Survival Buzz: When SHTF You Will Need Boots

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Survival Buzz: When SHTF You Will Need Boots

When it comes to personal items, I tend to be a bit of a fashionista.  Except when it comes to boots.  Boots are boots and performance trumps fashion.  But what if you can have a pair of tactical boots that both look good and perform well?  And I am not talking just about the ladies, either.

It takes a lot for me to get excited about survival gear that is worn which is probably why I don’t write about such products very often.  On the other hand, if a particular item is outstanding, I am going to tell you about it.  Such is the case with my new Maelstrom TAC FORCE Tactical Boots (also available for men).  I have been wearing them full time for the past week and have to tell you, these are fantastic.

When SHTF You Will Need Boots | Backdoor Survival

Below I will share some of the details and a few specs but first, I am thrilled to inform you that the nice folks at Maelstrom will be providing one pair for free to a lucky Backdoor Survival reader  More about that in a moment; first let me tell you about the boots.

Review of the Maelstrom TAC FORCE 8″ Tactical Boots

It goes without saying that when the stuff hits the fan, a good pair of boots will be put to good use.  They might be used to hike out to a stream and back with fresh water, or to evacuate on foot to higher ground during flood conditions.  They might be used to wade through mud and muck during a storm, or as a sturdy set of footwear allowing you decent traction while preparing your garden in the Spring.  When and if the SHTF, boots will become a necessity and not a luxury.


Two things jumped out at me when I first wore these boots.  First of all, they have a side zipper.  This may not seem like a big deal but anyone who has struggled with lacing a pair of boots to get them just so knows how frustrating it is to take your hard work apart when removing the boots.  Next day, or the next time you wear the boots, you have to start the process all over again.  With the zipper and accompanying Velcro tab, after the first time, you can slip the boots on and off in seconds.  No adjustments required.

The second thing is that no break in period was (or is) required.  I did  have to remove the included removable, polyurethane insole, but after that I was good to go.  On day one I wore the boots from 8AM to 8PM and during that time, I was packing and moving boxes around, going up and down stairs, and of course, taking Tucker the Dog on his daily hike through the woods.

Although the boots are marketed as being water resistant rather than waterproof, I did wade into the salt water before continuing along my way during a hike.  My feet did not get wet and later, when I removed the boots, my socks were still bone dry.  That was a good sign.

When SHTF You Will Need Boots | Backdoor Survival

Here are a few things you need to know.  I ordered my usual size and found the boots were a bit snug.  It is for that reason I removed it’s cushioning insole.  It is designed to be removable so no biggie.  My suggestion would be to order a half size up unless you have a narrow foot.  That said, the boots were extremely comfortable without the insole.

These boots are remarkably light weight.  I weighed them on my scale at home and the two boots (size 7.5) came in at only 2 lbs 1 ounce.  That is for both boots!

In my usual manner, I am not going to list every single spec for you,  Instead, let me direct you to this page that describes the Maelstrom TAC FORCE 8″ boot in detail.  I am sure you will be impressed.

The Giveaway

The winner of the giveaway will be able to pick boots in the color of their choice: black, tan, or coyote brown. In addition, if you want to get a super discount on the boots, for the month of September Maelstrom is running a 25% off special on their website.  To take advantage of this offer, just use the coupon code 25A09 at checkout.  Or, you can purchase Maelstrom boots.

I highly recommend these boots, these are a great buy.

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The Final Word

When I was a young girl, my brothers wore what were called at the time “Patrol Boots”.  We are talking about the mid 50s and thes boots for boys were all the rage.  I now have my own patrol boots and have been showing them off to everyone who will listen.

Other than having fun with my new boots, this week has been more of the same.  We do have, fingers crossed, an offer on our home that is pending and if everything goes well, will be moving at the end of the month.  In the meantime, I am dreaming about a mountain retreat and fresh water fishing in a forest lake.  A girl can dream!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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 In addition to these fantastic boots, here are a number of favorites mentioned by Backdoor Survival readers in the article 39 Fantastic Prepping Tips.

