Free Food Friday: Will Mikey Eat it? :-)

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Free Food Friday: Will Mikey Eat it? :-)

When it comes to food storage, I like to think I have all bases covered.  Canned goods, bulk foods, freeze dried products – you name it, I have it.  As I tend to preach, having variety is as important as having foods that your family will eat.

Realistically, in a survival situation you will likely eat anything, including plants that you forage and even snakes, bugs and heaven-forbid, road kill.  Fortunately, the likelihood of a desperate and dire survival situation is remote when compared to the possibility of a short term crisis or disaster where you will need to fend for yourself for a much more limited period, say one week to one year.

Tucker Legacy Food - Will He Eat It

That is where your well stocked food pantry comes in to play.  To help build your food pantry, there are tons of resources including articles such as 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan as well as my book, The Pepper’s Guide to Food Storage.  That is all well and good, but what about our four-legged friend?  You know, those dogs and cats that are as much a part of our life as our own children.

Shortly after Backdoor Survival sponsor Buy Emergency Foods came on board, I mentioned that I did not spend enough time talking about food storage for pets.  And although I had packaged some myself using gallon sized Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, it had been a chore with kibble flying all over the place.

When they offered to provide some of their Legacy Pet Food for testing and a giveaway, I jumped at the chance to see just how good – or bad – the product could be.  (More about the giveaway in a moment but for those of your that do not have a dog or cat, the giveaway will have an option for people food too.)

What I did not tell them was that Mr. Tucker the Dog is a fussy eater.  He turns his nose up on a lot of products and spoiled that he is, gets some Little Caesar every night but never any people food.

The Taste Test

How do you review and test dog food?  You give it the sniff test, you feed it to your dog, and you watch for any digestive disturbances that may manifest themselves in the following 24 hour period.  The big question, though, if you are old enough to remember, is “Will Mikey eat it?” or, in this case, “will Tuckie eat it?”.  (Yes, that really is his nickname.)

The answer in a word is yes.  He actually went crazy wild for the Legacy dog food.  I mean crazy.  I gave him a handful at first which he gobbled up.  Then I put two piles on the floor, his current kibble and he Legacy product.  There was no contest.  When the Legacy food was gone, he ignored his usual meal and and barked for more.  Holy moly is he spoiled or what?

Tucker Legacy Food Going for the Gusto

The really important part of the testing came later.  It is a bit gross to mention but important to note that his poo the next morning were on the small side and a firm – a good sign that the food was wholesome and well digested.

Legacy Foods Pet Food Products

Something I have always liked about Legacy, even before they became a sponsor, was their heavy duty, square buckets.  For storing and stacking, the square shape simply cannot be beat.

The food inside the bucket was packaged in two separate Mylar bags which is nice since that means that if the emergency is for a short term, you do not have to repackage and reseal the whole bucket when the crisis is over.

According to Legacy Foods, Legacy Premium Dog Food is designed to meet all of the nutritional needs of dogs.  Fresh, never frozen, chicken is the number one 1 ingredient in our food.  In addition there are eggs and whole grain brown rice as well as vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Just an aside: the website refers to the dog food as puppy food but in comparing it to the adult food we currently use, the protein, fat and fiber content was virtually identical with the exception that the Legacy Food was 27% protein and my existing pet food was 26% protein.

The Legacy food is well packaged with two inner Mylar bags and with the bags, a sufficient number of oxygen absorbers to keep the food fresh for ten years.

The Giveaway – People Food Too!

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  Buy Emergency Foods will send either one 31 pound bucket of Dog or Cat food to one lucky Backdoor Survival pet lover.  Alternately, they will send a 2 Person, 72 hour,  2,000 Calorie per day Food Kit.  The winner gets to choose and even if you are a pet lover, you can still select the people food.  Now how cool is that.

In order to win, you will need to leave a comment in the comments area below.    Here is something to think about and to address  in your comment:

In an extreme power outage, what amusements do you have in place to keep yourself and your family occupied without TV, video games, and the computer/Internet?

The deadline for your entry is 6:00 PM Pacific on Thursday, March 20th.  A winner will be selected at random and will be notified by email as well as in an announcement in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.  As with all BDS giveaways, this giveaway is only open to visitors to the website.  Email and Facebook entries do not count.

The Final Word

This has been a really fun review and giveaway for me to put together.  As easy as it is for me to write about food and food storage, there is simply something special about involving little Tucker the Dog (“Tuckie”) and having some fun along the way.

I hope you enter the giveaway and take a chance at winning some free food.  In the meantime, be sure to visit Buy Emergency Foods.  Their Legacy food products, on a cost per calorie basis, are the best price out there and shipping is 100% free to the lower 48 states in the US (with credit given for Alaska and Hawaii).

