Free Food Friday: Mountain House Emergency Food Kit

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There is something abut Friday’s and Giveaways!  As I announced at the beginning of the year, Backdoor Survival has recovered from what I like to call “giveaway burnout” and is working diligently to bring you fantastic new giveaway items that will fill your survival and prepping cupboard for free.

This week is a reader favorite, free food.  More specifically, two 48 Hour Emergency Meal Kits  from Mountain House have been reserved for one lucky Backdoor Survival reader.  These kits are brand new to the Mountain House product line with each providing enough food to provide one person with 2,100 calories per day.

Mountain House 48 Hour Meal Kit - Backdoor Survival

Here is what is included in each 48 Hour Meal Kit.

  • 2 x Breakfast Skillet: Hash browns and scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers & onions
  • 2 x Spaghetti with Meat Sauce: A mouth-watering tomato sauce accompanied by tender pasta and beef chunks
  • 2 x Rice & Chicken: Rice and chicken in a savory sauce accented with pimientos

What’s New at Mountain House?

As I mentioned a couple weeks or weeks ago in The Survival Buzz, there are a lot of new things going on at Mountain House, one of which is new packaging.  The MH entrée pouches are still blue but the photos have been updated to reflect outdoor locations all around Oregon.

I do have to tell you, though, the meal pouches for the all new Chicken Fried Rice and Italian Pepper Steak look as though they could have been photographed at Quarry Nine here at Roche Harbor where I live.

Setting up Mountain House Camp at Quarry Nine - Backdoor Survival

Setting up “camp” at Quarry Nine

Another aspect of the new packaging design includes showing the protein content and servings size on the front of each meal pouch. Beyond the packaging, the following new entrees have recently been introduced:

Mountain House Italian Style Pepper Steak with Rice and Tomatoes
Made with tender cuts of steak, with red, green and yellow bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes and long grain rice. This new item is gluten-free.

Mountain House Chicken Fried Rice
Made with long grain rice and cooked chicken, scrambled eggs, onions, mushrooms, green peas, red peppers and carrots.

Mountain House Precooked Scrambled Eggs
Back by popular demand are Mountain House Precooked Scrambled Eggs. With 16 grams of protein per serving this offering is both vegetarian and gluten-free.

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Pro-Pak
Mountain House’s breakfast mix of hash browns, scrambled eggs, pork sausage, peppers and onions is now available in their proprietary Pro-Paks. (Pro-Paks are vacuum sealed so they’ll take up less space and won’t expand at higher altitudes.)

Mountain House Precooked Scrambled Eggs with Bacon Pro-Pak
The popular Mountain House breakfast is now available in Pro-Pak.

The Taste Test

You know how I like to try out new things, right?

Last night I sampled both the Chicken Fried Rice and the Italian Pepper Steak.  All I can say is that they were delicious!  What I love about Mountain House is that you can cook your food right in the pouch.  Note though, as is my experience with ALL brands of freeze-dried entrees, use about 3/4 of the water called for in the directions.

The Giveaway

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  Here is the part you have been waiting for.  To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their prize within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.   Winners are usually, but not always, selected on Fridays.

The Final Word

I would like to thank Mountain House and their parent company Oregon Freeze Dry for their ongoing support of Backdoor Survival.  Over the years, I have come to enjoy their products time and again when it was 10PM and I still had not eaten dinner.  I am never disappointed with their entrees, whether in pouches or #10 tins.

Please enter the Mountain House Emergency Food Kit Giveaway and win some “Free Food Friday” products of your own.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin:  Cooking outdoors does not have to be a challenge.  Start with the Solo Stove and add some low cost items that will make cooking and bugging out less of a daunting.  But first, check out these links to a dehydrator and solar oven.

Mountain House Italian Style Pepper Steak Pouch:  The new Italian Pepper Steak as well as a plethora of other Mountain House products are available at

Nesco 600-Watt Food DehydratorThis modestly priced dehydrator (less than $60) has over 1000 reviews and comes up as the most highly rated dehydrator on Amazon. 

All American Sun Oven: A sun oven is another option for dehydrating food although I have not done so myself.

Solo Stove:  I was so impressed that I renamed this the “Amazing Little Solo Stove”.  The price is $69.99 but for a small amount more, you can get a version that also burns alcohol.  (You will see the Solo Stove in my “setting up camp” photo above.)

