Free Food Friday: Will Mikey Eat it? :-)

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Free Food Friday: Will Mikey Eat it? :-)

When it comes to food storage, I like to think I have all bases covered.  Canned goods, bulk foods, freeze dried products – you name it, I have it.  As I tend to preach, having variety is as important as having foods that your family will eat.

Realistically, in a survival situation you will likely eat anything, including plants that you forage and even snakes, bugs and heaven-forbid, road kill.  Fortunately, the likelihood of a desperate and dire survival situation is remote when compared to the possibility of a short term crisis or disaster where you will need to fend for yourself for a much more limited period, say one week to one year.

Tucker Legacy Food - Will He Eat It

That is where your well stocked food pantry comes in to play.  To help build your food pantry, there are tons of resources including articles such as 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan as well as my book, The Pepper’s Guide to Food Storage.  That is all well and good, but what about our four-legged friend?  You know, those dogs and cats that are as much a part of our life as our own children.

Shortly after Backdoor Survival sponsor Buy Emergency Foods came on board, I mentioned that I did not spend enough time talking about food storage for pets.  And although I had packaged some myself using gallon sized Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, it had been a chore with kibble flying all over the place.

When they offered to provide some of their Legacy Pet Food for testing and a giveaway, I jumped at the chance to see just how good – or bad – the product could be.  (More about the giveaway in a moment but for those of your that do not have a dog or cat, the giveaway will have an option for people food too.)

What I did not tell them was that Mr. Tucker the Dog is a fussy eater.  He turns his nose up on a lot of products and spoiled that he is, gets some Little Caesar every night but never any people food.

The Taste Test

How do you review and test dog food?  You give it the sniff test, you feed it to your dog, and you watch for any digestive disturbances that may manifest themselves in the following 24 hour period.  The big question, though, if you are old enough to remember, is “Will Mikey eat it?” or, in this case, “will Tuckie eat it?”.  (Yes, that really is his nickname.)

The answer in a word is yes.  He actually went crazy wild for the Legacy dog food.  I mean crazy.  I gave him a handful at first which he gobbled up.  Then I put two piles on the floor, his current kibble and he Legacy product.  There was no contest.  When the Legacy food was gone, he ignored his usual meal and and barked for more.  Holy moly is he spoiled or what?

Tucker Legacy Food Going for the Gusto

The really important part of the testing came later.  It is a bit gross to mention but important to note that his poo the next morning were on the small side and a firm – a good sign that the food was wholesome and well digested.

Legacy Foods Pet Food Products

Something I have always liked about Legacy, even before they became a sponsor, was their heavy duty, square buckets.  For storing and stacking, the square shape simply cannot be beat.

The food inside the bucket was packaged in two separate Mylar bags which is nice since that means that if the emergency is for a short term, you do not have to repackage and reseal the whole bucket when the crisis is over.

According to Legacy Foods, Legacy Premium Dog Food is designed to meet all of the nutritional needs of dogs.  Fresh, never frozen, chicken is the number one 1 ingredient in our food.  In addition there are eggs and whole grain brown rice as well as vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Just an aside: the website refers to the dog food as puppy food but in comparing it to the adult food we currently use, the protein, fat and fiber content was virtually identical with the exception that the Legacy Food was 27% protein and my existing pet food was 26% protein.

The Legacy food is well packaged with two inner Mylar bags and with the bags, a sufficient number of oxygen absorbers to keep the food fresh for ten years.

The Giveaway – People Food Too!

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  Buy Emergency Foods will send either one 31 pound bucket of Dog or Cat food to one lucky Backdoor Survival pet lover.  Alternately, they will send a 2 Person, 72 hour,  2,000 Calorie per day Food Kit.  The winner gets to choose and even if you are a pet lover, you can still select the people food.  Now how cool is that.

In order to win, you will need to leave a comment in the comments area below.    Here is something to think about and to address  in your comment:

In an extreme power outage, what amusements do you have in place to keep yourself and your family occupied without TV, video games, and the computer/Internet?