I have tried their people food but will save my comments for another day.  That said, hint hint wink wink – be sure to try the Pasta Primavera!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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  1. I’m a bookaholic, plenty of reading material around. Lots of board games and cards, tons of jigsaw puzzles ( love them!). I like to crochet and I’m learning to knit and loom knit. I have solar chargers for my Kindle and IPad (assuming no EMP) w/ lots more reading material available there and a few games. I’m a loner by nature, self-entertainment has never been an issue. Sammie the dog always welcomes more time and attention as well. Plus, HEY, there might be time for a NAP!!!

  2. We will have no trouble staying amused, We have 5 dogs….Ace, Bear, Chewbacca, Duke, and Ellie May (an A,B,C,D, and an E). they range in age from 12 to less athan a year and all like to play…they are a joy to watch. we try to keep at least two months of food but with this crew it takes an effort to do that. We hav elooked a Legacy foods but have yet to try them. We enjoy your site and all the information that you provide. Keep up the good work.

  3. Playing cards, board games, reading, puzzles, Yahtzee, napping. Solitaire, Black Jack, War, Rummy, poker (all kinds) usually ends up with someone a little lighter either in clothes or money. Monopoly and backgammon are favorite board games and we are picking up quickly at Mancala. If we have a group, it’s usually more of Taboo or Trivial Pursuit or one of those newer group games where you scream out your answers. Reading is a favorite pastime since I’ve been young and there’s always a stack a magazines needing gone thru. Of course, if it’s winter and snowing, we occupy ourselves shoveling the walk a few times. Summertime, of course, affords us longer daylight so evenings are usually spent outside on the porch with a campfire or candles till late hours anyway. We don’t so much miss the power outages then till we need to head inside for something, then it’s just a battery powered lantern till we head to bed. And let me tell you, in the country, when the lights go out, it is dark in the valley. And I have a quite a few paracord projects to get started on so those you can do in the dark just by feel with the knots.

  4. We have several decks of playing cards and a book of card games. We also have some game specific decks (canasta, phase 10, old maid etc). Our board games are legion and range from Candyland to Eldritch Horror. It includes both cooperative and competitive games as well as some “get up and move your body” type for the kids. I am collecting extra pieces (die, timers), scrap paper and writing instruments in a tin for both everyday and emergency game play. My latest plan is to collect a few puzzles in various sizes (100-1000+) and keep them stashed away as well. Personally, I can’t stand puzzles but the kids and hubby enjoy them so I think they would make a good addition. I also have some of our games in a bankers box for “grab and go” option. We play the games in it regularly so I periodically check to make sure it is reasonable complete and organized. I just don’t have the space to duplicate stuff like that! My next project is to collect art supplies just for emergency use. I want to have 2 containers, a small portable version and a larger one for the long haul. That one will probably need to evolve more over time. I also keep our portable electronics charged and have a large stock of AA batteries.

  5. My nearest grandkids are 8 and 10 so I keep toys and books for them at my house. I also keep craft materials-construction paper, glue, paints, crayons,tape and sewing and jewelry making supplies. the kids also like to help with the garden and outdoor chores. I do try to keep the portable dvd player charged and have back up batteries for the cassette player. I love audio books and whether on tape or cd, they are fun to listen to when the lights are off. (*perhaps NOT Stephen King)- he scares me even when the lights are on. I also have a collection of board games, card games and playing cards.

  6. I have cards, board games, puzzles, cross stitch, crocheting, books, only cards packed in my bug out bag though so if we have to bug out I’ll have to grab a few more items. Kids won’t be too pleased without their technology. I need a good, small solar charger for the phones, ipad, etc, suggestions?

  7. Hello Gaye,
    Playing cards, board games and books a plenty on the shelves for the in-door weather. But i find that out-door things are just as important as the fresh air and sunshine will be vital for health. when i was a kid we spent hours playing in tree houses and gardens, running after dogs each other and insects. Now, i have no children, but plenty of animals and walking and playing are fun, but during a survival situation every act can be turned into a useful one as well as recreational one. Some of us enjoy gardening, from which we get veggies, walking, during which we can spot useful items or pick wild fruit and firewood (i have a saddle bag for my golden lab, she carries her own water bowl and bottle normally, as fun, on her harness, and won’t go out without them on now). Also there is a shed full of wood carving and painting materials, as well as yards of cloth(one of my neighbours is a designer and throws tonnes of useful things away, he lets us go through his bags now when he has a clear out). Also a very useful thing to do is to simply go out and chat with the neighbours, maybe help them with a task, you get some socializing, improve relations, and if you help them in their garden maybe a free bag of veggies 😉
    Great page, enjoy every article.

  8. We have an entire houseful of books so there will be lots of reading material. Since we raised five children, we also have closets full of games and puzzles. I do not imagine I could ever finish reading all of our library regardless of what future events may hold. It is nice, however, to keep these books at hand.

  9. Oops sorry I have posted twice! When i hit the submit bar it went blank and i didnt see my post under the comments so I redid it. Sorry!

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