Be My Valentine: Win a Diffuser and Essential Oils from Spark Naturals

When I wrote the first in a series of articles about diffusers a couple of weeks ago, my intent was to share an easy yet effective way use essential oils for both healing and a sense of well-being.  In that article, I explained the role that smell plays in maintaining our overall health, along with eleven specific benefits of using essential oils with a diffuser.  In addition, I explained how steam inhalation could be used to achieve similar results, no diffuser required.

Of course, I feel that every household should include a diffuser.  So does my favorite essential oil company, Spark Naturals. When they contacted me late last week and asked if I would like to give away a Sirq Diffuser and the Winter Blend collection of essential oils, I said: “of course”.

Win a Diffuser and Essential Oils from Spark Naturals | Backdoor Survival

Enter to Win a Sirq Diffuser and Essential Oils from Spark Naturals.

Be My Valentine, Please?

I am calling this a “Be My Valentine” giveaway because as far as I am concerned, we all could use a little more love in our lives. This is especially true for prepper types who tend to be so focused on readiness that we forget to live a little and laugh a lot.

So let’s take a few days off from prepping and lighten things up with a fun “Be My Valentine” giveaway.

The Giveaway

The requirements of this giveaway are simple.  All you need to do is share a tip telling the rest of us what you like to do to de-stress, cope with chaos, and/or live life more fully.  Fair enough?  Just don’t forget that for your comment to count, you need to tell the Rafflecopter “I Commented).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM MST next Monday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their prize within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

Note:  Due to Customs requirements, this giveaway is only open to those with a mailing address in the United States.

Spark Naturals Weekly Special

The weekly specials from Spark Naturals offer an opportunity to save money on your EO needs.  This week a number of oils are on sale for 25% to 30% off when using my discount code, BACKDOORSURVIVAL.

My favorites?  The Winter Diffuser Blends (New Beginnings, Love, and Winter Blues) as well as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Roman Chamomile, among others.  These are floral scents, get it?

Seriously, the diffuser blends are absolutely fantastic  I have been using them for a few weeks and picking a favorite is difficult.  If I only had to pick one, however, it would be New Beginnings which is a blend of Rosemary, Lavender, and Bergamot.

The Final Word

I am keeping things short today so that we can all get back to the business of living.  If you missed the diffuser article, after entering the giveaway, jump over to Diffusers and You: What You Need to Know and give it a read.

Have a lovely day!


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Spark Naturals Seasonal Blends:  While writing this article, I have been diffusing one of the new season blends, New Beginnings.  This blend is part of a seasonal collection of oils that will change every few months.  There are three oils in the collection and they can be purchased individually or together in a set.  I have tried all three oils is the collection (New Beginnings, Love, and Winter Blues) and am hard pressed to pick a favorite.

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Spark Naturals Base Salve: This is a foundation salve and is comparable to my Simple Salve.  Using base salve, you can add your own oils to mix and match and concoct your own unique salves.  Base salve is a bargain especially when you consider you can re-purpose the jar (worth a few dollars itself) when making your own Simple Salve down the road!


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  1. I like to get out in nature with my husband. We enjoy walking along a river or lake. I also enjoy beautiful gardens. Sometimes we go back to the garden that we were married. That, of course, takes me to a time when only joy was on my mind.

  2. My happy place is in the garden – whether it be the indoor seed starting room or the garden planting and setting up special gardens – like my tea garden – my medicinal garden – and my secret garden which is a secluded area of the yard with shade trees and a great place to sit and read!

  3. I’d be happy if we had a difusser in every single room. Hubby and I each have one by our bed and use them nightly. Along with other healthy habits, I think they have helped to stave off fall/winter illnesses, Thank you, Gaye, for giving this away to someone. Very kind.

  4. I like to read as a way to relax and de-stress. I like to diffuse but usually do it to combat allergies; need to try some different blends.

  5. I like to sit on my front porch (when the weather is good) read my bible and drink a cup of coffee. Helps me focus and relax and start my day.

  6. Reading has always been my go-to in order to relax. More recently, in an effort to be more fit (vital to prepping!), exercising each morning for 45 minutes has become my stress reliever.

  7. I go outside with bare feet and just be silent, feel the grass under my feet, and do some deep breathing. Getting connected with nature is a major stress reliever for me.

  8. I love to read and can get lost in a story for hours. Sometimes I combine that with my second favorite of just sitting outside on a beautiful day.

