Preparing for a Grid Down Power Outage

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Prepping for An Unexpected Power Outage | Backdoor Survival

Survival Basics: Prepping for An Unexpected Power Outage




Preparing for a Grid Down Power Outage — 13 Comments

  1. That chicken combo sale would be a great deal, but I can’t find it on their site. Maybe a long gone deal?

    Enjoy your writing, thanks.


  2. Generators are a good idea… as long as you have fuel! But what do you do when both electricity fail and your out of fuel for your generator?

    We got a Sun Oven. That’s a neat idea and it really works! All you need is a little sunshine and you’re good to go. It even works on cloudy days. Hot enough to cook beef stew and biscuits!

    • The SunOven is awesome, I’ve cooked a number of casseroles in mine on partly cloudy days here in MA. But for folks without the budget for it, there are a number of DIY solar ovens that just need a box, some aluminum foil and either some glass or other transparent covering. Things might not get as hot as a commercial product like the SunOven, but heating up canned foods and stews should be easy enough. I actually have enough stuff to make a few DIY units at home in case of a longer term disaster, since just one SunOven isn’t enough for a larger group.

      On the generator front, solar panels can be quite useful as a fallback. I have a standby generator piped into natural gas from the utility company, but that can get disrupted, so it’s good to have other options. You can go full size with inverters and battery banks, or keep it simple and get a solar battery charger for AA batteries so small battery powered devices will still work during an extended outage, at least as long as you have enough sunny days. I got the C.Crane units for my AA batteries, but I also got a SunJack so I can charge up the included battery packs which can then charge my Kindle and/or iPhone.

  3. I have made and hacked or modified several flashlights. Here are just two of them. I modified a lantern type (6 volt “lantern battery) with 3 leds that had a run time of 65 hours. I added a resistor which was an improvent to the original design because the original flashlight was over driving the leds with too much current. The end result is a 360 hour flashlight for 5 dollars.

    I also made a few super capacitor flashlights. This one has a run time of about 6 hours and according to the specs for the capacitor, It can be charged and discharged 500,000 times.

    Here are my two micro-solar setups:

    I have back up components and flashlights in my faraday cage because I am getting prepped for this:


  4. I have had a 10kw natural gas powered generator (generac) for 10 years. my only complaint is that the housing is finished in powder coat rather than real paint, and it is rusting out.

    We have had several outages here in NJ, some for several days. Rather than run the generator continuously, which might annoy the neighbors and/or attract thieves, I have bought inverters and deep cycle batteries that I use to run the refrigerator and heat system (natural gas hot water) over night. One size 24 battery can last all night.
    The refrigerator merely plugs into an extension cord that is readily accessible, and then to the wall outlet behind the fridge. I just unplug it and connect it to the inverter.
    On the heating system, I replaced the emergency power shutoff switch with a double pole, double throw center off switch, and connected a power cord to the one throw and the power input to the other throw, the center contacts going to the boiler power connections.
    Now I can plug the cord into the inverter and throw the switch, and run the circulator pump and zone valves, etc. off the inverter.

    Additionally I have bought a 4000W portable generator, which is housed in an unused van, as an additional source to charge the batteries. The van masks the sound pretty well and provides a secure lockable place for the gen. and spare gas cans

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