Will Your Friends and Neighbors Attack You if the SHTF?

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Updated Dec 19, 2013 (Orig - Aug 22, 2013)



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Last night I took a journey back to the Twilight Zone and re-watched a few episodes that first aired in the 1960s when I was just a little girl.  Those days, we had tiny black and white TV.  Okay, perhaps not teeny-tiny but small by todays standards.

The episode titled “The Shelter” was bit prophetic.  It told a tale of tale of humanity gone berserk during a time of crisis and portrayed a scenario we all suspect will play out if the stuff ever hits the fan.

 A Prepper’s Journey to The Twilight Zone

To be honest, in my reality, mobs of thugs and looters are more likely to come banging on the door and attacking if things spiral downward from bad to worse.  Still, the possibility that friends, relatives and neighbors may also come a-knocking and will attack us for our food and supplies.

This is indeed a dilemma that we all face.  Do you have a plan for handling the chaos?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Updated Dec 19, 2013
Published Aug 22, 2013

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38 Responses to “Will Your Friends and Neighbors Attack You if the SHTF?”

  1. When it does hit the fan, you will be on your own. You cannot trust anyone and hopefully your family will be safe. When it comes to no to little food/ water/ shelter, people become animals and will do anything to live. The Twilight Zone show was great, it brought out the real people.

  2. I DO BELIEVE that some of the most intense “arguments” i,ll call them, is when my wife and i have talked about who we can help and who we can,t help when it comes down to it. i do believe that everyone i know is capable of obtaining all of the info i get about what is going on around us.if they don,t act accordinly to that info then they are in the wrong. sometimes my wife says that i,m :cold hearted:, but i,ll point out to her that if we allow just one person into our circle then we have reduced our hard earned supplies plus have that much more of a security leak. i don,t want to be cold hearted but i also don,t want to see me and mine suffering because the person i told to work on his supply list did nothing to help himself out. and then after i make these cold hearted statements i often question the christian side of my beliefs and my faith. it can sure be gut renching sometimes…………please excuse my spelling____lol,,,,

  3. Hey Gaye! I remember that episode! It does make you think… And you can see how some things really never change. Human nature is one of them. The way I see it, you have your immediate family and some of your close extended family to assist, perhaps some close family friends. Thanks.

  4. Gaye my friend. You just have to keep stirring the pot. I’m old and have nothing to do but prep. I have been prepping for my 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Now I’m being told by at least one niece and her 3 children, that she is storing enough gasoline to come to “uncle John’s” house, (325 miles) if it hits. You make me think “where do I draw the line”?
    One good thing to talk about. The VA, in all their infinite wisdom, have decided that maybe me not being able to hear could be caused by all the noise of gun fire during the Vietnam War. I have finally received VA disability. I suppose the money I will get each month is the answer to whether or not to prep for extended families. Is it all going to work out?
    Just keep stirring the pot.

    • John – Your comment got me thinking. I am always writing about the mistakes that prepper’s make. I made a note to write a piece on our “top successes” or something like that.

      Shelly was an artillery specialist and trainer (Vietnam era) but had been deployed to the Army by the National Guard. 20 years later, his hearing problem surfaced and gets worse every year. He has worn hearing aids for as long as I can remember.

      Anyway, back then, they offered him a release two weeks early. He took it, not realizing the he was two weeks short of the time needed for VA benefits. Even back then, PTB was plotting against citizens.

      And so I stir the pot.

    • John R. thanks for your service….I too was in during Vietnam and also have a disability for hearing loss…….as for the question, is it all going to work out….remember this above all things….”ALL things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to his purposes” God Bless!

  5. You’d be surprised how people will act when they are cold, hungry and desperate. Even the most educated people will act irrational when put in that type of situation.

    • I agree…..survival will be the only thought.

    • I believe in being prepared for what may be ahead. I was one of those people prepping for the possible y2k problems.
      For some time, I have been seeing signs of a possible Depression coming our way. However, I have not started preparing til just recently.
      My husband doesn’t say much about this; he supports me in all that I do. But, the preparations are pretty much on me.
      I recently told him not to tell any of his coworkers that I am prepping. I said, “If things happen as I think they will, whose house do you think they’ll be showing up at?”
      His reply was that his attitude at work should be discouragement for them to do so. I said that if someone is hungry, desperate, and needing to feed their loved ones, they will do whatever they have to (including stealing from a friend), to provide for those needs.

    • Amen.