  9. Shooting is my de-stressing agent. I have some steel targets set up in my back corral and when I get really stressed I go out with a pistol and clang some steel…

  10. Don’t just go for a walk in the woods, sit down and watch. See how the animals act, how the wind moves the trees, and the play of light and shadow on everything. It is hard to become one with nature by just walking past it.

  11. Relaxation consists of a cup of hot coffee and watching the birds visit the feeders. After thirty minutes or so, unless I fall asleep, I’m ready for just about anything.

  12. To destress I either read a book or watch a mindless movie. Anything to keep from seeing the latest news reports for an hour or two…

    To connect with nature, when the weather is better my wife and I go walking in the afternoon after work. This also works to destress, but is seasonal whereas a book is anytime I have light.

  13. I love to take long walks to distress it is good for clearing my thoughts and a good way to get some exercise in. Taking a nice hot bubble bath with some nice relaxing music helps also.

  14. As a mom and wife to a firefighter, finding time to relax and de-stress in the midst of chaos can be challenging. Working out helps me de-stress, playing soccer is one of my favorite outlets. I have had my share of health issues and I’ve found joy in making good healthy food that makes your body feel good. I love gardening outside, it helps me relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. And I find indescribable peace in reading the Bible.

  15. I practice the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. The TM technique is a simple, natural, mental technique that provides deep rest for the body and allows the mind to settle effortlessly to a calm, quiet state of restful alertness. Easy to learn and easy to practice, TM has been found to promote better health, clarity of thinking, more harmonious relationships, and inner and global peace. See

  16. I like to take a trip in the RV, even if it’s nearby. I never realized it before, but it is NOT relaxing for me to go to a hotel, where I have to depend on staff to supply all my needs. With my RV, I have everything with me–no worries, and I can enjoy things my way!

  17. Let’s see….there’s a couple of things. I get very silly with my 10 yr old granddaughter. We laugh til tears run down our faces. I like to read books like Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. And when I’m really upset or way too angry about something I outside and practice shooting.

  18. I”m doing to things and they go hand in hand. I’m getting rid of clutter round the house and organizing closets, cabinets, and rooms as I go.

  19. To de-stress and cope better I sit on the deck and watch the sunset or take a walk in nature.

    Been wanting a diffuser but haven’t wanted to spend the money. Winning one would be a blessing for sure!

  20. My therapeutic destresser: Right now I’m sorting through the little packets of seeds and planning what to plant. Have already started little tomato seed sprouts in the kitchen along with some herbs. Fun stuff.
    Love the survival tips….thanks!

  21. If I need a little break I like to spend some time with my fiddle. In the Summer months I find it relaxing to just go out by the garden and watch my bees work.

  22. When I need to ‘get back to myself’ I like to color, go for walks and can. I just found a recipe for making jam from dried apricots. This is great I can now make jam in winter. I went to Costco and purchased a large bag of dried apricots and cherries. In the next few weeks I will try this new recipe. I am fascinated by the idea of making jam from dried fruit; this opens up a whole new world of preserving!

  23. When life gets chaotic I purposefully take a moment to count my blessings. When I focus on what I have and have been given everything else pales in comparison.

  24. Sitting by the fire on our patio with my husband at the end of the day, enjoying nature and the peace and quiet out here on our farm is my ultimate de-stressing activity!

  25. I sit in the atrium at the arboretum and read a fiction book. Whenever I glance away from my book, I see all the green vegetation.

  26. It may sound silly but I read novels to relax. They are like popcorn for my brain i can lose myself and be refreshed when I get done with the book

  27. Lately I’ve been trying to prioritize quiet moments of reflection and Bible study first thing in the morning. It truly sets the day off to a more peaceful start!

  28. Gaye, I have been trying to enter the diffuser giveaway but when I press to make comment nothing happens, is this a glytch or on purpose? I generally like to diffuse lavender or a sleep blend , which really hope me get to sleep. PS I found this comment area by accident, you may need to make navigation a little more user-Friendly . Thanks

  29. To de-stress, I either go out to the back porch, breathe, and fill my mind with God’s beautiful creation right outside my back porch and/or have a little cat therapy…. with one of my cats sitting at on my lap purring.

  30. My ‘de-stress’ is my motorcycle! When I ride I can forget all my troubles (for the time being anyway). I absorb all the fresh air, earthly fragrances, fluctuating temperatures…I can fly and I am free, when I ride!!

