Free Food Friday: Win an Emergency Food Supply Kit from Survival Based

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Free Food Friday: Win an Emergency Food Supply Kit from Survival Based

It has been a little over a year since I confessed that the ongoing joke among my family and friends is that I talk about food all of the time but never eat.  That is not quite true since I really do eat, just not that often and not that much.  Quite honestly, my motto when it comes to eating is “give me simple food, that is prepared well, and is tasty”.  Sounds simple enough, right?

To that end, I am always on the lookout to sample different types of emergency foods so I can determine whether it meets my standards.  Last year, when I sampled some meal pouches provided by Backdoor Survival sponsor, Survival Based, I knew I had hit upon a winner.

Win a Free Emergency Food Supply Kit - Backdoor Survival

Today I am thrilled to let you know that Survival Based is once again sponsoring a giveaway that is exclusive to Backdoor Survival readers.  Up for grabs is a  200 serving Emergency Food Supply Kit valued at $143.99 with enough goodies to keep your hunger at bay while digging out following a disaster or other disruptive event.

In each bucket there are 36 pouches containing:

Creamy Stroganoff, 20 servings
Cheddar Broccoli Soup, 20 servings
Cheesy Rice Casserole, 24 servings
Veggie Alfredo, 20 servings
Creamy Potato Soup, 20 servings
Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 40 servings
Non-fat Milk, 32 servings
Instant Orange Drink – 24 servings

Each pouch is 100% vegetarian and only needs water and a few minutes of cooking to prepare. But the best part?  There will be three winners, each receiving an Emergency Food Supply Kit.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is terrific!

Enter to Win One of Three Emergency Food Supply Kits from Survival Based!

You know the drill.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: This giveaway starts on January 23rd at 2:00 am MDT and runs through January 27th at 6:59 pm MDT. The winner will be chosen and asked to respond back to Survival Based within 48 hours. Please check your spam folder!  If Survival Based does not hear from you after the specified 48 hours, a NEW winner will be chosen and notified. This giveaway is open to all individuals 18 years of age and older who live within the 48 Continental United States.

The Final Word

I would like to thank the team at Survival Based for working with me to sponsor this giveaway.  If you have not visited their website lately, be sure to check out their fantastic blog and of course to look around at some of the great products they offer to the prepper community.

If you would like to learn about last year’s taste test, visit my review, Survival Friday: Free Food Again!  Good luck, everyone!!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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213 Responses to “Free Food Friday: Win an Emergency Food Supply Kit from Survival Based”

  1. I love this site. Many great ideas have been gleaned from here. Some are in use now some waiting on the weather to get better. Can’t wait for spring for the garden and getting the fruit back in shape from winter.

  2. Having enough space to store and rotating the stock (since we generally eat fresh organic food and not packaged or canned).

  3. Our biggest concern, as with others, is that the supply is adequate with enough variety of foods that we actually like to eat! As grandparents, we are concerned that the young grandkids will be able to remain healthy and flourish in a less than optimal environment.

  4. My greatest worry about food storage is all this talk about the government confiscating my goodies. I have worked and scrimped to obtain my food storage, and why should I do all this just to give it to the wasteful people that are out partying and having a good time?

  5. One of my biggest concerns about food supplies is keeping it safe from others who want it but still being able to access/find it when I want it.

  6. Since your format changed to rafflecopter I’m never certain if I have entered or not, so here goes. I shall remain a Luddite, because it really simplifies most processes not concerning the Net.

  7. Greatest concern besides “how much is enough”, is how to manage neighbors and strangers who have not prepared asking for help.

  8. This is the most practical of all the emails I receive each morning and can’t wait to open and read what you have to offer in the way of ideas and advice. I bookmark many of them to reread for later. thank you for such an informative website to a very serious and timely subject.


    • then hide what you’ve acquired. unless the gov’t or someone else makes you leave your home, you can hide a lot of supplies in ways that no one would find them. use your imagination, and use boxes and other containers that used to hold something else.

