Survival Buzz: How to Deal with Buckets of Food for Daily Use

How to Deal with Buckets of Food for Daily Use | Backdoor Survival

Purchasing food in large quantities is certainly economical but not always convenient.  Not only are there issues with finding adequate and temperature controlled storage space, but If you are like me, you struggle with setting aside an appropriate amount for daily use.

In keeping my commitment to respond to reader questions, today I share thoughts on the following question that was asked back in April.  Although the question is specific to tubs coconut oil, the answer applies to other food products as well.

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15 Common Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid

15 Common Food Storage Mistakes to Avoid | Backdoor Survival

Coming to terms with a realistic food storage strategy can be tough.  Everyone seems to have an opinion whether it is to focus primarily on store-bought canned goods, commercially packaged freeze-dried products, or food that is preserved at home using a pressure canner.  Each has advantages and disadvantage in terms of space, cost, portability, and convenience.

Regardless of your stand on food storage, there is a common thread among all preppers.  We want our food storage to remain viable and nutritious for the longest period possible. 

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The Care and Feeding of Pressure Canners

Care and Feeding of Pressure Canners | Backdoor Survival

A pressure canner can be a prepper’s best friend, especially if there is access to home grown fruits and veggies, or a local farm community that will sell you “less than pretty” items for a song.  On the other hand, mention the phrase “pressure canning” to someone who has never canned  and they will start to shake and shiver with fear.

I know, because I did.  The reality however, is that canning using modern methods is very safe. With a modicum of diligence, there is no need to be afraid and a lot to be gained in the process. 

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What You Need to Know About Mountain House

What You Need to Know About Mountain House | Backdoor Survival

A few months ago, Mountain House sponsored a freeze dried food giveaway and the giveaway question asked you to submit a question to Mountain House.  Today, Mountain House is back to answer a number of your questions, and, no surprise, offer another giveaway to Backdoor Survival readers.

This time around, the giveaway will be for their “Just In Case 4 Day Emergency Food Kit“.

Before we get started, though, I want to share with you two of their newest products: Chicken and Dumplings with Vegetables and Cheesecake bites.

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Why Bargain Stockpiling is Not Emergency Food Storage

Why Bargain Stockpiling is Not Emergency Food Storage | Backdoor Survival

Do you ever watch those programs on television about extreme couponers? I am not much of a TV-watcher, but I’ve seen a couple of these. It is astonishing to watch people load up a heaping grocery cart, then give the cashier a thick wad of coupons and walk out of the store paying $3.11 for everything.

I imagine you could build an enormous stockpile of goods this way, but is it really the best way to build a preparedness supply?

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How to Make a Survival Casserole

How to Make a Survival Casserole | Backdoor Survival

When I first started prepping, I was totally engrossed in learning as much as I could about survival tactics from the Great Depression.  For one reason or another, I have renewed this interest and have been spending my spare time reading books as well as watching some of the classic films and documentaries that depict the era.

Something I have learned is that women of the era were creative in the kitchen and took dibs and dabs of this and that and in order to create tasty meals as best they could.  

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Why You Should Store Wheat for Survival

Why You Should Store Wheat for Survival | Backdoor Survival

Why store wheat?  That was always been a question rolling around in my head.  After all, I had never eaten raw wheat and to the best of my knowledge, wheat had to be milled, ground, and otherwise processed before it could become usable.

On the other hand, my education in all things preparedness had taught me that wheat – or more specifically wheat berries – were one of the cornerstones to serious long-term food storage.  Basically every preparedness author out there recommends the storage of hundreds of pounds of wheat.

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What Is In That Can of Freeze Dried Food?

What is in that can of freeze dried food? | Backdoor Survival

Something that has been troubling me lately is rumor that some freeze dried products are produced from ingredients that are sourced in countries whose standards of wholesomeness and cleanliness are less than what we are accustomed to in North America.

As I rebuild my own food storage from scratch, this has become a major consideration. Do I want my precious food storage to come from China where standards of sanitation and quality in food processing are lax?  I think not.

Don’t get me wrong. 

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What You Need to Know About Eating Expired Food

What You Need to Know About Eating Expired Food | Backdoor Survival

Have you ever been rooting through your pantry and come across a package that is well past its expiration date? Despite our good intentions, attempts at organization, and careful rotation of supplies, it still happens from time to time.