The deadline for your entry is 6:00 PM Pacific on Thursday, March 20th.  A winner will be selected at random and will be notified by email as well as in an announcement in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.  As with all BDS giveaways, this giveaway is only open to visitors to the website.  Email and Facebook entries do not count.

The Final Word

This has been a really fun review and giveaway for me to put together.  As easy as it is for me to write about food and food storage, there is simply something special about involving little Tucker the Dog (“Tuckie”) and having some fun along the way.

I hope you enter the giveaway and take a chance at winning some free food.  In the meantime, be sure to visit Buy Emergency Foods.  Their Legacy food products, on a cost per calorie basis, are the best price out there and shipping is 100% free to the lower 48 states in the US (with credit given for Alaska and Hawaii).

I have tried their people food but will save my comments for another day.  That said, hint hint wink wink – be sure to try the Pasta Primavera!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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102 Responses to “Free Food Friday: Will Mikey Eat it? :-)”

  1. We have puzzles, board games and word search books to avoid boredom. And in our most recent power outage, I finished reading “Living on the edge” by FJ Bohan. Very good reading!

  2. Not sure if im supposed to be commenting on Mickey or boredom so I reckon ill cover both. The food im sure will be consumed because I have learned that animals will eat when they get hungry…just like humans. As far as entertainment we have a small library and also a surplus of board games and there are always projects to work on.

  3. At almost $4/lb for Legacy dog food, I think I’ll vacuum bag my current brand at 1/3 the cost. By the way, most bagged kibble, as purchased, will keep for nearly a year if kept in a cool, dark and dry location.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. I remember Mikey! I’ve been called that a few times myself.
    Since I live by myself, with the exception of my three girls (two shihtzu’s and a lab mix), I’m the only one I have to entertain. I have always been an avid reader and have many books that I can re-read, and a few that I have been saving. Plus, as you should know, the four legged members can provide hours of entertainment! And I think they would love to try that food! I have worried about what to feed them in an emergency, since I seldom give them people food.

  5. Whoops, you put the deadline as Feb.28 I assume you meant March 28 😉

    We have several books, a lot of which one or both of us have never read bought for $1 at the annual big library book sale. We’ve got some board games. We have three cats and them with their toys and the catnip we have (and seeds for growing more) can amuse us pretty well. I’ve got craft paint, coloring supplies, yarn with crochet and knitting needles, sewing stuff, and jewelry making stuff all of which could keep us busy.

  6. We have ALL my old board games from when I was a child, and I am now 65. Cards, checkers, chess, backgammon, monopoly, risk, and a ton of others I am sure no one recent has heard of (Eddie Cantor’s game). With the 100 hr candles, and the mini blocklites, coleman lantern, we would do fine. Besides, you can play during the day, and sleep in the dark.

  7. We have loads of board games (we play on a regular basis), cards, and an extensive library. Our family is not real big on TV which is an advantage. I do have an old laptop in a protected place some well loved dvds.

  8. In the event of an extreme blackout for an extended period of time, we have items to keep from being bored. We have many puzzles that we have never built, loaded bookshelves (some books have not been read) cards, board games, quilting supplies (handwork), woodworking, crossword and sudoku books (large ones)checkers, and light to see by in order to do these things. We are retired and no children in the house. I have a cat that would love to try the cat food.

  9. I’ve got decks of playing cards, lots of board games, Extreme Dot to Dot books, coloring books and markers, paperback books – I’m a voracious reader, read War and Peace in 16 days – honest! And since I am a classically-trained pianist, I can always play my grand piano.

  10. It wouldn’t be terribly difficult to keep our kids entertained without power, since we try to keep movies and such to a minimum already. We are well-stocked in coloring supplies, games, books, and even *gasp* schoolwork! 😉

  11. We have cards, puzzles, and a couple of board games. Also, we have books to read and projects to keep us busy. As for the food, our little toy poodle Sophie had surgery in December for pancreatitis and now has been diagnosed with Cushing disease and diabetes so she is on a very strict diet. We would probably get the dog food for our daughter’s two dogs. One is a cocker spaniel, also named Tucker, and a Maltese named Izzy.