  10. My greatest concern is keeping up the rotation of my stores to keep them useable. A constant concern with the cost of every thing climbing quickly. ROTATE! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Jim, I have several perm markers that I date the top of cans with. (face items so you can see label when marking) I also use blue painters tape for dating items also. If you storing boxed items like rice I use same tape to seal up seams on box’s.

  11. My greatest concern is to hide my supply someplace where vermin, both 2 and 4 legged can’t find it and destroy it..

  12. Looks like the perfect camping take-along too! We’ve been talking about getting some of these bucket assortments. It would be the perfect chance for us to try a new brand!

  13. I worry that all this stock of random food that I have will nourish, but not sustain, my family in an emergency…like, how do you make spaghetti and canned peaches into a meal? 🙂
    Also, I fear people who will want what we have.

    • JM, yrs ago I stopped make spag w/long pasta, instead I use seashell pasta or Tri color that you can eat w/spoon and less messy w/kids. I get the Tones spag seasoning (lg bottle) add a litte sausage/hamburger and your eating well, peaches for desert.

  14. My greatest concern with food storage is making sure items get rotated. I have food stored for not only my household, but with thoughts of other family members living nearby, and it’s difficult rotating food for two households.

  15. Not having enough for everyone. I live alone, but have close friends that I would share with, especially since they have the bug out location!

  16. My biggest concerns about our food storage is rotation and having enough food for ourselves and whatever family shows up after TEOTWAWKI.

  17. My biggest concern regard food storage is not having enough volume stored. This concern of mine is based on the time of year that an event may happen requiring us to use stored food. If an event should interrupt normal food distribution beginning late fall through early spring then we’d be forced to tap our supplies. Even into early summer stored food would be the primary source of calories until gardens harvest could begin.

  18. Agree with every one else’s comments. Having enough, being able to protect what we have, rotating so the investment isnt wasted..

  19. My question is; can you store your F/D items out in shed in the winter. Is it OK if it freezes ? After all it’s F/D

    Also folks… as much as we love our family’s good or bad, Loose Lips Sink Ships! Just like the gov likes to keeps secrets, so should you!
    You never know who’s listening to your conversations, even at church.
    Think outside the box in your acquiring of items.

  20. I worry about rodents and weavels getting to my. Have to laugh and share here. My autocorrect had me worried about weasels! I can’t stop laughing!

  21. My family’s concern has always been gluten free food storage items. It has been a challange but there are options available. Not a lot of choices, but it’s getting better all the time.

  22. Greatest concern is the storage of enough. Last large supply was for Y2K and I am using that now as it is near shelf life so am looking forward to seeing what other companies have.

    I am also concerned about possible confiscation of any food either stored or from my garden. I agree that those who do not prepare for even a minor disaster should not reap the benefits of those of us who at least plan for a few days or weeks of emergencies.

    A couple years ago a winter outage caused days of no power so the storage foods came in handy as did the means to cook and keep warm.

  23. I love these contests. They draw me to your site on an otherwise very busy day that I would and could easily overlook. Very informative site!

  24. Concerns are several, having enough quality food, having caches between me and bug out location that have not been found, having enough at the bugout retreat, rotating my supplies before they expire, having enough protein to subsist, and lastly it tastes good.
    Have never tried this brand so it would be a great addition to my stores if it tastes good.

  25. My greatest concern is not having enough stored. we have short-term, but not long-term. This bucket would be great to win.

  26. My concerns are several, having enough stores to get by, having hidden caches between me and my retreat, having enough at my retreat, and it must taste good.I have read your earlier post on the taste test and will take your word for it even though I am a meat and potatoes guy.
    Keep up the good that you do.

  27. My biggest concerns are that I won’t have enough food for my family and that someone will try to steal our food.

  28. you never know when a storm will hit.. by keeping at least a three week supply of food for those just in case situations.

  29. My greatest food storage concern is not having enough on hand if an emergency should hit. We’re fairly new to prepping, so we don’t have a good round diet of food to draw from…though we’re getting there!

  30. My greatest concern is that I know i dont have a years worth of food for my family. Working on it, but hard with little money.

    • I started building a food storage with little or no money through using coupons and buying things when they were cheap. There are several couponing sites that will show you how to do this. Using coupons, I can get things pretty cheaply, sometimes free and even make money off it every once in a while.