Swedish Firesteel: Using this basic pocket fire-starter, you can get a nice fire going under almost any conditions.

Light My Fire Tinder Sticks:  Some people prefer to purchase tinder and this is a good choice.  I like to use cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly that I make up myself, a couple dozen at a time.  They store well in a small Ziploc baggie or re-purposed mint tin.

Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Outdoor Mess Kit:  This is a well-priced, under $20, mess kit that is lightweight and with decent reviews. 

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets: You will be surprised at how warm these will keep you. Be sure to test one out in advance so that you have the confidence to trust the blanket in an emergency. You will be amazed at how small and portable these are; a packet will easily fit in a back pocket.

Emergency Shelter Tent: The Emergency Tent is a lightweight and compact emergency shelter. It is wind and waterproof and easy to set up and is roomy enough for two people. Less than $10.

Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife: This “oh so sweet” knife is solidly built, stainless steel knife that comes razor sharp right out of the package. It will pretty much cut through anything the price is amazing.

Rothco Type III Commercial Paracord: You can get 100 feet of Paracord for about $8. This is a real bargain but be aware that price can vary substantially depending on the color.



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Free Food Friday: Mountain House Emergency Food Kit — 170 Comments

  1. Thank you Backdoor Survival & Mountain House for info & access to great prepper & emergency information & options!

  2. My favorite food storage food is freeze dried hamburger and freeze dried sausage crumbles. I use them in chili, casseroles, biscuits and gravy. Easy to add to recipe with the mess of cooking the meat.

  3. I haven’t tried many heat-and-eat-type meals, so I don’t have a favorite of those, but my favorite storage foods are wheat so I can make breads–especially flat breads or tortillas on the grill or over a fire, and Spam–which I like to slice and eat cold.

  4. I usually use basic foods (rice, beans, etc.) and combine them with my own spices and herbs. However, I have really enjoyed the products by MaryJane’s Farm. They’re designed for backpackers, so they are easy to reconstitute. They are made with as many organic ingredients as possible, and they taste good. I look forward to trying Mountain House to see if I like it as well as I do the MaryJane’s Farm products. Thank you!

  5. We haven’t tried many, most is just stored. I know, we should but ….. So far, our favorite is anything with rice. We love having a quick storage meal after setting up camp for the weekend. Not much camping will happen with us in this weather, though. Looking forward to spring!

  6. I prefer dried foods & grains for their versatility, but would enjoy good canning food in combination with them. Have to try freeze dry food, looks practical and delicious.

    • I really like the Freeze Dried fruits! They’re great to add to cereal, granola, yogurt, and just plain throwing in a baggie and snacking. 🙂

  7. My favorite staple right now is barley – I’ve been sneaking it into lots of dishes! I’ve not tried Mountain House products but would love to try them

  8. I love the food that we can ourselves. We have been canning for just under a year, but we are loving it. Especially the Jams we can, they are great on bread, biscuts, pancakes, ice cream, or as my 3 year trys to do, straight from the jar with a spoon!

  9. My favorite food storage staple is Spam. I know, I know but I just love it fried with anything and everything and now the single serving packs make it easy to take along. Thanks for another great giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  10. Love your blog. Keep up the good work and the information coming. I love it that you test out so many new products and pass on the results of your research. I would love to win the MH giveaway. 🙂

  11. One of my favorite staples in my food storage is oats! They’re great for breakfast, of course, but also make into awesome kettle cookies (many of you know these as no-bake cookies, but I don’t use peanut butter in mine…allergens), and I make a truly TERRIFIC chewy granola bar out of them, too (along with either sorghum or honey for the sweetener/binder). And if I run out of chicken feed, I cook some up to feed the girls. 🙂

  12. I have to admit….I have not started collecting food storage articles yet. It is a good idea but, I just haven’t got it all figured out yet.

    • Begin with the staples, the ones you use all of the time. It’s easiest to buy what you normally buy, just in a larger size, or buy two, when you usually buy one. The dollar stores have containers that can be used until you start needing buckets with gamma lids, and do not forget the seasonings that you and yours prefer. The storage is needed but the familiar taste is reassuring to every one. Slow but sure, let’s you do it right, panicking makes you lose your momentum, and mind.

  13. Any of the vegetables because they are so versatile. They are great in soups, stews, as sides alone or mixed with other veggies.