Maelstrom TAC FORCE 8″ Tactical Boots: You will just have to take my word about these boots.  Most colors and sizes come with free returns so there is really no risk.  Lightweight and comfy, I wear these even though the stuff has not hit the fan.  Not yet, at least.

pocket survival kit_3Streamlight Nano Light Keychain LED Flashlight: Extremely small and light weight yet it will throw off a decent amount of super-bright light. At just .36 ounces and 1.47 inches long, the S treamlight Nano Light Keychain Flashlight will take up a minimum of space in your pocket or bag.

Paracord Survival Bracelet:  Why a Paracord Bracelet? So you always have some of this useful cord on your person!

Windstorm Safety Whistle: I have many cheap whistles but for in my bug out bag, I stash the Windstorm whistle.  I have tested it and this particular whistle can be heard a long distance away and above howling wind and other competing sounds.

Swedish Firesteel:  Using this basic pocket fire-starter, you can get a nice fire going under almost any conditions. This is a small, compact version.

Pepper Spray:  It is always good to have some form of defense that will temporarily halt a bad guy that is in your face.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets:  These come in compressed packets small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet.  You will be surprised at how warm these will keep you.


Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife:  This “oh so sweet” knife is solidly built, stainless steel knife that comes razor sharp right out of the package. It will pretty much cut through anything the price is amazing.

blocklite flashlight

Blocklite Mini Compact Size Ultra Bright 9V LED Flashlight:  One of my readers (James) turned me on to the Blocklite.  I now own six.  There is a similar flashlight called the Pak-Lite (which is more expensive) but it does not have a high-low switch like this one.

MPOWERD Luci EMRG Inflatable Solar Lantern:  This is the original Luci EMRG Solar lantern. I have put mine through its paces and it is one tough cookie.  It has weathered both a wind storm and rain storm while hanging outdoors for a month.  Lightweight, waterproof and shatterproof, Luci EMRG provides ultra-bright, reliable light to guide your way indoors and out, through blackouts or extreme weather conditions.  These are infinitely useful and a great value.

Luci EMRG 250_18


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144 Responses to “Survival Buzz: When SHTF You Will Need Boots”

  1. The unknown can make anyone nervous – but I will remain obedient. I will continue to lessen any burden by keeping my household prepared for what could happen at any given time. Power outage, flood, etc…
    Thanks for asking!

  2. I think that SHTF will be when we have social and economic breakdown. High food prices and too many government rules and regulations are becoming a reality that could happen sooner than later.

  3. Glad I found this site. I am concerned about the strong possibility of unrest in this country. Being proactive gives me some peace of mind.

  4. I hate to say it but I believe that we have past the tipping point and its no longer a matter of if we have a collapse and ensuring civil unrest and its just when it will finally flash. A great set of sturdy boots will be a must.

  5. You are always very practical. A good pair of boots with good socks (plus spares) is definitely very important. I love my ariat hiking boots but I think I’m going to give these a try!

  6. Gaye, these boots come up over your ankles. Are they comfortable in the ankle area, or will I need extra padding?
    Judith Davis

  7. Good Morning ! For those who tie their boots the old fashion way. when serving in the Army i always tied my laces and then tucked them inside the tops of my boots. With running and humping all day i rarely had to re-tie them. Some people (not i) would also wrap their laces around their leg just above the boot. GBY All !

  8. I think the SHTF related issues we may see in the next few months may be cracks in the financial arena (bankruptcies and large layoffs)along with Mideast sword rattling and election turmoil. It feels like it wouldn’t take very much to cause a tipping point.

  9. I think there is a good chance of an economic collapse if we continue down the path we are own of funding the whole world when we are borrowing money ourselves I had an astonishing rate. Lenders are only going to take a chance on you for so long even if you are a whole country. If you want to see civil unrest wait until the welfare checks are worthless and all the money in your bank account won’t even purchase a tank of gas. Many people feel so entitled now days that I am afraid we will see hard to comprehend atrocities just because people think it is their right to have something. The government is not going to be there to bail you out if they are too broke to do it.

  10. With N.Korea doing recent nuke tests again, and launching missles, I feel we will be drawn into a conflict which could result in a massive EMP over the U.S. setting us back to the wilderness days, which is what we are preparing for.