  12. We are a family of readers. We have a den full with everything from the classics to history and art. Real books! No kindles allowed here!!

  13. We are avid readers so we have plenty of books and magazines to keep us busy. We also have word search books, board games, card games (which can easily be put in a bug-out bag) and the like. We also have crafters in the family, so there are craft items galore! Of course our dogs themselves keep us pretty entertained! However, I think the best thing we have is each other. We truly enjoy each other’s company and , therefore, can sit and talk and laugh for hours. We can fight off boredom even if all we have is each other.

  14. We can keep ourselves entertained with basket weaving, stained glass fabrication, also we live in the mountains and quite often are without power, so these hobbies have been time tested. Our old stand buys like cards, board games and backgammon along with shelves of books and magazines are a godsend on a rainy day.

  15. Wow! everyone is going to read, play games and do projects. I like the idea of sleep during the dark and play games,puzzles and hopefully take walks outside.Or ride the stationary bike.

  16. We have a fire pit with benches and seats around it. We always love to just start a fire and watch it while shooting the breeze. We also have a vast library of, wait for it, actual books!

  17. Okay, my toy Aussie is named Mikey (really). It would be interesting to see how he would react to the dog food. The food I put in his dish this morning, which he does like, will still be there when I get home. He generally will not eat his food if I or my wife are not around. If I win I will probably go with the people food however, so I may never know his reaction.

  18. With 2 cats and 1 (soon to be 2) dogs I could use the dog/cat food. They really, really like food. . And playing with and petting the critters will certainly be way up there on my list of things to do when electronic entertainment goes away. and BTW, the critters are warm! snuggling up to a dog or cat, preferably one that doesn’t smell too ripe, and collecting purrs or wags is my idea of an entertaining evening.

  19. For myself I have a front-lit ereader with 3000+ books on it. I have a solar charger, so I can keep it going.

    My son has loads of cars and legos to keep himself occupied. He also has a lot of books.

  20. During power outages my teenagers like to build with Legos or Lincoln Logs, believe it or not. We will also play cards or read books. For outdoor, there’s always oranges to pick, gardening to do, and archery to practice. 🙂

  21. We are set for lights, candles and lanterns, so the evening I would be reading. I spend a small amount of time on the computer and even less on tv. I would be fine but hubby does not read for pleasure and spends little time on the computer other than playing cards. We would have to pull out the deck of cards. During the day there is always plenty to keep us busy. My little rescue puppy loves to eat and I would like to find something to put away for emergencies.

  22. If it’s only a temporary power outage, we have cards, board games, puzzles and hobbies. We also have backup power, so we could watch movies. If it was a full fledge grid down situation, I think we would be extremely busy to worry about boredom for a long time.

  23. We have a few games & books but I definitely need to put more work into this. In this area I have mostly been thinking of my 8 year old niece & nephew but I should also think of my husband. I can while away a week on Harry potter but he really doesn’t read at all and is not much for games. He will drive me crazy without sports center. I think we need a wood stove just so I can send him out to chop wood and burn off some steam!

  24. I am a single mom with three small children and 5 cats! We have puzzles, board games, cards, and lots and lots of books for kids and adults. I also keep an art cabinet stocked with all sorts of supplies. With 5 kitties, I would love to try the kitty food!

  25. I believe in an extreme power outage, there will be very little free time to waste on games and entertainment. I believe all of our energy will be built around surviving. Between keeping water safe, preparing and/or finding food, staying safe from gangs trying to steal said food/water, etc etc it will be such hard work, there won’t be idle time to waste.

  26. I agree that there will be little time to worry about entertainment, although I do keep a deck of cards and a few board games as well as crayons and paper. Lots of real paper books. The crayons burn nicely if needed.