  6. most of those I know, who are not only refusing to help themselves, are adamantly in denial, would try to get here, but being somewhat isolated, will be quite difficult to get here. I have a back-up plan in case we must leave here, but if it gets to that point, it will be a “don’t look back” because life would be real primitive if we had to leave here, and wouldn’t be back for an indefinite time. my immediate family wouldn’t turn bad, but my step kids might. It’s a tough thing to decide wether to help others, it only takes one person turning crazy, thus making a stressful situation into chaos, or worse, only one. of course. it also takes one person to even think you might have something, then say something, then the hoards come, not something I am looking forward to.
    This is off topic here, but will ask anyway, is anyone familiar with the “Hindenburg Omen”? and does it hold any credibility? if so, we are really short of time.

    • I’d like to know what” Hindenburg Omen” is!!

  7. I don’t remember that episode, but I’ll look at it later tonight when bandwidth is free.
    I too am old er and apparently retired. My ….hobby, focus, or whatever you want to label it with, is prepping for Anything that goes terribly wrong. I’m trying to get ready for the worst and anything less will be a blessing ( sort of ). All my family is in So.CA and I have in my mind to add them into my plans. I also know if the worst happens and there is no time to escape, they live too far away to bugout to here.
    I’m preparing for them anyway.
    Frankly, if TSHTF, I don’t have confidence to make it long term. I live in a very rural part of AK but that is in no way a guarantee that I won’t be targeted. Even the people on my road, would take advantage, even though I would hope we all would work together to protect our area for as long as possible.
    I was thinking about ” emp” and plan on getting a bike or two. You think someone would kill for that?
    I am reading ” The Beginning of the End”, a book you suggested. Then this morning I heard about a glitch at “Wall Street Stock Exchange”. It was on the news this morning….briefly.
    There are countless senarios of what could go terribly wrong….financially we would all be up the creek, so we have to stockpile…A LOT; enough to help others or barter.
    If I won a lottery, I would not use it to travel or buy dream things. I would Prepare. As it is now, I am considered low-income and so prepping is slow….but kind of a good challenge, which keeps my mind busy, which is a good thing…..and in a weird way, fun; finding something useful and cheap or less is like finding little treasures !! Anyway to answer the question, I definitely think I will be attacked, but just because I’m not young and strong, they better not expect to be able to get me without a fight; I will be armed. Laughing here….but I mean it.

    • Kathryn – Have lots of bear spray on hand – that’ll get them – and of course it is legal in Alaska.

    • If bears are coming around….fill (partially) the balloons with ammonia….smear the outside with bacon grease…..when the bears take a swipe at those balloons, they won’t be around for months and when they do come back, they won’t go to the same spot, nor will the trick work twice LOL….ask me how I know! lol

    • It’s worth a try. I wonder if bears warn each other about certain places……HA!! Seriously, we live in bear and wolf country and as it closer to winter, we’ll probably see them more often ( bear ). I’ll give this a try, for sure.

    • It’s good for human predators too.

    • Kathryn asked, “I was thinking about ” emp” and plan on getting a bike or two. You think someone would kill for that?”

      I would say, maybe so.

      I got a new bike. Just about everyone I talk to when I’m out riding it says how nice it is – with this great big envious gleam in their eyes – it creeps me out a bit. And I’m not easily creep’ed out.

      I’m thinking of spraying it down with some textured pickup bed coating stuff. Maybe wrap some dirty black tape on it and let the ends dangle. I doubt that would even be enough. I mean, if things get bad enough, even donkeys will seem precious.

      …Just a thought I had.

    • I definitely agree with you. I have a mountain bike and ride it often enough to stay in condition. I keep it locked up in the garage because I am certain if things got dicey, someone would take it in a heartbeat.

    • Ok, when the SHTF, is one thing….I mean lives won’t be worth a plug nickel ( I’m old ), if somebody wants something you have.
      As far as the bike thing; my daughter has had 3 bikes stolen from her front yard. It took that many before she learned to keep them in the garage or out back…..fenced in backyard is just about normal for So.CA…….especially where she lives. She has to remind her son all the time now to bring the bike in…..even if he’s just coming in to go to the bathroom. So when the crap hits that huge fan….you bet people won’t wait for you to leave it. They will push you off …..if your lucky…..and just take off with it. …..a donkey too….a tricycle, a wagon, a shopping cart, a skateboard. Please please, I’m praying for a flood or tsunami…..anything but that chaos.

    • I don’t think pimping your bike down will stop anyone. If it has tires and can be pedaled…..ya know!!

  8. I don’t have any friends. No one believes me. Laughed at a lot these past 20 years so I keep my mouth shut and just keep prepping. Will go it alone.