  11. There are so many SHTF triggers right now its hard to say, but I think it will be the economy which will cause people the most distress nationwide.

  12. I have two scenarios for which o am preparing. One is the Pacific subduction quake, the other is interruption of delivery of goods.

  13. With everything you read about how easy it would be to cause an EMP, anyone who hates the U.S. must surely know how to bring us to our knees. Nothing like telling the bad guys how to bring you down!

    • AMEN, Richard! I’ve been in many a situation where I had to walk several miles each day and know for a fact our feet are VITAL! So take care of them Yall.

  14. I don’t know that we will see Venezuela-type crumbling anytime soon but imo we are heading that way. However, in my 50+ years the signs have never been more ominous. Those in power act more like our overlords than our government and it’s clear that a pushback is coming. I believe it’s possible that if there are shenanigans with this election that will be the tipping point for many.

  15. I think the S will HTF because of either an economic meltdown due to unbelievable national debt, overwhelming sense of entitlement among many segments in our society and the overall crumbling of our culture, OR an EMP thanks to N. Korea.

  16. Barring the outlandish (zombies, etc…lol), anything could strike us and start the spiral downward. I’ve always believed another great depression was more than possible so I’ve always lived a stocked-up lifestyle. However, now seeing the worldwide turmoil and unprecidented self-centereness and evil, I have NO idea what could bring us all down….. No idea……………

  17. I think SHTF will depend on a person’s point of view and circumstances. Any one thing can become the tipping point. If more than one happens at the same time, our society is in trouble.

    In 2008, when our investments fell after our retirement, and we had only Social Security income, it was very bad for us. How can retirees recover? We are now dependent on the government. Not a good place.

    Spraying for Zika has caused millions of honeybees to die. Many plants will not be pollinated now and the food supply will decline. Uses of pesticides and herbicides are causing resistant strains of pests to emerge and the problem will become worse.

    Weather: Severe drought in parts of the country; rivers needed for irrigation of farmland in California are drying up. Excess rain in others. Add those extremes to our breadbasket and croplands and we have another food shortage.

    Antibacterial hand soaps may cause the normal bacteria on our hands to become adapted and virulent. There are already bacterial super-strains that cannot be treated, therefore people cannot be cured.

    Millions of people live paycheck to paycheck, with just a couple days of food in their homes and no water storage. If anything disrupts the supply line of paychecks or food, most city people will be in serious trouble. We need to return to the ways of our grandparents.

    Entire groups of people are angry, for one reason or another, and are choosing to complain by demonstrating with anger instead of taking real action through discourse to community action to change the situation.

    We are just a couple of events away from a SHTF scenario.

  18. I think the most likely scenario is that there will be some sort of cyber attack resulting in an economic meltdown of some sort, followed by rioting and general chaos.

  19. I’ve always tried to be prepared for anything, but didn’t think it was losing my job. Was without a full time job for two years and without my stock things would have been rough. I can now say I’m “back on my feet” and restocking for the next round. Thanks for all the survival tips – a lot I have seen or done but every so often I have an “ahhh” moment. I appreciate those. Thanks again.

  20. I believe we will have economic meltdown. I also believe this election will be messed with and Marshall law may be imposed. I also believe it’s only a matter of time before EMP causes great destruction.

  21. My best guess is there will be some sort of cyber attack or physical terrorism attack right at the time of our elections in November, causing chaos and a call for martial law. I hope that doesn’t happen! But as crazy as things are, it would not surprise me.

  22. I think SHTF will manifest like many others have said, economic collapse. Keeping the Dolist’s going is a tough act. The receives a Basic Living Stipend as depicted in David Weber’s “Honor Harrington series” in which one planet has a Large Welfare State.

  23. There are so many things going on now that it is hard to tell. Terrorism by radical islamic terrorists, EMP. nuclear war, economic collapse, race wars in the US, etc, ad nauseum. No one can tell the future. One thing will happen and will cause a domino effect. To pick one I’ll pick economic collapse.