  27. Where we live, we won’t have to worry too much about the meanness in this world, so we will have fun playing outdoor games such as horseshoes, b-ball, soccer etc… Of course, we will have to do our chores first, but before we do anything, we will do our daily devotions!

  28. I have books, puzzles, board games, and cards. Another thing I’ve been doing is collecting ways to play Solitaire. There are literally hundreds! I track them down on line and have started a notebook of the different games.

  29. We recently had a trial run of our prep situation, which really pointed out the glaring holes! But, we managed to keep ourselves occupied by taking care of the dog, fetching water, cooking over a Sterno stove and reading. I have a Kindle, but I’d let my battery get low, so that soon died. Luckily, we have plenty of paper books, and some games (I have an old book with lots of different card/board games, so there’s always something new to try). There’s always something to mend, or clean, or organize, too, so I can’t imagine ourselves with nothing to occupy us.

  30. There is never a lack of things to do on our 11 acres even in the best of times. In an emergency I would probably be reading a book, quilting, cleaning a closet or refinishing furniture. These are things that I enjoy doing and don’t have a lot of time to do. If the weather was nice, I would be out in the gardens or yard, aided by my husband and two dogs doing what ever needs to be done like weeding – yuck!

  31. Time to be disconnected from those devices anyway! Children become attached to their movies and video games. Some of them won’t go out at all unless made to. In addition to board games, cards and reading, this would also be a time to discover an inner self, for everyone. Learn a skill, camp, discover nature, and get some much needed exercise. In the evening spend it with your family. Bring back some of those family values that are continually being lost

  32. I would really enjoy trying the dog food.
    Since I am an only child, I learned at an early age to entertain myself. I enjoy quilting, sewing, Dutch oven cooking, gardening, crafts, music and reading. My husband loves to work outside, take care of our animals, tinker with antique cars and motorcycles, and read magazines about, you guessed it, antique cars and motorcycles. I believe that children should exercise to stay healthy and sleep well at night. Even though I keep an assortment of games, puzzles, crayons, crafts, and jacks, I also stored hula hoops, indoor hopscotch, and Chinese jump ropes. If it is safe for children to play outside, I have a bicycle, small pool, football, baseball, and volleyball.

  33. We are planning a separate room with library and children’s library, games and classic board games such as chess and checkers, cards, and a world globe. We are going to put in textbooks, medicinal herb books, and other survival books, such as the Firefox series. There will be nice chairs to cuddle up in to read, and a rocker to sit in, a game table, some of my crocheted afghans, and a fireplace. We will also have different lamps around, and my old roll top desk will be in there. Add one of those huge crocheted rugs, some old family heirloom displays and pictures, and this room will be just about perfect. I want to make it a safe and comfortable place for my grandchildren when they come to visit, and they wish some time to be, quiet, so, no electronics allowed!

  34. In our home there are two adults. We would continue with our activities such as reading, dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, visits with neighbors (think cook-out), and card games. As for outside activities, there’s badminton, volley ball, and the farm to take care of. Of course, hiking in the woods is always a prime activity! Country folks do survive!

  35. I believe in a survival situation that there would be plenty of projects to do to keep everyone busy. I have teenagers and they are always bored. They would find something to entertain themselves. My pets are entertaining to me. They are always up to something.

  36. I agree with Darlene. With no power, there will be plenty to do, but in case I have any spare time, I just picked up a 12 pack of Hoyle playing cards(with large numbers) at Sam’s club for $15.

  37. There is always plenty to keep us busy, but when the power is out we always seem to slow down a bit. Time to enjoy that book, play cards or a board game.

  38. Like many subscribers, I spend a fair amount of time in thrift stores. These are great sources for stocking up on games, cards, puzzles, flash cards (yes, education is important, too)!

  39. We have cards, word search puzzles, board games and books for down time. I also have a solar charger for my tablet and kindle. My kitty would be interested in trying the pet food.

  40. We have a huge backlog of reading material, books and magazines that we never seem to get enough time to read. Plus we have cards and several games that can easily be played with just two people.