  31. Sometimes all it takes it cuddling with my dog and cats. Otherwise I’ll do yoga, read a book, color, do a puzzle. Sometimes just reading through my prep inventory makes me feel good knowing all I have and have done.

  32. I take a few deep breaths and write a list of tasks to be accomplished. Boiling down needs and wants to a sentence or two helps me prioritize them. Then I address each item individually. A purring cat on my lap also helps when writing.

  33. I love to read or to work in my garden or watch my chickens when the weather is nice. My favorite thing though, is to walk in the woods or by the water.

  34. If you can, take a break from whatever the problem is. Just walk away, loosen your tense muscles and take deep slow breaths.
    It also doesn’t hurt to have a shot of Jäger and a beer!

  35. Hitch up the pup and go for a quick walk…stretch and breathe…just being outside for a bit, even if it’s cold or rainy, helps so much!

  36. I sit on my deck and enjoy nature. Today I asked myself if there is any place left on earth where you can not hear an airplane? The ocean is soothing, but not quiet.

  37. I’ve been using my adult coloring books to de-stress. It works sometimes. Sometimes just makes me worse because I can’t stay in the lines! 🙂 I also sit out in my big ol’yard with my big ol’ dog and just veg!

  38. I crochet, use my adult coloring books, cuddle with my cat or work on my scrapbook. If it’s warm outside, I’ll sit in a chair on my front porch and watch cats playing in the yard.

  39. I love to snuggle with my old cat and a good book. The gentle purr besides me is so relaxing.
    A wonderful way to relax at the end of the day.

  40. Reading, drinking a warm drink like tea or cocoa, listening to soothing music-usually instrumental are ways that help me de-stress.

  41. raise a few hens. start with the little peeps. make a decent home for them. protect them from predators. they are very calming, plus they’ll provide an occasional breakfast treat!

  42. I like to read… I also like to grab a few moments to sit out on the back porch and just enjoy the fresh air and birds singing. : )

  43. I find an escapist novel that I’ve downloaded to my kindle, get a warm cup of tea/coffee/chocolate and find a quite place for me and my dogs to curl up. I read myself into some other place. After a couple hours, I’m usually ready to cope.

  44. I add a drop or two of lavender essential oil to my facial moisturizer. My skin has never looked so good on all my 52 years (except, maybe, before I hit puberty).

  45. We have a pond off the front of our front deck, surrounded by trees. When we need to de-stress, my husband and I sit in our rocking chairs on the deck and gaze at the water, trees blowing in the wind, ripples on the pond, birds in the trees, whatever there is. Peaceful and relaxing. We call it “Pond Coma”!

  46. I use a diffuser in my bedroom office all day long. But some days, I spend as much time in my car as in my room! So, I just ordered a diffuser for my car, this way I can benefit from the healing properties both at home, and on the road. I travel with my dogs, so I’m sure they benefit, too!

  47. For de-stressing, besides exercise, I enjoy a peaceful time with a cup of tea, watching nature on the back porch. Love essential oils for health and de-stressing.

  48. I like to pray, read, play Mahjong on the computer, take pictures of our pets, or watch something on Netflix with my husband.

  49. In summer, it’staking awalk outside or sitting in the park. Wintertime means candles,tea, classical music, maybe a soak in the tub.

  50. In the cold of winter, I like nothing better than a long, hot bath followed by a generous slathering of my ‘winter-weight’ oil/body butter, with a nice essential oil blend added. This makes my body relaxed, makes my skin happy, and the added essential oil blends make my mind calm and upbeat.

  51. Turn on my current diffuser with a soothing blend lay back on the bed and read or nap. Yes I have one but my wife uses it more than I do and would like to have two.

  52. I always love to start my day with a good stretch and think about all the positive things and people in my life. I do this when I’m getting upset and it makes me feel like I can handle anything. I go over my day before I go to sleep leaving only the positive things in my mind. This really makes me feel warm, bubbly and energized.

  53. Winter time – fire in the fireplace, cup of hot tea and a good book.
    Summertime – Sitting outside, floating in the pool, listening to the world around me

  54. My tools for de-stressing:
    * take a walk
    * make something with my hands (chainmail, crochet, cross-stitch)
    * paint my nails
    * have a cup of tea or (decaf) coffee
    * spend time with my pet birds – they pretend to be good listeners

  55. I love just dancing to music and you can do it anywhere, with no equipment. I also love taking a walk but that requires a bit of planning and dressing for the elements (like the rain today). Stress really does melt away for me with exercise.