  24. I actually like wearing boots. I have one pair that I wear all of the time. But…they are not the real sturdy kind. They are more for dress. So, I would love to win a pair of the coyote colored ones. Thank you again for another contest.

  25. Thank you for sharing your logical views on boots and survival, for that matter. The world needs less heels and more work boots.

  26. Gee, I wish I knew! I think the election will be the tipping point. It matters not who gets elected. The 2 sides are so virulently opposed to each other, it’s gonna be ugly. First, I think we’ll see prices going up, up, up. Then shortages (like Venezuela), then unrest, then N.Korea or Russia (or even Iran) will take advantage of the widespread discontent and confusion and BAM WWIII. Hope I’m wrong.

  27. China and Russia do not respect us too many years of incompetence in the global community. If Hillary wins that might trigger something (more of the same ol SHxT).
    If not Iran WILL trigger an air burst EMP device in 3 to 6 years unless we stop them .
    I think N.Korea is nothing more than a child trying to get attention could be dangerous but not such a threat.

  28. Had a pair of “Indian Trail Boots” once upon a time – best ever! Can’t locate more, unfortunately – suggestions needed!!! But in the interim, I would be interested in this giveaway offer . . .

  29. these boots sound great. I feel that we are in for a major unrest and economical crisis in the not to far future. thank you for all your inspiring posts and articles.

  30. Yay! Finally, boots that are light, comfortable, and rugged! I wear boots while working on a farm, and some days can be a struggle getting them on and off…looking forward to boots that work with me and not against me!

  31. SHTF has slowly crept upon us, it just is not obvious yet. The global situation and debt based economy could crash at anytime the powers that be decide it is finally in their best interests. Even the wealthy are pawns in the global games being played. Our presidential election this year is a total farce and the media is not even attempting to pretend it is not this year. This is a bad sign. No “issues” to seriously debate.

    Off topic, I posted on your facebook page, but the contest wold not let me click that I visited your site. Adblock or something probably messing with it.

  32. We are on vacation and using a borrowed computer, but will check out these boots on line as soon as we return home. Meanwhile, I hope I win this drawing.

  33. Those of us in California and earthquake country probably echo my sentiments when saying we are long overdue for The Big One and then SHTF in our part of the world. You prepare the best you can but when the earth opens up beneath you without warning, nice boots or not, well there’s only so much you can do. Keeping a cool head and not panicking or constantly worrying while preparing, is what I’m doing.

  34. What the first “domino” will be, I can’t know for certain – there are many possibilities to choose from. Preparing for a wide range is key. 🙂

  35. Taking care of my feet is very important to me. A good pair of boots is important, especially in a SHTF situation.

  36. It is always good to have a sturdy pair of comfortable boots! There are so many places that could cause future problems that it is difficult to guess…the economy is a major concern these days.

  37. I think North Korea is getting ready to release an EMP over the central US within the next two months probably before the election.

  38. I have a cat named boots….but I buy lost boots from the lost and found sale at the near by casino…I buy shirts also because folks loose their shirts to !

  39. These look good. My hubby has a couple of pair of tac. boots and loves them although neither one is this brand. I have been looking for my own….. 🙂

  40. I think the SHTF will be a toss up between civil unrest or economic breakdown. Maybe both at the same time. There are so many concerns these days, it’s difficult to pick just one! This article is very timely for me – have been searching for a new pair of boots for sometime and haven’t found just what I was looking for. Hopefully, this will be it!

  41. Comfortable boots are hard to find. Good boots that are rugged, waterproof; and for women are almost impossible. I won’t go into how much more expensive women’s boots are versus men’s boots; nor a much greater choice. A good freebee is always welcome.

  42. Depends on the scale. I think local/regional SHTF is mostly likely due to natural disaster, but on larger scales economic decline. When I think about prepping what I mostly imagine is the 1930’s.

  43. There are so many things brewing now and anyone or all of them can be set off for more serious problems. Keep your eyes and ears open, something is going happen, we just don’t know for sure what will start the domino effect.