    • Baby doll – With a couple of exceptions, my family and friends refer to my website and my prepping as “Gaye’s little hobby”. As a result, I have become somewhat of a recluse. At least my husband, Shelly, is around to support me in my efforts and lend a helping hand.

    • My husband is a good guy. He absolutely doesn’t agree, so to avoid any fights he ignores what I’m doing even though I gutted a perfectly beautiful living room and made it into a pantry. Now he goes in & gets whatever he likes. But the problem I’m going to face is the anguish of family members not able to cope when the SHTF. I’ll have to work around it with patience. The neighbors to the left are party animals (jet setter type & New Age) and to the right are worthless, on food stamps, no religion. I cut ties with all family members, too much drama.

      You know what I noticed? On TV shows or movies it shows women bungling by panicking, being helpless, and causing someone to die or getting raped. This really irks me. If I see any woman losing it, even though I may have compassion for the moment, if she doesn’t get it together, I’m taking off. End of story. Men too! I’m making my own decisions. Most people I notice don’t have clear thinking and they don’t assess the situation, also their morals are down the tube, so who knows if I’m talking to a serial killer. Anyways I’ll take a look at your website. Thanks. BD

    • Baby Doll, I’ve been thinking about it. I have acquaintances….people I see go by or say hello to or work with, but no real friends. Is that a bad thing?

  9. I have kept fairly quiet about what I have here where I live, fairly new to the area, and dont know anyone well enough that they know where I live. I have repeatedly encouraged family to at least have 30 days of supplies. My sister across the street has finally started preparing, and a sister in NY as well. My 3 oldest siblings always say they wont be here when, or if ever it happens, apparently they are psychic? LOL
    I have 1 Nephew in his 30s who is prepping, thats 1, out of 26 nieces and nephews plus spouses and children. My own 2 kids in MI and MO are not prepping.
    All that said thats probably 80 family members (my bros, sisters, nieces, nephews, spouses and their kids) that I am sure have an inkling as to what I am up to, via my own brothers and sisters. They all live in the north, I am in the south.
    My husband has a big mouth, and has told several people, and I have also heard jokingly? If it gets bad we will just come to your house! hmm really?
    I have really thought about this a lot, my family is most important to me, so if they can make it here, yes I will share. I think my gut reaction as far as strangers goes would be to turn them away. My Christian heart tells me I couldnt do it, especially if they have kids that will suffer.
    My sister and I have talked about it, and what we would have to do right quick is somehow assess the situation and form a community, where all who eat, help to gather more food, water and supplies, garden, hunt etc. as we will have no clear idea when the situation will end. I suppose the strangers might be met at the door with a gun, until they understood my terms. But I wont just let them steal from us, until we are used up. If that is someones intent, to just “take” I wont have a problem showing them why they do not want to do that.
    I sure hope if anyone does show up they are a dr, or a hunter! Its going to be tough.

  10. I didn’t want to admit it, but I guess I would be called a recluse. I don’t attend community functions, and I don’t seek out people to talk to or be neighborly with. Every so often I will exchange a baked something or other for some fish or vennison that one of the neighbors have brought over and we’ll have a short chat, but we don’t hang out together for anything. Ii was always taught that when someone does you a good turn, you repay it some how…..usually the fish or vennison would come in zip lock, so I would return a new bag with a plate of something inside. I volunteer at the library and that’s the extent of my social life. I have yet to talk to the neighbors about banding together in an emergency and I think they probably would agree, but when tested, what will happen, I can only guess. None of us have phone service and we have the only electricity; my 6 neighbors are completely off-grid. We all live on an island….a ferry or plane is the only way off.Both are expensive…..for me anyway. I feel lucky being in an isolated area, yet there is NO perfect place to stay away from anarchy and chaos. “Survivalists”, aren’t taken very seriously in general I don’t think. The label is different, but the idea is still the same……

  11. I ordered a used DVD of “The Shelter” from Amazon this evening, and my husband & I just watched “The Road.” He may be starting to clue-in a little. We discussed before whom we’d help, but other than our children, it would probably be only our parents (in their 70s & early 80s), and then they couldn’t tell others. They’d have to stay with us and cut off communication.

    I’ve talked to friends/family about preparedness, but they aren’t interested. Like many of you, I’ve withdrawn, and I hope not to be on their minds if/when things get bad. It’s been almost a year since talking to cousins who borrowed money from me, since I’ve refused to make additional “loans” to them.

    • J.A. I’ll check out those movies. I recently saw ‘The Book of Eli” actually it was very good. I’m sure they will go for all the Bibles soon. True story: I remember Dimitri Duduman, from Romania; his son, an eyewitness said that the KGB came into their home and demanded to collect all the Bibles. They were in plain sight stacked up wall-to-wall, and not one KGB officer saw them. God blinded them. They went away, irate, but empty handed.

