Still worried about Japan’s Radiation Problem ?

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: October 5, 2020
Still worried about Japan’s Radiation Problem ?

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Are you a worrier?  I am.  Truth be told, the less data I have, the more I worry.  And by data I mean factual information, not spin, not PR and certainly not speculation.

So with little or no believable data on the Japan radiation problem, I am worried. Why?  Plain and simple:  the news from Japan gets worse and worse.

For example:

  • Radioactive iodine has been found in the rainwater in Boston.
  • The EPA has published an FAQ on the national response to Iodine-131 from the Fukushima  nuclear power plant.
  • And now traces of radioactive iodine have been found in Washington state milk.

Now I am not a scientist or a nuclear clean-up expert, but what the heck is Tokyo Electric Power Co. doing at the moment other that trying to put a Band-Aid on a hemorrhaging artery?  The reactors are toast.  It is time to quick dinking around and entomb them in concrete.  And mostly, it is time to stop the expansion and leakage of radioactive water in to the sea and particles in to the atmosphere – no matter how miniscule they might be.

It is also time to minimize the risk to the Japanese workers who have so bravely offered up their lives to bring the reactors under control.  Germany is the third country after the US and France to offer Japan robot assistance to help in the fight to regain control at the Fukushima power plant,.  Tokyo is thinking about it.

Thinking about it?

What is to think about? Berlin has indicated that the Kerntechnische Hilfsdienst, an independent German organization specializing in damage limitation at the country’s own nuclear power plants, could dispatch the required technology in a relatively short space of time.

So while Japan is thinking about, let’s you and I think this.  Robots do not need protective clothing. They can withstand the harsh, radioactive environment at Fukushima.  They can be equipped with cameras, sensors and manipulators.  They do not suffer from radiation sickness and they will not die an ultimate death from cancer or other woes as a result of their work.

Perhaps I have watched too much television, but if robots can perform delicate operations on humans, they should be able to perform not-so-delicate operations on plant equipment.

So, pardon my language, but Tepco and the Japanese government need to swallow their considerable pride and accept some help from the global community.  The last time I checked, we only had one planet in our galaxy with the ability to sustain human life.  There is no backup.   The moment is now.

And speaking of moments, I am going to order a huge backup supply of dry powdered milk. . I may be old (well, let’s say gracefully mature) but I am taking no chance of getting radiation poisoning from my morning latte.

Enjoy your next adventure, wherever it takes you!


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3 Responses to “Still worried about Japan’s Radiation Problem ?”

  1. I have a minimal supply of powdered milk on hand
    but will try to get more. my dad has a tasty trick
    for making powdered milk taste a litre better. add a little babilla
    flovoring, not a lot, it makes it faste better.
    as more and more people become concerned here, they will start
    hoarding, and most of our grocery stores operate on the “just in time”
    way of ordering, stocking shelves, which isnt much. If more people
    practiced menu planning and buying food supplies according to a menu plan, they would maybe have a liitle more on hand. Sadly though, our society has become
    complacent and think things will always be just fine. I too find myself search for any legitimate news on this matter, buy as you stated, there is too much confusion
    in the various versions of what is going on. why is it that the public gets the foot end of a deal, and govt.’s world wide take their time in figuring out what to
    do. Basically we’re toast. people will go on with life and eventually forget about it because it’s more fun to play rather than prepare.

  2. I have been a confirmed worrier my entire life – but one that worries so that one can be prepared. In fact, I became a paid worrier – actually, a disaster preparedness planner for smaller corporations – back in the 90’s. But this situation we have now – I am not sure how to be totally prepared and that, for me, is unsettling.

    We can make all sorts of plans to be self- sustaining/sufficient – but in the end, there are many factors we have no control over — we can collect rainwater and have purification tablets on hand – but it isn’t going to work on water that has been contaminated with the crap coming over from the biggest nuclear disaster to date the world has known. We can grow our own food – but not only the soil will be contaminated, but so will the food we grow. Raise goats and sheep – they have to eat the contaminated grasses thereby producing contaimated products as well. Heck, even the air we breath in is going to harm us. The current disaster – it isn’t going to be fixed and resolved in a matter of hours/days/weeks/months — this will be an ongoing problem for years and decades.

    Haven’t people wondered –Where will the contaminated seawater eventually go? It will start circulating the globe and the atmosphere will pick up the moisture and deposited it somewhere’s else (that is how we are seeing it show up in St. Louis and Boston). It just doesn’t magically go ‘poof’ and disappear – (oh, wait, that is what BP told us about all that oil that spewed into the Gulf …hey, maybe we SHOULD start believing!).

    I fear this is the tipping point of no turning back – acceptable levels and numbers will be adjusted so as not to panic the ‘general public’ and create even bigger problems. And everyone will nod their heads in agreement and accept the ‘speak’. And only many years later will the devastating consequences show up. Tokyo Electric should be held responsible for crimes against humanity – not that they built their nuclear plants in known earthquake areas (like so many others in the world) – but rather, their slow response to being aggressively pro-active in fixing this problem has created a decades long mess that WILL affect every person and living thing in the world.

    • Pepper – You said it so well. “aggressively pro-active in fixing the problem” and “crimes against humanity”. Even if Tepco is held responsible, the damage is done and the planet has been damaged for decades to come. For many of us, there will be no recovery until we are long gone. All the more reason to live the life we want now, doing the things we want to do, and opening our hearts to the people we love. S.W.

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