  14. My favorite food storage item is toasted oats. 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1 cup water, small pinch of salt, 3 minutes in the microwave. Top with a pat of butter and a little splenda brown sugar. This makes so much, I’m considering halving the amounts.

  15. Have not tried these yet, but would love to! Stocking up now on the basics – beans, rice, wheat, salt and spices. Love this website!!

  16. I have been told that Mountain House foods taste the best! I would love to find out by winning these emergency kits. They would be great for hurricane preparedness.

  17. Wheat because I like to make bread, I Havent made flat bread yet, would like to give it a try, also tortillas, tried once and wasn’t successful.

  18. I subscribe to a lot of preparedness newsletters. I find the most useful (and non-repetitive) info on yours. Thanks for all your hard work.

  19. I have mostly ‘ala carte’ fd cans. I have a woodstove and emergency propane (and over an acre of hardwoods) , so cooking isn’t a problem. I have all the ingredients in storage to keep making what I usually do!

  20. I love having a beef in the freezer every year. I also can some of it as is or in chili and spaghetti sauce, so meal planning is easy!

  21. At this point I have mostly canned foods in my storage, so I can just open and eat. But I am trying to branch out into more types of food, especially since we now have a camp stove to heat things up with.

  22. I love dehydrating, but I must say this was my first year to get into canning, I was a bit nervous at first but I absoloutely can’t believe what I was missing. I have canned sausage, hamburger meat, chicken, butter and tomatoes. I am doing a garden this year and can’t wait to do pickles, relishes, jams and jellies. Look what I have been missing.

  23. My favorite is definitely whole wheat pasta. It is one of few things that my entire household likes to eat. It is fairly well rounded nutrition. It can be dressed in a wide variety of ways to prevent food boredom. It can even be ‘cooked’ by just soaking in water if a heat source is unavailable/undesirable. It is a huge calorie bang for the buck. I couldn’t imagine being without it.

  24. One of my favorites is my canned meats from Keystone with rice, pasta or potatoes and veggies. Da Hubs has been getting real creative with the canned goods. He put together an awesome meal with canned ham and vegetables, soup and some sour cream, onions and garlic powder last week It turned out surprisingly good. Would really like to try out the FD foods and see how we do. Freeze dried food is on my wish list to add to the storage.

  25. A couple of my friends took a couple of different freeze dried meals with them when they hiked the Appalachian Trail. They stated that Mountain House was the best and wished they had taken more of it. I’ve tried the chicken and rice and it is great!

  26. My favorite food storage staples are the fruits and vegetables that I can myself. Possibly, my apple butter is my absolute favorite, but it is a toss up between that, strawberry jam and dilly beans.

  27. I do chicken pot pie from pantry ingredients. Crust is super easy to make so I double the recipe. Can of mixed veg, can of chicken, can of cream of soup, homemade crusts, and about an hour in the oven. Dinner done.

  28. I can honestly say I’ve never considered what my favorite food prep is. I’ve always just stockpiled for necessity. I would probably say that homemade canned salsa that my wife makes would be at the top of the list. Full of essential nutrients and well preserved, it can be eaten by itself or dramatically improve the flavor of rice, beans, powered eggs, etc. It’s one of those items that can help liven an otherwise sullen mood.

  29. My favorite is my dehydrated veggies. I can add them to anything, or even just snack on them. Awesome giveaway….thank you for the chance!

  30. While I love wheat and use it regularly (both for cereal-whole in the CrockPot and for flour-ground), my favorite food storage staple is dried eggs. They can be used so many ways, added to so many things for extra protein, and they are there on the shelf if I run out of fresh eggs.

  31. I have yet to try any freeze dried food, but plan on incorporating them in my storage. I recently tried to find a recipe for Pilot crackers to make my own, but was unsuccessful (found one on Uncle Phaedrus’ (sp?) lost recipe’s site, but it was untested. Anyone know of a recipe and storage instructions so they would keep for awhile? Or best to just buy some tins? Thanks.

  32. The Aldi version of Spam is our favorite staple- at under $2, it beats the “good”Spam in price, and seems less salty. We bread slices in Italian bread crumbs and fry it, mix chunks of spam and cheddar into biscuit mixes, fried slices with an egg and cheese on an English muffin, of course for sandwiches, chunks fried into dandelion greens with garlic and onion, Spash( fried with potato hunks, onions, green pepper with an over-easy egg in the middle), with pineapple and white rice, or just on a plate. Can’t wait to try the new MH Italian Style Pepper Steak! Thanks for another wonderful Friday!