  41. We have all the items everyone is listing for extra entertainment. Being Native American – I will be supplementing with wooden flutes, beading and leatherwork with beading. Guys will be busy with arrowheads/arrows. We are now busy with maple syruping – mmmmm good! Only if there is a nuclear bomb keeping us totally underground would we have to use the inside entertainment. Outside activities keep us very busy. Our black lab is our sentry, companionion and extra entertainment. Trying the new food would be great. Labs tend to be very sensitive to wheat, but we try anything to make her happy.

  42. We have different packs of card games in our packs and for in home, we have all kinds of board games, books, etc. We don’t watch much tv or do cell phones that much, so that part wouldn’t be a problem……now the computer, that is a different story! lol!

  43. We already play card games and board games a couple of nights per week (TV, what’s that?), so surviving boredom during an extended power outage is not an issue. Fresh, unopened, card games are also distributed in the various backpacks.

  44. We have lots of board and card games, books, magazines and of course our favorite reading instrument, a Kindle Paperwite.

  45. We have stocked a number of board games as well as different educational games to help with keeping the kids educated. Of course we have the old stand by stuff like decks of playing cards and word search books. Thanks for a great site! Hoping to win one of these times!

  46. I have a stack of books I’ve been trying to find the time to read. We have a lot of board games and our new favorite “Ticket to Ride” and it’s Asian expansion. That, Clue, and various Monopolies would keep my family busy for a long time!

  47. I have a library full of books on many subjects. Also many games, puzzles, outdoor gear like snow shoes, X-country skis, all kinds of in-home hobbies like sewing, knitting, etc. and scrapbooking. Much to keep us busy and our minds alive and active!

  48. We have lots of books as well as, board games (including your favorite, Ticket to Ride) playing cards, dominos and puzzles.

  49. I have loaded up on oil lanterns and paperbacks! Have a Coleman stove ands lots of tea bags! So I’m all set!

  50. “In an extreme power outage, what amusements do you have in place to keep yourself and your family occupied without TV, video games, and the computer/Internet?”
    The 2 extreme outages I can think of would be extreme cold and extreme heat.
    COLD: First thing is the game of putting up the insulated blankets (with the reflective side facing inward) around one or two rooms, depending on how many are or make it to my house. Then I have something for almost any age to read, a 6 gallon bucket of toys, a bucket of legos, multiple crochet hooks and yarn, board games. Then in the evening, lacking a campfire, we light some candles, sing camp songs, tell stories (each getting their turn to be storyteller).
    HEAT: Again the first thing is to get the insulated blankets up only this time with the reflective side facing outward to keep the heat out. The rest is the same.
    Either way, this is a great time to do some extra training with the dogs (which I never have enough time for)or possibly doing the same for any young people hanging out with me. For both, children and dogs, treats are especially important. Lacking treats, a bit of extra food becomes treats. 😉

  51. For fun activities in a brown stuff hits the rotating blades time, we have puzzles and board games, cards, and lots of books to read.

  52. My family are crafters- we actually dont watch tv or use electronics alot of the time anyway. I do a variety of crafts so there’s plenty there to do, my daughter is an avid reader and has a ton of books plus she has a bunch of jigsaw puzzles she likes to put together and a bunch of those velvet coloring posters she likes to work with. hubby is our designer and builder. He has various things he does out in the shop. actually he’s out there at the time of this post making links to chain maille for me so that we can put together a bunch of chain maille shirts and hoods (aka coif). he’s preping links to be riveted the way of medievil times. we also have our aaquaponics gardens and our other gardens to tend. So even in the event of no power what so ever, there is always something to do around here!

    • oh yeah and to top it all off we have a few dogs that are in training for various things like security, hunting, ect. the cats are lazy since they are old but i have 2 outside cats that keep the rodent population way down for us. they even keep the racoons and coyotes away from of chickens! cant get better then that!!
      heck our critters are entertaining at times too! we love watching out critters at play and work!