  31. My biggest concern will be not having enough water to rehydrate the dehydrated food we have. (We have a lot of other food, but also a good amount of dehydrated nutrition.)

  32. Sybil – You enter using the Rafflecopter widget that is displayed in the article. If you do not see it, it might be your browser or that you are behind a company firewall that is blocking it. Some ad-blockers may also interfere.

    Note that you must sign in to the Rafflecopter using your email address or Facebook. We need this so that we can notify you if you win.

  33. I am a late comer to this and my biggest worry is not having enough stored food and water and the ability to grow what we’ll need to feed my family. I put away what I can and rotate but to have some FD foods that can be stored for a longer time would be wonderful. I pray that when TSHTF I will be able to provide for the family.
    I check this site almost daily and I have found a lot of information that I am using
    Thank you

  34. My greatest concern with food storage is having enough. While I and several others in family prepare, not all my loved ones do or are able. So it’s work in progress. This website has been very helpful on my preparedness journey. Thank you Gayle

  35. My greatest fear is to be with out food. I think having food around will sustain myself and the family through a crises

  36. My greatest fear is the jack-booted government thugs coming and taking it “for the greater good, doncha know”. It is perfectly legal, Obama signed an Executive Order, can’t remember the number since I had a bad night, I think it’s 13036, but it allows TPTB to come in our homes and take whatever they want. God help us. Is this still the United States of America my ancestors helped found?

  37. I must confess that I want to win this giveaway more than I have wanted to win the others because it will go directly to help ease my #1 fear for the near future…not having enough food set aside yet. I am still actively building my stores up and I get a little bit of the ‘not ready yet’ anxiety. Although I do also agree with what others have mentioned about being able to hold onto what I have against any who would try to take it…’authorities’, so called friends/family, looters etc..

  38. My biggest worry about food supply is finding a location in the house secure enough and hidden well enough so that no one else can get to it other than the designated people. Also, do I have enough food to last through whatever may come our way.

  39. My greatest concern to food storage would have to be temperature fluctuations. I worry my food will go “bad” if it gets too hot or too cold. Likely not as big a problem for dried food, but for canned food this can be a real issue. Another would be water storage…I don’t have any as yet…although I do keep LOTS of empty, clean soda/juice bottles that are ready to go if we hear we’re in for bad weather. I’ve filled them up many times, but they’re much easier to store if they’re put away empty when the storm is past. I know, that’s bad, I will eventually get there, though.

  40. My greatest concern is. having the time to squirrel away enough before
    it (what ever it is) happens. Feels like it is getting closer every day.

    Stay Safe

  41. My biggest concern is not having enough food for extended family and friends. I try to get them on board but to no avail.

  42. I love this website, so much useful info, I read everything, sometimes multiple times over, so as I never forget the wealth of necessary education I receive, thanks so much for sharing the wisdom

  43. I have done the very best to prepare my food storage, I have learned so much since I first begin, canning, dehydrating, numerous skills, gardening, herbs, but in spite of all I have done to prepare and continue to prepare, I fear I don’t have enough and time is running out quickly

  44. I worry about getting balanced nutrition in my food storage. I can take a multi vitamin but…….would like to get nutrients from food.

  45. My greatest concern regarding food storage is the amount of space it takes to hold your supplies.

    In some cases it seems to be taking over more than I thought or think that it should.

  46. Organization which includes proper docs of what I have to better storage and storage layout and always worrying if I have enough

  47. My greatest concern is food spoilage, proper nutrition, planning and having enough on hand for my family in case a disaster scenario should occur whatever it may be and for how long.

  48. I have several concerns. Enough water to rehydrate the dried food is a big one. Others include organizing and rotating (detailed planning isn’t my strong suit), meal planning for 1-2 servings. I store primarily single ingredients due to food allergies so I still have to put together my own meals in small 2 serving packages. I have the stuff I need including recipes and how to books, I just need to buckle down & do it.

  49. My greatest fear is that I will have gaps in my food storage, cereal but no milk, coffee but no sugar, chickens but nothing to feed them.

