I live here in AZ full time and this year has been a doozy on “warmth”! LOL. We always enjoy the end of the 5 month summer spell. Best wishes for a quick sale to your liking and finding a new retreat location.

  3. Gaye, I gave up disposable razors long ago. I use a double-edged safety razor. The blades are disposable, true, but the metal handle is not. The blades can be stropped, but they are so cheap compared to the fancy 3-blade wonders that I usually don’t bother. But since they don’t have any fancy “moisturizer bars” or plastic parts to degrade, you could sharpen it for a long time.

    I got mine at an estate sale. They have gotten hard to find–they’re in vogue–but the bald guy from the pawn shop show is hawking them for about $20. But once you have the handle, you can get a 10-pack of replacement blades at Walmart for less than $5.

    The shave is the best I’ve ever had short of a barber. It’s a little different technique, since you don’t want to press down like you do with the disposables, but it’s clean, and with a good shaving soap and brush (I don’t use the canned stuff anymore), I don’t get any skin irritation. I know of men who shave their heads with them, too.

  4. It isn’t quite true that mice won’t chew on anything that doesn’t smell of food. As they are rodents like rats, they have continually growing front teeth for gnawing that have to be continually worn down against each other and against what they chew, and so they sometimes chew on other things to do that when their diet isn’t enough for that, the way rats notoriously chew on electric wiring. One of the causes of German failure at Stalingrad was that heroic Soviet mice had holed up to hibernate in German tanks that had been laid up for the winter and chewed up their wiring! But I doubt if mice would chew soft mylar bags that way, though they might chew the plastic buckets holding those.

  5. PM
    They WILL chew thru Mylar bags. Made the mistake of leaving a smaller bag out on basement pantry shelf, was resorting a bucket, phone rang, and I missed putting that bag back into the bucket. Guess what? Yup, next day Macaroni noodles ALL over da place LOL Lesson learned the hard way!

  6. This is a great thread on what mice will chew through. I would love to hear more on readers’ experience with mice, bugs, etc in food storage. My husband wants to take all my stored food and shove it under the house. I am not comfortable with this.

    • I have not had issues storing food products under the house. That said, the area is not damp and everything is is Mylar bags stuffed into buckets. In the beginning, I used dCon (sorry, I know it is toxic but you need to do what you have to do). The mice must have got the hint because now when I set out a tray of bait, it is still there 6 months later.

      I did stock up on it (dCon that is, while the old formulat was still available. I need to check to see what, if anything, you can currently use that will be equally effective.

      • I’m really glad to hear mice have not gotten into your buckets. For under the house I would like to get water tight coolers. Expensive but thicker than buckets. I have NOT run out of space in the house. My husband just thinks my buckets are clutter.

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