  33. My favorite is Dutch oven cobbler, with a cake mix, 2 cans of peaches, and a can of sprite. Cooked in the Dutch oven with either charcoal in a fire.

  34. Mountain House has never disappointed me on quality or taste. I carry a variety in my BOB. I also have a quantity stored at an “Undisclosed Location”. I depend on Mountain House, just in case.

  35. I have never tried any of the survival or freeze dried foods… just getting started… would love to try before I buy when I get the $$$$ Thanks for the opportunity… Please pick me 🙂

  36. I have several go-to storage items: chili-with-beans (can be eaten over spaghetti), baked beans, canned salmon, Ramen noodles, and Hormel’s Chicken Alfredo which is just heat-and-heat. I want to try the Dutch oven cobbler listed above! Haven’t had a chance to try Mountain House meals yet, but they sound good.

  37. My favorite food storage is spices and dried pinto beans.Beans for protein and spices for meat or other edible food I might find in time of need.

  38. Great giveaway!! I really hope I win this… I love your website and all the information you give…
    My favorite is rice and beans– dried or homemade canned… This is great because you can use different types of each to have different flavors and good protein and carbohydrate ratios for health reasons!!!

  39. Dehydrated potatoes are my favorites… from hashbrowns to skillet meals they are easy to prepare… rehydrate then use as a side dish or add to a main dish to extend it!

  40. We like and try out lots of sample because no use having supplies if the kids wont eat it. Love Mountain House. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. We stock and use lots of rice. It is such a versatile food that you can make it many days in a row with it never tasting the same.

  42. My favorite is: Hormel’s pizza Toppings “real crumbled bacon” I use daily in omelets and any where I would like to use crumbled bacon.

  43. YUM! I love Mountain House! Thanks so much for this opportunity to win their great products and for your very informative website.

  44. Pinto beans and rice – some of the easiest to store and can be cooked over an open campfire (or emergency fire). Maybe not the tastiest after a few days by itself, but with the addition of spices and other foods you may find it can keep you alive.

  45. A while back you did a MH giveaway and said that if we called MH they might send a trial pack so I did and they sent me 3 trial packs all of which were delicious. I am still waiting for the meatloaf and mashed potatoes to come out if they will. I really like the work you do even though I am not into essentials oils yet.
    This prize would go along way to aid in my being prepared and I am sure that whoever wins this package will be appreciative and enjoy them. I wish it would be me though.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.

  46. My wife does the cooking and she says beans. She puts them in a lot of dishes. We would really like to try the 48 hr meal kit. Wheat is another one. She makes her own bread and is a good baker and quite popular with the neighbors.

  47. Canned chicken – just eat cold out of can! Canned pineapples are good with it – yum!

    Thank you & Mountain House very much for this giveaway!

  48. I don’t really have a favorite food storage staple – I like everything we have stored. I like those that are single ingredients so I can be somewhat creative in what I prepare and I like the products that are already “prepared” – like rice & chicken or beef & noodles. I also like the rice and beans we’re storing.

  49. I would love these to keep in my Jeep. I mostly love meals that you can just add water, like chicken and rice. But I also love pouches of stew, and pouched tuna that can be mixed in with a lot of things to add protein. I always keep granola bars in there too. I made some tuna can stoves, but honestly they scare me.

  50. As a chef, I’ve never tried or purchased dehydrated foods except minced onions in the seasoning isle.
    I tend to gravitate towards soup items for storage and long term survival foods. Manechevitz soup mixes are great, prepackaged and great for two people.
    I hesitate on buying some things, as I could never use a whole #10 can full of food before it would go bad.
    Thanks for the great giveaways Gaye, I appreciate the feed back on the products so I know which ones to gravitate to when I shop. Canned hams and sardines are my go to for protein.

  51. my favorite is peanut butter. it’s very calorie dense, has your required fat content, and a little bit fills you up fast. easy to use, extremely long shelf life. no cooking required. folks tend to forget that fat is required to metabolize fat soluble vitamins.

  52. Been missing most all your posts w/ Facebook recently. Finally am starting to see some again. Good thing I get the newsletters Gaye.thanks for this great giveaway! I love freeze dried fruit and several of the meals!