  50. New to the site, I can’t get enough info absorbed into my noodle. This would be a good addition to my storage or a great start to one of my kids.

  51. My family is so fussy. Everyone has this they absolutely won’t eat. I worry about being able to satisfy everyone if the SHTF.

  52. Temperature fluctuations are my greatest concern. Not having a root cellar makes it hard to keep things cool and dark.

  53. When it comes to my food storage, my biggest concern is regarding how to make it all taste good. To that end, I have been putting together my individual buckets with 1 gallon bags of flour, rice, pinto beans, oats, and sugar, then adding smaller packets of seasonings, brown sugar, dried veggies, dried fruits, and baking soda and powder. A list of recipes is taped to the lid so whoever is cooking can prepare the meal. I’m working on adding honey and tea soon, as well as cocoa and tang. These supplies you’re giving away would be greatly appreciated for some variety!

  54. Okay, I just entered by visiting the Survival Based FB page and that unlocked the option to win 10 more entries. To tell the truth, I will have to ask Survival Based about it because they set up the Rafflecopter using their account.

  55. I love this site!! For the past 6 weeks I have been too busy to really follow as we had to unexpectedly move and things have been hectic. Still are but beginning to slow down. As a result I have been going through our prep stuff and finding lots of areas where my medical kit is in need of updating, areas in my food storage are screaming for help and my tp hoard has dwindled down to a few weeks supply. I would love to win this food supply!

  56. My concern with my food storage is; will it be enough for unforeseen longer future of not being capable of restocking my resources-food.

  57. My greatest concern is proper storage so no one gets sick. I am also concerned about adequate nutrition for my 19 month old granddaughter.

  58. I have a couple of concerns. Insects, rodents and other pests and spoilage due to fungus and rot. The later can be avoided with proper preparation for storage. The former can be avoided through proper storage. I hope!

  59. My greatest concern is food spoilage. To spend the time and money to insure you have the food you will need only to open it up and find it totally worthless or to have it all destroyed in some way. Best to plan on that and have a plan B in place.

  60. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. Being on a very limited income, it would be great to win the food!

  61. My greatest concern when it comes to food storage is twofold. Space is of course the first part due to living in an urban setting with little room but I have begun to use creativity to make room so to speak. So my the second part is of course becoming more of an issue to me. I am greatly concerned when I hear that FEMA now has the power to walk into my home and take what I have managed to save to give to those who are too lazy to take care of themselves. This is a major concern for me but I believe I have come up with a way to combat even FEMA. I have intentionally stored some things in plain sight. So when they (FEMA) come they can take what they can see but they will never get it all. Most of what I have they will never know I have because I avoided using credit cards to purchase. I use the cards to get cash and purchase with cash at places around home. I figure this way nobody really knows what I have and what I don’t.
    Great site Gaye. I love this page and I love you. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  62. A big concern for me is having to relocate every few years due to the nature of my husband’s job. Cross country moves, not DIY. Our current home is the first in which I have built up a supply of preps and food/water. Light weight food storage options will be our best choice to invest our money in because canned food will cost too much to move. I would love to be the winner of a food bucket!

  63. Cost is a huge concern for me, plus keeping up with outdated products that slip under my radar. I rotate as much as possible, but some things don’t get noticed. Also critters getting into things. We’ve tried to store stuff in a more protected way since finding some of our food chewed up after coming home from a vacation a while back. Oooooh that was so discouraging to find!

  64. Biggest concern is cost, then trying to keep things rotated so we don’t find outdated or spoiled food items. Also trying to keep the critters at bay since finding some of our food chewed up after returning home from a vacation a while back.

  65. I really enjoy all the articles and information. I try to read and learn as much as possible. Living on a limited income makes getting prepared for whatever may happen difficult, but not impossible. You have to look for the items you would normally use and buy them when they are on sale . Dollar stores are a great place to start.

  66. Great site and very important information that I wish everyone would read and heed. Especially now in our unsustainable economy.

  67. My concern is being away from my home supply. Here in earthquake country we keep safety kits in our cars too because you never know where you will be when something hits.