  44. SHTF is an ongoing event. It’s hard to say when it started. There was a brief lapse in TEOTWAKI between the fall of the Soviet Union and September 11 (it’s hard to believe it was 15 years ago!). It’s ongoing, and it’s different for everyone. But preparing for SHTF is a modern way of saying, “Be prepared for what life is going to throw at you”.

    As far as TEOTWAKI? The collapse of the supply chain, a catastrophic natural disaster (the Cascadia fault slipping, a wildfire season that never ends, Yellowstone), the key is to have options. Don’t be there is always your best one. Don’t get bogged down in your habits or plans. and finally, relax and be good to yourself.

    That said, I would love a great pair of boots! I have Army boots of various eras, and I love their indestructibility (and being able to repair them), but making them comfortable can be a challenge. I wear sneakers and athletic-type work shoes most of the time. Comfort is their biggest plus, despite the shortcomings that they have in a crisis.

  45. SHTF could happen any number of ways. Korea gearing up & testing nukes, the presidential election is guaranteed to anger about half the people in our country, no matter who wins. Isis is still going strong. A major event could occur at any time, for a number of reasons. Best to be prepared!

  46. I’m not sure exactly but would say that it is more of a process than a singular event. Today is the 15th anniversary of 9-11. As I watch the news I can’t help and think how much the world has changed in these short 15 years and continues to change. I believe some events will be grander than others. However, I think the stuff is hitting the fan daily.

  47. It’s happening now and only a few are seeing it,the rest blindly go on thinking it happens to others not “me”. We are seeing more and more drought, less arable land to grow REAL food. Corporations that don’t give a crap about anything but the bottom line and their million dollar salaries and golden parachutes. Clean water is at a premium now. New diseases are showing up and old ones coming back in force.
    I have a twenty year old pair of Sorrel boots that will be needing replacement in the future( can’t get the style now:( ) and I have been wondering what to replace them with. I hope I win them Thank you Gaye for doing an awesome job.

  48. As with every thing, they have pros & cons. I have never had a pair of boots with a zipper, for light duty and getting them on fast I like the zipper idea.

  49. I think the most likely thing is the economy collapsing like it has in other countries. With the debt this country is carrying and the filthy rich getting even richer at the expense of the rest of us, something is going to give. And I am afraid it may be closer than we think.

  50. my mom literally think im prepping for zombies………. im waiting on govt to collapse or weather (like the flood or hurricane)

  51. We prioritize prepping for hurricanes and earthquakes in Honolulu. Supply line disruptions would also be an issue in either situation, but dealing with rubble is hi priority. From watching the coverage of the Philippines in the wake of Hurricane Haiyan several years ago, many people were either barefoot or wearing flip-flops aka slippers. They were also reporting many cut feet, with little or no disinfectant available resulting in many people suffering from severe infections. So: Boots, heavy gloves, bandages, and plenty of disinfectant. Untreated infection are life threatening.

    Boots should be high priority items if you are concerned about natural disasters. Wading around in flood waters brings the same concerns, because you can’t see what you are about to step on, and sturdy boots will help you stay standing, as well as uncut.

  52. I think politically and financially we’re already at the tipping point. Time will tell. I have been preparing for the Cascadia subduction event and the resulting interruption of services.

  53. I can see SHTF occurring because of social and economic problems. Unfortunately, I think we are closer to the breakdown than we realize.

  54. As a rule, I always wear boots. On the job or at home. But there are always a time you may not have them; Love to win an extra pair for my car kit or work.

  55. When I first moved to the country I didn’t realize how many pairs of boots I would have – you need good boots to work

  56. I think that the presidential election may open the SHTF door and then the ensuing turmoil, along with what’s going on all over the world, may open the floodgates. I sincerely hope not…and continue prepping.

  57. I feel that with so much dissention in the world today, an EMP event is imminent. If so, these boots will be a handy addition to my bug-out wardrobe, thanks for the opportunity to win a pair!

  58. “One Second After” really got me started with prepping. My greatest fear was an EMP event. I was concerned that foreign forces would devastate our country. That is no longer my overwhelming fear. Instead, to me, it appears that we are going to destroy ourselves. The financial and cultural conditions in our country are going to do what our enemies have been unable to do. I write from “coal country”. I drive through our region and see the closed and closing stores, restaurants, and businesses. I see all of the houses for sale from people moving out of the area to find work. The meager employment opportunities herald the destruction of our economy. SHTF has arrived, albeit in a less dramatic fashion than I anticipated.