  53. We have been collecting and making props for a family “Amazing Race” with several different scenarios. Also, “Family Feud”, “Minute to Win It”. These games bring laughter when things are tough. We also have recipe books to challenge our solar and emergency cooking skills, camping activities, etc.

  54. Lots of good ideas here, we also have cards, puzzles, lots of art supplies as well as lots of books. Also feel we will need to spend time with all the chores that will be necessary to keep things up and going without all the modern conveniences if power, etc. is out.

  55. I’m new to prepping so I haven’t really thought about entertainment when the SHTF. We have jigsaw puzzles, a hand loom, leather that can be worked into whatever, books, embroidery stuff, and hand carving tools. Thanks for all the good ideas in the comment section! So glad I found Back Door Survival!

  56. We have the usual; board games, books, toys for our daughter, art supplies…etc. But I don’t imagine that there will be a lot of free time in a survival situation. Besides the normal stuff, there is always the great outdoors with endless stuff to do and sleeping when it is dark out.

  57. We have thousands of books, as well as board games, puzzles, and craft supplies. We already watch very little TV, so I am not too concerned about keeping entertained!

    We actually did have a week-long power outage a decade ago, in the middle of winter. We had only candles for light and the sun set at about 4pm. We relied on good old-fashioned conversation for entertainment, as well as lots and lots of word games, Eye Spy, etc.

  58. For the children, coloring books with crayons, lego’s and action figures, Lincoln logs and story books. For the adults, word and number puzzle books, reading, board games, jigsaw puzzles, cards and card game rule book, and craft supplies.

  59. We have books, playing cards, a couple of board games like Scrabble and backgammon, checkers and chess as well as dominoes and a cribbage board. My wife doesn’t like to play card games but I think I could talk her into it to relieve the boredom.

  60. We have a decent variety of board games and a couple decks of cards. We also have a hand crank radio for music/news.

  61. We have a lot of books, magazines, board games, card games, sports equipment and puzzles to keep us occupied for awhile.

  62. we have so many games and puzzles and cards that i can,t list them all. i believe that it,s very important to keep your spirits up in bad situations. playing games is a great way to do that. also we have alot of water color kits and tons of drawing paper. also alot of car models to put together.

  63. The mind is the biggest entertainment center EVER. Play ‘Finish the Story’ with most all ages. Someone tells one or two lines of a story, the next person adds a line or two more, and so on. Soon you have Uncle Ed going into the barn, ending in a time warp, influencing history—and so on. Also use a book on spelling and punctuation for a learning situation.

  64. Cards are at the top of my list for entertainment, followed by board games (Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, etc.). Lots of books handy, some for entertainment, and some for learning, and some for survival suggestions.

  65. We have backup power enough to run a couple lightbulbs or recharge cell phones, Kindle, etc., but we also have tons of books, magazines & boardgames. We typically have too much to do around the “farm” to have much down time…so usually these things pile up on the bookshelf, unread, until we get weather that’s too crummy to do anything else in….like today. 🙁

  66. We have cards, board games (always looking for more), puzzles, and books galore (covering about every topic you can think of). We also have backup power (generator and some solar for now) for the laptop, kindles, and cell phones. We also live in the country, so tons of stuff to do outside.

  67. Lots and lots of books, comic books, coloring books, graphic novels, chalupa (Mexican bingo), crossword puzzles, puzzles, and cards.

  68. The cats have requested I enter your contest since they think I don’t have enough food prepped for them yet:))) So I will. I’m single and in case power goes out, for busyness, I have decks of cards, crossword puzzle books, books to read and always cross stitch projects to finish. Days, with light outside, would be fine I think – plenty to do around a farm, but the nights would be the toughest.

  69. I have two small granddaughters so i have a bin packed with fun stuff just for them. The oldie but goodie candy land and chutes and ladders. Cards of course but also things to help them learn as well as have fun, such as flash cards and memory games plus lots of books.