  68. this has 3 parts for me, 1) will we have enough for to last. 2) Can we keep it safe. 3) and if the eotwawki lasts a lon time, will we be able to learn the skills needed (like our those before)

  69. My biggest concern is that my kids won’t like what I can make from it, and so they won’t eat. They are not really picky eaters, but there are some things they definitely don’t like. So we have test days, where I test a new recipe or an old one using only food storage.

  70. When it comes to food storage my greatest concern is having an ample amount of food. Living on a tight budget makes it difficult to store much food.

  71. My fear is that my family will run out of food. None of my extended family (parents, siblings family) are preparing at all. On a tight budget we do not have the means to have enough food for all of them. I also worry about keeping it safe. If we have to bug out for a bit we can not keep our supplies protected. Part of that fear is that I will not have enough stored in time and SHTF.
    I am always looking for ways that might help me be more prepared.

  72. My greatest concern is having enough to keep us going until crops can come in, having a healthy variety that is also good tasting and making sure it is light weight enough to take with us.

  73. I did share this on my Facebook TWICE and it hasn’t shown up yet???… Oh well. I am always looking for good tasting emergency foods. Would love to win this and try it. Wish companies would have a small ‘try-out’ package of a variety of foods at a really enticing price to allow people to try their products first before committing to purchasing.

  74. I just started prepping and feel like I am so far behind! This would be an awesome thing to win. My biggest concern, like so many others, is space!

  75. My greatest concern is making sure that I balance my food storage so that the initial use foods are prepared items (soups, entrees etc.) and the longer term items are base ingredients (rice, beans, veggies etc.)

  76. My greatest concern is that many people may not store any extra food, or even see a need to. My prayer is that as “prepping” becomes more and more mainstream, the common sense that underlies the movement–that it only makes sense to keep something by, just as our ancestors did–will become the prevailing mentality. This is, in large part, why I wrote my latest novel, called PULSE.

  77. Love this site; I am learning much. My greatest fear is that I don’t have enough of the right kinds of things needed to prepare nutritious food for my family–the miscellaneous things you don’t think about. I also fear that I probably don’t have enough food. Storage is an issue. You’re a great encouragement–keep up the wonderful work you do!

  78. My greatest concern is having enough of a variety of food & kinds like the buckets in the giveaway. Also having enough water.

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway – it sounds very yummy!

  79. I worry about how and where to store it, but I think most of all would be the worry that I wont have enough if something happens and family and friends come to us for help.

  80. Anyone out there have a “picky” household?,… by that I mean that no one in the family (other than me) eats “leftovers”,…? I guess making “just-enough” servings for the number of mouths – per meal – will be the order of the day!

  81. My biggest concern is not knowing what foods to stock up on and which companies provide the longest lasting best tasting products for the price.

  82. I am new to this and have several concerns. First is having enough food and enough variety of kinds of food to nourish us for more than a few weeks or months if necessary. Second is having it stored correctly so that it doesn’t go bad or become infested. Third is having enough pet food stored to keep the furry members of the family fed as well. Lastly, concerned about storing it discreetly so that in case of emergency the whole neighborhood doesn’t descend on us.

  83. My greatest concern since I live in Earthquake Country, is having enough food and water and that these items stay fresh and healthy to eat. The foods need to have a long shelf life and be swapped out when the shelf life expires.

  84. My biggest concern about food storage is making sure I have enough for my family – I get very emotional when I think about the possibility of my grandson coming to me and telling me he’s hungry and not being able to provide him with nourishment. Scary thoughts!

  85. My greatest fear would have to be do I have enough, of the right nutrition/caloric levels and do I have enough to share, if need be.

  86. Greatest areas of concern would be portability (if transport of a high volume of food products is needed) and protection from contamination.

  87. My biggest concern is having too much food that no one in the family really likes. I have bought smaller items and sent them on camping trips, but still have too much we haven’t tried.

  88. I can only build my supplies a little at a time. My worry is having enough supplies by the time something happens.

  89. prepare now. starve latter . i look for the best food at the best prices i could get. so many choices some not that great as far as this goes. do some research on whats out there.

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