  53. Since I haven’t used pre-packaged survival food yet, I will go with on shelf grocery items. My favorite pantry items are canned goods – i.e. – fruits, vegetables, soups, chilis, and so forth.

  54. I recently joined and look forward to all the wonderful information that I’ll be getting.
    And to be able to enter a contest…hooray!

  55. Thanks for the opportunity to win with Mountain House. (Although, with Mountain House, you’re always a ‘winner’ – great food and I like the new packaging!)

  56. I really like Mountain House products. Favorites vary among family members. My husband and I just tried the beef stroganoff last weekend. It was a hit! I also have used ground beef in various dishes. This is a great giveaway!

  57. Hard to pick what my favorite item would be. We are currently working on making some type of beans and rice meal with spices two or three times a month. But my favorite in home canned would be pasta sauce. Add noodles to that with something for meat or add it to my beans and rice and skip the meat. But if you were going to take away everything I have for food storage and I could only keep one thing, that would have to be my coconut oil. I can hunt and forage for things to eat but the fat that offers is important, plus I use it to make toothpaste and salves.

  58. My favorite/most used freeze dried food are mushrooms. I put them in many dishes and always have a supply on hand. I have not tried Mountain House meals but would love to try a new company’s foods.

  59. Hard to pick a favorite. I’d say grains which can be used to make other things, like what for flour so I can make bread, pasta etc

  60. My favorite shelf stable meal is the mountain house beef stroganoff. Between my canteen cup and either UCO candle, canned heat, alcohol stove, or the jetboil I can heat anything. Most important staple is instant coffee!

  61. Rice is so versatile. It keeps a long time, you can cook it up plain, add it to soups or casseroles, rice water is good if you’re feeling under the weather, you can make dessert with it. Rice definitely has a place in our food storage.

  62. Rice will help stretch your food supply. Beans are also good but requires significantly more water to prepare (Hydrate) them than rice uses for cooking. Rice is the main staple in over 80% of the world. Always keep several 50 pound bags in your supply. It is very inexpensive in bulk.

  63. I think I could live on oats, the quick cook type, that in a pinch, can be eaten raw. Even if you only have room temp water, you can make a granola type meal.

  64. I have oats, I have rice, and I have pasta. My favorite is smoked salmon that i got at costco it will last 3-4 years and I can put it in pasta or eggs, its my luxury item. (I wish I could get more)

  65. I have some heat and eat packets of rice, pasta, and some canned meat, etc. that I would heat with a propane cooker in case of an emergency (i.e., earthquake).

  66. I’ve been working hard to revamp my food storage and been thinking more about the low weight, least cost items I can find…would love to win this one.

  67. My favorite food is already prepared, no cooking! I love taking beef jerky, turkey jerky, or any other kind in the field. For one, it is lightweight and easy to carry a bunch of. It taste delicious and is fulfilling. Another favorite is potatoes or rice dishes as they are also very filling.

  68. We usually just can our vegetables from the garden, have some dried fruit and small amt. of sweets. Raise our own beef for the freezer. Having rice on hand is great as it can be used for several things.

  69. What is your favorite food storage staple and how do you cook it (or plan to cook it)? Rice is my favorite staple and right now I microwave it but am making a wonder oven to use after initially bringing the water to boil using an off grid cooking method when needed

  70. Just getting started prepping so my favorite I think is probably Mountain House anything. Of the pouches I’ve tried I like the stroganoff about as much as any. Boil water and mis i5 in, wait about 10 minutes, and enjoy. Great for camping.

  71. My favorite staple will always be one of my favorite foods and that is oatmeal. As a prep I will have instant…If no water is available I will mix it with any nut butter that I have. I love oatmeal!

  72. A couple of things to keep in mind when gathering food for prepping. First, survival is more mental than physical. Looking at eating the same thing for weeks or months will not be good for anyone, psychologically. Second, there will be occasions when a fast meal is the only thing you can hope to get and these Mountain House packs are perfect for that. Other occasions you will have the luxury of time to allow beans and other items to cook. You should really have both in your supplies.

  73. Freeze-dried veggies are my favorite food storage items. I can throw together a vegetable soup/stew in no time without all the chopping, etc. I would have to say celery & onion are the top 2 for me.

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