  70. I have two small granddaughters so i have a bin packed with things for them. The oldie but goodie candy land and chutes and laddies, craft projects, cards. But i also have games packed to help them learn like flashcards and memory cards, plus lots of books, crayons and paper,

  71. Oops sorry I have posted twice! When i hit the submit bar it went blank and i didnt see my post under the comments so I redid it. Sorry!

  72. We have an entire houseful of books so there will be lots of reading material. Since we raised five children, we also have closets full of games and puzzles. I do not imagine I could ever finish reading all of our library regardless of what future events may hold. It is nice, however, to keep these books at hand.

  73. Hello Gaye,
    Playing cards, board games and books a plenty on the shelves for the in-door weather. But i find that out-door things are just as important as the fresh air and sunshine will be vital for health. when i was a kid we spent hours playing in tree houses and gardens, running after dogs each other and insects. Now, i have no children, but plenty of animals and walking and playing are fun, but during a survival situation every act can be turned into a useful one as well as recreational one. Some of us enjoy gardening, from which we get veggies, walking, during which we can spot useful items or pick wild fruit and firewood (i have a saddle bag for my golden lab, she carries her own water bowl and bottle normally, as fun, on her harness, and won’t go out without them on now). Also there is a shed full of wood carving and painting materials, as well as yards of cloth(one of my neighbours is a designer and throws tonnes of useful things away, he lets us go through his bags now when he has a clear out). Also a very useful thing to do is to simply go out and chat with the neighbours, maybe help them with a task, you get some socializing, improve relations, and if you help them in their garden maybe a free bag of veggies 😉
    Great page, enjoy every article.

  74. I have cards, board games, puzzles, cross stitch, crocheting, books, only cards packed in my bug out bag though so if we have to bug out I’ll have to grab a few more items. Kids won’t be too pleased without their technology. I need a good, small solar charger for the phones, ipad, etc, suggestions?

  75. My nearest grandkids are 8 and 10 so I keep toys and books for them at my house. I also keep craft materials-construction paper, glue, paints, crayons,tape and sewing and jewelry making supplies. the kids also like to help with the garden and outdoor chores. I do try to keep the portable dvd player charged and have back up batteries for the cassette player. I love audio books and whether on tape or cd, they are fun to listen to when the lights are off. (*perhaps NOT Stephen King)- he scares me even when the lights are on. I also have a collection of board games, card games and playing cards.

  76. We have several decks of playing cards and a book of card games. We also have some game specific decks (canasta, phase 10, old maid etc). Our board games are legion and range from Candyland to Eldritch Horror. It includes both cooperative and competitive games as well as some “get up and move your body” type for the kids. I am collecting extra pieces (die, timers), scrap paper and writing instruments in a tin for both everyday and emergency game play. My latest plan is to collect a few puzzles in various sizes (100-1000+) and keep them stashed away as well. Personally, I can’t stand puzzles but the kids and hubby enjoy them so I think they would make a good addition. I also have some of our games in a bankers box for “grab and go” option. We play the games in it regularly so I periodically check to make sure it is reasonable complete and organized. I just don’t have the space to duplicate stuff like that! My next project is to collect art supplies just for emergency use. I want to have 2 containers, a small portable version and a larger one for the long haul. That one will probably need to evolve more over time. I also keep our portable electronics charged and have a large stock of AA batteries.

  77. Playing cards, board games, reading, puzzles, Yahtzee, napping. Solitaire, Black Jack, War, Rummy, poker (all kinds) usually ends up with someone a little lighter either in clothes or money. Monopoly and backgammon are favorite board games and we are picking up quickly at Mancala. If we have a group, it’s usually more of Taboo or Trivial Pursuit or one of those newer group games where you scream out your answers. Reading is a favorite pastime since I’ve been young and there’s always a stack a magazines needing gone thru. Of course, if it’s winter and snowing, we occupy ourselves shoveling the walk a few times. Summertime, of course, affords us longer daylight so evenings are usually spent outside on the porch with a campfire or candles till late hours anyway. We don’t so much miss the power outages then till we need to head inside for something, then it’s just a battery powered lantern till we head to bed. And let me tell you, in the country, when the lights go out, it is dark in the valley. And I have a quite a few paracord projects to get started on so those you can do in the dark just by feel with the knots.