      I heard a young girl had a dream that police/army were coming door-to-door forcing people out of their homes, but they skipped the homes where people were praying.

      Survivalists keep saying that you can only survive with groups. I’m in my late 50’s. My son asked me once, ‘what have you learned about people all these years.’ I said straight-up, ‘most people lie.’ Although he was shocked at my response, I added, ‘I use to trust people, that’s where I got into trouble, that includes family members. But you live and learn, you forgive but God gave me one gift,
      ‘detachment’ walk away and never look back. Nothing is more important than God and there is where my attachment is.’

      I’ll submit to the law if I can but I’ll live and die for Our Lord Jesus Christ. Simple as that. I’m detached from this world and the USA, it’s not that important anymore. God bless, BD

  12. Wow, is all I can say.

    Have we forgotten why we do what we do? It isn’t for everyone else. Not my neighbors, not extended family who enjoys the fast life. I do this for my family. It is no one elses busniess what I do or how I do it. To become a recluse is unnecessary, there are those, and you should be able to tell, who just don’t care. Personally if there are those who need the fast life I already know they are not going to even want to hear anything about prepping. I don’t hide the fact I prep, but I don’t advertise it either. I don’t pull myself away from society because of prepping. I don’t prep for those who cannot see beyond the end of their nose.

    I managed to get my brother and father prepping simply buy talking about why I recycle copper cords from old appliances people don’t want any more. I also am a huge Zombie fan…yep my brother thought I was one of “those” people. I had to define what I thought a “zombie” really was and it is simply the masses wanting to take what you have. That was all it took to get him started. Is it that easy for everyone. NOPE, but to decided to not have anything to do with family because they don’t agree with what you do is insaine. So what if they think its a hobby. Let them think learning a new craft is a hobby, Canning or learning how to make leather from hide……Does it really matter?

    I don’t know how to say this any clearer…..At least for me, I prep for “MY” family. My brother is a big boy he can prep for his…..no one needs to know what I have or the extent of it. Frankly it’s none of thier business. IF asked I will be more than happy to talk about it, but again…I know I do this for my family, MY peice of mind. It may sound selfish but its reality. Will I morn those who didn’t take the oppertunity to prep? Yes. Will I help anyone who is asks for it? You bet, I don’t just give away the knowledge I have to just anyone. Those people have to be willing to ask. I am more than willing to help someone who wants to help themselves.

    I Truely feel sorry for those of you whom have pulled away from society and friends. I would suggest for those of you who feel so alone to look for groups out in the area where you live. Use the American Prepper Network. Use forums and other things to meet people.

  13. Kathryn, I inly recently heard about the “Hindenburg Omen” and was curious if anyone else knows about it. apparently there are events in the stock market/economy that happen in succestion, a pattern that gives insight into an oncoming economic crash. I think zerohedge has some info.
    I try to act like everyone else, so that people wont notice what I do, most of the time people are pre-occupied with fun things anyway. I do pay Attention to evetything/evefyone around me. Just the other day 2 teenage african/americans attacked and beat to death an 88 yr. old WwII. veteran in spokane. I think a racial war in looming.

  14. Young homesteader;
    A racial war has been in people’s thoughts for many years……what, since the late 60s?
    Frankly I think and hope that won’t happen. It’s bad enough how local racial and gang related killings are happening in inner cities……like Chicago. I guess the police are trying to get a handle to try to control, but it’s leaking over into personal rights. There is no perfect society. I think we all know that…….America is no longer the place of dreams anymore either……not even to those abroad who endeavored to make a better life here. Things are just plain getting bad and worse, everywhere. Racial war just seems to fade as a possibility, compared to all that is going on now. I hear ya though. My ex would most certainly agree with you.

    • When the coin drops think of all the senseless violence you hear about on the news x1000. There is already a large segment of the population that needs no provokation to use violence as a tool.

  15. Seems like there is more senseless crime then anytime before…..but then it wasn’t that long ago, I didn’t pay attention to news reports and current events. Maybe it has always been bad but with technology as it is, there is more news brought out and in our collective faces. My family in CA just shrug it off….maybe because they are too close to it. Anyway I don’t expect love of mankind when tshtf. I have so much to do to prepare and is it ever enough?

    • Wars: Racial, religious, gays, liberals. (You’re white-hispanic, Christian, straight, and conservative) You’re in the boxing ring to fight for your beliefs but you compromise (why? because you’re a nice guy). He hits below the belt, he head butts you, thumbs your eye, constant rabbit punches, notice it’s a home crowd, you’re cut and bleeding profusely, while the hometown referee is ignoring such obvious cheating.