  59. I see civil anarchy and violence erupting from a pandemic or the grid going down. It would only take a few days for people to panic and for the predators to take over.

  60. I think there are a lot of possible factors, EMP, economic collapse, wide spread illness and a zombie apocalypse(just kidding about the zombies) China and Korea working on nuclear bombs, there’s just a lot of issues that can set it off. I think of all of those when I’m prepping so I can have most of what I need.

  61. Good sturdy boots are a must for a lot of situations, not just survival. I like the zippers. Once you get them fitting like you want, you don’t have to worry about getting that “just right” fit. These seem like quality boots.

  62. Gosh, anything these days can/could cause the SHTF?!..we are a nation running on sheer adrenalin and ‘nerves’…everybody so ‘touchy’ about ‘everything’..:( but these boots look great…so hard to find a comfy shoe/boot to fit properly, I tend to stick to flip flops but would really like to find a good fitting boot that don’t cause blisters/callouses/corns with long breaking in periods..

  63. I think it will come from North Korea, ISIS, and/or Russia launching an attack or attacks on US soil. All the racial unrest here at home won’t help the matter. I live in a suburban area outside a large city, and when I think of ALL THOSE PEOPLE looking for food and water… it rather terrifies me.

  64. Since my 10 yr old pair of combat boots gave out on me last year I don’t have any. So if I win I would love to have them. If I don’t win will buy a pair because light weight is what I’m looking for.

  65. Gaye you know I love you. I cant think of one item you gave good reviews on that I have not purchased. I have a pair of boots that you wore on your trip to Alaska with plenty of hiking without breaking them in. These were over $100 a pair. If you tell me these boots are better, then I will buy them. I have worn the pair you wore to Alaska two times. They are to high and rub blisters on my legs. Maybe my legs are to fat. I dont know.
    As far as to my worries. I feel there will be violence in the streets come election day (no mater who wins). I feel the New Madrid Fault is pass time to show what it can do. Anyone with a lick of sense know this economy will go the same way as Argentina. Look out for the rednecks to run into the imigrantes that are doing all the raping and looting in Europe. This will bring heavy civil disorder. Invest in lead as your precious metals.

    • Well, John, I don’t know what to say. Shelly wears the other boots I reviewed and has not had a problem with them. Sounds like a poor fit to me. These boots I did and do wear and they are very comfortable. Like I said, I could not use them with the included “comfort” insole. The insole made them too tight. One thing I will mention is that in most sizes, Amazon has free returns on these boots.

      As far as your recommendation of “lead”? Both Shelly and I agree; we just hope we never have to use it for it’s intended purpose.

    • As far as the boots that I have that are rubbing my legs and causing blisters, my son-in-law said I had to wear boot socks that came up over the tops. This could be my problem. When cooler weather gets here, I will find out.
      Keep up the good work and keep giving your opinions on items of interest to preppers. I appreciate

  66. I think here will be a major economic collapse followed by social unrest. The social unrest we see happening today is taking place in economically depressed areas.

  67. I believe that the worst possible devistating issue will be an airborne antibiotic resistant pandemic or chemical weapon. The concept is so horrific we don’t want to think about it. Talk to some young man or woman fresh out of the biological military training courses look at their eyes and see the process of the decision if they really want to scare you! Mankind is playing God in our laboratorys, messing with DNA, changing our food, developing chemical weapons and designer diseases. Oh that’s not correct the Government said we aren’t doing that, yea and I have a brige to sell you. If they aren’t they shood be, because every rogue government is and will sell this death it to the highest bidder. We should be developing all of it and then manufacture and stockpile vaccines to counter it. The first you will hear about it will be a call from Mom “I don’t feel well” or “Honey what’s that funny smell”. Get A current gas mask from Isreal, every person has to have one! Get the one that has interchangeable filters, don’t forget the filters for radioactive dust and particulate from volcanos. It could be the best $50 you will ever spend on preps.