What about a really amazing sale on a packaged food? Sometimes that good sale is a last-ditch effort to clear out the product before the date. Should you still buy it?

When sorting supplies for my recent relocation, I discovered to my dismay that a couple of items had passed their expiration dates.

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The Best Practices for Using Mylar Bags

Best Practices for Using Mylar Bags & Oxygen Absorbers | Backdoor Survival

Given the price of food these days, I take proper food storage techniques seriously.  That being said, I have learned over the years that practices for storing bulk foods vary widely, with some methods being both cumbersome and confusing.  Trust me, I have been there and done that.  With only two hands and two arms, there is just so much juggling of bags, buckets, and beans that a gal can do singlehandedly.

Today I am going to demonstrate how I package my own bulk foods and in addition,tell you about some of the best Mylar bags out there. 

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How to Overcome The Fear of Pressure Canning

How to Overcome the Fear of Pressure Canning - Backdoor Survival

At risk of being the last person to come to the party, I have been resisting the call to begin pressure canning.  It is not that I have not tried.  A couple of years ago I was ready to go; I had psyched myself up to learn, purchased a canner, some tools, and dozens of mason jars,

But then karma stepped in.  The pressure canner was too tall to fit under the hood of my range so back it went.  And I went into major procrastination mode for two years. 

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What to Look for When Shopping for Food Storage

What to Look For When Shopping for Food Storage - Backdoor Survival

With all of the varying complexities of food storage and food storage companies, it may be difficult to sort through and prioritize what is important and what is not.  I don’t know about you but with the dizzying array of things to take into consideration, you just might want to throw you hands up in dismay and yell “help me!!”.

I do not claim to be an expert but over the years, I have learned some things about food storage and food storage companies. 

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Survival Nutrition 101: What Is Bio-Availability?

Survival Nutrition 101 - Backdoor Survival

As someone who has stored a lot of food for long term emergencies, I can easily recognize the temptation to load up on simple to prepared packaged foods.  Many of these food items are highly processed and loaded with chemical preservatives to extend their longevity, past due dates notwithstanding.

All you need to do is pick up a package of Twinkies and you will see what I mean.

How much do you know about survival nutrition?  In an exclusive new article for Backdoor Survival readers, my blogging colleague and friend, Daisy Luther talks about survival nutrition and bio-availability.

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8 Reasons Old Cookbooks Are Important

8 Reasons Old Cookbooks Are Important - Backdoor Survival

A couple of months ago I was going through some old boxes tucked into the hidden recesses of my garage and I stumbled upon a box of old cookbooks.  Since I learned to cook long before the age of computers, most of my self-taught efforts came by way of these cookbooks.  I started to collect cookbooks in high school and little did I know then what I know now: old cookbooks are important.

As I flipped through some of the pages, it became evident that these old cookbooks are real treasures. 

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Survival Basics: Using Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

Food Storage Basics Oxygen Absorbers - Backdoor Survival

When I first started getting serious about food storage, I found myself facing an entirely new vocabulary of food storage terms. It should come as no surprise that one of those terms was “Oxygen Absorber”. At the time, I had no clue as what they were and how to use them.

Oxygen absorbers, also known as O2 absorbers, are a mystery to many. Not a week goes by when I am not asked for guidance as to how to use them.

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20 Comfort Foods for the Survival Pantry

20 Comfort Foods for the Survival Pantry - Backdoor Survival

For better or for worse, our lives are full of stress.  The weather, our jobs, the economy, financial woes and poor health can all contribute to stress.  In addition, for most of us, the biggest stress is simply that there are not enough hours in the day. Add prepping and learning new skills to the mix and life can get dicey.

Whatever the reason, many of us are under a relentless cloud of stress that never lets up.  We find ourselves enveloped by an undercurrent of tension that exists as we go about our day, even during normal times. 

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Survival Basics: The Six Enemies of Food Storage

The Six Enemies of Food Storage - Backdoor Survival

When it comes to stockpiling survival preps, two items are always near the top my list: food and land to grow food.  Those, in my opinion, are the two most valuable commodities to have if the world and society goes to heck.  As I say that, I realize that the land portion of that equation may be unattainable for many.  On the other hand, almost everyone can acquire food and a place to store it.