      At one point you have to get into the ring and fight, you’re way behind in points, you need a knock out before the 12th round. He’s dancing around with arms in the air while you take a knee. And then you realize, it’s fixed and ‘he wants you dead.’ What are you going to do? The referee is counting 1-2-3-4-5- if he gets to 10 you’re counted out, throw in the towel?

      Now, look ahead…

      The fight is any day now, take the time to prepare, use strategy, run if you have to, stay away from his overhead right, jab continuously, stay off the ropes and move your head. No compromising, you have power, he has speed. You can do this! (Pray and fast). BD

  16. I saw a video on the 700 club with a guy that wrote a book about 1000’s of home articles that can be used for medical purposes among others….I can’t remember the name of the book offhand but will ad it later…but one thing I did notice and tried was that pineapple juice or chunks or slices will stop a headache…..not long after I watched that, I got a headache, I drank some pineapple juice and the headache stopped almost immediately! I don’t know if it will work for everyone…but it sure did for me…hope this helps someone.

  17. I don’t get headaches often….but that’s good to know. Making note of it

  18. I remember that and other episodes that scared the bajeebers out of me. and I am old enough to have one of the first ten inch kinascope TV’s hell I was part of the Howdy Doody peanut gallery. when in grade school we had the duck and cover drills once a week. WOW how did we ever survive without government setting up safe spaces for us? how did so many of us go on to become healthy productive citizens that purchased homes and cars without a collage education. we sent our fathers and brothers to nam and the mothers supported us and put up food and cut the lawn without power mowers fixed our cars. we were not concerned with friends and neighbors coming to our house because they were just as ready as we. government would freak out to see me carry my 22 rifle on the bus to school and then go hunting out at the end of the bus line after school we didnt have lockers in school but it sat loaded next to my jacket along with many others.Yes it is scarey in today’s FREE world where the snowflakes expect government to jump in wave their harry potter wand and make it all better. sadly with a nation that is so dependent upon transportation that it is just about a sure thing where the majority of our nation will starve within months or even sooner in winter should our power grid go down. even my wife makes fun out of me because I keep enough gas for the cars and generator to last a full week of continuous running. with prudent use I am sure we could get a month using it enough to run the furnace if that gas still flows. a few propane bottles will provide cooking on the grill because it has a side burner and can light a small section of the grill so we can cook all the meat before it spoils. we have enough land to grow a large garden with the seeds I have put away and experimented with to insure they will grow. as I was raised by a woman with only second grade education she taught me many things we wouldn’t get in school she had more common sense than many do today and much more wisdom. we didn’t go running to the doctor for every sniffell and had all the mumps and bumps that come with being children. because I was exposed to cow pox I had natural immunity to small pox have we as a nation extended our lifespan with the prevention of all these ailments. it seems that government thinks itself wiser than nature providing all the man made ways to stop these sicknesses before they begin. what I see is that it doesn’t work. As I see many of my friends dyeing I also see many so much younger than I. even if the people who think my home as a safe place and that somehow they believe that they somehow deserve to share in what I have would they survive the many ailments that I have natural immunity to? first they wont be welcome.what would they think they have a right to share in the food and shelter I have built? we see government pushing that idea all the time. dont they tell the blacks that it is the falt of the white that they have nothing? haven’t we heard them say that we should sell them our homes for free so they can have a place to live? don’t we hear that all the good jobs are taken by the whites because of their skin color? when the SHTF they will assume that government will come and take what I have and give it to them because that would be fair!!!. well not to exclude my inlaws and outlaws that were born and raised in Detroit just as I was and had the same chances to make a living as I did, come and tell me the same line about coming to live with me should TSHTF they like the rest will be as unwelcome. where on one hand I had a wife that knew how to manage money and live modestly saving for our homes and not going to the bar to party every night so we could show up to work found we now have a nice house with enough property around us that can support us and our children and grandchildren. I have no tolerance for the whiners who think I owe them anything because my skin is white and I live where we have little crime the only real threat will be the muslims who are in a large enough group to offer a threat. well let them come and I will introduce them to their 74 year old virgin. as with food I am well stocked with arms as well. I am more than happy to teach any how to be prepared. it is to my own benefit as well. an ounce of prevention is another bit of wisdom passed from my mother that has served me well. our civilization will change and government wont be able to provide you with safe places. If you cannot function and provide for yourself and family you will die. this is a choice you must make for yourself. dont knock at my door you wont like the response. sorry for the length and many directions I took!!!


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