  68. The nation I grew up in is a disaster, It pains me to say that, but I beleave it to be true. We all need a good pair of boots to get us past this upcoming election, as well as for use while hunting and gathering while things are good. I beleave we all need to know the skills our grand parents took for granted, if the world never ends, all the better, you will be the person people can come to and learn from.

  69. Yesterday was 9-11. I watched the news and the Sunday morning “news programs” where several presenters exclaimed, “I can’t believe it’s been 15 years already!” REALLY? Because I sure can…just look how far we have fallen as a nation and as a society since then, and mostly in the second half of that period. So I’d tend to agree that SHTF is an ongoing event that began some time ago and continues.

    I’d agree, too, that the election results could bring violence, if not right away, then in late December, after the Electoral College results are made public and the election is certified. If the polls are any indication, the popular vote could actually be quite close; so if the Right should miraculously prevail at the ballot box, then sufficient votes in the Electoral College could easily (and relatively cheaply) be bought to turn the election outcome on its ear. And being fairly close, it might not take more than one or two Electoral “votes” moving from one side to the other to accomplish that (think about it: as an “Elector”, no matter how committed you may be to voting the collective voice of your constituency, you can cast your “Electoral” vote however you want…so, how much would it take to get you to change your vote? In the grand scheme of things, whatever your number, it’s peanuts compared to what winning the presidency would be worth. And again, in a close election, it wouldn’t take very many votes for someone to accomplish that.)

    From a natural disaster perspective, I would guess for us it would either be earthquakes or wildfires that would drive us from our home.

    Surely an invasion by a foreign power would qualify as a SHTF event, as would an EMP or a nuke over American soil.

    But I fearr that in the end we’ll bring ourselves down through our own corrupt political processes. This country and much of the world is drowning in corruption. Those of us who are not players of the corruption game — and therefore not benefiting from it — will continue to be victimized by it and eventually succumb to it. I feel myself getting closer all the time.

    How’s that for a cheerful, optimistic outlook?!?

    I wear a size 12.

  70. I don’t know what the big event will be, but I hope to be prepared no matter what. I worry that we just might be our own downfall as our society goes deeper and deeper into the “anything goes, it’s all good, do anything you want” attitude. Some things do matter, respect for our country matters.

  71. I think the S has been HTF bit by bit already. Housing for lower income people has become scarce where I live and elsewhere, and rents have gone so far up. It’s been scary to me to consider the possibilities because I am older and don’t have the energy and strength that I used to. I’m still trying to be totally equipped for what may come.

  72. Since living in hurricane country, it would be great to have water resistant/proof boots to walk in and out of the area. Muddy conditions are a given. Lightweight boots would be essential since it is hot during hurricane season. Hurricanes would our area’s worst nightmare or SHTF event.

    • Head my way (Central Ms.), and we’ll put you up if one comes near.. From expeience with Camille and Katrina..

  73. Good boots are a must….whether for hunting, hiking or general use for working the grounds you intend to cultivate.for getting bugging out if need be. I would love to field test these boots to see if they are as good as advertised. Not every situation is SHTF, but would be good to know for their quality.

  74. Need to be on my feet almost constantly and these boots look very comfortable. Keeping feet dry is a big plus!

  75. I sure need a pair of boots. I can only hope I win them! I think being comfortable is most important, otherwise you will not wear them.

  76. I can see how the country’s economic instability, coupled with the civil unrest that seems to be increasing daily, could lead to a situation that would quickly escalate to total chaos.

  77. It depends which day you ask me. Most days I fear the internal economic and social collapse causing a SHTF condition. At other times I am concerned that terrorism/EMP will be the cause.

  78. Love your site, your giveaways & these boots! The side zipper is brilliant. Obviously Maelstrom has a female designer! Even if I don’t win these I’ll put them on my To Buy list.

  79. I feel like the threat that could hurt us most is an EMP. It might be another nation or it could be from the sun. Either way, we must be thinking of doing without electrical appliances, gizmos and gadgets. Will be a difficult world for many of us to survive in.

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