By now you have read over and over again ad nauseam that during a disaster or a SHFT disruptive event, the grocery store shelves will be barren within a day or two. 

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Survival Basics: Buckets, Lids and Gamma Seals

Food Storage Basics Buckets Lids Gamma & Gamma Seals |Backdoor Survival|

Buckets are a fact of life when it comes to food storage. They are strong, light and moisture free, and, when sealed, will keep most, if not all pests at bay.  They are also readily available and the cost is nominal, if not free.

In keeping with the them of survival and food storage basics, in this article I share the ins and outs of food grade buckets, lids and gamma seals to safely store you bulk food items for the long term.

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Survival Basics: Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage

Using Mylar Bags | Backdoor Survival

Anyone who has been researching and studying food storage has undoubtedly heard the term “Mylar bag” mentioned relative to storing bulk foods.  So what exactly is a “Mylar bag”?  And what do you need to know to begin using Mylar bags for food storage?

As with the ubiquitous oxygen absorber, the mention of Mylar bags brings up as many questions as there are answers.  We have all heard that the best way to store dry goods for long term storage is in a Mylar bag but how are they used? 

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16 Creative Food Storage Tips

16 Food Storage Tips for the Space Challenged Prepper

Let’s face it.  There is never enough room to store your emergency food.  Big house, small house, apartment, condo, or RV; regardless of the size of your home, it is human nature to fill it up.

To add to our woes, with food storage there are special considerations. When we couple the lack of storage space with the need to be mindful of the six enemies of food storage (temperature, moisture, oxygen, light, pests and time), storage issues compound exponentially.

Today I bring back an article I wrote awhile back.

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Slow Cooking with the Amazing Wonder Oven


In the pursuit of self-sufficiency, Prepper’s are always looking for innovative ways to cook food.  Part of that comes from our desire to eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels and part, to be quite honest, has to do with the process of cooking itself.

Does it come as any surprise that some of the most popular preparedness and homesteading websites feature cooking and recipes?  We all love to eat and eating for the most part, requires cooking.  In my own household, in addition to a gas stove-top, I use a charcoal and wood-burning Volcano stove, an EcoZoom rocket stove that burns biomass, and two Solo Stoves

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Every Prepper Needs Coconut Oil in Their Pantry

Coconut Oil for Preppers

Let me start out by saying that I discovered coconut oil about a year ago.  At the time, I was semi-knowledgeable about its qualities the most notable of which were that it was a heart healthy fat and that if stored properly, it had  long shelf life.  On the other hand, I also knew it smelled and supposedly tasted like coconut and that it was expensive, ranking up there with a high quality EVOO.

A year later I can honestly say that any hesitation I had regarding coconut oil has been set aside. 

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How to Seal Food in Mylar Bags


One of the very first things I learned to do when I started to prep was seal food in Mylar bags.  As simple as this sounds, you would not believe the gyrations I went through to make this happen.  Holy moly, I used plastic tubing, a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, a yardstick, a straw, and iron and ironing board.

Yes, it all worked but it was a bit tedious in that four hands were required to get the job done.  I also have to tell you that there were a lot of laughs during the process as the pinto beans went flying everywhere!

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Fast Track Tip #8: Make Dating Your Preps a Habit


Something we all do is consult lists.  There are lists of things to do and things to buy as well as lists of important numbers and lists of friends and relatives.  There is a problem with pre-existing lists, however.  If we adopt a list as our own, we are also adopting some other persons view of our own reality.  The solution, of course, is to adapt a list to our own needs.

Circling around to our preps, chances are you have a list of basic items that you have been working through as you accumulate supplies and gear for rainy-day, emergency needs. 

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Free Food Friday: An Interview With Legacy Food Storage


Can you believe it is Friday already?  I don’t know about you, but each time a Friday rolls around and there has not been an emergency situation in my own household, I breath a sigh of relief and kick back with a celebratory cheer.

Today I have another Free Food Friday for you.  Whether you want to cheer or groan, listen up because this week my guest is Phil Cox, the CEO of Legacy Premium Foods and Backdoor Survival sponsor, Buy Emergency Foods.

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