  78. We will have no trouble staying amused, We have 5 dogs….Ace, Bear, Chewbacca, Duke, and Ellie May (an A,B,C,D, and an E). they range in age from 12 to less athan a year and all like to play…they are a joy to watch. we try to keep at least two months of food but with this crew it takes an effort to do that. We hav elooked a Legacy foods but have yet to try them. We enjoy your site and all the information that you provide. Keep up the good work.

  79. I’m a bookaholic, plenty of reading material around. Lots of board games and cards, tons of jigsaw puzzles ( love them!). I like to crochet and I’m learning to knit and loom knit. I have solar chargers for my Kindle and IPad (assuming no EMP) w/ lots more reading material available there and a few games. I’m a loner by nature, self-entertainment has never been an issue. Sammie the dog always welcomes more time and attention as well. Plus, HEY, there might be time for a NAP!!!

  80. We have lots of reading material & several decks of card for entertainment & there are always craft projects to do if the power goes out.

  81. We have a room with floor to ceiling library shelves filled with books and movies We also have solar power and a generator to power our small 12V TV
    to view the movies on. Also our personal projects always are fun to work on.

  82. At this point it is my wife and myself – we have a few fiction book sets on our Kindle – chess board, playing cards, dominoes, and a book of games and rules

  83. Books, games and craft supplies, air-soft gun for indoor target practice, snowshoes and fishing equipment for outdoor entertainment, depending on weather conditions.

  84. I have noticed that you have “freebies” flashlights, credit card knife, etc… I want to order these…but I was wondering if those are current shipping rates for 2014, and I was wondering if I can order them, as I live in Canada. Do the same rates apply for shipping and if not how much are they, Lastly, is it possible to order all the freebies at once and pay one shipping rate,. I want to thank you for a very smart website. I do enjoy it greatly, I am new to the idea, but it is growing on me. I have always planted a big garden, canning, drying, etc… A nice way of life. thank you,

    • Yes the shipping is 2014 and you would have to read the fine print as some of them do not ship out of the USA. So far the ones that seem to ship everywhere is the credit card knife and tool – alot of the dvds and books will have a shipping rate for your country

  85. Since myself and my friends are gamer geeks, and I’ve roped my in-laws into it too, we have plenty of board games and card games around to play, including two-person suitable games. We also have a library including some hard copy homesteading, country skills, survival books and cookbooks of various eras which I’m sure we’ll be much more motivated to read cover to cover in an extended outage!

  86. We have various board games Cards AND a book with 365 Card gamesin it. Jump ropes toys we rotate in and out for the grandkids, color books and crayons put away. Lots of real Books no Kindles here, paper, pencils. Cat toys(and BIG Jar of catnip)for our two spoiled rescues

  87. I am an elder simi-shut in. I am also a prepper. I have a supply of water bottles. foods, candies, lights, batteries ,portable radio, disc player, portable c-pap, power operated fans .Since our emergency are weather related. hurricanes ,floods, ice storms,I have gas heat and I usually don,t worry about power outage. but this winter my gas gave out during the I had to do micro wave and wrap up for warmth. Just when you think you have everything Covered BANG.
    SINCE my 4 leg baby only eats what she sees me eat I would like the person food. II have really enjoyed finding you site.

  88. We have the following to keep us busy. Playing with the dogs, cards, checkers, books to read, word puzzle books, chess, dice. If weather permits we have baseball equipment, football, outdoor toss games, horseshoe pit, play with dogs, visit friends/family in the area. Until now I, nor my family or friends, have ever thought much about food storage for the family and the dogs. Thanks for the possible chance to sample your food.

  89. We have board games, card games, books to read and puzzle books. Also the dog to play with and if weather permits outside walks and bike riding.

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