  56. I use the technique of physical activity at a level to break a good sweat and raise my heart rate. Good catharsis great for depression.

  57. I enjoy riding and walking along the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is only 3 minutes from my house. As I top hills, the blue mountains across the valley remind me of all these things God has provided for us in his magnificence.

  58. I don’t get a lot of chances to unwind, but my go-to is to curl up with a book and either a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine.

  59. Swing. My new house has an awesome front porch with a swing. My old house had a big rustic swing out in the yard under massive pine trees. You calm babies by rocking them right? To sit in the shade in the great outdoors watching the sunset, gently swinging …….. Big time stress relief!

  60. My feel good about life are my 8 cockatiels. I recently added 5 to my 3 (1 passed). They are the best thing in my life. I thank God multiple times a day for creating such a magnificent little life. I consider birds to be the closest we can get to angels. I am amazed and humbled by their little souls am believe I am enrapt eternally.

  61. I snuggle with my sweet old kitty. She is a real darling sometimes, and others she can be a real pain in the neck but she always relaxes me. Nothing better than paw and purr therapy!

  62. I enjoy reading, especially when I’m stressed. I’ll also treat myself to a movie matinee.

    Thank you Gaye and Spark Naturals for this giveaway!

  63. We are getting our Bugout/Homestead location shipshape so we will be prepared for whatever comes our way… I’m going to plant a 10 acre field of lavender and keep some bees for honey, plus goats, chickens, rabbits and a big Victory garden to feed us…

    Thanks for what you do for us by sharing your knowledge.

    Cheers! Robert Sutphen

  64. What I do to deal with stress is pet the cat, enjoy a funny movie with friends and read a good book to escape. Not in that order all the time either.

  65. Sitting on the back deck outside breathing in the fresh air while enjoying all the natural beauty around me and feeling so thankful to be living in such a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful area. So calming.

  66. i destress by reading science fiction, creating word puzzles, crocheting, playing simple video games on the computer, drawing floor plans for tiny houses/apartments, coloring, watching tv and now and then sitting outside on a warm day.

  67. Share a tip telling the rest of us what you like to do to de-stress, cope with chaos, and/or live life more fully.

    I read to de-stress. On a really good day, I walk.

  68. To de-stress I need alone time. It helps a lot if I can go outside and just “be” in nature, feed the animals, etc. I also love to curl up with a book and my herbal teas at night and of course using essential oils and aromatherapy is very helpful. 🙂

  69. Every morning, my husband and I do our Bible readings, discussions, and devotionals with our big cups of coffee to begin the day with a low level of stress. Each night, we put on our chap stick, take a few whiffs of lavender essential oil (we don’t have a diffuser), and silently say our evening prayers. Other less regular ways we de-stress include work in the garden, watching a few favorite TV shows, reading, and playing cards or dominoes with friends.

  70. I do a breathing exercise twice a day, use essential oils, drink hibiscus tea to relax and this helps lower my blood pressure.

  71. I open a new jigsaw puzzle and work on it when I need to relax and shake things off. BTW we love essential oils…had a diffuser but gave it to an adult daughter who needed it more at the time. It would be nice to have one again. 🙂

  72. A good book, my cozy fleece throw, a warm fire and a great cup of Victory coffee all help me to relax and decompress. I also put lavender and frankincense in my diffuser.

  73. For a relaxing break during the day I like to lay down, close my eyes ,and put a sleep mask on. Then I visually “put my worries aside” on the table next to me and focus on the many things I’m grateful for. If it’s raining, I let myself get absorbed in the sound of the raindrops and try to listen for each drop (!) – it’s really relaxing. Beer and gardening work great for me too – make me good and tired for a long, deep night’s sleep.

  74. I like to work on my own herbal remedies. It is exciting and fun and it is great to see other people enjoy what I have came up with and how well it works. I also like working with floral essenses and essential oils.

  75. I laugh as much as possible. Watch comedy and read funny sites on the internet. “Laughter is the best medicine!” LOL!!! And…..Lol! some more. 😉

  76. I use essential oils and photography as a way to unwind. Begamot and Lavender are great do helping me relax at the end of a long day.

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